Malawi starts oil, gas exploration: Dubai’s Rac Gas wins contract

The Government of Malawi has rolled out an oil, gas exploration exercise shortly after exploring minerals across the country.

Oil exploration in progress

Oil exploration in progress

Briefing District Officials that included Councilors, Members of Parliament (MPs) and Chiefs in Phalombe, Regional Engineer at the Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mines Eliah Saiti said the oil and gas exploration exercise is a second phase of the minerals exploration exercise.

According to Saiti, the Government of Malawi using its Minerals and Mining Act has identified a number of companies to carry out the exercise with RAK GAS Limited from Dubai winning the contract to explore oil and gas in Phalombe.

“Malawi as a country has been divided into six blocks as regards this exercise and RAK GAS Limited has been given blocks four and five to conduct the oil and gas exploration exercise. In block five, there are districts such as, Phalombe, Thyolo, Mulanje, Chiradzulu, Machinga, Balaka, Blantyre and Mangochi,” said Saiti.

He said the exploration exercise will involve an airplane attached with sophisticated equipment flying across the districts at a height of 80 to 150 meters from the ground in search of the rare resources and once discovered, the full tensor gravity gradiometry method will be used to extract the oil and gas.

Commenting on the development, Senior Chief Chiwalo of Phalombe commended government for taking on board the mining initiative saying in the past the country only relied on agriculture and has not developed over the years.

However, he called on the mining companies to be transparent and follow all necessary steps required in such mining activities ranging from issues to do with, compensation, the environment and health.

According to Saiti, depending on the findings, the companies conducting the exploration exercise will carry out an Environmental, Social, and Impact Assessment (ESIA) to validate the feasibility of the exercise.

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23 thoughts on “Malawi starts oil, gas exploration: Dubai’s Rac Gas wins contract”

  1. Mtchona wopanda mano says:

    Some of Kayelekera proceeds went to Bingu’s account and now you want to enrich his brother. Malawians, a pathetic lot! I hope you will demand accountability from your leaders this time around!

  2. Ndalama zamigodi zipange chitukuko chamdera lomwe ma minerals akupezeka osati wina ayike mthumba mwake Zapachiphwisi kutidyera masuku nthawi zonse AMALAWI Tikuti TOTO Once the Oil and Gas is found the said firms must make sure they fulfill the following before the actual extraction begins

    1.They must Upgrade the road network in the Mining districts to tarmac roads

    2. They must Build modern operational Hospitals around the affected areas

    3.They must Build a college that will train the locals in the exploration process

    4.All citizens and members of the community working in the mines must be insured
    to avoid exploitation.

    5.They must agree to include members of the community as shareholders whereby
    a considerable amount of money shall be transferred to the Communities bank
    account whose sole purpose will be to finance community development projects
    proposed by the communities themselves.

    6. The Malawi government should only be there to make sure the Foreign companies are
    fulfilling their social and economic responsibilities by re-investing a considerable
    amount of resources into the community and not to handle finances as they have
    already shown inadequacies and inability to handle the same as evidenced by the so
    many corruption cases our leaders are involved in therefore only independent bodies
    which will be directly accountable to the communities should be given the authority
    over the proceeds of Oil and Gas extraction.

    The Government must adapt to this setup failing which all Mining activities must be suspended because we do not want another KAYELEKELA SAGA.

    “We want a government that will bring real high standard development to the nation”

  3. Sake Chilling says:

    Swiss banks will be ready to keep and safeguard the millions of dollars that politicians will receive from the oil company. Nigeria’s Abacha, and Angola’s Head of State come to mind.

  4. matiki says:

    Tichindanso mahule

  5. Will Chilongo says:

    Most African countries that maged to have all these mineral especially Oil and gas are infested by heavy tribal wars. I pray this doesn’t become true of Malawi now that their is abad combination of black diamond gas and the federation which the other group is crying for.

  6. Phenembe says:

    If the so called clever tumbuka were cheated blind, what more with a lomwe in Mulanje? These companies will extract the minerals and leave you people as poor as you have been, if you do not believe me go to Kayelekera, even now the chief is living a grass thatched house!!! No tarmac road, No health center, Ma bottel store closed, ndi mahule omwe anathawako. If there is a pitiful people on this each, its Malawians.

  7. kukhala says:


  8. Ma says:

    Just go and explore oil in mangochi or karonga or salima along lake Malawi don’t waste money with Phalombe oil is found in hot areas along the sea or lakes…period.

  9. achanguti says:

    mukamapanga zamanyizo Bolani osaloza Ku munda wanga.zachibwana ndakana mwamva a minister?

  10. Andrew says:

    Its good but President Mutharika will steal the money. I dont want the Mutharikas. Stupid peole they are the ones who have brought problems in Malawi.

  11. chatonda says:

    This is good news but all we need is transparency and this should translate into better lives of the local people

  12. Mkanamwano says:

    Thats good development

  13. Padoko says:

    Suffering for 50yrs while standing on gold.

  14. steven says:

    Bola osaukafe tizapindule nawo mukapeza zotsatirazo

  15. Chikankheni says:

    That’s great news…

  16. Tanyozeka kokwanira may be this is our ticket to prosperity as nation_
    tidzithandizo tawo ma conditions tho!
    Zowona tidzikwatirana amuna okha okha chifukwa chaumphawi??

  17. Cc says:

    Bola askhalenso akuba ngati zija tinaona, we want to satt seeing fruits from these intiatives otherwise they plus govt are here to fool us.

  18. Angozo says:

    Thats good news, let hope the out come will be postive because maiko a chuma wa akuyerekedwa ndi ndalama zawo.

  19. Innocent says:

    These are the poorest districts in Malawi – God have mercy, I know there must be something for you in the soil!!! Please, please, government don’t do what you did with the Kaelekera thing where Chitipa and Karonga did not benefit. Find a human spirit in you crooked politicians – at least for once think about the people!!

  20. Achawa says:

    I think its taking too long, I want to be part of the miners before going to UK in 2099

  21. mabilinganya says:

    Ya i like this! Muzipanga ku mwera kwanuko!!!! Muziberana nokha angulu!!!! Pitala ndi anzake adyapo kale pamenepo!!!!

  22. Paddy says:

    Zimenezi a Malawi adzapindula chiyani, timamva kuti ndalama za mgodi wa Kayerekera zimkapita ku akaunti ya Bingu Mutalika?

  23. chakwera kabwira says:

    If the gas will be located in my garden, the entire mining company will be mine PERIOD, no sharing with government because the field would have belonged to my dead great grandfather and mother.

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