Malawi state workers deducted loans obtained by a conman

It never rains but pours for some Malawi Civil Servants whose fight for better perks is perennial due to the ‘peanuts’ given to them as wages, had a rude awakening seeing their salaries deducted of loans they never took.

Civil servants duped

Civil servants duped

Confirming about a suspected conman, Lilongwe Police Station Deputy Spokesperson Kingsley Dandaula, has said that so far 20 people have made official complaints that prompted law enforcers to pick one Dave Ngalande, in connection to the matter.

Increasing reports of Civil Servants distancing themselves from the loans prompted the Department of Human Resource Management and Development to engage the Police.

However , the 37-year suspect, whose victims include employees from the Plant and Vehicle Hire Organization (PVHO), Judiciary, and Ministry of Information, Tourism and Culture, is on bail pending trial.

The accused has been charged with three counts of; Forgery, Uttering false document and Obtaining money by false pretense.

The Police say that so far they have information that the conman obtained pay slips of the civil servants then produced an identity document, usually a Voter’s Certificate, which he then used to obtain a loan at one of the lending institution.

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22 thoughts on “Malawi state workers deducted loans obtained by a conman”

  1. Signs of the times. Jesus is indeed coming.

    Muziba kufikira liti?

    Watch out.

  2. Maliseni says:

    This is a wake up call on all of us Malawians and its regardless of whether one is educated or not, we are fond of releasing very vital information sometimes. But this is also a serious issues and i suspect someone within the system is involved. Its a challenge that such a suspect was granted bail by the court that also has some of its members of staff as victims of this suspect.



  4. zikujaza says:

    As a citizen of Malawi I feel this is not a simple affair. It is a web of actors that need a good system of investigation. who issued payslips? How? who issued the loan? How? How many times to same person different Names? How? Why? for whom was the deal? and with who were they sharing?

  5. Mzungumaso says:

    Gentlemen, I wonder if this really happen. It is because when processing loans you need procedure. It is not only ID can make someone to obtain a loan. As an employ your bosses need to certify or confirm that you are a civil servant. Those institution lends money also has their ways of approving the loans. Lastly I think there was connection with the institution that lends the money.

  6. The lending institution must be deregistered and some salaries officers dismissed forthwith.

  7. True patriot says:

    Monica or whatever your admirers call you,please withdraw your comment.Don’t you see that this is a new cashgate system?God save Malawi.

  8. Thomas says:

    Another CivilGate

  9. Tengupenya says:

    This is worrisome. Banks loaned the individual think in he was the employee he claimed to be? Understandable or excusable if it happened only once. But he did it a multiple time? Banks wake up please. You deny bona fide people loans yet such serve conmen get the service? Ntchito Iyo fiscal police.

  10. Monica says:

    Ma civil enawa amalowera pawindo polowa ntchito ndiwosaphunzila that’s why they are easily robed, how can a person from primary,secondary then collage or university all these years at school and then getting a job then someone just take out his or her money’s monthly?????? Without knowing what’s going on, work up ma civil aku malawi Tulo Tho! U just know striking shem

    1. mastadon says:

      mbuzi iwe collage umayidziwa koma? there is a difference between college and collage cunt

  11. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Who gave him the payslips?

    Are they not confidential? How many people access them?

    Mukunama inu!!!

  12. pierra says:

    nigerian conmen

  13. dzina langa says:

    kumachenjera patown. anapeleka bwanji ma payslip nawonso kwa munthu osamudziwa. tichenjele nazo.

  14. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Voters Cards should be suspended to be used as ID cards with imidiat effect . Why can’t the government not introduce identy cards like what our neighbouring countries have done ? That’s a wake up call for our government , it’s also good that this call has hit government workers. The government has been cought napping .

  15. Thebest says:

    Really,even Malawi may be said to be poor country but has the best structured ministry offices in Lilongwe. I admire the people who planned it in 1970s.This is true after checking in the lands of Zuma and Obama. Please,do not mess up by building other shacks around in the name of extensions.

  16. Reasonable Man says:

    chitsiru cha munthu. muchiponyere ku ndende chimenecho chikaone moyo owawa wa mphere

  17. cashy G says:

    Release him,we need clever people like him

  18. ujeni says:

    Behind such crookedness and fraud there is a Nigerian involved. Squeeze him he will reveal a lot. Koma Lhomwe people with lawlessness aish!

  19. Think Tank says:

    Koma Malawi. We are really developing. These are stuff read in novels. How i wish Emil Savundra was alive and came to Malawi. He would have made the entire government buncrupt within hours.

  20. Kadakwiza says:


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