Malawi takes 6th position English speaking nation in Africa

A study conducted by World Linguistic Agency has rated Malawi sixth best English speaking country in Africa.

Teaching English

Teaching English

This comes in the wake of a video from a Miss Rwanda contestant that was shown struggling with English in a country that made a move from Francophone to Anglophone.

East African nation Uganda has been named the first best in English language.

After Uganda, Zambia came next and the following countries came in closely; South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and Namibia. Despite their strong traditional accent, Nigerians were credited for taking the spot for constructing good sentences that are grammatically flawless.

The full list is here:
1. Uganda
2. Zambia
3. South Africa
4. Kenya
5. Zimbabwe
6. Malawi
7. Ghana
8. Botswana
9. Sudan
10. Rwanda

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78 thoughts on “Malawi takes 6th position English speaking nation in Africa”

  1. daniel maida says:

    I doubt S. A deserves that spot

  2. despite the sixth position,but malawi remains the poor of the poorest not poorest of the poor

  3. Mada says:

    Mr countries that have are to speak in there tongue but u n me are waiting this people to employ u so speak to them ur language man

  4. Phwado says:

    And 1st position as the poorest nation on earth!

  5. stocker beza says:

    congrats Malawians keep it up

  6. Mugonapamhanya says:

    It is not a coincidence that Africa is the poorest continent on Earth. Its peoples think poorly. Why of all the continents only Africans pride themselves for speaking colonial languages? Americans, Europeans, Asians have all developed using their mother tongues. Why not Africa? Just think of very small countries like Israel, Denmark, Finland etc learn and transact in their languages, why not Africans. The notion that African languages are not in tandem with modern technologies is very stupid mental killer resulting from perenial colonial hang-over.

  7. Jojo says:

    Ndimakhala ku Joni and ndaphunzitsaponso ku High School kwa zaka zitatu. Trust me on this one – I am not sure kuti South Africa ali pa nambala 3. Chingerezi kuno ndichovuta kwambiri added to the fact that anthu akuno safuna kuyankhula chingerezi. Chingerezi kwa iwo is the language of the oppressor. And ukakhala munthu wakuda kumawayankhulisa mu chingerezi ena sakuyankha or amangokuuza kuti ndiwe ‘umunthu umnyama’ (munthu wakuda’) ndiye ukuyankhula chingerezi??? Ki ki ki. Unless ngati the survey sampled azungu’tu!

  8. Gimbogo says:


  9. Zaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  10. Jimbo says:

    No 12 You are absolutely correct. The standard of English to be found on this web site is very poor. The mother tongues of the various tribes in Malawi are all well and good and should be preserved, but unfortunately they are not fit for purpose in the 21st century. Those languages are unable to cope with the technological and scientific vocabulary needed in today’s world. Also they are of very little use outside Malawi (apart from its close neighbours). I taught English – I am English myself – in Mzuzu Govt. Sec. in the early 1980s and found the standard of English among the students really quite poor. They were very reluctant to speak in English and were not ready to take advantage of being taught by an English speaker. Very often the English they used was a direct translation from Chichewa or Chithumbuka. I was aware of this because I had a good knowledge of Chichewa which I could speak fairly fluently.

  11. roy kavalo says:

    atleast 6th something is batter than none.

  12. johannes mathiba says:

    I like south Africa

  13. Davie says:

    This could not be the true reflection judging from the way our pupils and students are performing.

  14. Alick Prescott Makanjira says:

    It may not be correct to rank Malawi 6th with this kind of mediocrity. Our neighbours Zambia and Zimbabwe introduced English as their mother language during the colonial era, when we were busy marketing Chichewa from Nsanje to Chitipa. Go to Portuguese speaking countries like Mozambique, you will be surprised to see that, even a nursery school child is able to speak fluent Portuguese. I think its high time we stopped claiming that we are an English speaking country, may be Lomwe or Yao.

  15. luka siitima says:

    position 6 not bad, we just improve our education system to be at a level batter than this.

  16. Prynce Bleu says:

    vyachamba basi…………..and our indegenous languges? bloody useless chizungu

  17. sabiti says:

    Keep it up Mw

  18. Mdicai Longwe says:

    That is true about Malawi even our first multi party democracy president was not good at english. He started learning to speak good english because of his political position. The americans made him Dr. Bakili Muluzi which was not true. How can one become a doctor without even stepping on any corridors of the university.

    Let alone even distant learning. The then Inspector General of police, Joseph Airon was not educated. His deputy was aman of increadible qualifications but because of home boy syndrome Atcheya opted for Airon.

    Go into the history of the Department of Civil Aviation which is under the Ministry of Transport, more especially the Fire and Rescue Section. Through out it has been headed by incollegables, how do you expect things to improve to the better. Go and find out for yourself who is in charge of that section now if you think I am telling lies.

    Oue english is questionable. Unless we improve, we will go nowhere. WAKE UP POLEASE.

  19. Abwino Ndinu says:

    Let’s just do something about this instead of making unnecessary comments with no substance. The truth is that we are far much behind & if I were the one assessing would have put Malawi on # 15. Go in our offices, in schools and everywhere u ll find people speaking chichewa. Sindipitilira nacho chingelezi chandilephera.

  20. Abwino Ndinu says:

    Let’s just do something about this instead of making unnecessary comments with substance. The truth is that we are far much behind & if I were the one assessing would have put Malawi on # 15. Go in our offices, in schools and everywhere u ll find people speaking chichewa. Sindipitilira nacho chingelezi chandilephera.

  21. Retired Teacher says:

    I am not surprised with Malawi’s position. It will go even lower in the next few years given the way government is mistreating its teachers!

  22. yanyamuka says:

    Zim number 1and malawi 86 even Somalia is better than us nevertheless I don’t blame my fellow malawians but MCP government from 1965 they had useless plans on education system.Educationist were busy that time teaching chichewa just to appease Kamuzu.Ma notes achichewa amatha 20 notebooks pa term useless.

  23. Shoes says:

    This is untrue if you hear the English used by our so called Educated people when making public speeches. Its pathetic and only a few individuals who can speak better English. I don’t think Malawi can make top 10 with the inability to distinguish L and R…

  24. Munthuwamba says:

    That is expected. People will argue about anything that is published usually just for the sake of arguing. But deep down their hearts they know that we have here in Malawi people in high positions who have been heard murdering the Queen’s language even on national tv. Oh please give us a break. After all, some of those who are arguing do not even know what a research entails. So how do you expect such individuals to provide a healthy argument or debate as it were??? I rest my case.

  25. Newborn. says:


  26. Black Market says:

    Fake survey, Malawi must be the worst based on the general public speaking competition with Zimbabwe taking position 1 in Africa. Some of these surveys are politically biased. Don’t forget azungu don’t like Zimbabwe because of the land policy stand by Mugabe but if you stayed close to any Zimbabwean at any age, you wouldn’t believe such rankings.

    Yes, Zambia is good but cant beat Zimbabwe. Am a Malawian who likes talking the truth.

  27. ri says:

    chizungu ca Malawi, r is pronounced as l, all english words end wth a vowel, good =gudu, welcome =welcomu, night = nighti, eish

  28. chefourpence says:

    iwe yanyamuka! North yake iti? Kodi agalu inu mumazigomela eti? Did you conduct a research? You ,,,,,,,

  29. pijo says:

    Abeg is Uganda number one because of their comedian kansiime? Are you talking about comedy or what? As for achina kenya they like speaking English but they don’t know the language so I beg to differ. But a kenyan will always converse in English. Now in terms of speaking the Queens language it doesn’t matter where in Africa you come from but rather what school you went to. Tapitani pa st andrews pomwepa ana akuyowoya chuzungu osati sewelo kumayamika. Nanga ndi ana a ku uganda kesa ndi amalawi amomuno?

  30. Funzo says:

    There are wide variations in pronunciation of languages. Good English is not determined by pronunciation but by the ability to use it well.

  31. Zambia was supposed to be no 1 and not no 2 at all cost

  32. mphwanye says:

    If there are worse English speakers in Africa then they are South africans. Both whites and blacks.

  33. mphwanye says:

    I think Zimbabwe is not number one because they hate Mugabe. But to say the truth all the countries mentioned can not beat Zim. Liberia with their Americanised English is also good.

  34. Zimbabwe supposed to top the list

  35. Jihad John says:

    Ndiye zitipindulira chani ife zimenezo? Chuma chathu chikwera? Kapena tilandira kena kake? This list just shows Africa’s top colonised countries by the British. Even in Europe very few countries speak English. Za ziii. Kuwonjezera apo you rank Uganda, Nigeria and Ghana where they pronounce English words in local vernacular ndiye nkumati they are on top. What makes perfect English? Pronouncing and constructing proper sentences none of which you can find in Naija nor in Kansiime English

  36. yanyamuka says:

    Malawi is just good at pronouncing english words but grammatically i think Zimbabwe, Nigeria,Ghana Zambia South Africa are far much better than us. If you go to mzuzu the street vendors who are mainly from mangochi and machinga always pronounce the word fake as fegi. In West Africa and southern Africa people in the village speak good English but in Malawi it’s the north where villagers can communicate in queens language.

    1. NKHAMANGA says:

      I’m totally in concurrence wi these sentiments for, in terms of rating our four regions English lingo acuity then the North surpasses the other by a considerable margin. In fact if my revelled and envied Nyikaland was a country it would rate higher than the countries on top of Malawi in the list. Watitondeska kuwa m’chanya umo mbanyithu awa wakutitinkha nakutipangila sanje awa mwee mwawanthu!!!!

  37. Teketeke says:

    This article doesn’t make sense! How do you talk about Nigeria when it doesn’t even appear on your list of 10 contries?
    This shows the whole thing is crap. Uganda cannot be no. 1 in Africa. South Africans have ran away when addressed in English before my own eyes!
    What criteria was used if you’ve even failed to substantiate and justify Nigeria which does not appear anywhere?

  38. Joloza Kapokola says:

    Shupit! Which Zimbabwe speaks good English? Is shona English? They even fail to pronounce their own country…they say zimbebwe instead of Zimbabwe? They deserve to be last!

  39. here we go again says:

    what is good for that? Nothing

  40. Wayne Kazima says:

    Forget about the results. But in the first place who are this Agency? Never heard of them


  42. PRECIOUS BZ says:

    But dont forget, we are the LAST poor nation. Which is better now, to be poor or to speak fluently while poor kkkk

  43. Ciss says:

    my wory is on transilation of films from english to chichewa,it is common everywher which is bad

  44. dafuq??? says:

    a real african doing real things in their country wouldn’t give a rats ass about how well they speak english. i know chinamen who speak better chichewa than english.

    uku ndikusowa cholemba, chochita komanso chonyadila. mayiko a money monga japan, germany, botswana, saudi arabia alibe nazo ntchito za chizunguzo. apemphi mzungufe ndiye tili nazo busy. za ziii

  45. muhamad emwazi says:

    Za ziiiiiiiiii!

  46. johari says:

    As a Malawian I am happy that my country is ranked among the top 10 English speaking countries in Africa. However, I think Zimbabwe should rank better than South Africa, Zambia, Kenya and Uganda. If you go to any place in Zimbabwe, be it rural or the marketplace, you can easily speak with anyone at random in very good. The same cannot be said especially of South Africa and Kenya. I am not surprised that Nigeria are not there. Their English is terrible! Kwakwakwakwa!

  47. chizungu kuzunguza says:

    tinayenera kukhala namba 4. Accent ya Uganda ndife imafanana. Komanso zambia singatipose choncho. Ndikuona ngati anakatere: Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Kenya…

  48. charlie hebdo says:

    I havu my Leservations on this. Leally? How cani Malawi come 6th. What yardstick was used? No ways we cani be topu teni. Somewhere they goti iti long. Canti be topu teni. We ala poor ini Englishi here.

  49. Alibe zochita eti, so what? Ife umphawi ukutipweteka.

  50. Believer says:

    ANALYST, you are so right. I lived in Kenya for three years…oma eeeeeeeeeeeeeeh! chizungu chakecho…pronounciation..eish… mercy amati aasi….nde kuli tribe inayake…hehehe…very funny…if they want to say “communication” aamati communicason, tribe ina yake ikafuna kunena danger imati ndanger kikikiiiiii

  51. bayoz says:

    Zambia should have ranked number 1 because our dear neighbours are really flawless at english. As for nigeria, i’m not surprised that there are absent in top ten because they can’t even prounounce an english word

  52. ğyu says:

    Useless lists

  53. James says:

    Thats Encouraging, Next Time Hope We Be Number One!

  54. ujeni says:

    You see, people are crying for Zimbabwe when they are Malawians, why? Because you go through Zimbabwe enroute to Joburg to buy kaunjika. Zimbabwe speak this a deep shona/ndebele accent.

  55. ANALYST says:

    I for one WIIL NOT accept such scrap! Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana & Kenya can’t be rated as good English speaking countries! How can you pronounce “nurse” as “naa’si”; “work” as “waa’ki”; “justice” as “jastasi”; or “mother” as “mod’a” and rate such countries as best English speaking???? Shame on you because to you, Africa is just these four countries!! Mxiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  56. nigerians dont speak good english for them to earn agood rank…listen to Davidos songs even p-square nigerian films they have exagerated english words which are either poorly pronounced or spelled.dont worry about zambia because next time it will arank of best english writing countries and we shall beat them.

  57. This is not true. Remember this was Mw was Nyasaland. It can’t be preceded by Zim. Zim should have been no. 1, not Uganda. Why?

  58. hoveliwa says:

    Beautifully colonised

  59. blessings says:

    Zopanda tchito

  60. MJ boy says:

    It must be ‘Expect the list to go down’ not the down to go down

  61. Benson Banda says:

    Totally a flaw. Zimbabwe is no. 1 and Nigeria shouldn’t be on top 10. Ur list doesn’t show Nigeria but your story has carried Nigeria as one of the closest. This is a blue lie

  62. MJ boy says:

    Expect the down to go down in 5years time due to the introduction of that mother fucken curricullum which allowed teachers to be teaching all the subjects in chichewa from standard 1 to 5.English kukaiyambira mu std 5.shame on Malawi curricullum

    1. Chemtukanika says:

      The problem with you is that you know very little about education.Check what languages are used by those other countries to teach other non language subjects.Let English be taught as a language.

  63. mshadada says:

    who dafuq cares?

  64. mwiithotho says:

    If this could have been done basing on comments written on ‘Nyasa Times’ standard of English, we certainly should have been rated last among them all.

  65. opportunist says:

    Am not sure of this list

  66. Jeke says:

    Zimbabwe is the best. Malawi can’t beat zimbabwe. Hear peter english as if he us crying. Achawa onsenso sadziwa English

  67. wa Liverpo says:

    After all these English people were selling their language eescially in Malawi, once you have paid more fees you willl be able to know more but if you pay less you will know little of the language

  68. michael says:

    Complete HOGWASH!

  69. Dpp says:


  70. koma says:

    The list is wrong.dont know about uganda but Ghana maybe on number 1. I have lived in all those countries and the number 1 country where english is very much spoken from this list is Ghana. I have never been to Uganda so maybe its 1 but the rest they have not been correctly positioned.

  71. Tomas Kalulu says:


  72. Wa ku Lilongwe says:

    I hope we remain number 1 in speaking Chichewa, Tumbuka, Yao, Lhomwe…

  73. Zuma says:

    Not credible if Zimbabwe isn’t in the top three

  74. amakhosi mukulugenzi says:

    What is the prize for our sixth position

  75. True patriot says:

    This is good.But we can do even better than this.Hope our hardworking teachers will lead us in this.

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