Malawi targets one million tourists – Chiumia

Malawi minister of sports, youth and culture, Grace ‘Obama’ Chiumia has said the country is targeting to court over one million high spending tourists annually and assured tourists wishing to visit the country of tight security.

Chiumia: Malawi targetting one million tourists annually

Chiumia: Malawi targetting one million tourists annually

Tourists sunbathing on the beach, Kande beach, Lake MalawI

Tourists sunbathing on the beach, Kande beach, Lake MalawI

Speaking after launching the tourism month themed “One million tourists, one million opportunities,” Chiumia said government has engaged an extra gear to make sure that Malawi tourist’s attraction areas in particular have enough security and live to its billing as ‘the warm heart of Africa’

The theme is modelled on the country’s vision to reach one million high spending tourists per year by 2017.

“It is the government’s wish to see into it that every tourist who visits the country should go back home with good stories so as to attract more tourists.

“We need to be open minded not only to the tourists, but also to all those who come here for other reasons like entrepreneurship and education,” she said.

Chiumia said government is determined to invest into the tourism industry.

“Currently, we are trying to connect some tourist’s attraction areas with good road infrastructures. As you may recall, government has constructed the Nkhatabay Centre to Chikale Beach with a good road to
make sure that those who will visit the beach should not have difficulties and we are not ending there. We will also open up to other areas,” said Chiumia.

Director of Tourism in the Ministry of Information and tourism Patricia Liabuba said the 2017 target is achievable.

“It looks very ambitious but attainable because currently, our hotels are running at 65-70 percent occupancy rate in our major tourists’ attractions area while in other areas we are as low as 50 percent,”
said Liabuba.

She said bringing about a million high spending visitors into Malawi, will help to create about 300,000 additional jobs and increase annual contribution to the economy to K400 billion.

She said Malawi has enough capacity to absorb more investment in the tourism industry.

Efforts to attract more tourists in the country are being hampered by lack of direct flights, infrastructure and policy issues.

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9 thoughts on “Malawi targets one million tourists – Chiumia”

  1. dzina langa says:

    akhwethemu mwanena zoona zokhazokha. we have a long way to go. the road to cape maclear stalled several years ago just to mention 1.

  2. Angellic says:

    If you look at the team that wants to implement this munthu wekha kungogwa ulesi! Please realise that there are a million and one things you need to do before you attract these so-called million tourists otherwise you will just embarrass us all! EVERYONE HAS TO BE INVOLVED TO CREATE A PLEASANT EXPERIENCE FOR TOURISTS! From the airport staff right down to the cleaners where these tourists will end up!

  3. Cassim says:

    While we commend the minister to grow the tourism industry , a number a factors needs to be addressed if we have achieve the target besides only having good infrastructure. How far has the minister gone to advertise Malawi as a tourists destination? What is the government doing to curb the rising crime? Tourism its not all about Lake Malawi only.

  4. mr-ivan says:

    So to promote tourism you introduce a visa process and fee that is a lot more than adjoining countries ??

  5. Viyazi Tembo says:

    @Malawiano, dude! Is it not court yard beach at Senga bay in Salima, tell Malawians the truth……………

  6. MaiMai says:

    If only government can really be serious about tourism then Malawi will move faster in terms of forex and development. Build up to date infrastructure s to attract tourist s.

    All the best.

  7. Khwethemu says:

    This is a joke. I cant see the country attracting such a large number of tourists if the current state if affairs is to be taken into account.
    The roads that leads to these so called tourist attraction centres leaves alot to be desired. Who would want to visit a place 100kms away with roads full of bathholes? Most of the buildings are an eye sore that needs to be demolished and new ones built. Others need renovations. What about the below parr buildings being elected everywhere in the country. Its pathetic.
    The country does not have reliable transport systems in place. No public transport aka trains, modern buses. No specific timetables of travel. in addition to this, many countries like Ethiopia and Kenya have direct flights while our poor nation doesn’t. Our airports spks for themselves. Too old and not fit for the twentieth century purpose with poor facilities e.g. Shops, restaurants
    Man power.
    We do not have well educated and informed people to take the tourism and hospitality industry forward. There is lack of up to date courses to help members of staff of these two industries to deal with customers of this generation who are increasingly becoming complicated especially the international ones. Many of the personnel in our hotels for example are not good enough for the international guests. They need training and re-training.
    Most of the highly regarded as the best tourist destinations have up to date internet facilities. WIFI is now a must for any tourist attraction to succeed. Business people want to continue their business dealings even if on holiday and WIFI is an essential part of them. WIFI should be readily available 24/7 and not just for a few hours.
    Water and Electricity
    No need to say much about these two thorny issues in Malawi. Who wants to stay at a resort for example for days without running water and electricity??? May be the minister of Sports.
    There is a need to market the country abroad. I have seen advertisements of countries such as Namibia for instance advertising about thire country’s tourism on CNN and not Malawi. Why. Resources? Mmmmmm lots of money in Malawi. The problem is poor Fiscal policy. The Warm Heart Of Africa slogan has lived its course. Its time we changed it to reflect the situation on the ground. Many countries have and why not us. Examples are that of Malaysia and India.
    Trying to rectify some of these issues may help the sinking tourism industry in Malawi.

  8. Malawiyano says:

    I am happy that Hon Chiumia is promoting tourism and the picture which has been featured is a picture for Kande Beach found in the area where she was voted to be an MP.
    Malawi is best known by its lake which is Lake Malawi. Countries like Zambia and Zimbabwe their countries have their countries’s names affiliated with Mighty Zambezi River . When you pay a visit to this Mighty Zambezi River you will be amazed with the tourism industry attractions set up along the Mighty Zambezi River on both banks on Zambian side and Zimbabwean side. Without forgetting Mozambique which also has the same Zambezi River name affiliation .

    The governments of all these three countries have never issued punitive measures to block governments stractures to stop holding conferences along the Mighty Zambezi River , instead they have promoted heavilly tourism patronage along this river ,while in Malawi you are poromoting patronising town houses which have been turn into lodges and owned by top government civil servants to be holding international conferences and government conferences while killing the lake resorts structures which are ment for attracting foreign tourists.

    The government should poromote tourism heavily along the lake , game reserves and many places of historical background than local town lodges which are owned by top government workers using cashgate proceeds.

  9. ... says:

    Walephera uyu as minister of sports. Completely useless

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