Malawi teacher arrested for defiling 12-year-old pupil

A 43-year old primary school teacher in Balaka district has been arrested for allegedly defiling a12-year old pupil who was learning in standard 6 at Kapalamula School.

Girl sexually abused

Girl sexually abused

Balaka Police spokesperson Sub inspector Joseph Sauka said they arrested the suspect John Mpinganjira after a complaint on the matter.

“The mother of the victim, told police that during break time the suspect took the girl to Chingeni Trading centre where she was promised to be bought drinks.  Upon arrival at the Trading Centre, the victim was bought rice and a drink before being taken to the rest house where she was defiled,” says Sauka.

Sauka says after being defiled, the victim was given K500.00 so that she should not reveal the ordeal but the victim reported the issue to her mother who in turn reported the issue to Balaka Police Staion.

Medical report obtained from Balaka District Hospital revealed that the victim has lost her virginity.

Meanwhile, the suspect has been remanded to Ntcheu Prison and is expected to appear before court soon where he will answer a case of defilement of girls under the age of 16 years which is contrary to section 138(1) of the Penal code.

John Mpinganjira who has served as a teacher for 20 years comes from Nankhumwa village, Traditional Authority Juma in Mulanje district.

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30 thoughts on “Malawi teacher arrested for defiling 12-year-old pupil”

  1. Wakumudzi says:

    Ndalama nayo kusowa no money no love nawadays

  2. Reasonable Man says:

    mu 20 years imeneyo tsono aononga ana angati aphunzitsi ameneo

  3. Chifira says:

    Lord hve mercy

  4. Kwende says:

    BALAKA again…. its no surprise uhule wachuluka ku Balaka; umbanda ku Balaka why? Southern Region mbuli too much. Cashgate South; Nac-Gate South zitsiru za anthu ntchito kuba, kutamba; zigololo no school.

  5. Magongwe says:

    Waluza pension wolizamaliza sorry

  6. padoko says:


  7. Mchani says:

    Timafana it natonso timaonjedza, kusosoka tsono poti timakhala ndi mbina zikuluzikulu abambo atani nanga. Sory aphunzitsi mwafera zamwana apa, no gratuity.

  8. Batchala says:

    If this was done by a mere villager, the parents would have married the girl to the man. Now since its a teacher…..

  9. ana amasiku ano akuminula kwambiri akakhala mclass zonse zimakhala pamtunda ndiye mphunzisi walephera kupilira alibe mlandu ameyo vuto ndimakolo akamange makolo

    1. Reasonable Man says:

      she’s fucking 12 years old! whats there to get aroused about?

  10. amos kavungachembe says:

    Bullets yatenga Chikho…

  11. hameeda says:

    then we will proposal female teachers….it seems male teacher r failing to gra their heart

  12. vindere says:

    What did you expect? The guy is from Mulanje. He believes in multiplying like sand.

  13. wa Mpata says:

    why pick on her?

  14. Mtupatupa says:

    Ma D seven onsewa! The works of dyabulosi

  15. austin mwiska says:

    Its very bad that this problem has become a tendancy here in Balaka. Let the law do its work here.Imagine its your daughter !!

  16. Angozo says:

    Obanda pang’ono ndinu opusa mwamva!!! Ngati Getrude Muthalika amachokela ku Balaka zikugwirizana bwanji ndi mphunzitsi wogwirila mwana, tiripo ambiri amene kwathu ndi ku Balaka koma tiribe mbiri zoyipa ngati zimenezi mwachidule obanda ndinu chitsilu. Ugaru umenewo musiye.

  17. Munthu wa Mulungu says:


  18. Jose' says:

    The 12 yr old kid… drinks and lunches with sir … walks alone into a rest house room (or was she pullef into it?). What was on her mind? The kid enticed the inocent mpinganjira … Lost virginity, u said? …. was this her first time? My many doubts! Anagwirizana kuti akapange chiwerewere awiriwa. Actually, the 12yr (the age I hardly believe, for I know people can twist ages to implicate victims) … she was telling her mother hoping for marriage not actually complaining aftet consenting to good sex. She didnt even raise an alarm in the room apart from mourning with pleasure

  19. obanda says:

    Zosadabwitsa paja Getrude Muthalika amachokelaso ku Balaka komweko

  20. gobede says:

    These Are Signs Of End Of The Days. These Are Becoming Worse Each Day. Lets Protect Our Children.

  21. Michael says:

    Lets protect children

  22. nowonso Ana asukulu akunyanya kanyukanya kwa anthu amuna mpake naye mpinganjira analephera kupirira kaya Tahití chitidwewu ukupita pasándolo kwambiri chifukwa cha mabugwe angoti bweee????

  23. how can our beloved mpinganjia do that? was it the first time may be la 40 days has come?

  24. What’s wrong with Balaka,Balaka,Balaka,,, everyday we hear about defilement, murder cases, theft!!!! Balaka Teachers leave pupils alone!!!!

  25. peter tembo says:

    I FEEL 4 MY BEST FRIEND MPINGANJIRA WHO WAS ALSO A [email protected] WORSHIP MINISTRIES behind balaka stadium.

  26. Chisenga says:

    Paja ku balaka

  27. Tengupenya says:


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