Malawi teacher punished for unleashing corporal punishment

A primary school teacher in Mulanje, who went beyond the borders to apply corporal punishment to a Standard five pupil, was given a dose of mob justice by the pupil’s relations before he was handed over to law enforcers for proper justice to take its course.

Precius with his bruised eye

Precius with his bruised eye

Nyasa Times understands that 47 year old Stanley Matemba who teaches at Njedza Catholic primary school in Mulanje beat Precious Mapaya during a Social Studies class because of noise making in the classroom and he could not ascertain who exactly were behind the noise. He thus chose to beat pupils at random.

“I was seated and copying notes from the board but some boys who were not writing and walking all over the room were making noise and  I heard Mr. Matemba shouting above his voice that everyone should sit down. Suddenly I felt a struck on my eye and another, and then blood started flowing from my face,” lamented the boy.

He was treated at Mulanje District Hospital with three stitches on one cut below the left eye and got medication on an open wound on the left outer side of the eye.

The action did not go down well with his relations. They rushed to the school and took the law in their own hands in unleashing what they felt was a befitting a punishment to the barbaric behaviour of the teacher.

The School’s  Head Teacher Handford Katuli has complained that three men took the teacher by surprise as he was relieving himself at the washroom and dragged him out with his trousers hanging around his knees in the process showing off his inside dressing.

District Education Manager Gossam Mafuta has described the whole scenario as sad saying:  “In the first place, it’s unfortunate that corporal punishment which ended long time ago and is illegal in education institutions was used. Let the community know we will ensure that our member of staff will be treated accordingly.”

He also raised concerns on the conduct by family members of the pupil for man handling the accused teacher in front of his learners, saying that was also beyond their jurisdiction..

The pupil hails from Njedza village, traditional authority Mabuka while the teacher is from Waluma village, traditional authority Nankumba in Phalombe. He is on police bail awaiting court appearance.

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20 thoughts on “Malawi teacher punished for unleashing corporal punishment”

  1. Iyayi says:

    Ameneyu mwamutha sadzaberezanso. Mukanamukoka mazira ake awiri ndi thonchi yakeyo. Koma ndiye wayalutsa machende bwanji, shaaaaaaaaaa!

  2. Mwenyewe says:

    Chizungu Sara hehede!

  3. Waku mj says:

    Am from mulanje ndipo i know mr matemba very well…hes a drunkard plus he abuses children…lachi 40 likafika lafika basi…anali wa polisi poyamba anamuchotsa nkhani zake zomwezi

  4. Webster Munthalika says:

    Nde mupange school yanu ana anu adzikaphunzila ngati mu jacuz as for me this was an accident not intentional.

  5. mweyeye 1 says:

    Stupid teacher and he deserves firing these are for the old days never keep such type of teachers in schools this time as most pupils this time attend school at the very young age.

  6. Zathu says:

    Corporal Punishment is the order of the day at Karibu Academy. Why is the ministry of education not acting on this? Why???

    1. mj says:

      mukadandaule ku ministry-ko chifukwa iwowo sangalote kuti kukucitika chiyani

  7. RJ says:

    It’s inhuman to apply corporal punishment nowadays. Kodi atakhala mwana wanu can u go to that extent?

  8. Gerald Milinda says:

    Guys avoid tribalism otherwise…i warn Dr kaunde

  9. Tione says:

    Wasnt the pupil not humiliated in front of his friends something he never did? I am also a teacher and I feel sorry for this poor cild. Mphunzitsi ameneyu akayambe boxing. Uphunzitsi suukumuyenera

  10. marika says:

    Why didn’t the teacher report to the authorities? He has no mandate what soever to bit the pupil like that. He has to follow school rules and regulations. Ministry of Education please do something on this teacher, he is rubbish.

    Concerned parent,

  11. seat says:

    amuchita bwino ine kukhala mwana wanga wapangidwa zimenezi ndikhoza kumudula machende ndithu

  12. osaka says:

    mob justice in malawi is still tolerated?

  13. vwendenga says:

    mkhalidwe wa chilomwe umenewo, nzitsiru zi wanthudzi, kudzikonda too much

  14. ALOSWEA says:

    To me pena pena uuuhu zovuta

  15. Maria Rossa says:

    “tit 4 tat” no need 4 xtra punishment. those locals should have their own file ,no one z above the law.

  16. Zoonazake says:

    Imeneyi ndi nkhani, toyeni tikambe za Newyork deligates by pitala. A MRA akuvuta m Blantyre kutolera bdalama zoti atumizire a dpp ku Newyork azidya ndi transport yobwerera -kkkkk zili ku Malawi zaka 5 tudya fumbi ngati njoka

  17. Dr Kaunde says:

    Alhomwe alhomwe. Stinking tribe

  18. Jamison Lungu says:

    Ma rubbish business causing insecurity in Malawi. Teachers on low pay since 1964. Teachers doing “thangata” since independence. Expect monkey business if you pay peanuts.

  19. opportunist says:

    Am against the punishment .In the first place it will not bring back to normal state of the child and secondly u have humiliated the teacher in front of pupils and i don’t know whether this child will continue his school .U could have reported this matter to the authorities and wait for their judgment and normal justice was not forthcoming then he could have been manhandled

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