Malawi teachers to strike on Sept 5: ‘No reverse gear’

Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM)  are calling for a strike September, when public scholls open,  as part of a campaign to force government  fulfil their commitment  it made at a meeting the Government Negotiating Team (GNT) held wtih the union’s leadership in May  2016.

Muwake: No reverse gear because teachers are being taken for granted

Muwake: No reverse gear because teachers are being taken for granted

TUM president Muwake Chauluka  accused the government of ‘dilly –dallying’  in resolving their long-standing grievenaces  while speaking to Nyasa Times  about some of the challenges the teachers are facing.
“Government has failed to resolve our grievenaces. We feel cheated and , as such, we  are not yielding to their lies this time,” Muwake said.

He emphasised that teachers “will not  open schools on September 5 2016, as stated in the academic calendar.”

“I want to be clear,” Muwake said, ‘there is no reverse gear when it comes to the September 5 strike.’

The teachers are demanding their payment arrears of leave grants allocated in 2015/16 fiscal year and payment of salary arrears as well.

Government agreed to pay all promoted teachers starting May and the last group in June but that has not been implemented.

Minister of Education spokesman Manfred Ndovie said they have indeed failed to resolve the grievenances due to financial hiccups.

Teachers make up the highest percentage of the civil servants with over 80,000 teachers believed to be serving in public schools.

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Winston Msowoya
BRAVO TEACHERS!!! We Malawians in diaspora strongly and wholeheartedly support you for taking such comprehensible action to demand for your rights.The government cannot standup and say it has no funds while at the same time,it hires private jets worth millions of dollars to transport illiterate tribesmen and women to the USA,hiring good for nothing so-called Presidential advisers,exporting Chikangawa logs to foreign countries without government’s knowledge and the funds channeled to private greedy criminals in league with senior government officials while the North is swimming in the waters of inferno and government Medical Stores are exposed to empty shelves attributing to… Read more »
Maxson Mbendera (POISONED)
Maxson Mbendera (POISONED)

Aziphunzitsi ndi boma lanu ili ndalama munadya towards 2014 zija akutenga eniake akufunani 2019


Ndalama zolipila aziphunzitsi ndi zija anagwilitsa ntchito pipita uku kumtunda kwa Malawi ko!!!!!! MAYI MALAWI

Talk whatever you want but the issue will solve itself in 2019. Mzanu ali pheee chifukwa mavoti ake wodzadza migolo akungodikira. Aziphunzitsinu ndi womwe mukuzunzaso ana athu m’midzimu kumangoti pang’onong’ono ndalama ya chakuti ,mawa ndalama yachakuti, anthu akuba inu. 2019 ikubwera ndi yomwe idzaseve wosati kumangobwetuka akakutumuna azipani zanuzo. Munayamba kupanga ma strike kalekale kuyambira boma la Muluzi koma palibe chiopsezo chomwe chinagwira ntchito kuti nkugwetsa boma. Ndiye ili lingagwe chifukwa cha inu. Every organization has its affliates torwards different parties, so don’t think because you feel pains then all teachers are against this govt. Everyone likes money that is… Read more »

I thought unena za nzeru kkkkkk zikugwirizana bwanji,aphunzitsi nd kugwexa boma???umbuli bax,mukufuna tonxe tichite kuxiwa kt xool munaxiira std…..

Blessings Banda

Zikugwirizana bwanji nfikulanda boma? Mukuoneka kuti ndinu achipani koma awa si andale ngati inu. Mukuganiza kuti aliyense angakhale wachiani chanu? Tsiku lina maganizo anuwo muzayambe mwaganiza musanapeleke mpata ku zala zanu kulemba. Mulibe umu nkhani yogwetsa boma.


Litengetseni Bomali liziwe kuti likulephera. They should not sponsor party functions to destroy their opposition yet failing to take such money to pay you-Hard workers ukwiiiii!


True! Enafe tagwira ntchito over 30 years koma salary yake so pathetic. Naji akachotsa PAYE ndiye peanuts yet kaliati and company with no qualification ma million after a month in politics. Mathanyula anyeredwe basi. Tamutopera!

It is indeed high time when our government starts showing respect to these hard-working taken-for-granted and burdened citizens. When the ‘courts-keepers’, ‘ACB’, ‘Doctors-Nurses’ demand for increments, allowances etc the are heard with the first cry they make but when it is these humble workers, they are told to go and “seek for other employments or business to get rich’. I say it is high time my friends you make yourselves felt and heard because you deserve far much better than what you are given. Stand up for what is yours!! You have sweated enough sweat and dont take it any… Read more »

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