Malawi team return to heroes’ welcome after Cosafa Plate

Malawi national team on Sunday returned to a heroes’ welcome in the commercial capital, Blantyre as hundreds assembled at Chileka Airport .

Captain Lucky Malata shows off the Cosafa Plate on arrival to a heroes' welcome for Malawi's footballers...Photo by FAM

Captain Lucky Malata shows off the Cosafa Plate on arrival to a heroes’ welcome for Malawi’s footballers…Photo by FAM

Flames on arrival at Chileka Airport

Flames on arrival at Chileka Airport

of thousands of fans took to the streets of the capital Lusaka on Monday to welcome back the Zambian players,

Thousands of fans took to the streets i Blantyre  to welcome back the Malawian players,

Lucky Malata ( centre) Moses Mkandawi ... ra Mwandira from FAM

Lucky Malata ( centre) Moses Mkandawi and Flora Mwandira from FAM….photo FAM

Proudly Malawian. The Malawi Arirlines officials having a feel of the Cosafa Plate

Proudly Malawian. The Malawi Arirlines officials having a feel of the Cosafa Plate

Tikwale Chirwa ( centre) with the cup at the airport...Photo By FAM

Tikwale Chirwa ( centre) with the cup at the airport…Photo By FAM

Thousands of fans lined up in the stree ... to welcome the team...Photo By FAM

Thousands of fans lined up in the stree … to welcome the team…Photo By FAM

The Cosafa Plate champions , Malawi squad

The Cosafa Plate champions , Malawi squad

The supporters went wild when the players disemberaked the Malawian Airways with their Cosafa Plate which they won after beating Zambia in the finals on Friday after failing to clinch the main tournament Cosafa Castle Cup.

The crowds had jammed the airport and lined up along the roads to to catch a glimpse of the players and Cosafa Plate.

The supporters led by veteran top  fan Ralphael Nasimba cheered when the Malawian Airlines touched down at 14:30 with captain Lucky Malata being the first to disembark from the plane carrying the glittering trophy.

Among high profile people that welcomed Malawi’s players nicknamed the Flames at the airport included Blantyre Mayor Noel Chalamanda, Carlsberg Senior Brands Manager Twikale Chirwa, who are also sponsors for the Flames, from Football Association of Malawi there was Moses Mkandawire, Flora Mwandira and Casper Jangale.

The team was driven from   Chileka International Airport to Chiwembe technical centre via the following route: Chileka to Chirimba- Mbayani via Kameza round-about. Kandodo corner-shop, Round-About, HHI – Ndirande Shoprite – Chitawira – Nancholi Stella Marris – Zingwangwa – Kudya Nkolokosa – Chinyonga- Limbe- Chiwembe in a convoy.

Upon arrival at the Chiwembe , a news conference was held together with Carlsberg Malawi – ‘The Official Sponsor’.

The first to speak was Flames skipper Lucky Malata who expressed satisfaction with the COSAFA trip though the team fell short of lifting the COSAFA Cup.

“We did not want to come home empty-handed and brought this Cosafa Plate,” he said.

Malata said there are “good lessons” the team has learnt from their outing, good experiences which he hoped would help them improve on their game more especially as the 2017 AFCON qualifiers commences soon.

Head Coach Young Chimodzi was happy with the boys’ performance, most of them coming of age and surpassing expectations.

He said Cosafa was a good learning experience for his team in preparation for the Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) qualifiers.

“This tournament has given us a good platform to prepare for the Afcon,” Chmodzi said.

“This will give us a boost in preparations for the Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers. There many positives we have learnt from the tournament,” Chimodzi said.

Chimodzi has to overcome Guinea, Zimbabwe and Swaziland in the Afcon qualifiers that start next month. The Flames can only guarantee a place at the Afcon finals for the third time in their history if they finish top of Group L.

On behalf of Carlsberg Malawi Ltd, Senior Brands Manager for Alcoholics Twikale Chirwa expressed the sponsor’s delight to the ambitious project that started last year through a 3-year sponsorship deal for the Flames.

“You went with admirable humility, competed with hearty, unity and patriotism and accounted for every drop of your sweat. The result of your hard work is the trophy which you have brought to your motherland for the first time,” said Chirwa

Taking his turn, FAM vice president Moses Mkandawire (speaking on behalf of FAM President Walter Nyamilandu who has gone to Zurich where Fifa elected Sepp Blatter as president) expressed the FA’s delight for the COSAFA Plate which the boys managed to bring home.

He stressed on the significance of this victory bearing in mind that the last time the team won silverware was in 1988.

It is a legacy that will live for years to come.

Meanwhile, the Flames resume full camp on Monday, 1st June 2015 in preparation for the AFCON qualifier match against Zimbabwe at Kamuzu Stadium on 13th June 2015.

Meanwhile, BBC Sport report that Namibia won the Cosafa Cup for for the first time in their history, beating Mozambique 2-0 in the final in the South African mining village of Moruleng.

Winger Deon Hotto scored both of Namibia’s goals to steer his nation to victory in the southern African championship.

Namibia completed a gruelling schedule of six games in less than a fortnight on their way to success.

They came through the first round of group matches reserved for the lowest eight ranked teams, including thrashing four-time winners Zimbabwe 4-1 in their last group game.

They then squeezed past holders Zambia on post-match penalties in the quarter-final last Sunday, beating Madagascar 3-2 in Thursday’s semifinal and sealing success with a solid performance against the Mozambicans.

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58 thoughts on “Malawi team return to heroes’ welcome after Cosafa Plate”

  1. Tremble banda says:

    Big up.

  2. Maynard Mtima says:

    Congratulations guys but our strikers must be very aggressive and avoid unnecessary back passes.

  3. Chikopa says:

    za zii! Why being as fifth best? Its like kumanyenga mkazi amene ali amuna folo kale ndiye iwe nkumakulawitsako onsewo akapita kugeni. The plate is nothing but shit. Let us deserve the best. Why waste precious fuel taking a long route when the boys were playing like villagers from Thekerani or Nsalu or fili mailosi?

  4. kamfana says:

    Bravo Boys,it was not easy .We slightly missed the main Cup.Hopefully one day we will grab it.Although that goal was scored by chance becoz of the COURAGE of the Striker Zicco Mkanda.Continue doing that,& other strikers MUST EMULATE.OSACHITA MANTHA MUZIMUPITIRA GOLI.

  5. sakaza says:

    Mumuuzeko Pilirani kachinziri kuti afune asafune lucky Malaya azimenyabe flames

  6. Samuel Thauzeni says:


  7. Auphie says:

    Kuno ku theba amalawi tikungo landila ulemu kunena zowona anyamata mwagwila ntchito Yotamandika RSA ndimbia amationelela.

  8. Okomaatani says:

    Ayi ndithu mwachita zamphamvu kutenga plate yasala cup.

  9. Well done flames,keep the fire burning,a plate is much better than a cup itself,next tym bring us a cup Since we have a plate already.shakes mashaba has shaken his head and the world wonders not why but how,u made us so is tym to aim high and work hard.fam zachamba ayi,manage these boys well well.understood?

  10. U coaches learn to analyse d game we r tired of conceding in d dying minutes as was d case with Mozambique game

  11. bambo a TENDAI,MAGGIE ndi CONNIS says:

    KAYA ndi plate kaya ndi kapu,mwachita bwino anyamata.Nanga tizingokhalira kuluza nthawi zonse?

  12. kennedy jailos says:

    bravo malawi

  13. Mbobasaulos says:

    Acording to my self am here in. R A S but now when I met any of Southafrican they respect me well done Boys ngati inu munayamba mwa gula kae Cup kumalidzila mbale so that is ur foolishness

  14. Phodos says:

    Lazy boys.We sent you to bring back home a CUP. But you have brought a PLATE. I am alfraid next time you may decide to bring us spatula ( chipande)

  15. m3 says:

    Amalawi plse change ur mindset!zinazi mudziyamikako kungokhala ndi negative mindset basi?akanaluzanso ndi Zambia mukanatokota.Kodi mukuyesa kugonjetsa RSA ndi Zambia zinali zocheza?Learn to be patriotic plse.

  16. on says:

    It would have been mediocrity if we beat swaziland and namibia to get the plate. We beat RSA and Zambia. Zili shapu!

  17. Tsamba Likagwa says:

    Only one player is allowed to smoke kanundu on the whole group. Koma enanu mukuoneka kuti mwayambanso!! Zukhala bwanji kodi??

  18. Charlie Hebdo says:

    Mbewa zikatha anona ndi Swiswiri. If you fail to bring home the cup, why not the plate? After all you get more in a plate than a cup.

  19. Munthu kumtuma katenge cup iye alubweresa mbale kkkkkkkkk munthu wosamva

  20. abie sekete says:

    Malawians be proud of your boys they did well.

  21. Kharupa says:

    This team has ended at position 5 in this cosafa and you give them a hero’s welcome?

  22. popapo says:

    The team needs to be encouraged to do better next time, Achewa amati okaona Nyanja anakaonanso mvuu, so do not frustrate them. To my observation the defence and midfield is good but we need prolific strikers who can utilise any chance for a goal. If Essau Kanyenda, Atusaye Nyondo , Sulumba and Tidgobere/Mkanda can be blended we have a good team.

  23. Mary says:

    Shame! We will never progress! We are busy glorifying the team for bringing a useless plate! So, what about Mozambique who lost in the finals? How about Madagascar and Zambia who lost in the semi finals? What number were Malawi at this Cosafa tournament?? Za plate zo za zii!!

  24. Honestly speaking there is nothing to celebrate about Mbale. They went for Cosafa & they were seeded they just went into the Quarter Finals but they failed to do the job, now they went into a parallel trophy what is that. Qualify for Afcon guys stop celebrating mediocrity

  25. Mbobasaulos says:

    Even Agogo ako Never played Chikulunga so don’t be foolish here the boys try their best they Score nice panaties against SA So they deserve respect am proude to be Malawian

  26. Wamandasi says:

    Malawi played so well in all games. The missing piece to complete the puzzle is creativity and sharpness to create chances and hit the net. SA newspapers were silent like nothing happened. That’s South African media. I feel down when our radios and newspapers are dominated by SA news and music. Cut it off

  27. peter muthanyula says:

    Celebrating mediocrity, as usual

  28. Semu says:

    Whats all that fuss …… for a plate!!!! My foot…………….. These are a BUNCH OF LOSERS

  29. balaka says:

    The truth is that these guys failed to bring what we wanted! A silver plate is meant for lop losers!

  30. Chancy Chingwalungwalu says:

    Nthawi ya MCP Malawi was winning real trophies, masiku wano wachina Bwampini, akati Malawi wachita bwino ndiye kuwinako ka plate. Kalanga dziko lasaukadi mchilichonse ili!

  31. Tombolombo says:

    What? Just shows we have nothing to do. SHAME.

  32. Chipapwiche says:

    Seriously,the team didn’t deserve this type of welcome. If we think this is an achievement,then surely we won’t achieve anything in football. The coach has a lot of work to do if at all we are do progress in AFCON. Looking at the way the boys played,we surely need experienced players who are in form to feature in AFCON games. It was embarrassing to see our defenders scoring past their own goal like that… Its high time our coaches found a way to use Ngalande effectively. The defence has to be worked on… The wings are almost dead. The striking force needs to be properly combined..

  33. Mbuje says:

    Congratulations guys. This is an achievement. Wansanje will comment negatively but beating South Africa and Zambia in a raw its not a joke. Young, you have made us proud. You have proved the critics wrong.

  34. wodabwa says:

    Has our flames won a bundasliga ?

  35. Nyamakumutu says:

    M’malo mobwela ndi Cup inu mwabwelako ndi mbale. Kukonda nsimatu uku chabwino next time you can do better.

  36. mightwell mtonga says:

    I Need A Cup Not Plate

  37. Bongololo says:

    Malawians are experts at celebrating mediocrity, zopangisa mnyazi kwabasi! This plate thing is not the championship; it’s more like a consolation trophy handed to a six year old for participating. This is so embarrassing!

  38. Mungakane Muona says:

    Ine anga ndimanyazi,Why me God,oooh why I was born in Malawi not in Namibia where there national team has won COSAFA CUP NOT LOOSERS PLATE like Malawi ,Malawi my Malawi ooooo

  39. Mungakane Muona says:

    Ine anga ndimanyazi,Why me God,oooh why I was born in Malawi not in Namibia where there national team has won COSAFA CUP NOT LOOSERS PLATE like Malawi

  40. Next President says:

    asalima boy mwatichititsa manyazi apa y cnt u b proud of these guys,bravo guys its just lik being expelkd from euefa champions 2 europa mwina simuzitsata bravo ma flames

  41. Charles Naphazi says:

    Atleast they do better,

  42. nkhakamila says:

    sometimes i dont understand the mind set of most irritates to read foolish comments zonyoza ziko lathu and anthu athu.Our team has done bettter in RSA and as normal human beings we were supposed to thank the young guys for the job well done.i thought its time to congratulate ,encourage,motivate,inspire and strengthening them.the truth is that malawi has a strong youthful team that needs my understanding everything in life starts from zero.iwe ukulemba zonyoza undiwuze ngati unafikira kumera mano onse 32 mkamwa mwakomo.ngati uli ndi galimoto undiwuze ngati umanyamukira gear 5,undiwuze ngati uli ndi phd kuti sunalembepo primary exams,undiwuze ngati mwana amangofikira kuyenda asanakwawe.GOD HAVE MERCY ON US!!

    1. johnM says:

      Would you be happy if your child passed MSCE subjects with seven points and yet he fails to get a certificate because he has no credits? That is what winning the plate competition is like. It states that we are the best of the failures at the competition

  43. akilen says:

    Mbale yothimbilira ngati yimeneyo muyikamo chiani?Kalanga ine! anthuwa alibe manyazi.

  44. hendrina says:

    congrants boys

  45. Kadakwiza says:

    Malawians were expecting a Cosafa cup not a plate. But anyway half loaf is better than none. My message to Bwana Chimodzi is that this time he need experience players for the coming AFCON qualification, otherwise will be the same song, THE BOYS PLAYED VERY WELL BUT WE COULDN’T SCORE.

  46. SALIMA BOYS says:

    Olo manyazi taaaaa???nkumasangalala chani apa tsopano mxxxxxiiim zopusa plate not cup….kuvetsa chisoni Flames..

  47. Zokonda Kusiyana says:

    Bola Ku Afcon Mukachepese Zibwana Zanuzo

  48. Mbobasaulos says:

    Congratulations to Malawi Squard

  49. Msadane says:

    Well done flames, even though this was just another petty achievement! !. At least you gave us some pride by clobbering South Africa and Zambia one after the other. We know then that it was not a fluke as both had a reputation to protect.

    But I am dismayed that the Editor could not notice a crucial missing word in the very first sentence of this article ….. shameful negligence or pure incompetence? ????

  50. Kamuzu Mbewe says:

    Minnows were given a parallel tournament while the big boys were busy trying to win the actual COSAFA cup; and then the whole country has gone wild because of the so called plate (and not cup, by the way) … duh ….

  51. Pata phiri says:

    R v serious winning a bloody rice plate with 3 rd teams which were fielded by the other teams

  52. johnM says:

    Why are people celebrating this win? It is only a plate, something for the losers. There is nothing to celebrate here, i am ashamed to be a Malawian. Why are we always satisfied with mediocrity?

  53. Muhilima says:

    Takunyadilani maflames pitilizani ku chita zabwinozo. Chikhulupiliro chilipo ndithu kuti Zimbabwe tidzaikhaulitsa

  54. ujeni says:

    That picture caption saying fans welcoming Zambia is fake, can you correct that. That is Malawi nothing of that sort happened in Lusaka.

  55. GRM says:

    Kodi plate ndi mbale eti? We wanted a cup why now a plate? It shows we are shallow like a plate not deep enough for a cup

  56. Jaws says:

    Well done guys keep it up. We would like to see u always with trophies. Good luck for the future

  57. ujeni says:

    You came number 5 out of 6 teams and you are celebrating as if you have won COSAFA, kupusa sikuposa apa. Manyazi bwanji mxiii!

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