Malawi Telecoms Ltd appoints Gombachika as new boss

Malawi Telecommunications Limited (MTL) has recently appointed Dr. Harry Gombachika as its new Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O).

Dr Gombanyika: MTL CEO

Dr Gombachika: MTL CEO

A statement released by the company says, Gombachika’s appointment came into effect on 6th January, 2015.

The new C.E.O has previously served as General Manager of Telecommunications at the Press Corporation Limited (PCL), Director of Higher Education under the Ministry of Education Science and Technology and an Associate Professor of Telecommunication Engineering vice Principal of Polytechnic, University of Malawi.

He holds a PhD in Telecommunication Engineering obtained at University of Surrey-UK, M.Sc in Electrical Engineering from State University of New York at Buffalo-USA among others.

Meanwhile, Chairman for PCL Board Matthews Chikaonda has congratulated and wished well the newly appointed C.E.O.

He said the company is confident that Gombachika will provide necessary leadership that will lead to quality and improved service delivery.

“In making the appointment, the Board is confident that Dr. Gombachika will provide the necessary leadership to the rest of Management and staff to ensure continued improvements in Malawi Telecommunication Limited’s products and service delivery to better serve our customer” said Chikaonda in the statement.

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23 thoughts on “Malawi Telecoms Ltd appoints Gombachika as new boss”

  1. A Great Congratulations to Dr Gombachika and family.

    You have a great challenge, but as you inspire all employees and with your vision, the sky is the limit.

    God bless.

  2. tuvitwana says:

    Harry is very INTELLIGENT I was in form one when he was form three at St John Bosco in the early 80s. Humble guy too.

  3. Mwenecho says:

    anthu anzuru baba he deserves it osati dzitsilu dza NAC

  4. He deserves it. The guy is naturally intelligent and has been consistent right from primary schools to St John Bosco Secondary School to the Polytechnic.

  5. nsipe,kampepuza,nyamani says:

    no mistake acouzy,juts keep de god ifront of u

  6. nsipe,kampepuza,nyamani says:

    zabwino zonse acouzy mulungu akuyang,anileni

  7. ada says:

    All the best sir, turn that theory your were teaching us into practice, change this company for better.

  8. zandile says:

    Chikaonda has indeed overstayed. You cannot have a CEO for 10 years. Maximum shud be 6 years. Even in UK. A CEO can only serve for 6 years max . This is good for corporate governance. PCL has lost a lot under Chikaonda. Matama basis ngati zeni-zeni

  9. zandile says:

    We want jobs to be adverised, not appointments.

  10. maxwell Nsani says:

    There is no way PCL can move forward with new directions and new ideas as long as they have this life CEO. There is so much that this company can do being the biggest conglomerate in the country, but its decisions and directions have become so boringly monotonous.
    Allow new face come in with new and fresh ideas and allow bamboo chikaonda to move on. I have nothing against Professor Matthew Chikaonda, I am sure there are things he has done to help PCL`s progress, but comes a time when change at the top is absolutely essential, and for PCL , that times was 5-10 years ago.

  11. amp says:

    Congratulation my mentor

  12. The issue here is not about Prof Chikaonda. NO. Thus madness of Some few Malawians. Even if it means chikaonda fired or moved from this position, you cannot even deputise the one who might be appointed. Trade carefully. If you have nothing to comment, you can just read what other sensible Malawians have written.

  13. Mute Gama says:

    It seems each passing year Prof Chikaonda gets younger. Therefore he shall not retire until the current board of PCL goes too.

  14. Namihavani says:

    Mpongozi wa Brown Chimphamba congratulations

  15. Chitsulo cha Njanji says:

    One of the first things Dr Gombachika should sort out is the mess created on MTL internet products by the new billing system. Before 10 December 2014, MTL internet on LibertyNET, EV-DO dongle, EV DO wi-fi router, and Wi-Max was very reliable. Then some idiot in MTL IT decided to hurriedly change the billing system – and everything went belly-up. Revenue from MTL internet products may drastically go down as the result of this rash decision.

    As a telecommunications guru, Harry may assist his Mbayani trained IT officers to bring the system back to its original reliability…

  16. ujeni says:

    Kodi Matthews Chikaonda the destroyer of Press Corporation companies, is he life Chief Executive? Madala amenewa nyanga ndithu

  17. chimangafisi dollar says:

    Congrats Mr . Gombachika

  18. Chikaonda has destroyed the PLC Conglomerate due to his untold incompetence, period!

  19. phodogoma says:

    Is the name Harry Gomba Nyika or I don’t see properly?

  20. Titus Skoti says:

    Congratulations abwana! Ntchito yanu koma imeneyo osati Director of Higher Education, that was misuse, misplacement and mis-allocation of human resources. konzani MTL, ndalama zambiri anyamata anu akakonza bwino ma phone lines a mu ma office. All the best

  21. Theo says:

    Zabwino zonse bwana

  22. lilian says:

    Kodi nanga Mathews Chikaonda apumisidwa liti?he has overstayed at PCL and is more of an opportunist politician but not developing PCL

  23. lilian says:

    Kodi nanga Mathews Chikaonda apumisidwa liti?he has overstayed at PCL and is more of an opportunist politician but not developing MTL

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