Malawi tiny parties unite in relief effort to flood-victims

About five opposition parties in Malawi who contested the May 14 elections over the weekend came together in an effort to assist families in Blantyre townships that have been ravaged by the floods.

Some of brankets that were donated

Some of brankets that were donated

Party leaders donating plastic bags containing beef in a united front for relief effort.

Party leaders donating plastic bags containing beef in a united front for relief effort.

Displaced people at Chilobwe camp

Displaced people at Chilobwe camp

The parties included Umodzi Party, Malawi Forum for Unity and Development (Mafunde), People’s Transformation Party (Petra), People’s Progress Movement and the United Independence Party .

The parties donated assorted items to displaced people in Chilobwe Township and Green Corner in Blantyre. These included beef, blankets, slashers and rice.

President for People’s Transformation Party Kamuzu Chibambo said the parties felt it right and proper to provide assistance to the displaced people.

“The disaster that has hit our country has affected every Malawian and as politicians we felt it right and proper to provide assistance to the displaced people.

“We heard the President professor Peter Mutharika few days ago on TV still calling upon Malawians to come forward and assist,” said Chibambo.

Chiwambo said the leaders have in recent past been around camps to see the living condition under which “our fellow brothers and sisters are living.”

“They are very difficult conditions. Indeed it is right and proper to every Malawian to come forward and assist with whatever one can afford.

“In this vain we want to thank the president himself for leading this relief work and also there are a number of organizations that have come forward”.

In his remarks, Chief Chilobwe thanked the politicians for recognizing him in making the donations saying many organizations have been donating relief item without involving in a development he strongly condemned.


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15 thoughts on “Malawi tiny parties unite in relief effort to flood-victims”

  1. Mwana wa Dorothy says:


  2. Nganali kombweke says:

    Uku ndiye kukhala, next time nyasatimes try our level best to avoid sarcast words such as ‘tiny’

  3. Daudi Pilirani Phiri ( DPP) says:

    The headline is rude and demeaning tiny wat stupid nyasatimes JB mouthpiece being paid by Roy Kachale via Brian Banda

  4. To remove the people from the valley is a good point,than to put people in the valley,then depending people,nations,to help.Malawi let’s find real solution before floods come,for to conquar the floods is to coming out from the valley.

  5. I think that malawi we are lacking to discover that why every year we facing with floods?to help the victims is not real,but to dealing with the source of the is better to move people from the valley,than to help people in the time of disaster.How many days we shall do so?becouse as long we are staying on earth the Rain will bringing the disaster on earth.

    1. Wodala says:

      Kanthu Nkanko,
      Where did you learn your English? It is pathetic!

  6. Wariya Khale says:

    Mpaka ‘tiny’ koma abale! Haaaha! Tiny parties! Kikiki! Very funny!

  7. njolomachipilingu says:

    Zipani kikikikiki A Chibambo osangonena kuti in my petsonal capacity here I come and donate period.Mpaka kudzitchula opposition parties kikikikikikikikiki. All the same you did well to donate

  8. Muhiye Mwana says:

    Bwino is the bwinoest bwinos of all bwinos. Ufune usafune Peter is the president of the republic and whether you want it or not DPP is here to stay forever. Mark this: 10 years are for Peter, 10 years for SCC and another 10 for Ung’ono Ung’ono. Ndiye iwe uwone pamenepa kuti iwe monga munganya, ugwa pati? Basopu, undisamale, ndithananawe. DPP woyeee! Peter woyeee.

  9. bonya says:

    Tangonenani nkhani yeniyeniyo a Nyasatimes. Kodi nkhani ndi kukula kwa Chipani kapena zomwe achita? SIndinamve kut DPP, or UDF monga chipani zachita kalikonse.

    Let us look at the spirit and not the face of the giver. Well done Presidential aspirants. Enawo akudikira za misonkho yathu basi ku boma ngakhale timawalipira. Muona posachedwapa apanga zomwe zipanizi zachita chifukwa cha manyazi.

  10. bwino says:

    You have shown unity and maturity of purpose. Why don’t you start now to come together and form one party for 2019? You could be a formidable force. You can breath fresh life into Malawi politics poti mulibe ziyangoyango. But if you want to remain independent parties, forget about the presidency. For your information, we will have Presidential elections soon following the Zambia footpath.

  11. Wax says:

    TINY ?????? kikikikikikiiiiiiii


  13. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Better half loaf than none. Zayithwa tawonga chomene.

    Next don’t wait for the old man to make an appeal. His loosing memory, you know.

  14. Tim Masamba says:

    Tiny jokers having fun!!!

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