Malawi to boycott South Africa goods after xenophobia attacks

In response to the increasing xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals in South Africa, a group of concerned Malawians is making a strong appeal to fellow countrymen to boycott goods and services from South African business empires like Shoprite, Game Stores, Pep and Inter-Cape Bus Service.BOYCOTT

A branch of South African chain Shoprite targetted for goods boycott

A branch of South African chain Shoprite targetted for goods boycott

In a statement posted online, the grouping says it’s disgusting that brothers and sisters are being hacked; slaughtered, chased wildly a development that is making life unbearable to them and all their relatives.

“The disgusting pathetic new apartheid order in back in South Africa. The only crime they’re earning this victimization is for being foreign citizens… This is a qualification that natives of South Africa, not Immigration officers, have used to brutalize migrants and the reality on the ground is shockingly inhumane,” reads the online statement in part.

The statement says the barbaric actions happening in South Africa illustrate that South Africans have no regard for the values of Ubuntu; “they have turned into enemies of other Africans; they are detached from the Africans’ family; they hold no dignity for fellow Africans; they have defied international solidarity.”

The grouping is accusing the African Union, SADC, UN and other organization of “just snoring and ignoring the status quo as if those being victimized in South Africa are aliens”.

They say South Africans are committing grievous crimes against humanity and their government must be taken to task accordingly.

Malawians are also being urged not to ot fly on South African airways until the murderous savagery ends.

Thousands of people from Malawi, Burundi, Zimbabwe and Congo have reportedly fled their homes in South Africa since a spate of xenophobic attacks and looting erupted two weeks ago.

Media reports said four people had been killed since the beginning of the month, including an Ethiopian man whose shop was petrol-bombed by a mob.

One Malawian was reportedly killed but Information Minister Kondwani Nankhumwa told reporters in Lilongwe on Wednesday: “So far, only three Malawians have been reported seriously injured.”

“However, one person who was also heavily injured has been evacuated from the camp by his relatives, and he is being taken care of by his family,” added Nankhumwa.

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111 thoughts on “Malawi to boycott South Africa goods after xenophobia attacks”

  1. mzamba wamkulu says:

    Zuma headless stupid maggot. president or spectator? shame on u Zuma.God will punish u alive I swear.

  2. Juku says:

    South africans they don’t what they are doing lets pray to God to 4gv them.

  3. Yes! Finally someone writes about online shopping.

  4. Jesus is coming,these are signs of the time,nowhere in this world is peace,just watch aljazeel for 1hr then you will agree with the bible’s prophencies,this is time to repent

  5. Mbangi Johnson says:

    South African economy survived international boycott and can do without Malawi. Reminder: Malawi never supported South African struggle for independence, your former puppet president Kamuzu Banda was in the payroll of apartheid south Africa

  6. Boycott buying from those shops,bcz these ppl are very very stupid uncivilised Nation.If their economy collapse its when they will realise that there is no country which may survive in isolation.

  7. wadyapo chikwawa says:

    Their president knows nothing than fucking around, he can’t control them but he knows all what is happening them shame! Shame! Let us fire back.

  8. Kulibe kantu says:

    Ezekiwe, you are just another silly person. Kugona bwanji? People like you are failures in life, selfish. This is time to support your fellow Malawians. In Zimbabawe and Zambia have already demonstrated.

  9. Ethiopian says:

    Hey all Africans,

    We all helped South African gain independence just the other day from their oppressors the whites. This time they are killing us mercilessly. Let’s chase them too from all over Africa back to South Africa to be colonized by thief whites…
    Let’s get them one by one, and take them back!!! This is not fair at all, Use hash tag take South Africans back to thier country!!

  10. Joleen says:

    I am so sorry about these Xenophobic attacks. No one deserves 2 b murder.I am South African and I am so sorry.God created us all in his image we have no right 2 kill another human being. I don’t have the power or wealth 2 stop these attacks bt I will do is pray everyday and ask God 2 protect every foreign person in this country. God loves every1 equally n he taught us 2 love not 2 kill. Not once was I ever attacked or harmed by a foreigner in South africa,they are peaceful n loving people.May Jesus protect them and fight this battle on their behalf.

  11. ezekiwe utwag says:

    Ngati ulibe ndalama oskagule ku Shoprite ndi Game. A Malawi mitengo kukweza kutundu poor quality. Nanu ku Joni kumango sambitsa a galu nkumayamba kunyiza kuMUdzu mumvekele Malawi otsauka koma ku Juberg. Ndi imeneyotu! Ife nganga ndi Malawi wathu!

    1. yohane says:

      Dont be silly man

  12. Anamilanzie says:

    Am also of the same Idea. Why do we always relying on foreign endeavours as if we can not excel? Let them (s afrikaans) be shown that we can also put our anger in action. Asowe nawonso basi. Mablacks kumakhapana choncho?

  13. our nation need special prayer,otherwise something is going to happen among us.

  14. Mbangi Johnson says:

    I wonder why those wealthy white bogeyman are not investing in Malawi?

  15. Mathews Khriford says:

    Boycott is enough to revenge the senceless xenophobic attack in SA. But, that idea of rooting and conduct a violent protest against South African citizen here in Malawi would lead to a “First African Continent war” because this could be accepted by most African countries which have be affected by the current afrophobic attacks. Remember: with anger we cannot come up with a tangible solution to the fate if not be a war.

  16. Winnie phiri says:

    Zuma ndi galu wamunthu. Moreover Zuma ndi mbuli yachabechabe, ndiye mukuganiza anthu ake atha kupanga chani? Zuma anathawira ku Zambia nthawi ya tsankho. Kodi chikanakhala anthu aku Zambia anamuthamangitsa akanapanga chani? Galu wa munthu Zuma. Abale athu ali tho kwa Zungu, mukumvako chani? Manyazi khalani nawo anthu awulesi inu.

  17. skoloto says:

    The problem with Zulus is lack of education. That’s right No game, shoprite and pep.

  18. ife nde tasiya kale kuwagula mwataala ndi inu

  19. B. ANGONI says:

    boycotting is not enough, what wrong has Malawians done to deserve such a terrible punishment? Suppose its your brother kumuphwanya mutu, how can you feel? Alire nawonso basi. Shoprite and Game motto!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. oji attu says:

    i am a nigerian and i love S.A because of the late legend , Mandela. But at d moment, SA people have put history behind them. They have forgeten how or africans stood by them during d apartheid regime. Nigerians over here are watching d SA govt and how are workin to curb this ugly trend. Some naija people have also threatened to hit back if this rubbish persist. God bless Africa.

  21. Malawian Citizen says:

    The problem is that the same Malawians aid illegal entry of people from other countries without proper papers. Yet when it is us going out, it is struggle. We host a lot of refugees here and give them humanitarian aid. Can RSA do that? Wake up Zuma and put sense in the heads of those behind these barbaric acts. This is shameful indeed and our God should intervene in this. Surely these are Signs of the Times!

  22. Nyakanyasko says:

    Let all African embassies withdraw from the Republic of South Africa and all South African embassies be closed in all African countries. Come on Africa,we can do without South Africa. Let us teach them a lesson. Let them eat their gold and we send our coffee,tea,sugar,legumes to China. Go! go! Africa, go!!!!

  23. lebo Morebudi says:

    Am a South African and I feel ashamed of what is happening in our country at the moment, and I don’t support what is happening, I think south africans should stop releasing their frustrations and and anger on our fellow brothers and sisters from Africa.

  24. Angoni says:

    Nde katundu tizikagula kuti mwati ngati sitigula pa game?

  25. Sparx says:

    Boycott? What boycott?! Is Malawi incapable of cool heads, and would rather cut its nose to spite its face? It’s. S.African ignoramuses, not their govt, that are on the rampage

  26. wakulu Saudi says:

    Ofunika kusesa katundu mu shoprite, game adziwe msana wanjira…..tisegulemo ma barbershop basi……..SA moyo ozikonda y sosecho mbuli too much zili ku joni…..mozambique mudule magetsi agone mumdima…….

  27. chisaka says:

    Tibweza amatijaira makape wokhala manyumba amalata ngati awa alesi ifenso ulemu too much enough guys

  28. Concerned malawian says:

    Malawians should really boycott things from South Africa they way they have treated our brothers and sisters like animals.We can do without their shops.How were we living before these shops came to Malawi?Im so angry with these xenophobic attack from a fellow black to a fellow black.What is Jacob Zuma doing on this?What has a Malawian High Commissioner done on this?Lets us boycott all South African shops in Malawi to show a strong message that we are not happy with their uncivilized thuggish behaviour.I think apartheid left a heavy mental breakdown on these South Africans.

  29. nthis says:

    I think all foreign shops and workers (like the Pakistanis) should just leave South Africa and find a more economically suitable and safe place to do business. The supposed ‘wealthy white billionaires’ boogeyman should also stop investing in South Africa’s infrastructure and business too.

  30. Name*MANYUCH says:

    Pitty life is short.Please dont enco urage the boycot of South African products in Malawi.The country de pends on SA goods from time imm emorial.Its painful to experience x enophibia at the hands of those deemed to be fellow brothers and sisters. In South Africa foreigner is only a black person.Chinese,Indian, the so-called White or Europeans are not included in this xenopho bic diction.They use a different map of Africa. Someone asked me seventeen years ago where I came from.He quickly answered himse lf…before I could, “Ooh! It is near Japan?” From this,you can deduce how much they know beyond the windows of their homes. God is tired of this place.

  31. Pedant says:

    Don’t forget to add Multichoice (and their services like DStv and GOtv) on the list of South African businesses to be boycotted.

  32. ineyo wakukaya says:

    Tiyeni tibwezere, starting with destroying their katundu and butcher them. We beter do it now, on Saturday I will be waiting for patriots lyk myself on shoprite main entrance at exactly 9:00am.

  33. Kulibe kantu says:

    This is where the DEVIL has his legs!

  34. kennedy nali says:

    Au,un and sadi are rubbish and weak, probably they are receiving something from south African government.


    gyz what de gvmnt cn do is negotiat wit de gvmnt of SA.even when our bra & sista come here what they will do here.we are here jst stayng the goverment fail to give us job so what they will do with them.THIS IS ASHEM TO OUR GOVERMENT LEADERS.SHAME ON U.

  36. Destroyee says:

    Why should I anyway. It is us who need their products as we cannot produce to the standard. We have failed to boycott or protest poor services by Blantyre Water Board, Escom, and ill-treatment by Asians on Malawian workers, so why should I waste time boycotting South African products? THE ONLY GOODS I CAN MANAGE TO BOYCOTT ARE SOUTH AFRICAN GIRLS!

  37. musa says:

    wosabwelezela pls,,,,

  38. Mad Professor says:

    The screamiong headline in this article and the thoughts behind boycotting South African investments in Malawi is very poor. In fact, in argumentation we call it a fallacy. First, you need to conduct a mini-research to find out exactly what is happening in South Africa. This could be done by just reading say, the Sowetan or the City Press or the Mail & Guardian online. Secondly, you need to find out what xenophobia means by just googling. Third, you need to read the Business Day newspaper of South africa or probably go to the respective websites of the stores like Shoprite etc. or maybe check with Forbes magazine online to find out who holds the shareholding in Game, Shoprite etc.

    In a nutshell, whether you boycot all the South Africa owned stores like Shoprite or game or even Metro because it is also partially South African, you will only be hurting your fellow Malawians who are employed by these firms.

    Xenophobia is being orchestrated by our own fellow poor, unemployed, black thugs from the slums or informal settlements like Umlazi of Durban. They are targetting little corner shops called spazas, more like those Burundi shops we have kwa Biwi or Bvumbwe. First, when one thug goes to attempt robbing a Somali who runs a spaza, the Somali shoots dead the young Zulu or xhosa boy. Then the who township comes to ravage the spaza, kill the Somali, loot the stuff and then it spreads all over. Then a Zulu King says all foreigners must go home. Then this even sparks more fire. Do you get may analogy there?

    Then you have very wealthy white billionaires who actually control South Africa’s economy. They have shops like Game (which is partially American under Walmart stores), Shoprite Checkers, OK, Spar, Intercape buses etc and they have tentacles all over Africa even in Nigeria.

    Then you vent your anger towards xenophobic attacks to say “I will boycot Game or Shoprite” How daft can that be? Come to think of it.

    That would be more like stabbing yourself in the back. Where will your brothers and sisters working at Game Chichiri go to when they are laid off for poor sales? How about PEP stores whose products in Malawi are largely being manufactured at Chirimba Industrial site?

    The Power of Critical thinking. Don’t be so daft. Open up your mind.

    1. Clement says:


  39. opportunist says:

    As for me i stopped buying from Shoprite since sometime back because of their selfishness

  40. Gwira Bango Madzi Angakutenge says:

    That unfortunately could end up hurting the Malawi government who would lose on tax they collect from those companies.

    But we should be piling pressure on our own government to manage our affairs properly. President and his cabinet should be working towards improving our country. Bingu showed us between 2005 – 2009 that it is possible to turn Malawi economy around. Now why is that like an impossible mission now!

  41. chofunika APA a president anthu akumalawi akumane ndi a Ku s.a kukambirana bwino bwno za mmene zinthu zilili kenako ngati muli kutumiza atsilikali atumize….osati za shoprit kapena pep APA…

  42. john says:

    Where is boko halam guyz?

  43. CHITAMBI 1 says:

    the dark ages r 1c again in RSA thats very bad!

  44. Hello! says:

    Ndinu mbuli nonse amene mukukonza maganizo oipawa ndipo simikudziwa zomwe mukunena. Kudzikonda mkanji? Nkhondo mumayidziwa inu? Kodi choipa umabweza ndichoipa? Usatana eti!

  45. GRITTY says:

    AM Feeling so sad but or though we can revenge we can not revenge to south Africans we can revenge to innocent people everybody is a foragner from another country they are acting like savages uneducated people just pry for our relatives or friends who are there so that they should not be attacked.

  46. Black Market says:

    Expel South Africa from SADC, let all their diplomats in SADC go back to their country, they are indeed savages.

  47. KK says:


  48. tsetsefly says:

    We have been let down by greedy politicians. Because of that greed politicians have signed awarded contracts to fellow theives and they know pretty well that this country would not benefit. We can hardly create jobs hence the mass trekking to Jburg by Malawi citizens who are now being butchered like chickens. When you sit at what you call statehouse what do you think you are doing, phatting?

  49. mlauzi says:

    All Africans north of Limpopo river all the way up to Cairo and Alexandria and the shores of the Mediterranean sea must unite in the boycott and resistance against neo apartheism. These gymnastics by the lazy, uneducated, bangi smoking and perpetually drunk matsotsi must be brought to a halt.

    Africa unite – One Africa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!One Continent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. andrew wasie says:

    i would like to say that if southafricans dont want foreighers in their country….they are ignorant…..why dont they just workhard and own what ever they want…..they are evil…..i wish hell on them

  51. aheli moto says:

    Boycotting is good but these shops provide with quality products that we can hardly get in most Chinese or Indian shops. may be trying to go to SA Embasy for mediations

  52. i strongly believe that south africans should advocate piece after agreat experience of apartherd illtreatments they encountered over a period of many years, its not wise that a country that produced a brave leader like nelson mandela be involved in such brutal actions, they should learn that while aparthed was mounting like bush fire, fellows africans rallied with them to dismantle such a blutal regime, viva mandela, rest in piece.

  53. anthony says:

    This disaster is caused of human trafcking and the home affairs have their way to control but these vicious people are taking advantage of stealing,looting and killings. Its really wrong and we need quick solution let’s creat our own jobs in malawi not farming only it never works but refinally in the lake and millenium plus other minerals

  54. John says:

    I am a South African and I personally condone dis babaric acts by Zulus. Zuma send out de army to get rid of dis hooligans.

  55. nyavizwazwa says:

    I agree with the activist not that people should not buy from their chain stores – those people employeed Malaiwans, so do where do you expect they will get pay for those people?

    We shd team up and go the S/African Embassy here and tell the Ambassador. He/she is our mediator.

  56. Victor Mcheng says:

    Tziwapempherela anza2

  57. Wina alila says says:

    It is a known fact that if people cannot get a decent job or a living in their own country they go to another country to try and get a decent living.Its not aMalawi kususuka as some of you who have not been out of that hell hole country of yours seem to think.

  58. hopeson says:

    Zulu people ndi mtundu oyipa. Kwambili

  59. Ntcheu Boy says:

    Diso kulipa diso, lets kick out the S/africans in all our cities they sld go kwawo kupha anthu wachisawawako. Tikapeza munthu wa S/Africa thamangitsani adipita kwao.

  60. bookwormer says:

    It won’t help. Imagine only Malawians are asked to produce R3000when going into South Africa and our government does not say anything. Malawi is a sorry nation .

  61. ndadabwa says:

    nanunso a nakhumwa giving false statistics. musaiwale kuti you dont have qulifications unaba kwa m’bale wako

  62. mwenye we malawi says:

    To boycott South African products is to cut off our noses to spite our faces……. all our shops are full of South African and Chinese goods. With the impending maize shortage, we will soon be importing maize from South Africa. The answer is for the Government to bring back our people …. all costs to be paid for by our taxes. Remember that most Malawians in South Africa, UK and USA are economic refugees.

  63. ndadabwa says:

    No.2 onjoya ndiwe chitsiru. all these years takhala tikugula kuti. galu iwe etii

  64. Micah Mgubo says:

    a Malawi dzibwereni basi

  65. International Observer says:

    This comes from the top echelon. Was it not long ago when their president equated a pot-holed road to the roads he saw in Malawi? Mwanapiye amaonera amache …………………… kwinako mumaliza nokha. What is happening in South Africa is therefore no surprise. When Zuma produced those scathing remarks, Malawi as a nation just received it with folded arms and the widest of grins ever. Stand up and be counted as a sovereign state and desist from being bullied by someone who is basically swimming in wealth due to the sweat from the whites minority who ran the government in a civil manner. What is happening there in the twenty-first century is indeed barbaric, not expected of a civilised country, shame!!!!!!!!

  66. Mandevu Waluza says:

    So if we boycott where will our fellow Malawians who work in these shops go? Are you going to find jobs for them? If you are saying South Africans are the only people working for those shops then we can boycott.
    Let us have other solutions to this rather than boycotting

  67. KOMA YAA says:

    malawians we are crazy at times …we dont know how to promote malawians or home grown business …this is just the same as buying from our own fell malawians ..this boy cot its true ..we have to buy shops owned by malawians….to promote malawians..

    KAMUZU used to encourage us this…In UK They encourage people to buy british stuff or meet discourages newzland or austrian goods in Ireland the same ..they encourage to buy things or products produced by irish Denmarck and Finland the same …but in this case … kungoti kusagwizana amalawi ..ofcourse killing one onother is not is goood …koma zonvetsa chisoni

  68. shaa says:

    umphawi sizinthu kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  69. ENOCH says:

    Ngati timalephera ku panga boycott magetsi mazi maminibusi bread nde tingathe kupanga zimenezi ndakaika Malawi kumvetsa chisoni

  70. hoza john says:

    We should attack these shops with vigour and unity.

  71. Mwakabonga says:

    I Solenmly blame Africans! How Wil The Whites Look And Take Advantage Of This? Indeed they wil use the misunderstangs to rob us more than ever! Africa one continent lets unite please.we are one and remember we were aiming to form 1 government but can this help?

  72. Kagiso Mokaleng says:

    I’m South African. Boycotting our businesses will mean that you are labelling
    All South Africans as Xenophobic. The people perpetrated these deplorable acts are a few thousand people in a country of almost 55 million. My ex manager was from Congo, great man. My girlfriend is from Zimbabwe. Don’t let these fools that kill foreigners in Zimbabwe spread hate and division.

    You don’t see America boycotting Muslim businesses because of Al qaeda

  73. pierra says:

    those that side against boycott measures do not know that in war and strife, one fights with any means available. Malawians can not be seen to support murderous tendencies of the south africans by encouraging them economically. Besides, it is quite easy to find substitute goods for those available at RSA shops.

    one does not grieve for own child killed by one’s bad neighbour by going on borrowing appeasement trip there!

  74. sain it like it is says:

    which malawians said this stupid stuff?who told you that the people killing others own shoprite how will that affect them?za ziii..if thats the case stop watching dstv…stop listening to house music might aswel send back your 2 dollar shoes your wearing..the point to this is that south africans are naturally violent no thanks to their history..but also we as malawians going to another mans country to become a garden boy?really?imagine the same for malawi whjat if the guards and maids we had in our homes were foreigners r u saying u wouldnt react?not violently but react you would so malawians come back home there is a saying..if u r a lizard in malawi u cant become a crocodile elsewhere mukuvutika ku joniko chimodzimodzi konkuno

  75. Kabwande says:

    Boycotting is a very good idea and a very powerful tool. These ppl should realise that they need other ppl as well. By the way South Africans are around the world as we speak now. They seem to be promoting the idea of UBUNTU hypocritically.

  76. mchewa says:

    Tsanu mukati tonse o malawi tivale khoti ya boyiyo tsanu tonse tiwoneka ngati o boy? Enafe tidabadwa ozimayi zovala za o boyi ife sitidavaleko chibadwire. Timatotsata chikhalidwe chathu.

  77. AMUNA BAWO says:

    all shops are full of rsa products. i fear this is not possible. what does the malawi industry produce?we should just chase all south africans out of malawi basi

  78. Malawiana says:

    Thats tantamount to economic embargo and may have serious bilateral ramifications.

  79. Nyekete says:

    CSOs where are you to take up this issue? 20 thieves were killed in Mzuzu during demonstrations and it was like hell of CSOs to UN and all Human Rights Centres. This is serious but the notable Mtambo, Sembereka, Kwataine and all there; you are just seated phwii pa mpando. To hell with you.

  80. makito says:

    No sense of patriotism. Evident from the comments, really.

  81. Chalaka Bakha nkhuku singatole says:

    Some Malawian are stupid, total idiots! chitsiru china pompa chikuti “no need of boycotting that won’t help us” pamene mbuzi ina ikuti “if can’t buy from game etc where are we going to buy?…” Don’t you have chipiku, Sana, Peoples and etc? You deselve to be in hell, you have no regard for human dignity and you are selfish fools!

  82. Achimwene says:

    Ine ndiye ndidzigula. Za me emotions zanuzo ine zisandikhudze. Ndikagula kuti if I boycott viz shops? Ma shop a Malawi kuba zedi, amafuna kuwina 250%. Nkhani ya xenophobia ndi ma shop aku SA ku Malawi sizikugwirizana. Ngati mufuna boycott, pangirani boma because it has not created employment for our brothers who have moved to SA. Asakakamire adzibwerera kuno ndipo ambiri left our sisters, cousins insearch for green pastures. Azichemwali athu akungodikira azibambo chosecho adakwatiranso kumeneko. SA women will also suffer coz malawians have married there and take care of SA women whom their own men cannot but abuse them. Odi apa ine ndipite ku game, shoprite ndikagule zinthu, wina asandiletse. SA shops have employeed our brothers and sisters ndiye akatseka muwalemba ntchito inuyo ma concerned nu? Boma limapeza tax kumeneko yomwe imathandiza inu nomwe. Boycotting will worsen problems. Zopusa mukugwirizanazo. Langizo langa kwa achawa ndi atumbuka; kwanu mkuno ku Malawi. achawa ambiri akungoti ndupita kuzazavirika, sukulu ulibeso. Tazingosokani kuno ndi ulonda basi. Atumbukaso nanu osamangoti mbwenu, nilutenge Saufi AFRICA. Bwerani mudzadzale mitengo muchingawa umu isa.

  83. dapalapa says:

    President Jacob Zuma should be a happy man now. in his campaing staments he promised to chase all Makwelekweles (including Malawians) and here were are.
    The south african Police is one of the best in Africa but they choose not to protect foreigners during the attacks. During the Apatheid era most freedom fighters used to seek refuge in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique Namibia and of course Malawi. its very shameful and barbaric for an African to Kill fellow african in the name of Xenophibia attack. SADC, AU, UN where are you?

  84. @Onjoya, you are stupid. Where was Game and Shoprite during Kamuzu. We had our own shops. Our economy was strong because we had a lot of foreign currency. South Africa benefit R25bllion on trade through their expensive products and all the money is banked in South Africa. How much do we benefit on trade. I have never seen a Malawian product in SA super market despite having suger, rice,tea,coffee or our own fish. All products we export to SA are unfinished product. They get packaged and branded in South Africa gets exported back to Malawi in Shorprite e.t.c. You as “Onjoya” you go buy the same price 3x more on price. Malawinas wake up and smell coffee.

  85. MERVIN says:

    kuno Xeno ndizayambitsa ndekha mpaka kumaliza ndizadula makosi Aa nthu obwera onse. No chisoni.

  86. yuona says:

    That’s the best way to send the message to Pretoria. After all goods found in Game can easily be sourced from our Chinese brothers. Point of correction: Not all Malawians that are in SA are not educated ndiye enanu musamalankhule motumbwa, ukakhala pamsana pa njovu usamati kulibe mame!

  87. sunderstar says:

    This call is not only for Malawians per se, Zimbabweans and Zambians have also pointed out in their Papers that boycott of South African Products will bring some sanity to South Africa. Imagine Africa buys goods from RSA worth R350 Billions per year and if as a Unit all African Countries gang up to stop trading with this country their economy will crumble and some of the people they are attacking are contributing to their well being of their econonmy. We can rightly start by boycotting SAA, lets use other Airlines like Malawi Airways, Kenyan Airline and Ethopian Airlines. We cannot boycott Shoprite because some of the products they sale are from our Companies but we can stop buying items from GAME. On trade we can can use Dubai/Asian countries as our altenative source of raw materials, we buy from them because of our SADC solidarity not that they are better off. Those who are saying that we cannot survive without their products or shops are living in a fools paradise, we can do without them and we dont share boundary with them. Remember up to 1997 we had no single South African Shops here we had our own PTC,, Hardware and General dealers, Import and Export which flooded Malawi with goodies it was the visionless govt then that messed up these well established Kamuzu established companies, Lets hear from our friends from Zambia and Zimbabwe.

  88. Muluzi Mtharika says:

    quota system is the legal term of xenophobia in Malawi.

  89. malume says:

    boycolt them atiojeza.

  90. The Truthful One from the West says:

    A very useless and unworkable solution. It is a proposal based on emotional reaction which is not helpful. This is a problem for government to act on with speed and urgency. Ine sindingasiye kugula katundu mu shoprite etc

  91. Abwana anga says:

    Those Malawians will vandalise these shops wen they cme back home

  92. Dum says:

    Is Jaccob Zuma a God fearing man, because he can’t just seeing lives of his fellow africans being lost in this way. Shame on Zuma. Uzafe imfa yowawa!!

  93. Ernst Schmidt says:

    As a south African I am ashamed of what has happened! Many of us south Africans are extremely worried about an increasing amount of people in the townships that either doesn’t want to work or cannot get a job (these attacks were during working hours!) and with an incredible sense of entitlement and lack of respect for the law!

  94. MCP ndi dhilu says:

    what you should be doing is lobbying your government to act on your own immigration problem here at home. when the passport business at immigration department reached its peak 10 years ago, i said that its our children who will suffer.

    passports and work permits are bought sold daily, companies like kayelekera, mota engil and chinese construction sites are full of people getting paid 10 times our countrymen that do the same job, mwenye shops employ anyamata all the way from bangladesh, lilongwe is full of davidos selling engine oil and second hand tyres…

    the list is endless….so tell me, how will boycotting bread and t-shirts fix a problem of our own making?

  95. tttt says:

    Let us boycott their goods until they treat us like humans. They sell goods all over Africa, which I should say improves their economy greatly but when we go to their country, they treat us like filth. I say we should boycott those ingrates !!!!!

  96. PRENSOORE says:

    gud ideal but what will happen next to fellow malawians who are working in those shop

  97. Wawa says:

    Some Malawians are very stupid. We have our own shops to buy from. We did that before Shoprite, GAME, etc and we travelled on other airlines and buses osati za Joni zanuzo.

    You are so daft to watch your people killed and maimed just to enjoy your worthless life? You do not deserve to be Malawian and must be prosecuted.

    Boycott everything South African! Arrest Goodwill Buthelezi and take him to the Hague for crimes againt humanity!

  98. Musadzitame ndikusagwirizana tiyeni tisiye kuwagula. Nafenso tiathamangitse tiwalande.

  99. Chidakwa says:

    Vimphanyeni vothawa khasu ivo! Komatu mzungu sananame abale “What goes around comes around.” Wathawa khasu, wakumana ndi shamboko wawa!!!

    Komanso wanthu wena nzeru mulibe. Mnene amakomera buledi wamushoprite ndingamusiye? Mukufuna mundidyetse zigumu? Garbage! Garbage!

  100. Osatchuka. says:

    Nde zimenez zithandiza chan kwenikwen? Where r we gonna b importing goods frm nw especially the FMCG’s?

  101. Hilz says:

    We Cannot stop buying from south afriacans shops that is a lie even amene amepereka ganizoli knows it, ma shop omwe tonse timadalira ndi omwewa basi apart from metro, n metro simukhala zambiri, komanso inu kuyambitsa mfundo imeneyo atangovomera kut chabwino tapita how many people will loose jobs? Mupanga nawo chani plus amene azibwera kuthawa xenophobia? That is a non starter find a better solution,abwereko basi omwe akuona ziphinjowo

  102. mgawadere says:

    Ine ndizikagula konko zanuzo zisandikhuze anyani inu….. Ku Joni munapita kukaononga akukwapuleni kumene asaaaa

  103. El-Cee says:

    Tiyeni nafenso tithamangise ma foreigners!!!

  104. no need of boycotting-that won`t help us.

  105. BENDEKA says:


  106. KARU UNITED says:

    I don’t think the much touted boycott of products & services from Africa du Sud will materialise.Generally,we Malawians,lack unity of purpose & empathy.Malawi,is also very much a class conscience society,xenophobia by a section of South Africans,will be seen as a problem for mainly poory educated Malawian adventurers.

  107. onjoya says:

    if we cant buy from game and shoprite where else can we buy? lets just call back malawians in s a to come back.

  108. chejaali says:

    Amalawi kangobwelani dziko la Malawi silothandiza mutha nose map to ake xeno ya jon sizocheza kuli kuno bwezi mukuva kuti akuyambitsayo wamangidwa

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