Malawi to construct 10,000 housing units for Army, Police, Prison and Immigration officers

In a bid to curb lack of proper accommodation among the country’s uniformed and disciplined forces, government has commenced construction of close to 10,000 housing units across the country.

Housing units for security officers being constructed

Housing units for security officers being constructed

Nyasa Times understands that the construction will yield 6000 houses for Malawi Police Service, 3500 for Malawi Army and 250 each for Malawi Prison Services and Immigration Department.

For many years now these four crucial institutions to the country’s security apparatus have faced serious housing process. Officers have been living in small and dilapidated houses not suitable for habitation let alone with big families.

Months into office, President Peter Mutharika visited Limbe Police Station where he sounded grave concern after visiting officer’s houses.

It was during this visit that he promised to source funding to improve housing of officers that play a crucial role in securing the nation’s land and the tranquility therein.

Similarly, Malawi Army and Prison Services sounded same concerns when President Mutharika presided over their respective functions at Cobbe Barracks and Mapanga base respectively.

The recent development will -therefore- come as good news and huge relief to these four security institutions.

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34 thoughts on “Malawi to construct 10,000 housing units for Army, Police, Prison and Immigration officers”

  1. Jason Muhango says:

    Promises promises promises. Do you really believe they will do it. Where on earth is the money going to come from while we cannot even afford enough food. And please don’t think about the IMF now as they will not sponsor a blue political house campaign. Please wake up my fellow Malawians, we are fools believing the non-stop stream of lies we are being fed by politicians and others in power. In fact we have become so accustomed to lying to we choose to believe while knowing that we are being lied to. It really is a sad state of affairs. We should in fact not be known as the Warm Hear of Africa but really the Lying Heart of Africa. I really hate to see how we are being bamboozled by our leaders who came into power under rather suspicious circumstances.

  2. Winston Msowoya says:

    When are you going to build the Ndatas? Seeing is believing.This must not interpreting trying to buy the support of the long suffering Police and Military junior officers.Mind you it is long overdue.

  3. MERCEDES says:

    Painted blue or not, the houses – livable houses – are overdue for these government workers.
    DPP chala m’mwanba!

  4. Chambe says:

    Sindikuonapo mudzi apa. Ndikungoona sample ya nyumba apa.
    Dikira madzi apite uziti ndadala!

  5. ml chisala says:

    This is very costly compared to building a few singles, some semi-detached and the balance properly designed condos (apartment houses). Govt always embarks on projects without giving them careful thought as usual!

  6. MERCEDES says:


  7. mbuzi iwe says:

    Empty talk. Malawians always like to celebrate in the future. The same pledges were made by Muluzi, Bingu. Nothing came to fruitation. Akagwere!!

  8. Chimunthu says:

    Of course these houses are painted blue. It is to remind everyone that they were built by the government and the DPP and that those who occupy them must support the DPP at all times. Why else pay for them out of government coffers when there are so many other projects demanding finance from the government, i.e. hospitals, education, maize for the poor, a reliable water and electricity supply, decent roads, etc. etc. The DPP and APM are determined to cling on to power at all costs even though the country and its people are suffering so badly through lack of proper leadership.

  9. Chimunthu says:

    This project is an attempt by the government and DPP to make sure the police and army are on their side in the event of any uprising. They are deliberately painted blue to remind everyone that it is the DPP that is responsible for building them and those who occupy these houses must support the DPP at all times. Why else would the government have found the money to build these houses when there are so many other projects requiring government funding? What about hospitals, education, maize for the poor, reliable water and electricity supplies, decent roads, etc. etc.?

  10. kk says:

    ithink jappy muhango is very stupid u feel if u sre in dpp ull be their for life things wll turn around, foolish muhango in anything u comment u comment in favour of dpp which muhango are u? asay again juppie uare foolish

  11. 2016 welcome says:

    “Anenereeee!!! Sakukondwa nawoooo!
    Anenereee! Sakukondwa nawoo!”
    Joseph Nkasa.

  12. L. Chakwera says:

    Let’s support the Programmes of Prof. Peter Muthalika

  13. Chief Mwansambo Karonga says:

    Your Excellency thanks a lot keep your manifesto burning as you promised so God help you and Bless our country

  14. Karonga Nyungwe DPP Wing says:

    Go Bwana APM we like your Leadership

  15. Kyungu 2 says:

    We Tata weeeeee wapiya! Abwana tikumukhumnirani Viwemi vose chiuta wamusungani

  16. Khumbo Kachali Mbwanga says:

    Your Excellency let your hands show us your work this is not a joke continue doing this

  17. hoitty says:

    Mwaopa manganya eti? Good job

  18. Phwado says:

    Disciplined officers?extremely contrary!

  19. mg says:

    afool is afoool or

  20. Nyima says:

    Blue paint can not stop any one from sleep in a decent house.Bravo APM for the good gesture

  21. Munthu Wanzeru says:

    Anthu amene mukudandaula za colour imvani izi: The corporate colour for Malawi Police is blue. It is just a coincidence that DPP also has blue as its colour. Plz don’t stress yourself. Palibe vuto apa

  22. Banda says:

    Better to pay the police and other government workers more money and let them buy or build their own house,

    Why do people feel the government should be supplying a house these people refuse to look after or maintain,

    Agree certain rural areas may need government supported housing

  23. Goli Manda says:

    Uyu ndiyo President tikukhumba kuno ku Malawi

  24. Sunduzwayo says:

    Lets applaud APM

  25. Mpherembe DPP Wing says:

    Congratulations Bwana President that’s the way to go God Bles Malawi

  26. Bullshit says:

    You can paint blue on Police houses, but not the MDF. Thats bullshit.

  27. Mzomera Ngwira says:

    This is the Leadership we have always wanted

  28. youna says:

    I salute this project. Though the colour should be neutral, not political.

  29. Wamahara says:

    That is a very good development, but truely it is rediculous to use the party colour. Just make it white. This is why good wishers just direct their aids to the projects rather than through this silly govt

  30. therere says:

    the color is okay , we want decent houses

  31. Muhiye Nintiri says:

    Excellent plan and overdue,if you visit a freind who works in any of our country’s security apparatuses department you come out crying bcoz of the pathetic govt housing conditions they live in.But no ‘HOUSEGATE’ chonde from supplying of building mpaka kumanga nyumbazo musapatse masopota a DIPHIPHI award the tender contracts to competetant contractors.

  32. Chithumwa says:

    Very good ,muwakwezenso Maudindo muona azilimbira ntchito ndim’mene zimafunikiratu nanga asiyanso kumwa benzine akumwedwa paMalawi pano.

  33. Boma lazikwaje says:

    Why in blue paint while our country flag has no such a colour. Is money coming from government pocket or Dpp pocket? If it is government project then colour of the paint must be considered. Dpp that to use this project to score their political agenda.

  34. BANDASLINE says:

    This is a good gesture. However, the houses should not be painted blue as this color is for a political party and the four institutions are public entities. Let us keep them out of politics at all times please.

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