Malawi to open embassy in Geneva – Minister

Malawi Government will soon open its Embassy in Geneva, Switzerland, Nyasa Times understands.

Henry Mussa:  Malawi mission in Geneva to open

Henry Mussa: Malawi mission in Geneva to open

Government intends to tap into number of opportunities from international institutions headquartered there.

Minister of Labour and Manpower Development , Henry Mussa announced on Wednesday in the Capital, City Lilongwe that this follows President Peter Mutharika directive that there has to be permanent office in Geneva, Switzerland.

“It pleased His Excellency the President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika to direct that there be the Embassy in Geneva” announced Mussa at a news conference

He said Malawi for long time has missed opportunities for not having office in Geneva, home to United Nations and other international institutions. He therefore expressed optimism that Malawi is to benefit from such a development.

“This is a very exciting development because all the UN Agencies are in Geneva including UN Head quarters. There are a lot of benefits that Malawi stands to benefit. Good example is the International Labour Organisation (ILO) we will definitely be having an officer full time to deal with issues support into the labour services”

Mussa said the High Commissioner has already been identified through interviews made by Public Appointment Committee of Parliament

“Once all the processes are over then we shall be heavily represented where some of the good opportunities that we have been missing over the year’s will be a thing of the past” added Mussa.

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22 thoughts on “Malawi to open embassy in Geneva – Minister”

  1. el- Chapo(small in stature. big in mind ) says:

    It means someone has been earmarked already for that office by the political buffoons. Planning in advance to loot and channel the funds to the safe Haven of the switz banks.

  2. Xander Jimmy says:

    Mmmmmh justification of opening this embassy in such a poshy city, sounds absurd….seriously does it need to have a permanent office in a country which house international organization (s) in order to access benefits from it?….these international organizations has branches in various countries including Malawi and mostly they rely on information given by these field offices……additionally I feel the government need to provide further details on how these so called benefits will be realised…if it’s in the sense of savings in operational costs arising from attending meetings at head office of an international organization (s).I am still not convinced since these meetings will not be continuance to justify rental and staff cost and other related operating costs which will definely be rocket high considering cost of living in Geneva…..This is totally priority setting upside down…..Geneva has been home to financial institutions head offices due to nature of the financial sector nature where it is likely not to neeed lots of space in order to drive accommodation related expenses……these financial institutions in switzland belong to multi national enterprises who prefer to locate it there in order to benefit from Banking secrecy which is legal there……Hence taking the trend interms of Malawi govt, theyre are always in the rush opening embassies and signing lots of agreements ( in disguise of strengthening relationship of diplomacy)…..these agreements includes others which has proved not in interest of Malawi….like Tax double treaty agreement…..if they are to sign such an agreement most of MNE will definely use it to transfer income from Malawi to such a state, resulting in denying Tax revenue for development purpose…..similar situation is that relating to Chibuku (SAB) and Kayerekera (Paradin)….who are currently using treaty which Malawi signed with Neitherlands to dodge tax legally, of which situation would have been different had it been, government analysed prons n cons wholistically before binding it self into such agreements, which mostly are next step of opening embassies…….on the other angle I suspect government of not being honest enough as regards this issue, since Switzerland and International organizations like ILO, UN etc are two different institution…..the diplomatic relation will be set with Switzerland as a sovereign state and it’s impact on these supra national institutions is too remote, hence Hon Mussa please give clear details to us, Malawi is bleeding and it is for all of us. PLEASE PURSUE SUSTAINABLE INNITIATIVES, otherwise we they youth will face impact of your decisions….UKAPANDA MANO USASWA PHALE!

  3. I am one person who once said on this forum that Malawi needs to have a resident diplomatic mission in Geneva. I believe that this is a good move. Those who are well versed with diplomacy and international relations will understand this. Yes, Geneva is an expensive place. Those who are private sector oriented may say that corporates are relocating their head offices from Geneva to Dubai, well and good. Let’s however keep in mind that several UN agencies have their head offices in Geneva. These include ILO, WHO, WTO, ITU, UNHCR among others. The UN has an office there as well. Note however that the UN HQ is in New York, Hon Mussa.

    Given the heavy presence of UN agencies, Geneva is sometimes referred to as the diplomatic capital of the world. A lot of global level discussions or negotiations relating to health, labour, telecommunications, trade etc take place in this place. This is why Malawi and indeed any country that cares about its interests on these matters, should have permanent representation, to participate, monitor closely any goings on and advise their capitals accordingly in a timely manner.

    In my view, Geneva is a strategic foreign mission that is worth having. As for costs, Malawi may consider closing down other less strategic missions to save costs, in favour of Geneva. Secondly, the mission should be staffed with appropriately qualified technical and diplomatic staff, who can truly represent Malawi’s interests in relevant forums. The Geneva mission is different from other missions we have, where staff spend a better part of their time drinking wine and whiskies. In Geneva, people will need to work if Malawi is to reap any gains.

  4. Sapitwa says:

    Geneva really? What benefits will come out from this office other than incurring so many costs?
    Can’t we really be seriously consider countries like Singapore,Vietnam, Thailand well Asia mainly?
    Most factories for clothing are there and the final products are all over everywhere in the US shops.Our Taylors could find opportunities there, our children could learn skills there and I think we could benefit on many ways,

  5. Get the youths jobs instead of wasting money on useless things. There are so many challenging things but dpp continues to be stupid.

  6. mjiba says:

    kkkk a Mussa woyee kudyelela mboma kuyambila 1994 mpaka pano democracy woyee, woyeee a Malawi tinkafuna matipate timawona ngati anthu andale akhala a chilungamo osati makhuluku ali mbomawa tikufuna matipate yachiwiri tsopano. second revolution. matipate yachiwiri.

  7. akusipikana says:

    Achibale chonde, ndalama zichokera kuti? Already people are dire need of food,.necessities etc. Why not take that money and relieve these suffering people. Or help out in hospitals. Oh our Heavenly Father, have mercy on us.

  8. Nasfam party acting president says:

    Ife anasfam tikuti muchita bwino kisekula embassy ku geneva, we are looking for opportunity n we nid to expand it for the seek of inverstors. Ife anasfarm takwirizana kwa tunthu ndi boma pazomwe likufuna kuchita. P liz musatisiye ku nasfam mutengeko awiri okha adzikagwira nawo ntchito ku geneva. Nasfam izakhala ikuthandiza kutukula miyoyo ya malawi dziko lino……

  9. mduduzi nyanda says:

    mpapeza kale wa mulhakho nzanu wa diphiphi kuti azikadya nthumbwana za mbuzi kumeneko basi sizama united nations apa agalu inu!!!!

  10. kapunjunju says:

    Osamva awa europe economy is at the verge of collapsing and greece ndi iyi mukuyiwonayi. Koma amalawi tikukhala ngati tilibe anthu ophinzira mu government who can see things in colour. Geneva Geneva for what, more than 50yrs still trusting Geneva. Forget about Geneva let us trust on ourselves that we can reverse the glory of this country. These recycled politicians has to go and we need new blood. Mpaka 20yrs recycling from one party to the other. Same old ideas. The world has changed let us also change these old ideas of governing the government.

  11. Palikanthu says:

    Geneva is one of the most expensive exclusive cities in the world, why would bankrupt impoverished Malawi open an emmbassy at this critical time?

    Are we really led by visionally people?
    Has a cost benefit analysis study been done and can we ask Nysatimes to source it fo us to see what is in it for tax payers of Malawi.

    Cry my beloved country, the way your so called leaders are spending my PAYE is so painful I’m bleeding

  12. Trevor Manyi says:

    577 BILLION good place to hide eti ?

  13. Kambilonjo says:

    Basi timalizeni nanga tatsala pati….idiots….nonsense…kuba basi..agalu inu

  14. Myao says:


  15. Sake Chilling says:

    When did UN Headquarters move to Geneva? If it is the ILO headquarters you are talking about, that is correct.

  16. Tili Chenene says:

    Announcement from the Minister of Labour! Hahahajaha! Things fall apart

    1. Jwa Mjimpi says:

      Last time it was Atupele, when he was still Minister of Energy, discussing visa restrictions in London! This is one confused administration. No wonder it rushes to talk about launching programmes (rather than quietly implementing them) and is also fond of duplicating (at a high cost) public offices…

  17. kabotolokamo says:

    There goes goes stolen cash ! So they can find it easy to hide it , we will get you and lock you in! , there is generation of Malawian that is sick and tired of hearing stories from these guys we will hunt you and find you .

  18. Dr Ben Phiri says:

    Iwe mussa ndiwe minister wa Labour that announcement was supposed to come from Dr George Chaponda. Nyapapi iwe

  19. geneva yes says:

    Good idea bwa president

  20. ujeni says:

    This president is living on an island, he doesn’t know that Malawi is bankrupt.
    Ndipo Geneva is not in your manifesto.
    What? Mukufuna kukatsegula ma account kumeneko?

  21. Basikolp says:

    Good move Mr President

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