Malawi to refund World Bank ‘mismanaged’ K43 million

Malawi government is at risk of refunding the World Bank money amounting to K43 Million which is reported to have been mismanaged.

Msowoya: Malawi to pay back

Msowoya: Malawi to pay back

World Bank provided the Malawi government with the funding for the purpose of carrying out Public Works Programmes in two districts of Dowa and Phalombe.

While confirming the fears of paying back the money, Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development spokesperson Nations Msowoya told Weekend Nation that the Bank is yet to officially raise the demand.

“The World Bank is yet to officially raise the demand for the refund but it was raised at the programme’s coordination level that we will have to repay. It’s an automatic query. We had a deadline of 31 October to provide the missing supporting documentation through the councils that we have failed to do and we now have to refund the money as agreed,” Msowoya is quoted as saying.

He was however non-committal to comment on whether the money was stolen or not since some of the necessary documents are still missing.

“We do not have any evidence at the moment that the funds were stolen or not. The query came in first because we did not submit documentation showing how the money was used either receipts or documents, indicating that people who worked under the public works programme were paid through signed payment sheets. Now we have passed the deadline in which our colleagues requested us to submit the information we demanded” said Msowoya.

Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe has since described the development as unfortunate and worrisome.

He said the situation the government is in at the moment is not supposed to waste any resources.

Meanwhile, a commission of inquiry is to be set to investigate the matter.

This comes at a time the Malawi government is trying to win back donor confidence and trust which was lost following the plundering of government resources at the Capital Hill in the famous cash gate scandal.

Billions of Kwachas were squandered and some of the people involved are currently answering charges of theft and money laundering.

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Koma amalawi, why did you chose such people for government positions. Mbava zachabechabe. You had a clean candidate in the name of Dr. Chaklwera and yet you went ahead to chose the thief for the presidency. Shame.


too bad


This is great news. The world body is making sure the money they provide is going where it is supposed to go. This country is full of corrupt people and I do hope we do not just refund the money without questioning where it went. We seriously need a coup in this country that is the only way we can clean the corruption that has infected our society

Gogo chalo

Malawi will never prosper. That z why many projects are unfinished(kusolola 2 much). Education system is a mess. Kwachuluka magogo, kulephera kulipira aphunzitsi ka change kawo. Ma building a xul ndi ochepa malo ambiri..! Munthu kumatha 8months axanalandire, ameneyo angagwire ntchito molimbikira. Ndicifukwa cake maphunziro akulowa panxi…


Anthu muli ndi mipando mu Boma, you are disgrace. Why are you bringing such shame to Malawi?


Malawi is a very funny country most of our projects are useless. MASAF has always been a disaster if you look at the wuality of houses bridges schools etc. Do the whotes think we dont deserve proper buildings? We use money borrowed to put up substandard buildings devoid aesthics.

sidington mhone

its very painful especially to poor tax payers. What has bewished we Malawians?A very fund we misappropriate.Cry for my beloved motherland.

Koma ndiye

I have one question, when will this end?

Ayi Bodza apa nde Amalawi tawonjeza. Mpakana kumabweza ko World Bank. This is the bank that is supposed to give us not the other way round. So if you say the government is looking for the money to refund, does that mean they have given up on looking at where this large amount of money went? This is not a needle in a field, kuti singano yasowa. Ayi bodza, ndalama ibwezeledwe.


Now its the innocent people will suffer thru Tax. If the money was stolen, the one who stole should pay back please.

armitage subaira

What do you expect if instead of solving the problem, when those who are responisible are transfering the problem. The main culprit in Dowa was transfered to Dedza kuti akabakulenso. I understand ku Dedzako akubakuladi with the aid of finance offucers who says does not care. handling of these issues leave us thinkung that ndarama zaboma zaphweka.Send private auditors to Dedza and see bomba lomwe liphulikeko unlike sending NAO auditors who are always bought by allowances. Ku dedza kuli another cashgate. Mudzakhumudwa kwambiri but nobody cares

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