Malawi to retire 19 top officers in civil service reorganisation

Malawi civil service reorganisation will see 19 Principal Secretaries, including Chief Secretary George Mkondiwa and Police chief  Lot Dzonzi, sent for for early retirement and government will cough over K2.4 billion in retirement packages.

The top officials facing early retirement in civil service reform

The top officials facing early retirement in civil service reform

According to a document by the Civil Service Reform Commission titled “List of Principal Secretaries who are above the age of 55: Expected Retirement Packages”,  all the officials were expected to be retired between now and 2019.

Apart from Dzonzi and Mkondiwa, the list also includes former Attorney General Anthony Kamanga, Deputy Chief Secretary to the government, Willie Samute and Moffat Chitimbe, Clement Kapalamula, Newby Kumwembe, Clement Chinthu-Phiri, Ivy Luhanga, Chris Kang’ombe and Randson Mwadiwa.

Also making the list are Zangazanga Chikhosi, Macphail Magwira, Lonely Magreta, Mary Shawa, Else Tembo, Paul Chiunguzeni and Kester Kaphaizi.

President Peter Mutharika’s proposed changes include reducing the number of ministerial portfolios, including deputy ministers, to 20 and reforming budgetary allocation for maintaining state residences.

He said he hopes to promote “professionalism, integrity, technical competence and efficiency.”

Mutharika hopes the new civil service will be non-partisan and corruption free, which will be achieved “through full compliance with existing public financial management rules, regulations and practices”.

A Civil Service Reform Commission is headed by State Vice President Saulos Chilima.

The Commission members  include  former Director of Public Procurement Bright Mangulama,  economist and  a renowned resilient business man Thom Mpinganjira.

Social development lawyer and women’s rights activist Seodi White is also a member. An accounts expert Evelyn Mwapasa, Rev Matiya Nkhoma and barrister-at-law Krishna Savjani are other members in the commission.

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98 thoughts on “Malawi to retire 19 top officers in civil service reorganisation”

  1. Quota system says:

    Lomwes will replace them after being forcibly retired

  2. New Generation says:

    go and rest energetically, Magwira failed to assist specialist teachers in MW especially the diploma holders. he presided over their graduation ceremony as gvt official(PS) AND LATER THE SAME GOVERNMENT is saying does not recognize the certificates. Who sent him on that d- day? shame!!!!

  3. New Generation says:

    yes, go and rest energetically, Magwira failed to assist specialist teachers in MW especially the diploma holders. he presided over their graduation ceremony as gvt official(PS) AND LATER THE SAME GOVERNMENT is saying does not recognize the certificates. Who sent him on that d- day? shame!!!!

  4. jimmy says:

    young professionals need to be given chance in these big tasks (makolo osaumira mwakula kapumeni)

  5. trouble says:

    persecution in any form is never right, these man & woman have served malawi. let “GOD” be the judge, what goes around comes around. chilima & his task force must be blessed with years of youth……….

  6. kavindere kaiyah says:

    This is total nonsense you are telling other people to retire because they are old and yet iweyo imvi mpakana mu mphuno why cant you retire first ?At 74 way beyond the retirement age?

  7. CHAVULA says:


  8. chatonda says:

    I wish all those going to enjoy their retirement. This is not a mean achievement at all. Congratulations Mwadyapo and let other kuti adyeponso nawo.

    Good luck

  9. JANATU says:



  10. Omama says:

    Ine ndiwauza otsibweni osamuka kuno Nthalire. Wena oli ko Matako Atuwa achokenso ndipo wena oli apa po Chisa cha Mpheta. Onsewo ochoke opite ku Thyolo okapeze udindo wa amene awachotsapowa. Uphweka Pulinsipolo

  11. CHINTHU says:


  12. Patrick says:

    Some pple dont understand just know that u can head as minister even u clock 102 yrs.

  13. Chinthu says:

    Iyeyo Presidentyo ali ndi zaka zingati? he is above 70, why is he forcing others to retire?

    Dyera basi ayambe kaye iye…..

  14. Pamanyuma says:

    Fedalsm yikuchedwa chmene ilinkhu?

  15. Kholowa mkabudula says:

    Vuto lilipo ndi ndale basi, reform ikanayambila ma minister ndekuti enafe tikanamvetsa. How old is the financial minister,the president himself? And how competent is Saulosi to head this commission if it is based on competence abale? Let us wait and see who is replacing who,and who is going next!

  16. kk says:

    Achinyamata atsogoleri a mmawa basi achotseni tilowe ife achinyamata more fire saulos.

  17. joshua saini says:

    Retirement age should be at 55 and Not 60 ,go head civil service reform commission please do not forget our District commissioner should also be given the same treament

  18. christian says:

    Let’s be petience untill we see the light at the end ot the tunnel

  19. Cymru says:

    Nyasatimes, this is not news. People are retiring everyday, what is special with the 19 you call top most civil servants.

  20. mdabwii says:

    Kapumeni ife ana tigwire ntchito.

  21. kachikho says:

    This is not nepotism . These guys are incompetent who under their watch allowed cash gate to happen. Instead of working they are busy doing private business using government resources and sharing taxpayers money in allowances for trips that never happened. The minister of finance was right that government is full of educated incompetent people unlike during Dr Bands’s rule when government was full of not so educated but very competent

  22. M'Malawi weniweni says:

    How can one in the 50’s be forced to retire when the president is in his late 70’s? Who is supposed to retire first here? Pure greed! By the way, what is the retirement age of the president? Is he supposed to be there until he breathes his last?

  23. Charter says:

    The idea of reducing potfolios is a good one. However, is this retirement at the legal age of retirement? Does government have to pay people for what they lose until their retirement age? If so, why not redeploy these people to other tasks as they wait for their day? After all a number of these people can try to perform.

  24. Vavlov says:

    The problem is DPP led government will fill all vacant posts with Lomwes. Remove incompetent PS’s not based on age but performance. Malawi’s president himself is old so does he imply that age affects PS’s and not him? These policies will one day erupt into violet protests. Malawians cant continue sitting idle when citizens are being victimised by DPP. Where will nepotism take the country?

    1. Jose' says:

      Read the laws of the land and comment. retirement age for civil servants is not the same as that for the president. Makolo ankakuuzani “pitani kusukulu” inu mumvekere “kusukulu kwanuko simpitako” lero ndi izi, you cannot differentiate your left from the right arm! kkkkkk Mbuzi

  25. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Mandatory retirement age of 60, or even 55 is very generous in a country like ours, where the life expectancy for newborns is just under 56 years, for both males and females.
    So one retiring at 55 has only one year to enjoy the fruits of their labor, strictly and statistically speaking? Our life expectancy has grown very marginally over the past decade or more; some would argue, for all purposes, the life expectancy has stayed the same really. Not good al all.
    Generally, shouldn’t people be pensioned off several or many years before they are supposed to “expire”, statistically. So the solution seems to be a review of the retirement package. It is shameful to see many retirees living like they never had a good job ever!
    According to the demographics, one can argue that the retirement age should go back to 55. Malawi is not short of skills in the current labor market. Nor is Malawi about to experience a population decline due to reduced fertility rates. Unlike many of the developed countries, which are under pressure to increase the retirement age!

  26. achanguti says:

    apresidnt zaka 80 principle zaka 55 oyenera kupuma ndani Pali kathu timvapo retaimentgate soon

  27. tonde says:

    When is APM retiring aswel because he looks old and expired. Let these guyz to be retired replace the old man

  28. Tudzi says:

    Abale muti anthuwa ali ndi zaka 55? Nkhope zokhwimazi. Ngati ali odya bwino nkukalamba chonchi nanga anthu osawuka adziwoneka bwa? Nkhalamba izi zisatinamize. 55 my foot hahahaha. Yesani plan ina ndazaka 65 or 70 awa

  29. Taelos says:

    This lady Else Tembo,is a visionary leader

    1. Koma Yes says:

      How is she a visionary leader?. Za mmutu basi. What special has she achieved? This is not about early retirement but mandatory retirement in accordance with regulations of the public service. These are not the only ones, there are many Directors, Deputy Directors etc who are also about to retire. Congratulations to all for your esteemed service and wish you best of luck in your retirement. Pachoka mzako pali malo.

  30. nkunthamasese says:

    Does 55+ not affecting politicians? This is must be for everyone including the HE. Gudo yo apume his head is tired. Put Mlomwe there you’ll see how the economy will perform.

  31. Chulu says:

    Kaya zanu izo. Anzunu kuno ku UK retirement age ndi 65, ndiponso akufuna kukweza. What will somebody be doing retiring at the age of 55? Dziwalipirani ma million.

  32. Cheyo says:

    God wil send peter mutharika for retirement himself next year in June coz he is more older than thoz he want them to go for an earlier retirement.

  33. Ambuje ku lilongwe says:

    Eya Mlomwe alipo Mwandiwa kwawo ndi ku Chiradzulu kwa sub TA Mpunga mudzi wa Madulira.
    Kodi amalawi munakhala bwanji?

  34. MBWENUMBWENU says:


  35. kwesi says:

    Nanga inuyo ndi nduna zanu mupuma kuti? You’re over 70 years

  36. Muchizi John says:

    The shedding off of PSs is not for reasons improving professionalism, technical competence and efficiency it just blinding folding Malawians while staffing the service with outsiders from the lhomwe clan. What kind of reform is this. Civil servants to these grades are handpicked by the president. There is no merit. I thought the reform should have started with bringing competition in the promotion processes like subjecting everyone to a rigorous interview by professional bodies. How can you build a professional civil service when you promote dull characters to very important positions. Don’t victimize these innocent and patriotic Malawians who have families to look after under the pretext of reforming the service. Sending PSs to early retirement is not improving the quality of civil service. Improving the service should start with reforming the processes and culture. These unfair dismissals should be the last phase in the implementation of reforms and the first. This is how Malawi can not do the right thing and hence fail to develop.

  37. Dr. Mango says:

    A Chief Secretary apita ali Well package yawo. Enawo choncho nanga nkutani abale.

  38. Livulezi river says:

    The interesting thing is that if one of them decide to venture into politics in 2019, contest as an MP and win, he may end up being given a ministerial post instantly becoming overseer of the very department that sucked him out. That’s the irony of office politics!!!!!

  39. Patriot says:

    A pitalaaaaaa you want a corrupt free civil service?

  40. MASEYA says:

    Bwana President, ku National Audit Office nakonso muwoneko bwino…..kodi STEPHENSON KAMPHASA sanakwanitsebe 55 yrs……akutitu mboba imeneyi ndiyosakaza kwabasi……yikungokhalira kukwera ndegetu every fortnight kumapita kunja

  41. Afana ofewa. says:

    Akapolo mukapumedi mukutikhomelera maudindo

  42. Afana ofewa. says:

    akapolo mukapumedi mukutikhomelera ntchito

  43. VYOTO says:


  44. Patrck jumma Brown says:

    Retirement age should be applied to every civil servant regardless the post where HE/SHE belongs to,anthu akuvutika kut alandire dora zao za service,ena mpaka kumwalira.what delayz this?

  45. Mtakataka says:

    Gets your facts right before putting pen to paper. All these people have reached or are about to hit retirement age. It is not early retirement. They will be retired according to government regulations. They will not be the first ones nor the last to go on retirement. It is normal.

  46. Sapitwa kakulanye says:

    Are you saying early retirement? I think that is misleading. Just say those top 19 civil servants have reached retirement age limit. If they are 60 years then its mandatory retirement not early retirement. Some years back it was 55 years mandatory retirement then changed to 60. May we shall hear it is 70 to accommodate continuity of certain officials. But 50 years is good to retire.

  47. RFD says:

    Retire them APM.Maybe this cashgate nonsense can finally begin to end.

  48. Epolo says:

    Am happy that these faces that look like wishes nd wizards shold go… if they thinkthey are still relevant let them join politics or satart campanies.

    KKkkkk, moto umapita kwasala tchire…. acina goodal asiyeni coz they prove their competency.

  49. Kakha Erutu says:

    Look hard you will see Alhomwe.

  50. Momo sam says:

    Teachers who retired in april,2014 hav not yet been paid their Terminal benefits because of luck of funding from treasury,awa ndiye zawo muwapatsa?

  51. Welcome move, but what is the idea behind it? If it is saving then I beg to differ because these guys will not just go, they will go with thier pockets full with the money we are desparately need now. Could this move be done in phases so that thier retirements should come as normal? In anyway everyone will retire at one time. It should not be taken to claim political fame. These guys in some kind are contributing alot to the running of the Gvt. Lean Cabinet has its pains as well but we must not lose thier services for the sake of it. Most likely we should also have retirement age for the MPs and Ministers because some of them are too old and not active at all.

  52. Twabi says:

    Retire all Pss who were promoted because of politics. You know them. But others are hard workers dont retire them

  53. chilungamo says:

    Guys am I missing a point here? The mandatory retirement age is now 60 so why r u getting rid of 55year olds? Why is it only Dzonzi when we know his Deputies and most of the Commissioners r older than Dzonzi? Why r u not touching the Prison Services where there r many gogos as well? If it is politics the government will lose, let people retire on the mandatory retirement age, unfortunately some were connected to higher authority so could not retire!

  54. Vivian says:

    Advice to the committee overseeing this: while we welcome the initiatives you’re doing to reform the civil service, please be transparent about the methodology used.How did you arrive at this list? Otherwise, you’ll be opening law suits on age discrimination. Did you retire everyone in the civil service who are 55 and older? If not, why? And again, why these people? You should not let politics play a part in your decisions, otherwise, you;ll lose your credibility fast! Speaking of which, shouldn’t Mangulama himself be a retiree? He worked with my Dad who is now 70! They were together way back when in Zomba! Time to retire, there are people who are ably do his job!

  55. ZAZIII says:

    Nanga a Goddall Suja munkati mwapuma ndale ifeso timaufunatu udindo wanuwo.When u start filling up these gaps please do it bwinobwino osatengera mulhako belt yokhayokha.Congrats In Advance To Those Lucky Ones

  56. muchepetse up to 12 anafe tidzipedza ntchito

  57. Im so much happy to hear that development!Makamaka amagwira ku Education!If you want a great change musaikekonso mtumbuka please!Im pleading with the authorities.

  58. Malawi says:

    Is this a joke or what? The whole country needs reform then starting from the top. How old is APM? Goodall Gondwe? The time when the govt shud be thinking about the welfare of its pple. There is no money. No reserves to sustain our kwacha and yet money is available for sacking pple AKA early retirement. Koma pamenepa mukuthandiza dziko? Thia just shows how selfish politicians are. Our hospitals are struggling. That money is better spent in hospitals than paying for this ill thought idea in this difficult time. Please stop rubbing salt on the wounds. We are a peaceful nation and dont take thatfor granted. We are not fools.

  59. JLo says:

    simumudziwa Mary Shawa inu, she isnt any better-she is wicked

  60. chibvati kankodo says:

    Izi ndiye zoseketsa kodi wa zaka zopitilira 70 nkumapumitsa wa zaka 55 zoona.

    Ena ngati nkulu wa Police ndi ma pss ena ndi ana kuyerekeza ndi nduna zambiri. Kodi wa zaka 70 ndi 55 angagwire ntchito mwamphavu ndani. Nanga oyenera kupuma ndi ndani.
    Kodi amapumitsa munthu osatopa.
    Mungofuna kuonongapo ndalama apa muwapatsetu ndalama zaka zawo zones mpaka ena 2019. What a nonsense.

    Zachilendo ku Malawi

  61. Namalira says:

    Corrupt free wait a minute. Corruption amayambitsa ndi a mwenye.

  62. BigMan says:

    There’s no issue here, if the people have reached retirement age then they should retire. Frankly it’s not even newsworthy.

  63. DPP Memorial Homes says:

    Multiple Choice Test:

    Civil service retirement = a pot calling a kettle black
    Civil service retirement = Anyani kusekana dzikundu

    Discuss (100 marks)

    This is “Youthful” APM and old boy SK Chilima defining the phrase “farting ridiculous”.
    Marked correct. Award=distinction

  64. Ngoni10 says:

    i wonder why triblism is coming in here we have young graduates government need to employee this is good move go ahead dont stop there unguzanibe zilipo mkhalamba mbomamu

  65. jofri says:

    Nde mwati Goodall ndiwachisodzela ett

  66. Malodza says:

    Mukaphunzire kulima nthawi yanu yakwana yopumira

  67. Mapwiya says:

    Mr President, good move. The young generation need to be employed. But what about at Press Corporation and statutory corporations. Kumeneko so anthu akukakamira m’maudindo.

  68. isa kanthiti mbewe says:

    I totally agree with this move, mr president. Also include mr madula on the list. Almost 90% of these serving PSs cheated on their age,including madula. These fox clocked 60 years long way back. Let them go, we need young and fresh minds who are well conversant with today’s technology. They have chewed enough government money, they have enriched themselves at the expense of poor Malawians, God is good, He will soon flee us from heartless, good for nothing PSs like mr magwira who hails insults unto his subordinates, calling senior members of stuff (stupid!) Go in peace sir, God is yet to unleash His wrath upon you! We, whom you called stupid, shall continue praying for you! Tataaaa!

  69. innocent says:

    mr president nanu mwakula moyenda mwana wanu abwere basi.

  70. Nachipanti says:

    Kodi retirement age ya a President sinafike?

    1. truth says:

      Parliament to debate and come up with an age limit

  71. MMALAWI says:

    goodal gondwe and dzonzi loti wamkulu ndindani?

    1. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

      Gondwe is not a civil “servant”; rather he’s a politician! Get that?

      1. MMALAWI says:

        Thnx bt akumulipira ndachipani kapena boma?misonkho yathu?unless u tel m DPP N MATHANYULA akumpatsa ndalama bt if its nt chipani payng hm and h z on govervnment pay roll akapume bambo munthu oti akachedwa kupita kuchmbudzi mkodzo umathera mnjira thats asign of old age.akapume shatap

      2. Njuchizokhalam'avuzi says:

        Politicians, some of you have argued, are not public servants. So whom do they serve? Is it not the same public that civil servants serve? And if a civil servant, at 55 yrs, is deemed too old to serve the public, how does the same age make a politician juvenile enough to serve the same public? Anyway, some of the retired civil servants can at least continue serving the public by simply joining politics and be forever young. To politicians: Does politics makes you feel younger? Let me know before it’s too late!

  72. Reasonable Man says:

    Mwachita bwino kudomola DZONZI. Ife tikufuna ma satanist azithumwa to run the police service. Amunamuna osaopa kukhetsa mwazi wa zimbalangondo. Not awa omangoyendera baibulo zili zonsewa

  73. dopababi shopa says:

    55 years mandatory retirement age should extend even to all civil servants. I am a youth graduated at Chanco but unemployed. Aged civil servants are just snoaring in most Govt. Dept. They shd go and take care of grandchildren while enjoying retirement package.

  74. Ebola says:

    Ivy Luhanga – watipondeleza kwa nthawi yaitali. watsala ndi ali ku local government service commission uyu…

  75. CHITIPA BOYS says:

    I like Mary Shaba!!!! Any way the list without any lomhwe eshii

  76. Mwenecho says:

    mbava zimenezi they ve to go

  77. chidyaonga says:


    1. BigMan says:

      perhaps it is you who is dull

  78. Mfwethu says:

    This is indeed welcome news, we need a Police IG who can be seen to do what is best for the nation and not criminals. He needs to be tough and ruthless like Bingu. Shoot to kill for all criminals must be brought back.
    For the PSs please retire also some young PSs who dont have the calibre but were just fast tracked becoz of connections. PSs whose ministries were also heavily involved in cashgate should face early retirement.
    Parastatal organisations whose CEOs have overseen losses during their reign should not be spared as well.

    1. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

      Comments well presented, Mfwethu. The civil service does need new blood for revitalization.
      Especially, that IG Mr. Dzonzi; he’s surely past his “best before date”! He’s always busy promoting his church affairs, mini bible in pocket, while on duty! Now, he’ll have more than enough time for that. Oh, I forgot: and he has this idea that some members of society who have a different way of life, should not be protected by the police. These people also pay taxes! Even if they didn’t, the police are mandated to protect all Malawians, regardless of race, religion, tribe or what have you.
      This is a chance for the government to get a progressive IG, who is not afraid of violent criminals and other zigawenga! An IG who is not afraid of, or is allergic to arms!

      1. Ma battery a mulhakho says:

        Unaiona nkhalamba yako ija deputy inspector of police kanyama imafuna kugwa during remambrance day?

  79. KATAKWE says:

    President in the 70s asking people over 55 to retire. Interesting!! Come up with performance reviews not just saying because they are over 55. Am I missing something???

  80. Wampwesa says:

    Muyenderenso mma parastatal mu ena retirement age inafika kalekale

  81. Dunstan Phiri says:

    Is there any mlomwe amongst these PS’s forced to go on early retirement?Are they trying to reduce the number of PS’s or they will be replaced.Anybody with real information pls share.

    1. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

      This is not a tribal thing, for crying out loud! The commission is not a tribal group either. Why does everything in Malawi has to be seen through trough tribal lenses?

  82. wkhotodandaula says:

    malo moti ndalama zimenezo mugulire fertilizer mvula yatsala pan’onoyi abale inu ndikugawira anthu osowa mmidzimu.(nanga kodi a dada vuwa, Malopa angakhale ma advisor atsogoleri wa dziko? Tiyenazoni, Kwacha kugwa, mafuta kukwera mtengo, chilichonsenso chikwera mtengo basi, kokathera kwa munthu wa kumudzi.

  83. Kanyimbi says:

    Zoona izi osamangotha ndalama zaboma ife tizivutika ndi misonkho.Eeeee! pano ndiye ndafinyika. Sindikununkhanso olo pang’ono.

    1. truth says:

      Low profile sikufinyika. Ukapanga mbali yako go low kuti anthu akuyiwale ndiye moyo. Only politicians feature in all government s therefore becoming irrelevant because they r not principled awa ndi macivil servants or kusanduka kanyimbi. Joking

  84. Ameneyo says:

    Good move Mr. President. This will create room for bright young people. Now, please extend this to your cabinet. There are some ministers who are well past the ‘retirement’ age.

    1. mboma says:

      yes including the president himself he is well past the retirement age, if we r forcing some 55 yr old PS, what r we doing on peter mutharika, George chaponda, Goodall Gondwe, henry mussa, jean kalirani????? they must all retire now they are the one stinking our toilets in our state houses!!!!!!

      1. dadaboma says:

        Those ministers are not public servants for which the 55 yrs mandatory retirement age applies.

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