Malawi to set up Planning Commission- Finance Minister

Malawi Finance, Economic Planning and Development Minister Goodall Gondwe has said government has started the process of establishing a National Planning Commission “in order to ensure effective economic planning” for the country.

Gondwe: Gondwe:It will be  an independent body for strategic thinking on national development

 Gondwe:It will be an independent body for strategic thinking on national development

Gondwe disclosed this when he delivered his 2015/15 national budget statement in Parliament on Friday afternoon in the capital Lilongwe.

The Finance Minister told the House that the new body will act as an independent think-tank for matters of national development.

He said the National Planning Commission will be established by an Act of Parliament.

“The Commission will be led by highly qualified professionals with strong background on development-related fields and the capacity to coordinate sectoral activities,” said Gondwe.

“Inevitably some of its work will be performed by consultants or outsources to other relevant international policy research institutions,” he pointed out.

Gondwe said government has already developed the Commission’s organisational structure and is now consulting various stakeholders further.

“We are hopeful that, in the course if the 2015/16 financial year this institution will be established so that it can play a leading role in the formulation of the country’s next development strategy,” said Gondwe.

The country’s purse keeper said the Peter Mutharika administration is committed to ensure that the Planning Commission “becomes independent of the government, yet effective in influencing the direction of the national agenda.”

He said: “Mr Speaker, Sir, studies have shown that there are financing gaps in Malawi, particularly in infrastructure and small-scale agricultural development. As a result, the government has been exploring ways of closing this gap in a sustainable basis.”

The key features of the 2015/16 budget are the lack of budgetary support and lower revenues and grants due to a decrease in donor support.

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19 thoughts on “Malawi to set up Planning Commission- Finance Minister”

  1. acn says:

    I salute JB for initiating this initiative .DPP was in power they never thought of forming this commission. Mama were and still visionary about alleviating the plight of common people in the village. These are the same people who initiated CASHGATE under their masterminder Bingu.

  2. Mphompho says:

    Dead before arrival. We do not need another organization. Who is going to pay these commissioners? Who comes up with these crazy ideas, Saulos you let these old men run you like that? the best solution to this is federalism period.

  3. Mhuju says:

    Promises promises yet another promise with nothing to show for. Same pattern as “junior civil servant will be paid in December”…….. What the heck is going on?

  4. yaoo!!! says:

    Mumazitama Ku phuzira ndi ma PhD anuwo,koma mukukanika kuyendesa ziko lalin’gono

  5. fredpa says:

    thats apositive development, only DPP guys are confused people they have good planns but evil works.they promise bread but to your suprise they will bring astone.Jealousy within the party is what is confusing their leadership.People with nothing to offer the nation are the ones who will be appointed as commisioners.We shall hear that DPP members have been appointed as commisioners in the national planning commission

  6. Zamadula says:

    There’s a joke that says that one employee in an organisation complained that the organisation had too many committees. The response of the CEO was “Ok, what we will do is we will form a committee to find out why we have too many committees, and you’ll chair that committee”.

    That organisation could as well have been DPP. Whenever there is a perceived problem they do not sit down to think that an existing organ of government can tackle the problem; the answer always is to create a new body, draining the already meagre resources. Civil service needs reforms? Form civil service reform commission. We are failing to collect toxic loans from Mulli? Form Loan Recovery Commission – or whatever it’s called. We think our economic planning is not effective? Form Planning Commission; despite the fact that the Government has scores of planning officers, many of them educated up to PhD levels.

    Why this madness? Is this a deliberate way of ‘cashgating’ government?

  7. Dr Moo Tha Leeker says:

    To accomodate other lhomwes by placimg them in these commissions. Mxxiiiii

    Anthu atsakho ngati Alhomwe followed by Atumbuka sindinawonenso. Mukufa imfa yowawa kobasi. Mbolooonyini zanu

  8. ujeni says:

    Establishing another nonsensical organisation where billions of kwacha will be paid out monthly as hefty salaries at the expense of money spent on building roads, houses, bridges in our districts and towns, Africans nevwr cease to amaze on their priorities.

  9. Mzuzu Retiree says:

    I would rather have Regional economic think tanks whoare better connected with grassroots. In the north, there is already such a think tank – FOND.

  10. Ntchona says:

    Stop forming commissions and deliver results with what you have.We can’t even manage public toilets.What is wrong with us. The only nation under the sun languishing in poverty and yet every other politician is stinking rich. Government that can’t pay for services rendered to them and they still want another useless commission.When another president is sworn in it will probably be disbanded. Hey what a country!

  11. Boyd Kilembey says:

    Another useless drainage of scarce resources. Do we really think Malawis problems will be solved by Commissions? What happened to that Chikaonde led Commission set up by Amayi? What will the people in EP & D be doing? Malawi is a failed state full stop

  12. precious says:

    For as long as government or president remain the appointing authority of such an institution, forget about its independence.
    Its only in Malawi where executives are not held accountable for the non-performance of their institutions, instead they are transferred to go and wreck other institutions.

  13. ujeni says:

    we had Ministry of Economic planning, i remember this boy who loves to much being a cabinet minister, this boy called Atupele was the minister, what happened to the ministry? We form this organisations as cashgate loop holes.

  14. Amon Chandi says:

    BLUNT TRUTH, you are a pessimist. Why are you looking at this course with party politics in mind. This kind of perception only hinders progress. Give such initiatives a chance. Every journey starts with the first step. Am not DPP, nor belong to any party but would love to see my beautiful country move out of this man made poverty trap.

  15. ujeni says:

    We have been setting up organisations which are filled by handclappers for a long time, this os a aign of cluelessness of Malawians. Too much theory after theory with nothing to show for practically in 50 years. We are feed up with these money sucking schemes.

  16. Lee Kachoka says:

    Good idea.Pasakhale podyera.

  17. DPP Guru says:

    Chimachitika ndichani ndi DPP? Ikakhala mmboma anthu ndi ma business avutike basi. Why DPP

  18. J.K.B says:

    “Think tank”???

    Who is going to pay for this “think tank”??? Of course this is just another cashgate strategy in order for fake party and president (mugabe rigged) to steal money from the poor via more taxes.

    There is no need for a “think tank”. Illegal and fake dpp small boy peter does not need to be able to think. It is not about thinking! It is about stop stealing. It is about paying back what you and your useless rotten corps of a brother stole. It is about being a man and standing up for the treason you have to answer for. It is about growing a pair and doing the right thing = just stop stealing.

    The only thing your “think tank” is for is to steal more money. Everyone knows that.

    As I said, this is not about thinking! You do not have to re-invent the wheel. Being descent and honest has been done by the rest of humans for centuries so you don’t have to ‘figure’ anything out, honesty has been figured out a long time ago. Just read your bible…or if reading is too hard then ask someone to read out lout for you.
    Being honest, not stealing, returning what you have stolen, admitting and repenting is biblical, even satan knows how to do these things and even satan wouldn’t not need a “think tank” to know right from wrong.

    No normal person would need a “think tank” to know how to nurture the people, country and constitution.

    A parent, father, mother does not need a “think tank” to raise and nurture a household. It’s been done since the beginning of time.

    Saying you need a “think tank” is admitting you don’t know your job and are retarded.

  19. Blunt Truth says:

    I call upon the opposition side in parliament to critically scrutinise the formation of the Commission so that it is not politicised by the current DPP govt. Look at how badly MRA and MBC have been politicised. If this is not done Peter Mutharika and his DPP will politicise the Commission and it will be a complete waste of taxpayers money.

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