Malawi  to start door-to-door HIV testing – Minister

Jean Kalirani making a speach at the World Aids Dau function in Karonga.-Photo by Tiwonge Kumwenda-Nyasa Times

Jean Kalirani making a speach at the World Aids Dau function in Karonga.-Photo by Tiwonge Kumwenda-Nyasa Times

Skeffa Chimoto showing the certificate.-Photo by Tiwonge Kumwenda-Nyasa Times

Skeffa Chimoto showing the certificate.-Photo by Tiwonge Kumwenda-Nyasa Times

UNAIDS Country Director Sande making her speech.-Photo by Tiwonge Kumwenda-Nyasa Times

UNAIDS Country Director Sande making her speech.-Photo by Tiwonge Kumwenda-Nyasa Times

Skefa Chimoto receiving the certificate form Minister Kalilani.-Photo by Tiwonge Kumwenda, Nyasa Times

Skefa Chimoto receiving the certificate form Minister Kalilani.-Photo by Tiwonge Kumwenda, Nyasa Times

Malawian Health Minister Dr Jean Kalilani has said the country cannot afford to fold its sleeves in the fight against the HIV virus, else even the registered gains will be taken away, saying government will embark on a door-to-door HIV/Aids testing campaign.

Kalilani said on Monday the  door-to-door HIV testing campaigns for every citizen in the country  is a move to try and eliminate new HIV infections  as everyone will have the access to HIV/AIDs information that will enable positively leaving for people in Malawi.

Speaking during the launch of World AIDS Day Commemoration on Monday in Karonga the northern part of Malawi, Kalirani said the door-to-door campaign strategy was a way forward in eliminating HIV and Aids.

She said the campaign expecting to start on 15 March 2015 has been discovered to fulfill the world day’s theme of getting to zero new infections, HIV discrimination and related death in the country upon 2030.

Kalirani pointed out that most of the people in the country are failing to know their status because testing facilities are in pre and urban areas which acts as barrier for the community in the rural areas to verify their status.

She said the door-to-door  HIV testing campaign  is the “starting point of elimination.”

Stated the minister: “Based on our findings, it has been revealed that most of Malawians are failing to get tested as many healthy centers are not easily accessible.”

Kalilani called on citizens to redouble their efforts against HIV/AIDS, and particularly against the high rates of HIV prevalence among girls

In her remarks UNAIDS Country Director Amakobe Sande said Malawi should be brave enough, innovative and accept strategies like the door-to-door testingto achieve the said goal of getting to zero.

“According to the study we conducted in the country about 93,000 adolescents have the virus,100 people get the virus daily and the country is registering 138 HIV/AIDS related deaths every day an indication that a policy to guide the activities related to HIV need to be implemented to achieve the goal come 2030,” said Sande.

In her part, the secretary for nutrition on HIV/AIIDS Edith Mkawa said “as a way of helping government to fight the virus our organization has introduced HIV youth group the whole country and also 724 testing areas have been put in place to achieve the said goal.”

Meanwhile, Paramount Chief Kyungu said “there is a need for the days of commemorating the HIV/AIDS virus to be done quarterly so that people should have ful information on the impact of the virus.”

At the function the UNAIDS Country Director Sande presented a certificate trophy to the country’s secular musician Skefa Chimoto to qualify him as a UN goodwill ambassador as the organization has involved musicians to help spreading HIV/AIDS messages.

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66 thoughts on “Malawi  to start door-to-door HIV testing – Minister”

  1. Malapwa says:

    Sakakamiza kuyezesa,aliyense ali ndi ufulu kufuna kuyezesa tikusumirani muona tayambirani mu ndix mu tione ngati mutamalize bwino bwino

  2. Chitimbe Mbemba says:

    anthu anachita kale zimenezo za door to door. Iam sure you pipo you a totally thieves. since, when I was at Primary school youve been telling us the same stories and pano we a having zizukulu do you think you need to divert a lot of funds into this shit ideas.

    When our economy is in shambles????

  3. Alibetsankho nkwanda says:

    That is the way of getting money through the disease, not helping malawians ,leave us, forsake.

  4. Chindazi says:

    Lets unite and make Malawi HIV free…….

    If have already contacted it…… be smart,,, follow what the doctors tell you…. if have not….please please,,, stay cool.

  5. Keen Observer says:

    That’s total madness, it’s insane. How can they combat HIV/Aids by just testing people door to door? And where is the right of choice? Where did this nonsense work? Just want to syphone government money by paying unnecessary allowances here. Equip the Health Centres so that they can do this. Not door to door.

    1. Keen observer, who told you people will be forced to get tested? In fact the minister said many people will have access to information. She did not say everyone will get tested because of the element of consent. But obviously more people will have the opportunity to have the test in their homes than in a health facility setting. We need to think outside the box if we are to successfully fight the pandemic. Bravo Minister and please consider HIV self testing as well. And in future, consider doing the HIV testing just like malaria. This tendency of regarding HIV as special is contributing a great deal to our failure to eliminate HIV and AIDS.

  6. Gogo says:

    I will agree on conditions.1,all those who will be found positive should have there faces stamped with a hot iron stamp bearing the words HIV.

  7. Dambu says:

    I like the cloth, looks beautiful to me really, big up to whoever designed it.

  8. Peter Mathanyula Wakuba says:

    Afirika kupepela. The white man created HIV in order to control your populations because he saw that he was slowly becoming a minority and would soon lose his power in the world. Now you willingly go for HIV testing so that his tests can declare you positive and he can pump you full of drugs that fuck up your reproduction system. At first he thought HIV would keep you from making healthy babies but God’s genes beat the hell out of that virus. So he decided to just pump you full of drugs instead. Ever asked yourself how come THEY don’t suffer from this disease like you do? Rise up African man and find your own cure. THEY are not here to help you. THEY are here to wipe you out!

    1. Kondwani says:

      Just when I thought I have read the silliest comments this one lands. However, I do agree with one statement, rise up African man, stop being promiscuous, be faithful. Your children will be healthy and THEY wont win (if EVER they had this most stupendous idea I’ve read here).

  9. Ma battery a mlakho says:

    That is a very stupid idea coming from the most stupid person.It simply means Jean Kalirani has an outdated modula oblangata.As I am writing now reaseachers have just found that HIV has evolved and it has become less deadly and infectious.You just want to steal NAC money jusy like the first gogo family is doing.Just because you are extremely greedy,you want to infect innocent ignorant citizens using your so-called test kits.I warn you my fellow Malawian citizens if you are not careful with these galmonds you will get poisoned.Previously they used to say HIV mothers must not breast feed ,then later say they can breast feed up to six months,now its for two years.Traitors!HIV is an industry deliberately created specifically for inhumane and greedy fools like Jean and her idiotic colleagues.Tsegukani mmaso anthuni!

    1. Achimwene Mukayezetse says:

      I will advise them to visit your house to have you tested first. Why do you not like the idea. Whether door to door or not mupezeka chaka chino

  10. Me too says:

    Hats off, Hon Minister. A policy statement like this one is what is required to attract funding. But when the money comes in, don’t start partying like high school students whose headteacher is away. We need such bold policy statements on all important matters. Why are we still spitting into our arms and digging the ground with hoes looking for food when Egyptians started using advanced technologies centuries ago. Malawi should not beg for food. If we transform the means of production as well as value adding in agriculture, we can also create more jobs and tap into many markets. It’s time to graduate from this agricultural civilization. FISP wont help achieve such a vision! Please.

  11. kassim mahomedi says:

    once u get tested its when u get aids .this desease is not transimited through sex as this healthy depatment are telling us , this pipo made deal with american to decrease the population so that they an control the world and they can empliment satanic government for the whole world, all this ebola , aids alqaidah ,boko ,haram it does not exist its just to brain the whole world its up to u am just trying to enlighten u ameen

  12. Peter Mathanyula Wakuba says:

    The best way to end HIV is to infect everyone and let only the strong survive. The ones that survive will do so because they’re either immune or have strong resistance. We didn’t master the flu through door to door testing and ARVs. We learnt to live with it and thereby became resistant enough to it. The weak however still die from the flu.

  13. Chengolopiyo Bright Malopa Mathanyula says:

    Door-to-Door indeed, start with State House (the first couple) especially the wife ingamuphe akufunika ARVs if she hasn’t already started taking.

  14. tlmwakihana says:

    it is good condoms be distributed door to door. this will help.

  15. St. Mark says:

    I dislyk that thought. When did the ministry started the prevention campain? W@ did u achieved ? W@ are ur plan 4 the HIV positiv ones u’ll found. Encourage pipo to be God fearing . Thanx

  16. Patrick says:

    za chamba eti.

  17. Mzungumaso says:

    The honourable Minister, I salute you for the wise decision door to door HIV/AIDS testing. I hope you have good resource enable the materials and movement.

  18. kaka says:

    I dont support the issue of door to door..its plan designed by the minister to cashgate the gvt money …there are many issues to be tackled by the ministry rather the same song of HIV day in day out.. as of now most Malawians are aware of the HIV song and the status is even known b4 visiting vct centres… Everyone seems to be make money out of hiv …zatikwana pezani zina zochita…..

    1. Peter Mathanyula Wakuba says:

      Mawu mawu mawu. They just want to find an avenue for eating the money. Ndekuti the proposal to global fund or whoever will state that they need e.g. MK 60 billion for the exercise. Pa ndalama imeneyo only 1 billion will be used for this door to door nonsense (which will not even be successful- ask Mboni za Yehova). The rest will be back pocketed. Eat that money!!! Whooaaaaa! EAT IT! Fighting HIV my ass. Just find a fucking cure. We are tired of hearing HIV this HIV that.

  19. NSONDA says:

    Wina adzabwere kunyumba kwanga ndidzamupanga zinjazi

  20. Nthawi zones kwathu ndikunyoza ndikutukwana basi Vuto silina ayi anthufe Masiku ano tili kutali ndi Yehova zochita ndi zolankhula zathu nthawi zonse zikumakhala zolawula ALIYENSE Akufuna kunyenga, Kunyengedwa kapena kunyengana ndi Mkazi kapena Mamuma Nchifukwa chake Chiwelengelo chathu mdziko muno chikukula Moposa muyeso M’MALO MOPANGA NTCHITO ZACHITUKUKO TILI BUSY KUNYENGANA BASI DZUWA ILI KUTELOKO WINAWE ULI PAMWAMBA WAIDZALA UYITENGA NDITHU NTHENDAYO USIYANSO MWANA WAMASIYE KOMASO WA HIV Positive

  21. mbora says:

    mubwere kwathu ndidzakumasulirani agaru…….. mwabaiba ndalama nde mulimbane ndi anthu?

  22. chindere says:

    Even if the Gvnt embark on door to door, if one does not want ,he will not make himself available for the testing.It is just a waste of resources.Where in Malawi can we say people are failing to test becoz of health facilities are not near? Go in the remotest areas you find people who love their life to have already been tested.That will not work ,it’s a waste of money.kufuna kugawana ma allowance.

  23. chindere says:

    A malawi ambiri amakana kuyezetsa chifukwa chosalana ndi kusekana.Kawirikawiri anthu omwe ali nkachilombo koma safuna kuyezetsa ndi amene amaseka anzawo kwabasi,ndipo ndi omwe akumwalira msangamasiku ano.Boma nalo ma advert ake ena ngopangitsa munthu kuti asayeyezetse.amakhala ophya.

  24. Kwatu musadzabwereko other wise expect trouble.

  25. mmalawi weniweni says:

    Zili bwino Jean, Chibingunso uyambitse National Registration Msanga. Awa akubwera kumatenga ma passport a Malawi asali a Malawi ukuwaona?

  26. ZANGAZANGA says:

    hiv aids cannot be eliminated, anyway lets say you find somebody who is positive and he is not willing to stop having sexual activities with multiple partners what are you going to do, infact what you should know is that the door to door campaighn should aim at sensitising people on the dangers of this disease

  27. chindi says:

    kunamiza anthu kumeneko ya door to door testing mwaba makobidi inu!!!!!!

  28. Time says:

    KOmanso Hon Minister, try to think kuti kodi akabwera door to door, tidzikhala sure bwanji kuti they are using sterilised syringes? Atapita kwa a neba nkuwayeza then kwathu mwina will find the kids only who can not question anything zizikhala bwanji>? How sure are we that the syringes will be protected and ‘one syringe one person’ is respected?

    Komanso u must have chitetezo cos a malawi masiku ano sungawauze nzeru, you will end up being beaten in other homes who doesnt want to be tested, umbuli kuchuluka.

  29. phiri says:

    Those against this idea of testing are like the guys in West Africa who were refusing to accept that there was an EBOLA outbreak!! If people know their status, they will be careful. Those who will not be careful after knowing their status will be doing so at their own risk – they must not blame anybody. A lot of Malawians just assume that “If i do not look sickly then I am fine – I am HIV negative. My girlfriend or boyfriend ‘LOOKS OK’ then she/he is negative”. This is why you hear people say so so MUST be HIV positive because she /he looks slim!!! These sentiments come from anthu ‘owoneka ozindikira’. The eradication of HIV/AIDS is through abstinence & faithfulness for married couples. Use of condoms by regular partners is not effective. Regular partners “start testing each others HIV/AIDS status based on LOOKS” and the test result is always negative!!! You know what this means!!

  30. Bribes says:

    Start with the State House, they need to be exemplary. Especially after Gertrude took money from NAC for her foundation

  31. mona says:

    Getrude wakana kukayezetsa a kuopa chani?

  32. Mr.Bambo says:

    I support the hon. Minister’s idea and proposal.Lets go door to door,mukuopa chiani apa!!!!?

  33. Ndalama zagovuta agalu inu mukufuna muziyibera NAC munthu ali ndi freedom yoyesa or not find better ways than yopusa yo

  34. Mapuyamurupare says:

    I think what the Honourable Minister is talking about is total rubbish and nonsense.
    Why door to door yet hospitals are failing to test patients who could have otherwise accessed ARVs had it been tests were done in the wards and outpatients for people who are having HIV related diseases. People are walking out of the hospitals untested because there are no test kits for HIV. The HIV Counsellors are not even enough. The infrastructure for HTC is not even conducive worse still no privacy for patients. Too many workers in one room assisting patients — in one room. So Madam Minister please Solve problems that are currently in our health centres and hospitals. Stock them with enough HIV test Kits, ARVs, laboratory reagents and Condoms. There are no condoms in most ART clinics in Malawi and worse still in CBOs and Youth clubs. Condom dispersers in Hospital are empty at the moment in all Hospitals. Just go to any health facility you will see it for yourself and agree with me.

    Otherwise Enjoy Your Job.

    1. Nankungwi says:

      Well yes if there is aproblem of kits in hospitals that shoild be addressed but it does not mean you do no solve the problem of the rest of the masses either. Both problems need to be addressed together. By the way the people who end u in hospital start off at home. Does it not make sense to you that starting to deal with the problem where it starts is as good as trying to cut it down?

      You just like to criticise withotu looking at th epositive of what someone is trying to do!

      Thumbs up Dr Kalilani keep it up!

  35. kukukuki says:

    Mukuwopa chani Kalirani go for door to door testing ndipo ma results azarengeza ngati mpira. Mwanya nayo kikikikik

  36. zizwani says:

    True. HIV can be eradicated if there are no new infections. HIV will remains with those who r currently positive and it will die with them. That is the only way. The most effective way is to to prevent the spread whether using protection or HIV persons not deliberately spreading it. HIV individual can only be known after testing and their statuses be known to everybody. The other most effective though radical is to stop distributing ARVs

  37. angoni says:

    Ma proposal over a ndalama kwa ma donor asowa. Kufa mututu UK. Kutiko kulibe health centre?

  38. rod says:

    Lots of comments against this idea. We need to undestand tht the entry point for HIV and AIDS services including treatment is HIV testing and counselling, if treatment is initiated it drastically reduces viral load and consequently lowers transmission risk. This could imply lower incident rates which positively impacts on our goal of zero infections in 2030. We need to understand tht door-to-door does not mean pipo will be forced to take part in HTC, all tht the govt is doing is to take these services in the privacy of their homes and remove barrier to accessing these services.

    1. Nankungwi says:

      Rod you have done a good job of explaining tghis. People do not stgop to think why an idea is being implemented they are quick to criticise but if only they could think carefully!

      I commmend Dr Kalilani for taking this initiative. The cycle has to be broken somewhere and if that can be slowed down then we stand a chnace of redcuikng the rates of infection of the diseased,.

      I agree with you we need to support this woman because this is one of the best decisions made to combat one of the most deadly problems of our nation!

  39. Lizwelithini says:

    Mudzichita kuumiliza kuyesa munthu? Mukufuna pobela ndalama mwazowera cashgate yeti?

    1. Nankungwi says:

      Lizwelathin alipo anthu ena mu bama amchita nchito yawo mwa chilingamo. Ai sakufuna kba ndlama ndippo sakukamiza win aliyense ai koma akupanga mwai kuti kuyeza kykhalepo tsiono uyo ali ndi nthendayo adziwe ndipo adzichita zinthu zocheptsa kufwalitsa matendawo!

      Ganizitsnai osamngothamangira kulalata zinthu zoti somunazimvetse!

  40. Really Mai says:

    This is possible but requires alot of planning. U ll need more medical personnels and ither support staff. There is need for counselling b4 doing that. That alone you need to train pple. And door to door means entire family not so?Does Malaw have enough resourses to cater for millions and million hiv infected pple.

    What I see here is that, someone came with this Idea inorder to try and balance the books to fool the NAC donors.

    Nenani zina mai. If u try to shield the thieves mungophwetekeka nawo za zii.

  41. VCT Nurse coordinator says:

    VCT clinics in government health facilities do not operate optimally because of regular stock outs of HIV tests and other supplies. Meanwhile people at OPC- usually without requisite training in health- are busy creating parallel structures in the same catchment areas, their purpose is to find ways to siphon money out of NAC, money that could have been better used if channeled to MoH. This is all a racket, APM and Chilima have been lobbed in that’s why they are no longer moving key Health functions from OPC to MoH. Donors, you are fools when you keep on putting your money into this system.

  42. mona says:

    Ngati mwasowa chochita khalani chete. Otherwise mungofuna podyera ndalama basi that means more cashgate. Anthu opanda nzeru inu concentrate on how you can revive the nation and not the useless door to door testing yanuo
    Kodi mlakho wabweza ndalama ku nac?

    1. Nankungwi says:

      Kodi mona anthu odwala ndiye angchite rvive country mukunena inuyo? nkofunika kuti anthu akhale ndi thanzi kuti adzita contribute to this revival you are talking about! This is what the honerable minster is trying to achieve.I an actually surprised that you cant see that if reviving the country is what you are about! So onse a cashgate alipo ena amagwira nchito yawo mwachilingamo. A Ministaer amenewa ndiye m’moodzi mwa ma minister okhulupilika musade nkhawa ai!

  43. Jasper Mtegha says:

    For lack of better word, this is simply donkey shit.

  44. Dusty says:

    Akalirani AIDS idzatha ngati anthu atasiya kukwatana osati door-to – door testing.You can’t talk of zero infection while anthu a kukwatanabe opanda kudzuteteza.Ndiye mmene anthu a Ku chindirana masiku ano forget za zero infection.

    1. Nankungwi says:

      Inde a Dusty ngati anthu akukwatana ndxiwa kuti ali ndi AIDS ayrnra kukhala ndi udindo wo wauza amane akukwatna naowowo kuti tisyes kufwalitsa nthendani! Kodi simungathe kuona pamenpo? The honerable min istaer is thinking haead of you!

  45. nana phiri says:

    mufuna mususeso ?

  46. Alufeyo says:

    Which court can allow that stupid idea. Dont trample on people’s rights. You cant force people to take an hiv aids test its crazy. Are you trying to get donor money? Foolish people with foolish ideas.

    1. Nankungwi says:

      Alufeyo read before you comment the woman is not talking about forcing anybody to have the test she talking about making the test more available! You are so narrow minded!

      1. Ma battery a mlakho says:

        A Nankungwi Nawenso kukhala ngati mumaganizira pobibira bwanji?You cant even smell a dirty game to be played here just because they want donor money for za alhomwe?We have deadly diseases like malaria which is claiming thousands everyday.Why not eradicate malaria,make doo to door malaria campaign!

  47. Peter Mathanyula Wakuba says:

    Chamba eti! We will still report you to global fund inu.

  48. mitu says:

    mr sande apa mai Kalirani akuti to eliminate HIV and AIDS how becouse aperson is hiv and aids sindikuvetsa mukunthandauza chiyani? Pakuti Aids imantha munthu akafa Basi:WHO must find ways of eliminating ,like get Aids free person and award them for taking care their health

    1. Nankungwi says:

      A Mitu AIDS imathat kufwaltsidwa pamene anthu amene alipositive akuguna ndi anthu amenali negative. Tsono ngati mudziwa kuti muli positive muyenera kupewa kuti musfwalitse nthendaiyi! Yesestasni osamkhala ndi moyo wodzitam ai!

  49. Patriot says:

    Si bola ndalamazo aja awomola account ya NAC asawomolemonso.
    Chifukwa mukadyamo zonse ka pulogalamu kanuka sikagwira

  50. kachilombo says:

    Tiye Nazoni, Wadya iwe! Wadya iwe!!! kumene kuku..

  51. James Liuma says:

    Beware of this move by the Govt and UNAIDS. There are a lot of hidden agendas involved. Only time will tell the true reason behind this move. There is not country in the world that has eradicated AIDS using thing method.

    1. Really says:

      This is a massive programme and rewuires yrs of planning. 3 months raises suspisionns. Its govt strategy to balance the books after the recent revelations. Who are you trying to fool Mai. Muphwetekeka nazotu.

    2. Nankungwi says:

      James stop being alarmist! there is no idden agnada here. All I see is asincere attempt to deal with a problem which is thretening the whole well being of a country. This is based on research, eople find it difficult to access testing facilities and the minister is just trying to correct this problem!

      When are you people going to get positive in this tiny country?

  52. AK 47 says:

    Plot number one to lead by example

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