Malawi to unbundle Escom into two parastatal companies– Govt

The Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining has explained that government has no intention to sale Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom) but will unbundle the utility into two companies.escom  load shedding

The ministry public relations officer, Joseph Kalowekamo, explained that with technical and financial support from Millennium Challenge Account, Malawi, intends to unbundle ESCOM into two companies – one responsible for generation and the other for transmission and distribution of electricity.

MCC is an independent United States of America foreign assistance agency that seeks to reduce poverty in developing countries through supporting economic growth.

The project will also bring in Independent Power Producers who will be given licenses to produce their own power and sell to the nation.

“The companies will be parastatals. Therefore, the issue of selling ESCOM does not arise here,” Kawelekamo explained.

“It is expected that the unbundling will enable private sector participation in generation and bring about efficiency in the power market,” he added.

Kawelekamo said there are plans to generate about 1500 MW by 2019.

“To achieve this, there is need for private sector participation, and the unbundling will contribute towards achieving this,” stated Kawelekamo/

He said the Ministry, in collaboration with Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority ESCOM and MCA-M, will conduct a series of workshops to sensitive various stakeholders on the power market restructuring exercise to ensure successful implementation of it.

The unbundling of ESCOM is expected to be completed by 30th June 2016, according to Kalowekamo.

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Peter akufuna atengeko zake…. this the time he was waiting for .. not to serve malawians koma he was after kuthetsa kunyoza … as you used to say sangakhale president thats it.

its when corruption shall be waste by privatising it…but under private company not boma
Magetsi adzizazima ku ma high density areas…..that time lets wait and see


Ayi, ayi. Inenso sindikugwirizana nayo plan iyi. Koma kutukwana kotele ndakana chifukwa one sindingalole kutukwanidwa chon hi
Ayi. Nfundo yeniyeni ulibe. Ayi.

Concerned Citizen
People are commenting on this ESCOM issue without understanding it at all. Government will not sell ESCOM at all. Power is a key driver to a country’s economic development and Governments all over, especially in the developing countries have an obligation to ensure adequate and stable power. They can only do that if the institution that provides power is under Government. This, the present Government knows and will never privatise as ESCOM as some would want people to believe. The issue here is that ESCOM is going to be unbundled to make it more efficient. This has been the trend… Read more »

Peter ukufuna kugulitsa magetsi?umadya nsima koma ngati umadya umageyitsila mchimbuzi chako manyi amenewo ukuganiza makampani omwe akukunamizawo akuthandiza mpaka kuti ukanena za solar kuno ku south africa masola omwe ukunamawo ali pa mtengo wa 10000 ukatayimusa ndi kwacha munthu wakumudzi angaipeze ?amalawi musamaname kuti kumalawi kuli dimokalanse ilipo ndi dikiteta basi otsutsa angokhala ngati mwana olira ndi mkodzo peter fuck u idiot galu wachabe chabe tikumana nthawi ya zisankho ndizaimira chipani changa masipa ahau maretau peter


Zikufuna exposure kuti mmalawi avetsetse

gift frm krugersdorp sa

This DPP government its too corrupt,Our country will never developed we r keeping on depending out countries until when msb has been sold now its escom for de same year what about three coming will be nothing.

blessings kabuth

keep it up,next step is selling the whole country I guese.

Thom Paul Duncan Nlalodzwa
Thom Paul Duncan Nlalodzwa

To some extent privatisation and spitting parastatals can be a good thing. But you are very wrong. Some of the commentibg under pseudonames here are experts and know what they are saying. The problem of having bastards in government and boards of parastatals is surely this. We shall destroy Malawi together. We will never be spectators when you are destroying this country. Tili limodzi

my name

These people are just liers, have you already forgoten the MSB scandal Malawians? They lied about not selling it but didn’t they eventually? Definitely if they succed doing this it means more tax on us yet same peanuts that we get every month. Montuary, they want to privatise and so are other hospital services. Why can’t these idiots find targible and permanent strategies that wil boost our economy and help everyone?


A waste of time and resources! Parastatals will not be efficient in Malawi as long as they answer to the president. Appointments of boards are mediocre and political, operations are brainless, and the little profit made is not invested but contributed to presidential (and henchmen) reserve of forex – such as typically found when presidents die in office! Just sell ESCOM to people who can run it on business terms. forget about rural electrification. Ife akumudzi we have been here long before koloboyi was invented. And we will survive!

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