Malawi to use China ‘s K7.5bn grant to expanding Thyolo  School, technical cooperation at Bingu Stadium

Malawi’s Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe, has said a grant of $16 million (K7.5 billion at the current exchange rate) by China will be used to expanding Thyolo Secondary School, renovate technical colleges among other projects to be jointly agreed by the two governments.

Gondwe and the Chinese Amb,to Malawi,HE.Mr.Zhang Qingyang during the signing ceremony at Capital Hill - Pic by Stanley Makuti

Gondwe and the Chinese envoy Zhang Qingyang during the signing ceremony at Capital Hill – Pic by Stanley Makuti

Gondwe said the money will also be used to drill boreholes in some districts in the country, provision of technical cooperation for the Bingu National Stadium as well maintenance of Parliament building.

He was  speaking after signing an agreement to enable China to give Malawi an interest free loan amounting to $8 million (K3.8 billion).

“The loan will run for five year, thus from January 2015, to December 2019. As for the resources whose agreements have been signed today, they will be used on projects to be jointly agreed by our two governments,” said Gondwe

“We are already in discussion with the Chinese government, through the Economic Counsellor’s office, on a number of projects for possible financing and among them are the renovation of youth centres across the country and the expansion of Thyolo Secondary School among others,” Gondwe  said.

Gondwe said the money will also be used to drill boreholes in some districts in the country and the maintenance of Parliament building.

Chinese ambassador Zhang Qingyang said projects to be funded by the money will help to grow the country’s economy and improve the well being of the people of Malawi.

“A friend in need is a friend indeed; the agreements show that the Chinese Government and the people regard Malawi as a true friend.

“Since the establishments of the diplomatic ties seven years ago, China and Malawi have always been a community shared destinies, common developments task and shared strategic interests have bound us together,” he highlighted.

Recently, Malawi and China also held a signing ceremony whereby, China gave to Malawi the mobile solar system worth worth $10 million (K4.6 billion).

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53 thoughts on “Malawi to use China ‘s K7.5bn grant to expanding Thyolo  School, technical cooperation at Bingu Stadium”

  1. samao jokosa says:

    Think also of other institutions in districts like CZ Its not very long when Thyolo was renovated. Be seen to be non partial

  2. Wakulu Wapakati says:

    Wakwiya ndi mfuti, kodi Stadium ndii Pariament building zili ku Thyolo, inuso makape, mumati APM azikhalira kumangosangalasa agulu achabe chabe nokha , zitsiru nosenu , nabola APM sukutiiwala pano pakati, enawa alibe ntchito , more over anavotera mbava yathawa ija ndi uyu Matiki Chakwera

  3. wobeba wanga says:

    Big Up APM.

  4. clement says:

    Anthu aku Neno mwangokhala chete. You need a Tarmac road for speedy development in your district. Don’t expect others to champion your cause. You’re sleeping

  5. ohoo says:

    What is the issue yoti mulongolorepo apa…..
    gwiritsani ntchito nzeru zanuzo musanayike comment…… antchula ma technical colleges apa nanga kuthyolo kuli technical
    and they have clearly stated that “which are going to be agreed upon” which means its a proposal wait till apanga

  6. mr president and mr finance minister you must be very stupid am coming from south and am a lhomwe by tribe but wait a minute i can not torelate with this nonsense idea , just for example 200,000 qualified from primary and secondary are not yet paid even there not in paylaw government system still they have got families to look after. We feel sory to choose these old bobo to be leader. Why thyolo ? What about national roads which has been damaged by heavy rain. We are watching you guys. We better go for federal system .thus what i see and sense right now

  7. NYAKWAWA says:

    Kodi Federalism ija guyz ili pati?

    Tangopangitsani referendum mwachangu tione kusintha.

  8. Hebrews says:

    Wait for 2019 when you go into government so that you can build your own stadium in Kafukule or enukweni. You did not want DPP and APM so why do you want to share his cake? One President at time!

  9. Njokaluzi says:

    The media has informed us that most primary schools in the disaster areas are dilapidated or being used as shelters for the homeless. Why cant we use this money to rebuild or build new primary schools in these areas?

  10. Njokaluzi says:

    Kenaka timva kuti Thyolo Sec School is part of the Bineth Trust.

  11. Sinthani says:

    The minister of finance need to know that China is giving a interest free loan to Malawi. This will be repaid by all Malawians. Use of such funds must be decided by government and approved by parliament. Thyolo district has witnessed a number of development over the past years than other parts of the country. There are districts which are underserved like Neno, Chikwawa, Nsanje, Phalombe, Balaka, Ntchisi, Salima, Dowa, KK, Chitipa, Rumphi, Karonga. Priorisation of use of grants/loans will be vital for our progress. We have MUST in Thyolo which is a huge investment. Give priority to other districts and not where the President comes. You are setting a wrong precedent Hon Goodal Gondwe! Next presidents will do the same by favouring their districts of origin.

  12. Kanyimbi says:

    Kunyoza Thyolo ndiye kuti mutu wako ndi woduka kapena wamwa mowa uja umatchedwa wa mkala bongo (Masacheti). Everyone must know that Lomwe people are not fools. If you want to know more ask the Ngoni people. Their journey ended at Maravi mountain after having a feast of Kalongonda. War tactic. So if you want to see modern war tactics then provoke them.

  13. thunduwike says:

    Shupiti madala mwakalamba, mitalika motherfaker

  14. bryan says:

    These old foxes, they don’t care about other people. I jst wonder why we don’t want to kick this mess out. One side of malawi is good while the other side remains the same. Godwe u r jst a big headed guy, but u don’t think about pple from north. I wished I can die for this nation by killing Peter. He’s the most stupid president, jst few month he has already shown us all that he is not for all of us. Federalism is needed. Please PAC, educate pple about Federalism don’t take a side. We need it. Before u see special and private commandos building up from kaning’ina. Foolish government.

  15. sd says:

    Thyolo deserve that. Its population its big&no enough secondary schools there to support that. You can say NO if u hav never bn there. Above all it has stood firm in
    supporting DPP in sickness&healthy in the face of hypocrites like Jb&MCP then

  16. church elder says:

    Please stop this borehole nonsense! Build dams and develoo gravity fed water systems. Loans should be used for well thought out investment projects. Boreholes are a blank hole. You throw money into it, no sustained water supply. Drillers also overcharge. Later the come back to the borehole sites and steal borehole rodes and aprons. They use them on next sites and cash more from the same!

  17. S.Allie says:

    Why everything is about thyolo what makes thyolo so special how many secondary schools we got in malawi fuseg thyolo just liv that money to the chinese as it seems we don’t know wat to do with that money

  18. fkr says:

    I got an idea. Why not use the money to build a coal power station and let the chinese run and maintain it for us. Then give the power to those people cutting down the trees so they stop cutting them down and thereby creating their own natural disaster that the rest of the world have to pay for as we are incapable.?

  19. Flabbergasted says:

    So Chinese grants will benefit mostly Thyolo District? At Goliati there is also a Secondary school which was built using Chinese funds.

  20. christopher banda says:

    What’s wrong with Thyolo?Most of u who are arguing u don’t nknow the state of this shool .This school is old,unfenced, few classrooms,few teachers’houses,but large # of std8 learners.There4,TO deserve it and what we need is not a mare renovation but a 3 star sec sch,TO too is in MW,nsanje thoo!

  21. Mwiza says:

    Why Thyolo and not Nsanje or. Nkhata Bay? There’s a problem with Chinese aid as it promotes irrational development of the country. All aid to Malawi should come in similar manner. Chinese one seems to be for the President

  22. Olemekezeka bwana chilima pamene thyolo itukuka chonde ntcheu asayipitirire. Water very difficult during dry season. Hopeless with leaders of Mw. So selfish

  23. A MPINGO says:



    1. Malindima says:

      Mulanje, Thyolo, Phalombe are high populated Districts. It was incorrect from the beginning to just allocate one national Secondary school in each of these districts; they required 3 in each of them. Renovating and expanding Thyolo Sec School is money well spent. Next is Mulanje and Phalombe. Replacing boreholes with pipe water is no option. The very first rural water project in Mulanje, Thyolo, Zomba, Machinga and all other districts where water was sourced through rivers from the mountains in the early 1070 did not sustain in the long period. People were damaging popes in the fields and no repair support was available. So boreholes is the only sustainable option so far.

  24. Hotlady says:

    Apa nde zawonekelatu kuti agalu inu munkafuna kupititsa stadium ku ndata osati ku blantyre.nthawi zina iwe guduwelo ngati wakalamba ungosiya osamatiyesa wamva.anzakowo akuwona ngati ukukhwana poyankhula zopusa zakozo koma mumtima ungofuna kuwayalutsa ndiye uyaluka nawo.mukakula muzivomeleza madala you are losing your good reputation that we used to admire in the first term of late Bingu.Shame!!!!

  25. Ben kambalawathila says:

    Family business, continue where father/brother left

  26. wanangwa says:

    Why Thyolo sec school? Pleasing Mutharika! We want federal govt now.

  27. dadaboma says:

    If this is money given to Malawi govt (and not to DPP) it must go through parliament which will decide which projects to spend the money on. Parliament must scrutinize how much of the money is gratis and how much is interest-free loan. It must not be DPP deciding which projects to spend the money on, and it must not be a bipartite discussion (china and dpp) discussing how to spend the money. It will be Malawians that will repay this loan; it must be their parliament to decide how to use the money. Expansion of Thyolo sec sch. is a not a priority at the moment. That money can be used for budgetary support to fill the gaps of donor failure because the budget was already passed by parliament but it needs financial support for effective implementation. DPP is poised to steal this money and use it as they wish but later on ask Malawians to pay it back. These Chinese must use already existing conventional channels for giving their help (i.e. parliament), not using clandestine ways to assist DPP to steal the money that belongs to all Malawians and only Thyolo. It is the same Chinese that helped Bingu build a national university on his farm. I’m beginning to hate these Chinese – they don’t follow laid down procedures and they like dark deals.

  28. dyton Chiwaya says:

    What has Thyolo for u to secede from Malawi. Should it suffer coz apm comes from Thyolo. Ukunamatu. Is Thyolo an outcast. APM Woyeee

  29. chinagate

  30. Kadakwiza says:

    Thyolo this, Thyolo that. Bingu this, Bingu that. Yah nee. Soon or later we will hear that Parliament has moved to Thyolo. Malawi politics taking advantage of the poor. Malawians are watching.

  31. Luviri says:

    Goodall Gondwe, people are suffering in Rumphi district, between Kamphenda and Mwachanda, no water. People walk more than 10 kms to fetch water for all household chores. Please use some of the resources to provide water, people are suffering in this 21st century while others are enjoying all kinds of ‘gates’. Lord have mercy on us!

  32. fkr says:

    Mmmmmm let’s think. Who will build the school, drill the boreholes etc etc.. aaaah yes the chinese. And they will lend us the money to pay themselves to do the work. We must be complete idiots! !!!!!! And guess what they can charge anything they like for the job. I an sorry but someone a friend in need better open his eyes !

  33. renovate parliament. which one zomba parliament or the newly built kikikikikik

  34. mtila zomba says:

    hd he he kabwira uktti bwa? kwanu ku chitara konyasa kuja. umangolimbana ndi za zii mmalo mopempha mijigo ku dela lako.hule

  35. swale says:

    The topic is misleading. Gondwe says in future money will be used to. Yet the journalists make out sound like it’s this money that will be used.

  36. kadamanja says:

    I am sick and tired of this DPP government, always developing one side of the country. People! who wants to join me and my friends to fight against this government? We have 32 AK 47, 67 grunaids and thousands of bullets.

  37. atate says:

    Use the whole money in thyolo and the balance give to mulhako after all who cares

  38. John Phiri says:

    The only highlighted project here is plans to expand Thyolo Secondary. But to say the least, it is very unwise under the current situation to prioritise expanding one secondary school among the many. There is no sense whatsoever! Has Goodall lost his intelligence to the dogs? Expanding any secondary school is not a priority at the moment and starting with Thyolo where the seating president comes from smells a rat! Maintenance of Kamuzu Palace is not such a priorits either, as to warrant getting a loan for: this is completely out of order! The only sensible thing is boreholes but wait minute WHY not come clean to tell us which districts will benefit. You mean the Chinese simply gave the money when you said: Thyolo Secondary School extension, Kaumuzu Palace maintenance and boreholes in some districts and boom US$8m apo thiii!!! Please tell us which districts and how many boreholes. But if truth be told, idea of boreholes should actually be scrapped: most boreholes work only the first year. What would have been wise is to installed piped water supply systems. That is more sensible that the short term boreholes. But since you are dealing with Chinese what else can one expect!

  39. Jonjo says:

    The whole grant for drilling boreholes and renovations of schools in this era? Shame of Gondwe and APM.. Mwakalamba azibambo inu. Which means the country is unable to renovate its own structures built during Kamuzu era. Be serious DPP with your grants/loans. Its better if the grant was for the development of piped water in rural Malawi and NOT boreholes shaaa! ziliko. I smell another cash gate! Opposition open your eyes!

  40. to says:

    Why not PHANDA Community Day Secondary school IN sta MASACHE, CHIKWAWA for example…… no lights, no water, no library, no girls let aLone boys hostel, no proper hall, no teachers houses, no library ..sha think abt this xul please…. ili kuthengere ku uku

  41. Manyeretsa says:

    Boma ili ndi la chitukuko osati zogawa abakha ndi mbila ayi.

    1. fandirama says:


  42. ngakhale says:

    good use. wakwiya ndi mfiti

  43. Embrace it with kind heart plz. We are now on the light spot coz of floods. Tati kondeni zipata zatsekuka ndalama zikubwela

  44. nthandalanda says:

    Goodall reusable condom ya pitala. Kkkkkkkkkk!

  45. obi says:

    simunati musegula m’mimba

  46. ujeni says:

    This is why Malawi will continue be at the bottom in Africa, confused priorities, why Parliament building? Malawi needs roads, and more roads and roads, Bus Station in the capital among many. Not silly things being outlined here. Waste of grant this is.

  47. kumunda says:

    That’s how you guys you steal money. You mean to say getting a loan for the upkeep of the Parliament building and a stadium? Malawi will never develop with this kind of thinking. If you guys are too old to think just go for retirement. Cry for beloved country.

  48. ujeni says:

    What is the criteria you have used to choose Thyolo Secondary School as the most deserving

  49. Bwampini says:

    Be precise, is $16m a grant or half is grant and the other half is grant?

    I wish the whole money would be used in Thyolo. You know why. (We are a fucked nation)

  50. phwiyonaire says:

    Plans to expand Thyolo secondary school wouldnt have come at any worse a time as this one. I thought this government would try to demonstrate or atleast pretend that they can manage to balance the distribution of development projects sector wise and across the country. Especially at a time of serious economic difficulty and when some qaurters are seeking breaking away as independent entities.

  51. kd says:

    mbava za cashgate zakondwa ……

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