Malawi university students demand reversal of 400% fees hike, threaten demos

Students of the University of Malawi (Unima) have  given authorities up to November 1 as a deadline to reverse a decision to hike fees  from K55,000 to K275,000 and threatened that they will be forced to go into the streets if the 400 percent fee hike is maintained.

According to Unima Council, the   hike is aimed at improving tertiary education whose poor standards have been attributed to inadequate resources, among other factors.

Chanco students: demos will be back

Chanco students: demos will be back

But Alexious Kamangila, secretary general of the students union, said the hiked should be revered  and  that students want an overhaul of the loan scheme that helps students pay the fees.

He   said Unima should expect trouble if the new fees are implemented.

Chancellor College Students Union (Succ) president Chipulumutso Asabuni   wondered why Unima has brought back the issue of hiking fees, arguing it was rejected when President Peter Mutharika was Minister of Education and the current Minister of Education, Emmanuel Fabiano, was Unima Vice-Chancellor.

Polytechnic Students Union (PSU)  president Owen Chikoti said Malawi Polytechnic  students have put their foot down and are not going to accept the fees hike.

“Our stand is that we will not accept any fees hike because it is not justifiable. They are saying that education standards will be improved if the fees are increased, but the truth is that inadequacy of money is not the only factor that is contributing to low quality of education within Unima,” said Chikoti.

According to what Kamangila told Sunday Times newspaper, the students are also demanding that government should establish an agency that will ensure graduates pay back loans within three years.

He said these were the last efforts the students were giving government, saying “as leaders, we have and still are avoiding demos because they have adverse effects to our academics as we suffer and lose more.”

Millions of kwachas remain uncollected from defaulting graduates who feel there is no need to pay back the loans and most of them cannot be traced.

The new fees hike will leave students from rich families affording the fees, while the poor will find it tough to pay.

Unima registrar Wokomaatani Malunga and his Assistant Akuzike Maliwichi as well as Professor Mtenje could not be drawn to comment on the development.

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27 thoughts on “Malawi university students demand reversal of 400% fees hike, threaten demos”

  1. Joseph Fabrigas Kupetah says:

    Si Zili Boo

  2. owen rodrick chagoga says:

    dats inviting umbuli pa nyasa

  3. Alloy says:

    Am with the fees increment. Look around, the whole reason why the UNIs are in an outdated state is because the state does the most paying back those ungrateful students-40grand malswitch provisions monthly. Where do funds for making improvements stand in this situation? Open ur eyes people, 255grand a year is very little money. There are secondary schools that offer education for this much, nobody whines. So before going into the streets-which is irrelevant, consider using those brains u claim to pack. We wouldn’t want to turn out as educated fools in the long run trust me.

  4. David says:

    Hahahaha…. Muziona mafana.. Mudzayesa xul ndiyophweka. On the other hand, i think the hike is just exhorbitant. Am not against th idea of hiking though we need to know that not everyone affords to raise large amounts as that.
    A degree programme at MCA nw is at 255 grand per semester so unima’s hike jx had 2 b made since t z th biggest n th land. Ku ma Demo…. Pitani mafana… Mudzaziona when the authorities will want to smoke you up iya

    1. hebbie says:

      some names are shameful to take such tasks as tha are mzuzu mafia group with no religion. , sorry inkosi’

  5. roy says:

    must be very retarded or very very stupid, you really expect some one to be paying less than a hundred dollars per year for university education? where in the world does that happen? u know what? we are tired of these stupid unima students who think they are more intelligent than anybody, well here is a news flash for you, those fees are here to stay like it or not,and for the demos, go ahead, but the next thing you know people are gonna hold counter demos, cause its their tax money you are messing with you good for nothing students..come on 255 grand? you must be joking.

  6. Alungwana says:

    I think those who supports the hike like kanyimbi, chemjambe and Namachelenga are not in Malawi hence they dont know how difficult it is to raise a MK50,000 in this poor country. And if you say maganizo a aMalawi ndi aumphawi, ok thanks. Inu munaphunzila pa loan mwalemera komanso loniyo simukubweza. Athur GM Mtambo, being peaceful people doesnt mean the stupidity of accepting any nosense the government may say. The reason why politician bulldoze us is bcz of that word, Mmalawi ndi wamtendere. One day I and fellow Malawians shall destroy the babylon system and spit venom. Now to the government, when you were subsidising your cement did you think of higher education honourable Gondwe and Fabiano? Take the malata subsidy and put it to Unima. It is unfair to raise it by 400%.

  7. Alungwana says:

    I think those who supports the hike are not in Malawi hence they dont know how difficult it is to raise a MK50,000 in this poor country. And if you say maganizo a aMalawi ndi aumphawi, ok thanks. Inu munaphunzila pa loan mwalemera komanso loniyo simukubweza. Now to the government, take the malata subsidy and put it to Unima. It is unfair to raise it by 400%.

    1. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

      whats wrong with you idiot? Why can’t you leave Northerners alone. Its your Mathanyula government that is instigating demos. So shut up your probosis!

  8. John says:



  10. MLOMWE says:

    Aphwanga, mwalozedwa eti? let them go on the street(demo). we will see on the streets our priolity is shoot & kill.Remember all the cheapest things always not gruntee…Kwa yemwe zimuvute akandiubile zidina. I’ll pay fees.

  11. Chemjambe says:

    Whatever the case this “55000 thing” is very very unacceptable, how on earth would you go to a state university and pay less than $100/yr? lets be realistic people if we want things to change for good in our societies lets adapt to “change”. Tiyeni tisalolere umphawiwu chikhale chinthu chopherera chilichonse, a lot of people have gone through hard times but they fought and managed to go through, these subsidies won’t take us anywhere. If you want to go the streets that’s to your own disadvantage, who cares after all! SUCKERS!!!!!

  12. Kanyimbi says:

    Asitsileni fees koma aziphunzira sylabus ya school ya kwacha. Yotchipa. Musaiwale paja UNIMA sikupezeka mu mndanda wa ma sukulu 100 a ukachenjede mu Africa muno.

  13. GCM says:

    Tertiary education is not this cheap,check worldwide fee structures of universities and colleges! If follow ups on the returning of the loans is so difficult, why not give the graduates copies of their certificates not the actual certificates? Those who pay back the money can collect their certificates then. Otherwise if the fees continue to be this low UNIMA will only bring out half baked graduates who will not get jobs anywhere even in Malawi! If you think education is expensive, try ignorance!

  14. Namacherenga says:

    Zomvetsa chisoni. Where on earth can you get university education for K275,000 ($650)per year? A Malawi lets be realistic. This is fees for one semester at NRC. Its this spirit of freebies that kills this nation: where a parent fathers children and expects the State to take care of them, zoona? And yet the state depends on other hardworking citizens to fund it! VICIOUS CYCLE. Many of the students that may want to demonstrate are not paying fees by themselves, it’s their parents. Would it not be wise then to let the concerned parents engage relative authorities to work out some win-win arrangement instead of wasting everybody’s time toy-toying in the streets. Who said life is not simple.

  15. yuona says:

    Izi zimagwira nthawi yomwe Malawi had only one University.

  16. potofwiyo says:

    I am afraid without National Identity Numbers it will remain difficult to trace people. Lets walk up and come up with ID it will solve many things. i arrest my case

  17. Tawadi says:

    The fees hike is intended on to punish people who are poor while the rich pay through their children in order to perpetuate their share of the national cake. I can assure Malawians that our politician are evil thus why they increase their salaries with very huge % but civil servants peasants the big problem is that we vote on tribes & not issues. Mwawona pano tivutika tonse pomwe voti ya a Lomwe yapangisa zonsezi.

  18. Tasaukanalo says:

    Amene makweza fees ya UNIMa mukufuna kuti ana anu okha aphunzire ndi ndalama za cashgate think about people living in the village whose per capita is less than a dollar per day, do you think these people can pay that amount for their children. Please anamadya bwinonu think twice about the poor of this country musamaganize za mthumba mwanu mokha anzanu kumidziku akulephera kulipira fees ya pa Community Day Secondary ndiye mukuganiza angalipire ku University. Ndi nkhazatu zimenezi. Bwanji osapangitsa ma ID a university insurance yoti munthu akatenga loan ya fees boma lizidzatha kumupanga trace ngati momwe amapangira ku UK. Its true kuti boma limataya ndalama zambiri zomwe sizibwezedwa pomwe akachita graduate amakalandira mpamwamwa. Azibweza ndithu bola pakhale ndondomeko yoyenera kuti ana ena ovutika azipezanso mwayi ophunzira then the country can develop.

  19. godobaman says:


  20. OKAMBANJE says:


  21. ana ama town says:

    iwedi umanganiza mwau parallel eti.tikuonela ngati ntchitoyo uipeze kunja kuno..utipeza

  22. okhudzidwa says:

    odala inu amemene ana anu munawapititsa ku privatenu….ife kusilila,tnakakhala kuti makolo anthuso anakakwanitsa sibwenzi tikulilalila..the problem is u dnt understand and u will neva understand coz to u we seem to be demo lovers….tel me, do u thnk we enjoy being on the streets?malawi has nurtered ma demo in the way that people’s needs are mostly met wen they demonstrate..ife chonena tilibe kma kuonelela makolo anthu akuvutika kuyang”ana fees ndikuwamvela chisoni wen they cry out and have sleepless nights about the issue..we only wish we had money bcoz sitonse amene ambuye anatidalitsa ndi ndalama…kma GOD is watching

  23. Finale wa parallel says:

    Mbuzi, zosaphunzira. Where on earth do you pay MK55000.00 per year as university education? Ndalamayo or fees pa term simakwanira ku secondary school.Musandichedwetse ine wa parallel, kwatsala kuti ndipereke MK275,000.00 kamodzi, let me gain on time please. Ndikufuna ndikayambe ntchito!

  24. Aferazao says:

    Do the students not realize that going to the streets to demonstrate works to their disadvantage because they delay themselves and this in the end affects their parents’ planning? I am glad my son is at a private university and cannot delay his own future by resorting to such rot

    1. Central says:

      You have seriously shown the weakest part of your thinking by saying: “I am glad my son is at a private university ………..” because you will both be affected by what is happening in spite that your son is not there!! How far did you go with education yourself? I suggest you register with online schools to learn more on the impacts of what the bigger team of the citizenry is doing to your family and son………!!

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