Malawi used black jerseys in spirit of fair play, Angola arrived late

Malawi’s 3-0 win over the almost Under-20 Angola side in their opening match of this year’s Cosafa Cup in Namibia on Sunday is overshadowed by an embarrassment that some players’ jerseys were written ‘Malawi’ at the back but others were not.

Flames mix up kit

Flames mix up kit

Match action for Malawi and Angola

Match action for Malawi and Angola

In black: Gabadinho Mhango elebrates goal with teammates during the 2016 Cosafa Cup match between Malawi and Angola

In black: Gabadinho Mhango elebrates goal with teammates during the 2016 Cosafa Cup match between Malawi and Angola

This prompted people to go on social media to criticise Football Association of Malawi (Fam) for lack of attention to certain tiny details that can eventially translate into lack of seriousness on the part of the FA.

Most of the comments alluded to the fact that at such a high profile tournament, glamour is also paramount and jerseys play an important part to it.

Fam’ Commercial and Marketing Director,  Limbani Cliff  Matola explains that Angola arrived just few hours before kick-off and they even failed to attend pre- match meeting as is officially required where they were supposed to declare what colour of uniform they would use.

He said Angola normally use red jersey just like the Flames and being the home team, Malawi were at liberty to choose the colour of their choice.

Matola said according to leader of delegation, the Flames decided to use black colour jerseys instead of red in the spirit of fair play because, since Angola were not present at the pre-match meeting, they could use their red in case the Palancas Negras did not have a substitute.

“Unfortunately, the green jersey was still at the laundry which left the team with no choice but to use the training jersey which is black. And they didn’t have adequate time to take them to the printers to print Malawi at the back.

“And they had already communicated to the organisers that they would use black and therefore, given the circumstances, there was very little to remedy the situation. It must also be noted that this is not a crime that’s why the team was allowed to play.”

The Flames’ Gabadhinho Mhango struck three times as Malawi  defeated an almost Under-20 Angola side and  next assignment is against Mauritius on Tuesday.

By claiming the hat-trick, Gaba becomes not only the first Malawi player to net a hat-trick in the Cosafa Cup, but he is the first Malawian player to get more than one goal in a game.

Mhango got his first 22 minutes into the first half from a header which was deflected into the back of the net by an Angolan defender and struck his second mid-way the second half after a series of passes from Flame’s players.

He claimed his hat-trick from the penalty spot at the stroke of added time.

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14 thoughts on “Malawi used black jerseys in spirit of fair play, Angola arrived late”

  1. zomwe leader of delegatin wafotokoza akunena zoona tiyeni tingovomereza chomwe tikufuna ndi chipambano osati jersey provided atenge frag ya malawi osati mbuli golo

  2. golo ndiwachimidzi kodi ku traiining school kwa malawi ndi ku england osamangokopera malawi ndi malawi

  3. Mikwanda says:

    Will we ever stop with the excuses? Will we ever learn to accept wrong doing or at least use a credible reason for explanation than beating around the bush? Malawians, please!

  4. mbewe says:

    ati the jerseys were at the laundry……….Hahahahahahahahaha zonena ku gulu zimenezo??, anzanutu amavala kamozi basi

  5. [email protected] says:

    What is the issue here Duncan?

  6. Issa says:

    This is the hand work of mcp and pp trying to bring down peter kkkkkkkkkk.

  7. Racist McTumbukaFace says:

    Then why arent all the black Jerseys written Malawi at the back?

    Walter achoke!

  8. golo says:

    This obsession of putting the name of a team at the back is old fashioned. I would prefer a jersey without the name of the team at the back if the name of a player is not embossed. Have you not watched teams like England do not put the name of the name England at the back if they cannot emboss the players name at the back of the jersey? The colours of the team themselves are enough representation. Lets do away with this old-fashioned idea and move with the times.The same goes with our local clubs-your colours are enough.

    1. Kamale says:

      we are moving with our very own times man. we that attitude of doing things because they are done so in England is also Old fashioned. do you understand you old fashioned Golo?

      1. golo says:

        This is my opinion @kamale and you can have yours .Why not just post your opinion? It is a fact that embossing names of a country at the back of the shirt is old fashioned. In fashion they call the word moving with times “trendy” and that is driven by sociological and economical factors Join the discussion

        1. asaile says:

          It would have been better if ALL were simply not written or written. Not mixed up as was the case

          1. gamuti says:

            I agree with u

          2. tobias says:

            wake up malawi.

        2. togara says:

          Golo. Its old fashioned to always think that things done in europe are the best. That is why we say no to homosexual. Malawi is malawi and we need to do things th malawi way

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