Malawi Veep says social-economic conflicts a threat to peace

Vice President Saulos Chilima has said conflicts were a threat to peace as were political conflicts and should be treated with equal prominence.

Vice President Saulosi Chilima being welcomed by Leader of the opposition in Parliament.Dr. Lazarous Chakwera on arrival at Civo Stadium - Pic by Stanley Makuti

Vice President Saulosi Chilima being welcomed by Leader of the opposition in Parliament.Dr. Lazarous Chakwera on arrival at Civo Stadium – Pic by Stanley Makuti

Chilima was speaking on Saturday in Lilongwe during national prayers to mark the commemoration of the United Nations (UN) International Day of Peace.

“I have noted with concern that political conflicts are given a lot of prominence at the expense of social-economic conflicts which are equally destructive to peace,” he said, adding that building peace was everyone’s responsibility.

Chilima said although Malawi had a good history of peace the country could be proud of, there were still gaps to be filled in what he called structural conflicts, citing gender-based violence and inter-political party conflicts as examples.

He urged the different religious groups that were present at the function to reflect and find solutions to inter-region conflicts.
Chilima also stressed government’s commitment to promoting and maintaining peace, saying “government’s door is open and you can feel free to engage it at all levels through official communication.”

Also present at the function was the UN Resident Coordinator, Mia Seppo, who hailed Malawi as a peaceful nation, citing the non-violent 2014 tripartite election as a sign of the country’s maturity in democracy.

Seppo concurred with the Vice President on the need to work on structural conflicts such as inter- party conflicts, chieftaincy wrangles and gender-based violence which she said posed serious threats to peace.

Public Affairs Committee (PAC) organised the event under the theme ‘Building a Peaceful and Better Malawi through Inclusivity’.
Earlier, PAC Chairperson, the Very Rev Dr Felix Chingota spoke of the need to work collectively if peace was to be achieved.

He said the absence of inclusivity bred marginalization, and thus creating fertile ground for conflict.

Leader of Opposition and Malawi Congress Party President Lazarus Chakwera was also in attendance.

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No 9, please tell me a Malawian president who has gone to Un to deliver 2 hour speech. There are always side meetings before the actual General Assembly. Zinazi kumafusatu. Part of entourage are technocrats who anchor the president during these meetings!


Nobady rigged election, aMcp ingovomelezani kuti muyambepo kukozekera mwina mkuzawina 2019 mwatsopano

Malawi is still a peaceful country. However we have inpatient greedy politicians who abuse CSO and Human rights groups as personal tools. We should also no ignore foreign influence which has long time agenda but establish their deadly plan through an innocent look concerns Malawi is less than 1000km in length and at no point is wider than 80Km. failing to administer share resources equally and calling for further division is an insult to ourselves. In actual sense with quality roads one can tour the whole country in less than two day. Lets think development and peace will come. perpetrators… Read more »

Kodi enanu mumasowa zolemba eti? Chisankho chinatha owina analumbira ndipo akulamula, mukufuna chani?


Peace is good but dont fool people in the name of peace. What is the meaning of peace when the voice of the poor cant be heard?

Mbowe Mulambia

Thieves are very clever they make people stop thinking and believe on them.

za nosense ayi

Guyz,Chilima ndi m’fana wa boh hvy kungoti vuto ndi anthu amwe anapanga nawo company anyima a DPP

Kodi a bwampini a ku kaya inu mmene mumima panzere kumavota mumaganiza kuti awine ndi JB basi kuti mupitilize cashgate? Do you understand democracy? Lero mwauponda ndiye mwayamba kulira? What a foolish cry! For my friend who thinks Lhmwes can be bitter if anybody from the central becomes president, you are wrong. Kodi Chilima ndi wachipani chanji? Mmayesa ndi DPP. Tsono chingativute ndi chayani kuti ife Alhomwe timsapote Chilimayu? By the way, you think Chilima anabera. If your assertions are true, don’t you know kuti amai amafuna kubera koma nzeru zinachepa that’s why there was all that mess? Those who… Read more »

Saulos should first apologise to Malawians for stealing votes before preaching peace because he is not fit to be an agent of peace hence we see no exemplary character in Him
we would appreciate if real men of peace would talk not these bunch of thievs in DPP

Maso Khethekhethekhethe
Maso Khethekhethekhethe

This Is DPP Paulendo, Chilima,DPP,Peter Mutharika are the Source of Electoral Conflict in Malawi….You rigged Election through Airtel Technology…the rigging machines were bought from China and it was a package of DPP through Airtel…

We want authentic government which will transform the Electoral Laws and Democratic Institutions of Malawi and not just this clap talking to buy time…

You are creating confusions and conflicts in Malawi by corrupting the traditional Chiefs and other people to demonise Feudralism and seccession… Unity Government cannot develop Malawi because of Nepotism practice and the biased way of allocating developments across the country!

wobeba wanga

Hahaha Watever yu can say he wont read it, so just shut your stinking mouth up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gule Wamkulu
Saulos said it before that he would meet you in computer technology because he also knows computers. But it seems the whole country missed that important statemen! What he meant was that he was a amaster at stealing and manipulating data saved on computers! The “stupidest” thing was for opposition to continue using Airtel mobiles and internet prior to elections: I mean they didn`t see the risk?? Beats me!!! Then one time a hard drive was stollen and recovered. And the next “stupidest” thing was for Electoral Commission to reconnect that hard drive toany of their computers! That was equivalent… Read more »

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