Malawi VP Chilima steals show at charity golf tournament

He came driving by himself in his personal Mercedes and played five holes. He impressed. He left. The talk behind was that his attendance was not ceremonial but serious golf playing.

Chilima tees off

Chilima tees off

Chilima walking about with other golfers playing the game

Chilima walking about with other golfers playing the game

Chilima like Tiger Woods

Chilima like Tiger Woods

Chilima and Lions Club

Chilima and Lions Club

Yes! Its in, Chilima celebrates

Yes! Its in, Chilima celebrates

That’s the story of Malawi’s Vice President Saulos Chilima whose playing skills at a charity golf tournament at Game Haven in Thyolo on Surtuday turned  him into a “Tiger Woods”.

From his excellent long tee off shot to the last par shot, the charged up and well dressed Chilima was a centre of attraction as every shot he took earned him praise.

Initially, the VP was told to play three holes but after teaming up with Fukani Gani, Shiraz Karim and Lions members Hilda Singo and Tarang Makhecha, Chilima, upon reaching the third hole, dared his colleagues to convince him to play two more holes.

Gani through Victoria Hotel swiftly responded by donating K2 million towards the course to enable Chilima to add two-more holes.

The Blantyre Lions Club convened the tournament to raise money to fulfill a number of charity activities that the club is undertaking.

Some of the charity works the club is doing is paying school fees for 200 needy students in government secondary schools and the tournament was required to raise K6 million for the cause.

In his speech, Chilima  commended the club for the efforts,  saying  government alone cannot adequately address all the challenges that the country is facing.

“Imagine if we had clubs like the Blantyre Lions Club in each and every district across the country doing the same? Thank you, Blantyre Lions Club, for the wonderful work you are doing to alleviate the suffering of others and at the same time complementing government’s efforts in national development,” said Chilima.

“The work that the club is doing is very commendable because, as His Excellency, President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has said over and over again, government alone cannot adequately address all the challenges that face us as a country,” he said.

Lions of Blantyre president, Hilda Singo, said their motto was to serve the community and they rely on partners to support their course.

Singo said the coming in of Chilima raised the profile of the initiative

“Our target was to raise over K6 million and we know that it is a tall order with just one event. However, through the golf tournament so far we have raised about K4 million which is quite substantial,” she said.

Some of the companies that supported the golf were FMB and Capital Oil Refining Industry.

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42 thoughts on “Malawi VP Chilima steals show at charity golf tournament”

  1. Munthuwamba says:

    Listen Mavalidwe or whoever you call yourself, this was a golf tournament and not a fashion show. Why are you bent on finding fault with everything?

  2. Nalingula guy says:

    Bwana. That’s very good ana apita ku sukulu apa.

  3. Khongoni Boy says:

    Mwana Wakwatu Ku Mponela Chilima

  4. MAVALIDWE says:

    Awuzeni bwanawa ukavala PUMA kumutu and Golf T-Shirt ya PUMA kuphazi uvalenso PUMA and not ADIDAS ndinu anthu a cash ndiye don’t tell me kuti nsapatoyi singagulidwe with tax payers money as you normally do with everything…….

  5. sayimoni bayisikolo says:

    What the issue with Saulos driving his own car?He is just a human like anybody else.Why do Malawians waste time crawling to politicians who do not even add any value to their lives.Malawians are sleeping on empty stomach.They have nothing to do tiger woods.Very few knows tiger woods.Find solutions for the sinking Malawi.Saulos driving his own car is not an issue to us.So what?Azimuyendetsa is he sick?President waku Uruguay amayendetsa yekha Vw beetle and lives in a modest farm house.Chalakwika ndi cha?After all Uruguay is better off than.Malawi needs people who cab deliver than wasting time time praising and worshipping people.

  6. Mvula J. Mvula says:

    Yea, that’s great! The photographer took good shots!

  7. ben phiri says:

    big up bwana chilima

  8. DAMIANO says:


  9. chimulamba says:

    Well done furkan for the donation, you are such a star, you are a proud son of malawi.

  10. Jemba Jemba says:

    Big up Mafikizolo . I like the maturity in ur statement . On the other hand, all those supporting the so-called Tiger Woods r busy giving very childish statements in support of their childish hero . We want leaders who can provide solutions to the miserable times Malawians r going thru , not this childish posturing .

  11. Ford says:

    One thing I have observed is that Malawian politicians are very easy to outshine because the majority of them are VERY BORING, make an effort to be and remain boring, no hobbies apart from womanizing and bottlestore. Chilima is groomed for international competition NOT shrinking on the international market. And for those of you who do not know, BIG DEALs are made on golf courses not board rooms. Its pretty pathetic that GOLF is not mandatory for our ministers. Nkona ama ngoti dhoooo!!! tulo. Chilima keep it up. Malawi patsogolo

  12. Nabingu says:

    i like your style

  13. mtex says:

    ndimakufilani a VP G

  14. Mateyo Oyera says:

    All I can say is “Amen” to Mafikizolo .

  15. Charombanthu says:

    Way to go dala SKC. We love you and keep up the good work. They say “Being Humble Means Recognising we are not on Earth to see how Important we can Become; But to see how Much Difference we can Make in the Lives of Others…”

  16. Namagagula says:

    Comment no 25 is golfing and being involved in charity zachibwana? You want unfit leaders who are prone to diseases because e of being unhealthy? So to you leadership is about work work and poverty poverty? Malawi has a long way to go no wonder the state of affairs – Leaders are human beings just like you and me, they are not machines and they need to live a balanced life too.

  17. Lemi says:

    I love my VP and I always pray for him. I meet with him almost every morning when he is in Lilongwe, he attends mass early in the morning at the area 18 catholic church and he always drives his personal car, talk of being principled!

    My catholic friends at this church tells me that he continues doing church activities just like he used to before becoming president including ushering in the church, talk of humility! I will continue praying for my VP as long as I breathe!

  18. Mayi a Priscilla says:

    Thank you very much mafikizolo . You have spoken for a lot of people . Ife tikufuna atsogoleri eni eni . Osati za chibwanazi ayi .

  19. katakwe says:

    Well done mr saulos for the humble lifestyle n for participating in charity work

  20. kamulinde says:

    Iwe mafikizolo ndiwe munthu otsalira zedi kodi even dziko lisauke bwanji anthu asapange ma sports? If one plays golf does it mean is a celebrity leader akulu mwatsalira kwambiri

  21. Your Neighbor says:

    I really admire this guy.So inspirational.He lives by example.Love him..

  22. mwadoh says:

    kukula ndiye kumeneko saulo

  23. Shoes says:

    Mr money himself the cool dude

  24. chimutu says:

    that’s my wea was the president..n wat hs kept him silent..we need sound developments mr president like ur brother dd.not just sitting phwi mkumngoonerera ndeu za ma zebra ku stateko ai..miseu ya mmwamba mtownmu tatopa kuoloka lilongwe bridge tioneko zina nafe ngati maiko enawa

  25. Kwanu Kuyenda yani says:

    Chilima can naturally steal the limelight from other……Do we now wonder why a billboard which was erected on Chichiri roundabout was put down just within days??

  26. Bravo Mr Veep! You’re a genius in whatever you do. You’re blessed indeed. You’re man of the people. Keep your head down & be yourself good things are coming your way.

  27. Nkhedu says:

    Ine Chilimayu amandipeza kwambiri.

  28. Che Chiwela says:

    Bravo Veep..U r an inspiration

  29. Dickson says:

    This is why I say, ” Chilima is my man”…….

  30. P. M says:

    Thax chilima, game haven ndi nyatwa

  31. Saukira says:

    Saulos Kraus Chilima. Best choice of Prof. Mutharika. Osati za Gwengwe zija bwezi ali kogawa mbuzi pamenepoo ndi amake aja anathawa kumangidwa aja.

  32. yvonne says:

    Wwwww nice

  33. Ozitsata says:

    i admire his approach to things,so humble and good at working tactics.please lead us sometime in the future

  34. Israel Difense Force says:

    Is that a golf course?

  35. Mitolo says:

    Great SKC! Looking relaxed. You are a humble man. Continue your good works.

  36. Truck says:

    That’s a good Sport I also like it! Keep it up playing Golf!

  37. munyalika says:

    mulube zopanga in thyolo for that matter one it wl be in kasiya

  38. ota benga says:


  39. zaoneka sizi says:


    koma awo avala zacitenjewo mwauze asiye zacimidzimidzi, kumavala potsata function.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  40. Mafikizolo says:

    When I read these “Image Building” articles about one Saulosi Chilima, I never fail to sigh in sadness and resignation . At this juncture in its history, Malawi, as a country, is NOT in need of Celebrity Leaders . That is a luxury Malawi cannot afford . Malawi is, instead, on dire need of leaders who are prepared to roll their shirt sleeves and get down to the serious business of lifting this country out of the deep mess it is currently walloping in .
    How does a picture of Saulosi Chilima squatting on the golf course “like Tiger Woods” assist to change the sad story of that suffering but hard working mother in Nthalire, Chitipa ,or that exploited labourer in Limbe, Blantyre, or that tenant tobacco farmer in Kasiya, Lilongwe? Whoever you are behind these juvenile image building articles, please give poor Malawians a break!! The country is crying for real men wearing big pants to save it from this scorching heat .

  41. Kanchacha says:

    Ulibo Vice Chilima bola ukhare ndi vision for the nation.

  42. NYAU says:

    VP Samalani MCP & PP Thugs Avuta Pa Town.

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