Malawi VP Chilima talks tough, inspires PSs to work hard

A charged up Malawi Vice President Saulos Chilima on Monday spoke tough as he emotionally appealed to Principal Secretaries and key government officials to die a little for their country if the country is to develop.

Chilima: Reforms not multiple choice

Chilima: Reforms not multiple choice

Chilima was speaking to government officials in Mangochi at a meeting where PSs and other key public officials gathered to reflect on how the Malawi Public Service has served and how it can be improved.

The Vice President appealed to the government officials to be servants of the people and put the poor man in the village and street as the main reason they are in the public service.

“It is the people of Malawi that have employed us all to serve them through our various portfolios.  Therefore, we should always have the local man and woman in our minds whenever we are stepping into our offices and know that we are there to serve this nation and its people with diligence,” said Chilima.

Chilima conceded that the economy is in bad shape and that there was need for concerted aggressive efforts from various stakeholders if there will be finally light at the end of the tunnel.

“This is the time to instill hope in our people and this is also the time to speak the truth, the whole truth, frankly and boldly. Let’s tell each other and the people of Malawi that there are no gains without pains and that we must all work hard if we are to rebuild this nation,” said the veep adding; “We should not shrink or take the Ostrich approach to bury our heads in the sand from honestly facing conditions in our country today.”

The Vice President then appealed to the officials to find practical solutions to end infighting between politicians and technocrats in ministries and various departments, saying the tendency is retrogressive.

‘Reforms not multiple choice’

Speaking on the public service reforms which he himself is chairing, the Vice President said the initiative is not a question of multiple choice but something that will be done and must be done.

He said government will concretize and entrench in the Public Service is to ensure that remuneration of public servants is strictly linked to performance management, but also ensure that rewards and sanctions are effectively meted out in matters of discipline and misconduct.

“Malawi needs a Public Service that is truly professional, has a cadre of high performers and achievers who are fairly and openly appraised and rewarded accordingly. I am sure that you will come up with tangible solutions on how we can have a performance appraisal system that is functioning and does not only exist on paper,” he said.

So far the commission, which was given six months ending this December, says will meet the time frame and soon will be publicizing the changes starting with a news conference this week.

Some of the reforms that are already operational include decentralization of passports printing services to Mzuzu and Lilongwe, improvement of service delivery in the Road Traffic Department, decentralization of payment of salaries for teachers, restructuring of the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) and improving the Integrated Financial Management and Information System (Ifmis), whose weaknesses led to massive looting of public funds.

On passports, apart from printing in Mzuzu and Lilongwe people will also be able to apply for passports from post offices as well as receiving a mobile text message once their passport has been issued. An MOU has been signed by Malawi postal Services and Immigration Department for the latter to start delivering the former’s services.

Others include decentralization of passports printing services to Mzuzu and Lilongwe, improvement of service delivery in the Road Traffic Department, decentralization of payment of salaries for teachers, restructuring of the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) and improving the Integrated Financial Management and Information System (Ifmis), whose weaknesses led to massive looting of public funds.

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51 thoughts on “Malawi VP Chilima talks tough, inspires PSs to work hard”

  1. Black Market says:

    Promote people on merit and after competition
    Improve govt ict department because all these reforms are basing on ict capability.
    Relieve payroll function from egovt to human resources dpt so that egovt concentrates on ict to improve performance.
    Analyse egovt leadership and improve where necessary and the rest will start performing better.

  2. Bongololo says:

    Chilima himself needs to work hard and lead by example. All he’s been seen doing thus far, is attending funerals and installing chiefs. Spare us this stupid lecture and just do what you say and say what you do and show leadership in the process! And tell your boss too.

  3. HILL says:

    Za ziiii. I have MSc and have stayed for 12 yrs without promotion . Why aren’t you talking something to do with staff motivation first?

  4. Me too says:

    Hey hey! This is great. A dose of emotion is what makes all of us tick. Emotionless people are boring. If you don’t like a VP that makes an emotional appeal, you either have a problem or you don’t belong here altogether.

  5. J kawale says:

    Chilima had good ideas but he is not in charge of the country. He knows Peter has goofed big time koma atani? Chilima can only become president after is chased by mass demos and only 1/3 of term is done. But if we chase away Peter now there will be elections within 90 days. Lets chase peter now then vote for chakwera

  6. ndalakwanji says:

    one malawi one nation We taxpayers we still paying stop nosense strikes anthu akuvutika mmizimu inu muli pa ntchito mukulandira every month

  7. tsamba says:

    Ine ndimayesa kuti pa net pano tizipanga or commenting constructively. Koma ai ndithu. ndikuona hangover yoluza chisakho ilipobe. Please avoid kumwa ntonjani ndikumapanga ma comment.

    Saulos walakwa chani? Chabwino kapena mwina za Ku Mangochizo kapena. Koma the veep was giving good advise to PSs, Whats wrong with that?

  8. Pacharo says:

    That is good coming

  9. AMUNA BAWO says:

    why make an emotional speech?

  10. truth says:

    The reforms recommended that PSs above 55 will be retired early. Can you impliment those reforms and give them their retirement packages so they can retire honorably. Is is no longer a pleasure serving in government really. Maybe new blood will sweep better. Its time us old timers give way to the youth They are todays leaders. Please speed up the process mbali yawo apanaa. Then people will realize so kuti the youth ndiye mbava zoopsya!

  11. nkunthamasese says:

    The PSs will be working with who? don’t u know that we civil servants are going out for strikes!. Apm will run away. gov’t is a serious business.

  12. Ananthewa says:

    This government will collapse indeed, mungabele munthu wa Mulungu mavote? mumina muonanso.

  13. Max D says:

    A Pinchi kaya chilima sawerenga nyasatimes izo ndi zake

  14. Mkweta Daniel says:

    Does this guy understand what reforms are? Kikikikiki joker angoyankhulapo basi. Why all these strikes if you are achieving results? This government will collapse before 2019

  15. saulosi chidima says:

    Boma ilinso ndiye kaya popanda woliyamikilako? Strikes all over? Tulani pansi before mass protest. Writing is on the wall

  16. chidima says:

    Reforms ndiye iti? Replacung career Ps s with your hand clappers

  17. obanda says:

    Chilima understand this, we expected you to bring to e. Can you tell Malawians if putting PSs, Generals and others at home doing nothing who have vast experience on full pay reforms you are talking about? Is replacing experienced Pss with people like Chandidya with no work experience reforms you are talking about? When a company is doing reforms it pays off those that it doesn’t need those that it doesn’t need. Chilima you are such an idiot. Walk the talk. Complete reforms by paying off all those Pss you dontcneed and you paying them for doing nothing. Be sensible wamva! !

    1. Pichi says:

      Mwina mumalemba mtima uli mwamba, sikukumvani bwinobwino a Chilima sawerenga Nyasa. Mukuti ma Ps’wo angongala koma akuwalipira kapena sawachita retrench ndipo sadawalipile? Chifukwa ngati akungowapatsa ndalama za bule thats another issue. Koma ngati awachita retrench then thats a court case.

  18. Muchizi John says:

    Mr VP ask your chief secretary how much he has paid those PSs in allowances for attending that annual retreat. The allowances that your PSs have received are obscene and insult to poor people of this country. This PSs gathering has become an annual ritual yielding nothing of benefit apart from giving PSs money for Xmas. And by the way how much have they paid you. Do you call that sacrifice for our country? Why didn’t you decline the allowance knowing you won’t even sleep in Mangochi. Bwana VP lets honestly love our country. Practice what you say.
    The other point you ought to note is that most PSs are not the brainy or critical thinkers or reform minded civil servants. Most PSs are below average civil servants who are in those positions because of nepotism, tribalism, politics of patronage and uhule. With the selection system for PSs that allows President to promote without interviews doesn’t not guarantee quality leadership. In fact most of PSs didn’t even understand what you were saying. A good product is determined by the quality of process through which it is developed. The processes that derive PSs is mediocre and the product is mediocrity.
    So however tough you talk its just empty rhetoric. There is just too many wrongs that make civil service a non redeemable organization. Civil service will be redeemed by politicians who act crazy and completely outside our retrogressive political box. Our anti development political orientations where leaders only engage in ndale its difficult to imagine whether Malawi will ever have a capable civil service. Right now as I write some girl has been promoted from P7 to P4 in Foreign Affairs not because of meritorious performance but because of relationships. Mr. VP do think one like can be motivated when I have been P5 for 11 years. Forget about you reforms except that it’s all about Malawian politics.

    1. Pichi says:

      Amwenwe PS nsizanu. Ma CEO amalandila ndalama zingati akapita ku annual review? They deserve that if we want Malawi to develope osamangoti popenza ali m’boma adzilandira 1 tambala. Bwanji kodi?

    2. truth says:

      How much did they receive?

  19. Who can believe and trust thieves they think malawian are stupid.

  20. BBC says:

    People will start applying for passports at Post Offices, is there any sense here? I always wonder why people travel all the way from Nsanje to apply for a passport at the immigration offices in Blantyre, why can’t this function be handled at District Commissioners’ office because it will be easy for officials will to verify if the applicant really comes from that district or not. Printing of passports should not be decentralised to avoid corruption. After verification, all passport forms should be sent to unknown location where printing should take place. All passport and immigration officials should have a very limited acccess to this passport printing facility. Post Office should be entrusted with transporting of all application forms and printed passports in a very strict manner. This will be one way of combating corruption at immigration offices and at the same time minimising the passport processing lead time. SIMPLE & SMART…. Do you need to go to Israel to master this simple concept?

    1. truth says:

      DCs office makes sense. Good contribution.

  21. Patriot says:


  22. Tnt says:

    Agalu Inu,why Not Holding The So Called Workshop Ku Capital Hill.Dyera Basi For Allowances

  23. Fathi Alshab says:

    sho ched in disbelief..

  24. Karoti says:

    We have been hearing about reforms reforms reforms , can you please investigate how people have risen in the MINISTRY OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT.People have taken advantage of the poor leadership in this ministry to squeeze in their relatives to higher positions such as P5 or P4 without following the right procedures. A commission of enquiry was put in place during the previous regime but because those people who are creating the mess are still inthe system (LOCAL GOVERNMENT TOP MANAGEMENT) then it was difficult to correct the system.
    A country can not develop if it has an evil local goverment system that favours non perfomers. WE SHOULD NOT EXPECT SOMEBODY TO COME FROM NORWAY TO PUT THINGS IN ORDER FOR US. MR VICE PRESIDENT LOOK INTO THIS MATTER VERY SERIOUSLY, all ministries must have the same recruitment and promotion system.

  25. Zagwa says:

    You are beginning to lose the plot my VEEP! Why should you retreat with the same clowns that have failed. There is nothing new they will tell you. With time still on your side look at what all the previous reform and functional review reports say. Government is bottom-heavy. You have more drivers than vehicles, more messengers than messages etc. these people drain funds not through salaries but allowances and other pilferage. This they do in collaboration and with the blessing of fthe very PSs you are trusting. Get rid of them. Bite the bullet. You can fire everyone and start from scratch if need be. Interview all senior employees. See who you need. It has worked elsewhere. Let me stop there otherwise am doing your work for you.

  26. Namalira says:

    Why mangochi when all PS’s live in Lilongwe. Kungofuna ma allowance basi. The same government says no government meetings along the lake shore. Koma ma PS tiyeni ku lake shore hehehede

  27. Sinthani says:

    I thought we heard that reforms will be completed within 90 days? 3 months not yet passed?

  28. Ben Batala says:

    Stupid government

  29. DCs says:

    Nanfa mbuzi ya Ps ili ku local government headquarters ikutani osayichotsako. He fails to make decisions kaphaizi. Moti simukuwona kuti ntchito za ma councils zabwerera mbuyo chifukwa cha incompetent kaphaizi? Useless chilima

  30. Jessica kabwilo says:

    This is the most stupid government to run malawi. Zitsiru zokhazokha. Iweyo saulosi xhilima tanena ma reforms alikuti pamene mukumalipika ma Ps Ndalama zawo zonse for doing nothing? Reform ndi imeneyo? Chimwemwe Banda akutani ku information angokwera ndi nankhumwa basi sadziwa chilichonse. Ku sports chandidya akutaniko? Stupid chilima reforms ndi imeneyo? Iweyo ndi pitala nonse zitsiru

  31. The meeting is draining our hardly earned resources ,these people meeting here can not find workable solutions ,becoz it’s difficult for them to think.they have gone to mangochi kuti agawane makobidi.

  32. please chilima be reminding peter about the economic charanges country is going through bcz him is too old to remenber evidence was the raising surary for himself and his all political offistions secretry leaving all cival servant in crying and then withdraw,what a shame!! in the history of all presidents we have gone through in malawi,salfishness.

  33. Kachisyuli Vimbwete says:

    Is there any particular reason as to why the meeting is bring held in Mangochi?

    How much is govt spending on this meeting? Was this meeting planned for and budgeted?

    Kungofuna ma allowance eti?

  34. mphevu says:

    The only problem the seminar is the kind of thing that Chilima should be against. PS earning allowances for attending Seminars when in fact they are also paid their salary for the same day

  35. John Mandala says:

    Iwe chilima can you justify what your reforms are achieving if you are keeping Pss army generals and others at home on full pay for doing nothing? Ndiyo reform imeneyo? Uli ndi nzeru iweyo? You keep people on payroll who are not working? Ndiye muziti muli serious? Stupid zako

  36. kushu says:

    I am surprised at you, Right. Hon. Chilima. How do you expect the civil service to perform when you promote people with Junior Certificate or below to big positions like P4 and above? If you think that I am lying ask for the papers of all P6 and above in all the ministries, you will be shocked that others will fail. How do you expect creativity and innovation in such kind of people other than following the rules, regulations and procedures. I am not saying that following rules, regulations and procedures is bad but we need people who can think outside the box. People who can work the extra mile and produce discretionary behaviour. Otherwise, very few who are in the top management with good credentials cannot make an impact.

  37. Myangwe Joe says:

    This government is full of empty rhetoric. someone technocrat “PS” are either demoted or are receiving free salaries with no offices. why? You put party loyalists in positions of technical in nature or misplacement of human resource. This govy is retributive and full of nepotism. Rubbish!


    1. PEFECO says:

      wausiru iwe ndi saulosi wakoyo. agalu nonse inu

  38. Mmihavani says:

    Chilima I salute you my VP. Keep on inspiring us. Leave these doubters. Typical of Malawians. Always skeptical. Backward looking people. Beggers.

  39. Ndawa x-cube says:

    Guys ndale zinapita ndi atcheya inu palimbe chanzeru. Mukubayiza

  40. idrissa Mussa says:

    A chilima munkawoneka ngati anzeru muli ku airtel. But for sure how do you keep Pss at their homes and keep on paying them for doinf nothing? Why not pay them off and they xan go. Is this a swrios government? Ndiye mukuti chani kodi. Useless and dull president and his vice

    1. Chipapwiche says:

      Ndili ndi mantha kuti mutukwanitsa anthu a mtundu wathu apa,che Idrissa. Ngati simunamve zomwe zanenedwazi,mukadangokhala chete. Palo chifukwa chowatukwanira a pulezidenti apa? Wawo… Ngatenda yereyo. Usawi,chichi?

  41. James Liuma says:

    Good Job Saulosi

  42. Good citizen says:

    Its time to work for the betterment of our nation. Let us all work. Not just promoting hatred amongst ourselves.

  43. Malawian says:

    I thought these briefings were supposed to have been done soon after the reform committee had been constituted? By the way, the president promised or directed that he was supposed to receive a report from the committee in December and it is surprising to note that it seems as if the committe is starting its work now!

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