Malawi VP Chilima to learn Singaporean style of public sector reforms

Malawi Vice President Saulos Chilima will leave for Singapore on Tuesday to lead a team on Public Sector Reforms to study the Singapore reforms in-depth.

Chilima:  Reforms

Chilima: Reforms

A statement from the office of the VP said President Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika has delegated his deputy to learn from Singapore their reforms.

“The Southeast Asian country is one of the highly rated nations that have successfully implemented Public Service Reforms hence the importance of the study visit by Vice President Chilima and his delegation,” the statement said.

According to President Mutharika, the public service is the centre of government operations and plays a key role in the social-economic and social well-being of the country.

Mutharika said as part of the implementation of the reforms, government will establish new structures to ensure greater focus on performance and delivery at the highest levels.

The President promised that his government will introduce new methods in recruiting Principal Secretaries and those from Grade 5 above “so that they should be going through a competitive promotion system so that we hire the best as opposed to the current system that is deemed not to be objective.”

On his part , Chilima, who is the chairman of Commission has repeatedly said, this time around reforming the Public Service is not a matter of multiple choices: “ It will be done and it must be done. And it must be done now,”

The Vice President will leave Malawi through Kamuzu International Airport KIA in Lilongwe at 13:30 hours.

The Vice President arrives back home on Thursday, March 19, through Lilongwe’s KIA at 12:20 hours.

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84 thoughts on “Malawi VP Chilima to learn Singaporean style of public sector reforms”

  1. aMUMA says:

    you go for a study tour after the launch? hahaha……this will likely yield nothing.

    Malawi and Singapore are far apart! Maybe we should learn from post war countries such as Rwanda and Mozambique who are doing better than us!

  2. Citizen X says:


  3. Amfumu says:

    U launch reforms and go to study elsehwere after. Am I missing something.!

  4. Boma liri serious ili amangwetu

  5. Mr Vice President!We have solutions to our own problems.The problem is “we lack the WILL”.Simply look at the cashgate perpetrators;…our own leaders.Hence I’m sceptical about your trip.Kaya maybe.

  6. Wandevu Zampanda says:

    Kukonda ndege ma politician akumalawi, ofunika kuwakweza Malaysian airlines, adzasowe.

  7. Yakobe Munthali says:

    Mwaganizapo bwanji a ‘Massive’. Mukuopa angakasowe nawo???? KKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Yakobe Munthali says:

    Mvaganizapo bwanji a ‘Masive’. Mukuopa angakasowe nawo???? KKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. ujeni says:

    Zama theory basi, when are our elected leaders going to be practical in 2050?

  10. duduzi says:

    The VP will learn that Singapore left the Federal Govt thereafter and prospered, therefore, if the North can leave Malawi (forced union)…..obviously, it will develop much much faster than the dying, selfish, sticking and stinking two regions. This is why they stick to the North with their lives ….to make sure that TIZIFANANABE in poverty…… us you oppressive leadership, we want to go like the Israelites in former Egypt…..please leave us….we want to go…How much do you want us to pay for our freedom? We are willing to pay whatever price for the freedom of our children even borrowing money from World Bank or IMF….the damage is too big to bear….Chikangawa forest, Orton Chirwa, Chakufwa Chihana, Dunduzu Chisiza, quota system, nepotism in govt posts appointments, developmental projects deprivation, Nkhata Bay Secondary School selection saga, 20July massacre, beating of our chiefs, etc VYALEMA!!!!

  11. Zikomankhani says:

    This is like a Standard 5 pupil seeking advice from a University Lecturer – ayambila pati kufotokoza? We are better off seeking advice from ‘Standard Eight’ pupils – Rwanda, Botswana, Ghana, Namibia, Ethiopia. Lagos in Nigeria is also an example of good African governance: Although central government in Nigeria is a shambles, local government is a different matter, with Lagos being well run since 1999.

  12. another thought says:

    Demoralized, politicized, underfunded, underpaid, understaffed that is Malawi’s civil service in a nutshell. You can global trot all you want but if the above factors aren’t addressed, nothing will change

  13. Happy Eduardo says:

    Just to school a Tsiku lamowa: Singapore does not yet belong to the category of what you are calling First World. Development literature tells me that Singapore is one of the four of what are called Newly Industralising Countries of East Asia or South East Asia if you like. The other countries are Taiwan, South Korea and HongKong. In fact, categorising of countries as first, second or third world is no longer there. You are either talking about developing countries, developed countries, highly industrilised countries, less developed countries (LDCs), undedeveloped countries. Ndithutu amwene.

    1. Tsiku la Mowa says:

      You must be stuck in the 1970s. The terms ‘first world’ and ‘third world’ are still very much in use in their economic sense. You still hear people talk about ‘first world standards’ to denote high standards, and ‘third world conditions’ to denote poverty or low standards. What has fallen out of use is the political sense, with the collapse of communism (the second world).

      The 2013 IMF GDP per capita figure (in PPP terms) for Singapore was US$78,762 surpassing those for Switzerland (53,977), USA (53,001) and Germany (43,475). With these figures, how can you deny Singapore first world status? In fact this point about Singapore moving from third world status to first world status was a BBC (not MBC) news item last week.

      Next time you want to school someone do not rely on textbooks from the 1970’s. These days there is this thing called the internet…

  14. Angoni says:

    The trip was worth, but the timing is wrong. Why going after the report and launching. Is this not a waste of resources…….

  15. Member says:

    Bwana Clause Chilima ndiye mukupalatu apa. What are you going to learn in ten days that Malawi can benefit from. This is just a waste of money. I thought there is currently a policy of no useless travels. It is clear and obvious that you are trying to bluff the nation. There should be something sinister going on. Could it indeed be the new cellphone company? Tikukuonanitu!!!

    By the way, can we not develop our own strategies taking into consideration that Malawi is land locked, hence cost of living is high. We have people like Chinyamata Chipeta who wrote “The Indigenous Economics”. Cant we use the theories you learnt from his book to incorporate into the reforms you are trying to come up with instead of borrowing theories from the East which are different from our scenario here. Lets just go to our basic economics and start producing en masse. Production of good quality products using our local resources is what we need. Malawi has a lot of natural resources but we are not able to utilize them. Production, production production please. Lets join hands!! Not foolish travelling.

  16. Yakowela says:

    The Veeps intentions are good and real but the biggest challenge is the mentality of civil servants, they are not ready to reform. They still live in the past. Emphasis should be on changing civil servants mind set and attitude. They should be service delivery result oriented and promotion should be based on output or perfomanced based. These days even people without MCE have masters degrees. If someone failed MCE how can he easily aquire a masters degree?

  17. Liberalist says:

    What is quite true is Singapore is not a black nation. Where can u point to a truely black nation prospering if not Botswana which is homogeneous with no tribal & regional squables. Malawi WILL NEVER develop for next 200 years. Mark my words. Reason; tribalism & regionalism are our developments. Look around Africa its a very rich continent but with very poor people. The real enemies of Africa are the Whites & our Stupidity of tribalism. Wake up Malawians stop tribalism face the real enemy; British, Americans etc who are exploiters in the name of IMF.

  18. Massive says:

    Kodi si kwa ndege kuja kumenenku?

  19. Ali Chioko says:

    There is also need to learn from Malaysia. I would encourage the Vice President and his team to also visit Malaysia while in Singapore. Bravo SKC!

  20. katundu says:

    Ok so some VP can be so foolish as to go for study tour while program implementation is already in advanced stages?

  21. kawale says:

    Koma ameneyo alibe mfundo. Retrench Pss now you stupid bastard

  22. kamvazina says:

    VP job is most useless . Its even better to be a minister because you run your own business. VP reports to Ben Phiri

  23. kapida says:

    Kodi awa amayesa government business ngati airtel? M’ boma being a VP doesn’t mean you have influence. Real VP is Ben Phiri who is able to overrule APM.

  24. kapindula says:

    This fellow is just wasting peoples time. No tangible action sofar

  25. Juma says:

    Chilima appeared to be intelligent guy at first but now it seems he has completely failed. He has his priorities upside down. Which should have come first learning and launching? Typical of leadership that has no direction. By now we expected him to start negotiations with all Pss he wants to retrench. But this fool is simply singing a song. He cant do anything unless Ben Phiri approves

  26. Wandevu says:

    Tidanena ife MCP NDIYO DEAL

  27. jasi says:

    I thoght this guy was serious? He is not start retrenching Pss now then we will know reform is going on. Paying Pss at home for nothing? Come be serious

  28. Bololo says:

    Impi Saulos we wish you a nice holiday in Singapore. Whilst you are there visit the super clean streets and offices; send us wish you were here postcards; do some shopping; ask the people in the malls how they transformed their country; meet the 4th cellphone company and collect our package from them. Come back to this impoverished dirty unkempt little country refreshed. Sincerely Moya Mk II

  29. Djomba says:

    Foreign trips have been made for too long by Malawian officials from various disciplines.Already our corrupt thinking has not selected the right people for such trips. Already somebody is motivated by huge allowances etc not necessarily what they are going to learn. Why don’t you talk to Singaporean government to send it’s experts and deliver public leactures etc. Why dont we see formal reports on what exactly has been learnt only thanking the president upon arrival….hehehehehehe Malawi

  30. Tengupenya says:

    Singapore is a city state. So conditions are starkly different here.

  31. prof chirwa says:

    There is no need to study in Singapore , it is just a way of wasting our money , it is clear that Singapore has grouwn up rapidly because of skills develpment that drove to economic boom of singapole and this it is like that because of Asian tiger this has help more country’s in Asia and it is what malawi must do to follow and stop following Anglo stetus, I was thinking malawi now it has cleaver politicians? Who knows what to do! They must contact me and I will teach them, stop wasting our money please for nothing.

    1. English Guru says:

      Prof Chirwa, if you are as clever as you claim to be, learn how to spell the word ‘clever’ itself first… or at least tell us what you mean by ‘cleaver’

  32. Chris says:

    Public reform?majoni and dpp are doing contrary,may be chilima is also on strategy to eat fruits for his support to dpp

  33. Nkalapwaga says:

    Kushopping uko musatiphwatike ndi bodza lo!

  34. wadala says:

    What a joke! The Commissioners were there in Singapore a few months back on a study to on the same reforms. Didn’t they write a report that VP can use?

    1. another thought says:

      A reform commission full of private sector guys who don’t understand the machinations of the civil service. Saulosi will fail with his reforms and that will be his undoing

  35. thana nawe says:

    Too bad

  36. Tsiku la Mowa says:

    Singapore moved from third world status to first world status in the space of 50 years. Malawi trying to emulate Singapore is just crazy, and a complete waste of time. We are worlds apart.

    The VP and his commission can make all the study tours they want, but these will just be shopping trips. Deep down they know that the answers to the questions are within Malawi – better supervision, reasonable targets, better pay, de-politicising the public service, assessing improvements or lack thereof by getting objective feedback from the public, etc You don’t need to go half the world to Singapore to learn all these…

    1. Pathako Pa Masangwi says:

      Well said Tsiku La Mowa. In addition to that with the world on line these days, one can conduct a serious research on the internet without needing to travel with a large entourage to Singapore.

      Nawenso Chilima uli shupiti! Kuli bwino angomusiyiladi Atupele utsogoleri. We thought you would make the difference.

  37. ujeni says:

    Study visit yachani? Kuwononga ndalama za boma basi. We have alot of reports achived and gathering dust. You people you just like flying out or globetrotting yet you learn nothing from your travels, just call yourselves tourists from Malawi. Where is Vision 20-20 if o may ask.

    1. angondo says:

      you have impressed me…good words

  38. enuf said says:

    As long as no Asian is to blame

    M fine Where ever the VP goes

    We Malawians elected him
    So can’t blame them for being elected!

    Blame ourselves

  39. Mwini mgodi says:

    Hahaha we know mr money you are going to your boss the dues for bulldozzing the cell company. CS reform! mungoziyalusa chabe. Malawi anatseguka mmaso

  40. Mvula J. Mvula says:

    That is a brilliant idea! The Bretton Woods Institutions will not help but enslave Malawi. Let him learn and develop a home grown formula to develop Malawi.

  41. Mondiwa says:

    Ha ha ha! A chilima, is this the crap you are learning at MIM?

  42. PM says:

    On one hand DPP government pursues reforms, on the other DPP party is demanding the goverment officers should support the party. It is eating into the reforms momentum

  43. Joseph robert Mbogo says:

    U guys seem to be serious 4 real heh!Ok may god be wit u in yo endeavours en remain blessed!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Kokotowa says:

    Mungoti kwekweeeee! Kwekweeeee! Ngati tiankhwezule tating’ono ting’imo bwanji? Let the young man do his job the way he deems fit!


  45. Antiracist says:

    While you are there, please see if you can rent their government for just a few years, and see how our Malawi will prosper, pay them a percentage of real economic growth …….. poorest country in the world no more after just months …… the point is, it is you politicians and your cronies who are the problem and impediments to development.

  46. Alufeyo says:

    Singapore is the wrong country to visit in as far as reforms are concerned. Am told that more than 28 senior public servants have been to this highly developed country to study the reform some for as long as three weeks at the Singaporean Civil Service College but no progress. Malawi knows what it must do to progress there is no need for study visits by a VP. Malawi must utilise its human resources by respecting the knowledge that exists in both private and public services. Reforms that succeed ate those that are home grown.

  47. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    You are busy doing something which you think is good and your General Secretary is busy shouting on top of his voice against the civil servants. You call it a Civil Service Reform. To hell with you government.

  48. Singapore,that is where the former President Bingu wa Mutharika bought an expensive umbrella and a raincoat when he travelled with Ethel Mutharika.Remember that guys?.

  49. Kadakwiza says:

    Alomwe amamgoyamika zili zonse. Sija ati, tikumenye? Muti eee! Tikusiye? Muti, eeee! Alomwe ndi choncho. The trip is just a waist of resources. What is he going to learn in Singapore? Nkhani ndiyoti, Malawi ndiyosauka dziko lonse la pansi nde nkhani tiyenera kuthana nayo pano. Osati ulendo waku Singapore. Kodi mmene Peturo amalowa mu boma anali asakonzeke eti?

    1. Sapitwa kakulanye says:

      Man, don’t resist change

  50. bwanji kodi says:

    Bwana Saulos Chilima wake up!! akufuna akupusitseni pitala nkhani ndi yoti pochoka ku Singapore mudzamva kuti pitala wasankha 2nd vice president believe me bwana.

  51. Saulos, tiwauze a Moya angokweza malipirowo molowa manja aone mmene zinthu zisinthire.

  52. zte says:

    aaaaa sawulosi ndinkakuwonani ngat adolo aaaaa battery lenileni

  53. Achimidzimidzi says:

    One step forward, two steps backwards. Thus DPP running the government.

    Imagine the president launched a Public Service Reform Program three weeks ago. Today, the same president is sending the very chairman of the commission to study a certain model.

    What do you expect? Immediately after coming back there will revisions of the launched program. First things first, didn’t apply here.

    Now, what annoys me is that all these presidents are well educated but they deliberately chose to do things the wrong way.

  54. What about irrigation mudakawona kunia ijanso,when are bringing it into existence kwathu kuno?the best I suggest just remove custom duties on irrigation equipment,we can on our own ndalama tili Nazi,tikuwopa m’ma boarder mu ,mbavazi zimango tchaja mwa njiru ndi njiru,pls madzi asamangowonengeka mu shire mu,thandizani dzikolo Chaka chino anthu sanakolole,ndiye the best way is irrigation,yathu yathu ife a Malawi,b4 the foreigners come at take it away.

  55. Shame on our beloved VP. Are there no technocrats i mean real implementers of public reforms at capital hill to attend such case studies.What’s the role of the Reform Secreteriat then? No wonder we have so many case study reports sitting phwii at Capital hill. Too much greed in our leaders.I remember,one PS gatecrushed a meeting somewhere in Europe. All countries had sent junior/young civil servants.He was the only most senior and aged around 60.Ashamed he ran away after receiving allowances. Similarly, a Bunda College professor faced same fate some of u know him.No wonder we are poor. Politicians want to double as technocrats doing roles of Civil servants..

  56. MBACHI says:

    Mr President is reform a priority in Malawi at present? Donors are watching us. There are no medicines in Malawi. Please Mr President atleast LOVE your country. What you are doing doesnot show any love to your country. People going to Singapole just to enjoy. SHAME.

  57. Nowa says:

    No reforms.more corruption

  58. Balamanthu says:

    Civil service reform in Malawi will only be succesful when three things happen (a) stopping mixing politics with appointments of top decision makers in it.This makes other civil servants untouchable because they use their political prowess to thwart progress and accountability (b) serious behaviour change happens to focus on performance and reward the same accordingly (c) all civil servants are treated the same using the same yardstick.Those that steal should be punished even when their uncles are presidents or ministers.Of key significance is the need to flush out all thieves from civil service.Those that stole and were invved in the chain of approvals in cash gate transactions, just fire them at once.We have enough people to replace them.

    To amplify the point, the stupid proposal being currently made that top civil service terms of appointment will be made concurrent with party duration in term is a rightful recipe for disaster because it makes them subservient to politics and not perform accordingly.Somebody needs to block this backward and arcahic thinking.

    Lastly, to chose a visit to saingapore is the most stupid choice made by government.The VP should have made visits to Rwanda,Namibia,Ghana and Ethiopia where things work.

  59. The Truthful One from the West says:

    This is most surprising coming after launching the reforms. What is he going to learn? I already said that a commission full of members who had never worked in the public service cannot propose meaningful reforms.

  60. wanda says:

    So you launched the public sector reform before doing your homework. So pitiful and incompetent. You have the money to pay flying fare but cannot pay poor teachers who have been working for more than half a year now. What kind of parents are you? God will avenge for the powerless and voiceless.

  61. chimpeni says:

    hehehe there goes the technocrat, musiyeni agwire ntchito!!!

  62. What comes first, launching and learning? I thought we needed to learn before launching.

  63. Ngungudya says:

    Ingonenani zomveka zaotsutsazo zilekenibwaaaa

  64. Phaghlani Vwavwa says:

    Mr Saulos Chilima, did you read what ‘Dr’ Sam Mpasu wrote last week about these reforms? The main thing to reform in Malawi is this : Let the President stop appointing people in the civil service based on politics and regionalism, Introduce performance management system in the civil service and then recruit, promote and reward people on merit. it is that simple Saulos, and I certainly know that you certainly know it. Everything rises and falls on leadership.

  65. Wamisala osagenda says:

    Reform sitimapanga malipiro akulandira wochepa.

  66. Oberver says:

    Shopping trip, what can nepotistic, tribalistic, regionalistic, corrupt and inefficient Malawi learn from any country let alone Singapore? I thought they have just introduced and launched Public Sector reforms? Can not even save the little resources they have, but must travel!

  67. Loke says:

    That is the best move see what is on the ground bring back expert and sent there technocrats flush out lazy bones inject new blood

  68. Maximum Prison says:

    Otsutsa boma mukutinji amene mumati aja APM ndi Chilima sakuonana maso ndi maso? Ana a njoka inu! APM ndi gentleman sizaumbuli wanuwo! Akutumiza MR Money kuti akawone bwino bwino!!!!!!!!! Bomaaaaaaaaaaaaa ilooooooooooo

  69. ian says:

    Bravo APM, ine ndakondwa kwabasi. You two will build our nation, olila alile koma zikuchita kuoneka kuti motoooooooo!!!

  70. Masoambeta says:

    People are level headed until they become politicians. A visit to Singapore will yield nothing. The problem with Malawi is lack of continuity and follow up of public policies. There is no reform that can work in the height of such corruption in Malawi public sector.
    This shows how our politicians have lost the plot.
    We don’t need to go anywhere to learn anything. Let’s stop corruption and let the courts be firm and fair in prosecuting culprits.
    Muluzi has walked free, kaliyati has walked free, joyce Banda is globe trotting, Lutepo will jostle free, Mphwiyo, Kasambara and all the bandwagon of mighty thieves are untouchables because they have connections. It could be a good reform and clear signal If these people were netted and quizzed about their involvement in public funds emblezlement.
    You don’t need to go to Singapore for anything other than a holiday!

  71. Kalikokha says:

    I totally agree with contributor number 3, desk research would have been the starting point and any subsequent travel to Singapole would just have been to verify information already gotten from other sources…..

  72. Yakobe Munthali says:

    AAAAAAAAAA!!!! Hold on MR Chilima. You went to Israel to learn about Agriculture irrigation. Where are we on that one???? All what you told us was that ” the Israelites make rain” Nothing on the paper or ground. Big man Khalani pansi osadzivuta. Inu ntchito yakulirani. Its not as easy as at Airtel. This is government let alone Malawi government where progressive movement is an enemy.

  73. Mphwache says:

    But SINGAPORE developed their country based on the Development Plan by Dunduzu Chisiza which was presented at an economic development symposium, sponsored by the Ford Foundation, at which authorities from around the world presented papers on African and Malawian development. Dunduzu gave a presentation entitled “Africa – What Lies Ahead?”, This is the blueprint from which Singapore was developed.

  74. Chidzukulu cha Akwitusya says:

    I still don’t understand the change they are trying to play here . Let the change come from the top they way they run this country. Civil servants needs a motivation for them to work efficiently and effectively . Some teachers up today have not been paid for 10 months….yet someone going to learn the reform somewhere. ”kkkkkk its my hope that they are not going to buy how to out source the government departments kkkkkkk

  75. ambuya chik kay says:

    we will continue learning until 5 years is over

  76. MMALAWI says:

    A waste of time and money because:
    1. You don’t expect to learn in-depth about a system in 5days
    2. The Malawi civil service environment and that in Singapore is totally different and can therefore not be replicated
    3. You start with small changes in the obvious weaknesses of your own system before you go and borrow ideas from the more advanced systems
    4. You don’t need to go to Singapore to learn about their system and reforms, all that information is in cyberspace and can be accessed easily
    5.The people who instituted those reforms are no longer in the system so what you will see a working system and not the mechanics that brought it about!
    Ine ndagodutsamo!

  77. sharshaja says:

    You are most welcome mr Angoni.

  78. Finito says:

    The best reforms are:
    1. Employ based on merit not on ‘KUDZIWANA’,
    2. Workers should be highly motivated e.g well paid, nice working environment, soft loans, should take part in decision making.
    3. Stop corruption at all levels. Corruption is greatly retarding development in Malawi

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