Malawi VP says xenophobia attacks won’t affect ties with SA

Malawi Vice President Saulos Chilima has ruled out any possibility of a diplomatic spat with South Africa following xenophobic attacks in the rainbow nation which have affected 420 Malawians, three of whom are seriously injured.

Chilima: We have demanded protection of Malawi citizens in South Africa

Chilima: We have demanded protection of Malawi citizens in South Africa

However, the Malawi Government has requested South Africa to ensure that proper security measures are provided to all people affected by the ongoing xenophobic attacks.

Updating the nation through a news conference in Blantyre, Vice President Chilima reiterated government’s shock and sadness at the attacks and said the South African government has since assured Lilongwe that measures have been put in place to protect lives of all targeted foreigners.

“We condemn the attacks in strongest terms. As neighbours, members of SADC and as friends, we must live in harmony. But let me say here that the attacks won’t affect diplomatic ties with South Africa because it’s not the government sending people to attack foreigners. Even President Jacob Zuma has condemned the attacks.”

“The South African government has assured that it is doing all it can to ensure that lives of targeted foreigners are protected by, among other things, beefing up police officers in areas where the situation is volatile,” stated Chilima.

According to Chilima, government has finalised arrangements to repatriate the affected citizens to Malawi, and the first buses are expected to arrive in Malawi on Sunday, April 19, 2015.

The Vice President then disclosed that Capitol Hill had already transferred K59.1 Million to the Malawi High Commission in South Africa for the repatriation process.

He said Malawians authorities in South Africa were finalizing the process of producing temporary travel documents for those that have lost their passports.

“The government has established two centres in Blantyre and Lilongwe in preparation for the arrival of the returnees. Each center can accommodate at least 500. The centre in Blantyre at Kwacha will carter for those arriving in Blantyre destined for the districts in the southern region.”

“The one in Lilongwe at Old Town will carter for those arriving in Lilongwe destined for districts in the central and northern regions. Screening, provision of psycho-social support and further repatriation to places of origin would be the key services provided at both reception centres,” added Chilima.

Chilima then assured the citizenry that aggressive efforts were underway to ensure the safe repatriation of all the displaced and injured Malawians.

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28 thoughts on “Malawi VP says xenophobia attacks won’t affect ties with SA”

  1. Mojamoja says:

    South Africans should understand that we are all Africans. Please google people like Clement Kadali.

  2. mr vice president you are talking shit do you think this Rapist whom you call Jacob Zuma can talk some thing against his own nation?how you can say Zuma is not happy with this while he is the leader of Xenophobia?dont allow this Rapist{Zuma} fooling you a chief from his own tribe and his own son are them who order southafrican to start xenophobia in addition since the matter took place Zuma was quite he started talking when some salounding countrys started attaking his people and gave him bad warnings against his bussineses then you can see he is stoping xenophobia to protect his bussinesses in foreign country not to save foreigners wake up mr VP stop dreaming

  3. Malindima says:

    A country poor like Malawi which has no much of manufacturing base and depends on imports of more 85% of its consumables must trade carefully. It will be like stabbing yourself expecting someone to fee the pain.
    Just allow those illegal immigrants to come home and join the bandwagon of maize field workers here at home.

  4. Wodzichepetsa says:

    Mr. President want to have talks with the lion, the VP maintaining relations with enemies

    Headless chickens indeed

  5. Kulibe kantu says:

    Mulindima, you are showing you foolishness and being myopic, whether people went to South Africa illegally or not, they are still Malawian citizens and government is still responsible for their safety and the VP must have been a bit stronger. Yes, sending buses is a good gesture, but that does not stop government from taking action.
    Secondly, you are also not telling the truth this is the first time government is sending buses to ferry Malawians affected by xenophobia. In 2008 Malawi government also sent buses. That time Joyce Banda was minister of foreign affairs and she was personally involved in issue. So whaat are talking about? Umbuli basi. As you read this, SASOL has closed offices in Mozambique.
    I fully support CAMA call to boycott South African businesses as sign of displeasure.

    The South African government has never been serious to solve xenophobia.

  6. Kulibe kantu says:

    VP, you should have been a bit stronger. Let RSA feel it. You can see that many African countries like Nigeria, Mozambique etc reacted strongly on this.

  7. Inability to compete in a free world market & sense of entitlement are killing SAfricans.There is no any sensible excuse regarding foreign nationals in SA

  8. nicole Ashyle says:

    To solve aproblem is not about revenge.Iknow everybody is angry about it,but Think about the more Malawians who are still in SA kodi mukati mubwenzera Amalawi onse ku SA athako?????

  9. Malindima says:

    Just appreciate that at least Malawi Govt has cared this time around.
    Munapitako nokha ndipo ambirinu ndi ma illigal immigrants kumeneko. Boma silinakutumizeni kumeneko. Don’t blame VP. Join other foreigners and fight will find that South Africa will be in flames.
    Chilima can not think like you wish; he has to act tactfully whilst condemning the attacks.

  10. Malindima says:

    I don’t know why people are blaming Chilima. Perhaps you should ask yourself a question as to why you are found in RSA in the first place. Did the Malawi govt. send you there to warrant you blaming the VP?
    This is the first time Malawi govt. has sent buses compared to the previous attacks where nothing happened and not even a word from the Malawi govt. You should appreciate!

  11. mphevu says:

    A VP mwayankhula mopusa. Isnt a government’s responsibility to protect people within its boundaries. Where is South African Police. The Police should have been in the trouble spots within minutes and not so many hours. If you continue speaking like you did you risk Malawians to more harm. You should be tough to ensure that you be taken seriously.

    In contrast APM seemed to have spoken with right tone in threatening severance of trading ties.

  12. George Lihoma says:

    Another South African mine owned by SASOL in Tamane, Inhambane has also been shut, Local Mozambican workers downing their tools while their South African counterparts being repatriated. RSA will bear the xenophobia consequences economically and the Rand is gonna fall badly if not curbed. Penanso kupanga zinthu mwaumbuli nkhuyu zimakamupota wina. Watch this space. Hahahahaha!

  13. Dentures Muthalika says:

    Ine ndimakhulupirira kuti chirichonse chimachitika pamakhala cholinga. Izi zachitika kamba koti ambuye akufuna anzathu munachokanu mubwere tidzathandizane kuchotsa Bwampini pa mpando. Taonani iye sizikumkhudza olo mpangonongono.Kodi tinene kuti Ku hotel yomwe anakafikirako kulibeko television, kuti sakutha kuonera zakuphedwa kwa amalawi ku Joni?

    Nanga zoona munthu osalankhulapo pa nkhaniyi, Ku amerikako! Kapena akudwala anakazulitsa mano.

  14. greg mtayeni says:

    Nanunso a Saulos palibe chanzeru chimene chanzeru chimene mwayankhulapo.Malawians are being tortured and killed for the crime of being foreigners and you are ass licking that this wont affect the diplomatic ties.Its time Zuma should be condemning his illiterate thugs to stop that nonsense of killing foreigners.Ntchito kudziwa kujudula mavoti and you are failing to improve things.

  15. Chatty Man says:

    Mr Chilima you are joking?How special are Malawians to be spared out of all this xenophobic?You need to act your words are very very useless! Just send buses and bring our relatives back!


    Uphawi umene ukutipangisa kuti tizilakhula chochi, Chilima your brothers and sisters are getting killed then you are talking shit like that, Have you seen Mazambique’s action they are not scared like you, the border between SA and Mozambique is closed and SASOL in Mozambique has been closed and more than 300 South Africans are on their way home just example of Mozambique action whereas ukunyengelela SA, fuck man to hell……..!!!!!!!!!

    Chilima is what you can say of security and relationship with SA while your people are been killed by burning them oh oh oh oh you and president of SA is just talking talking talking no real ACTION and xenophobia attacks escalating.

  17. Chalaka Bakha nkhuku singatole says:

    Iwe Saulos Chilima, you are useless and senseless. The country is killing our brothers, and the President’s son is on the fore front and Zuma’s gestures say it all that they are part of it, now you come and say “fye fye fye! it won’t affect our relationship” Useless!!!! what is it that will cause our ties to be affected than this? You must be useless pumpkin!

  18. Life of people versus diplomatic relationship. The VP has chosen relationship, what wil u choose. I think the President of Malawi wil come in 2019, now we don’t have.

  19. chilungamo says:

    Julius malema is the one who has condemned xenophobic attacks in strongest term. viva malema .

  20. whatttfuchi says:

    Dont rush into making childish statement mr VP, its not even known how many malawian hav died and how many are displaced and where they are . U need to get fact first then table issues to parliament to discuss how malawi should respond. Malawi need to know that it is the duty of the state to protect its citizens, and that the south african government is legally bound to protect malawians who are in that country same other all the people there. Its high time the government there isnt doing enough, if it was southj african football fans at an international match, south africath have been fined, its high time south africa needs to be taken to task to explain and be fined and countries should push for sanctions so that the govetrnment take human rights sriously. Dont rush to try to search relations, rgardless of their immigration status their didnt deserve this, and south africa need to b shamd for being ant foreigner and homophibic, if this ruin their tourist, trade and other economic opotunity, the government will take measure, government, police treat people as dogs , no wonder people are treated foreigners as dogs too, migration is a grobal/global issue, its worldwide. It cant end with a machete. Mr VP dont kiss |RSA’s ass when they have killed the people who voted and would have voted u again to power, the government of malawi is part of the fken problem causing migration to south africa, so it should be part of the solution, dont sympthanthise with RSA, at expense of deceased families.

  21. Tendai Zonda says:

    Mr VP this isn’t the time to care about your ties with RSA. Be more concerned about your pple. South Africans treat foreigners like dog. President Zuma is saying nothing as a President and is doing nothing. Mozambique today closed roads,didn’t allow any south african vehicle to pass and Zimbabwe is planning to vandalize south African shops in Zimbabwe. shops like Mr price,shoprite,pick n pay cheekers and many more…are there not south africans in Malawi? chase them to their country so that RSA nationals will respect malawi. Do something Mr President than just sending the buses.

  22. Ndazion says:

    Mr Saulos, ngati nfundo yolankhula mulibe tangokhalani chete. That is not the point to raise while people are on fire, lack of mentality. They are a lot of educated Malawian than yourself in South Africa, watch your mouth, Let us keep on praying for our fellow brothers and sisters, we musn’t bring politics.

  23. I thought VP ur wise but i hv realized now that u r foolish

  24. Khwethemu says:

    Wat a hell lot of rubbish. Relationship shud change. Pipo getting killed n the stupid president of Malawi leaves for a stupid tax spending spree in the US. Koma dzilo la Malawi ili. Dont wori he is like King Saul in the bible. Chilima are u serious? Mbuzi za anthu boma la Malawi. Pathetic. Boycott South African business’s

  25. Masoambeta says:

    Saulos Chilima has a problem which he needs to address. Saulos Chilima, and the shabang of DPP have properties in South Africa.
    I will not call the names but the inner circle of DPP are mighty investors in South Africa. They own filling stations, flats and resort places and car hire companies . I can supply detailed information of who owns what.
    Some embassy staff I know from Pretoria have confirmed this fact.

  26. chibwatiko Mbekamachuni says:

    No political party or individual in govt sent them there and to think someone is a failure in this case is absurd. Even if Chakwera won the elections do we think he would have avoided these xenophobic attacks? Let us pray for our brothers down south and not accussed anybody for anything in this case.

  27. Matty SA says:

    Aaaaagh you just talking nosense Mr VP. People are killed here and you said security which security you talking about! SA govt says is not xenophobic attack so what is it now? The president here is not concerned with the attack. Akafika anthu kumeneko try to find jobs,food and muwamangile nyumba. So what about who have gotta katundu but they want to move with them.

  28. How APM WON ELECTION says:

    Mr Silos, that’s ass kissing talk. Our brothers, fathers and sisters are being killed in South AFrica and all you can say is that “our relationship will not change with south africa”…Man, are you crazy? Of Course, relationships with South Africa and the rest of her neighbours are def. going to change. They have to. Look at the South African Gov’s response to all this madness. What have they done to protect the victims, us Malawians in South Africa.
    I think Chakwera should have been elected the President of our country. This APM gov is bull-shit…in anything.

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