Malawi were beaten by best team in Africa, says coach Chimodzi

Algeria were hailed as Africa’s current best team by their defeated opponents after he Desert Foxes  scored in either half to beat hosts Malawi 2-0 and cement top spot in Group B of the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers on Saturday afternoon in Blantyre.

Chimodzi:  We lost to the best team

Chimodzi: We lost to the best team

Dejected players

Dejected players

Carrying the Malawi flag in support of Flames

Carrying the Malawi flag in support of Flames



FAM president Walter Nyamiladu and Sport Ministry offiial Justin Saidi

FAM president Walter Nyamiladu and Sport Ministry offiial Justin Saidi

Former minister Henry Phoya came to watch the match

Former minister Henry Phoya came to watch the match

In support of Flames

In support of Flames

“Algeria are the best team in Africa at the moment. We gave them too much respect and they indeed outplayed us,” said Malawi head coach Young Chimodzi.

“They are in complete control. They dominate opponents and games, and have shown they can beat anyone and everyone,” he added.

Round two of the battle continues next Wednesday when Algeria host Malawi in the reverse fixture for group B. Malawi also has to travel to Ethiopia then welcome Mali in Blantyre.

The Flames, ranked 98, are seeking to emulate the feat of 2010 when they qualified for the Afcon finals as third best losers and went on to thrash Algeria 3-0 in Angola finals. Algeria are rated 20.

Chimodzi also said people should expect some changes in the return match and that they are gunning for a win or a draw.

After the game on Saturday, some Flames supporters  chanted anti-Chimodzi’s songs accusing him of sidelining veteran natural right winger Fischer Kondowe.

The fans, who  also surrounded Algeria coach praising them with chants like, “Algeria ! Algeria!” .

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17 thoughts on “Malawi were beaten by best team in Africa, says coach Chimodzi”

  1. Kanyimbi says:

    Egypt was the best team but Malawi managed to beat it. Osamanamizana apa best team, best team zachamba basi. Odi ndilowe kumphanga ine.

  2. Amuna ngunda ngunda,wakumalowa . says:

    Palibe team yomew ndi best kuposa inzake ndizaboza, koma osewera athu samayikapo ntima, kuthamangira kusuta chamba phweee nanga kumozambiki ndi pulofeshonal ,tapitani kumidzi kuli osewera abwino .

  3. onyex says:

    anali defender koma amathila

  4. chokazinga says:

    Guys lets not talk about coaches, talk about players, Malawi has no quality football players, our league is not competitive, South Africa league is not competitive too, where then are we going to get better players from? Wanderers and Bullets are the big teams in the country but do we have quality national team players in those teams.

  5. munthuyu anali defender,timu ingachite bwino?

  6. Sports Experts says:

    By saying we lost to best team means what? That’s nonsense. The main reason for failure in Malawian Football is:- Malawi players are too and try to search some local players from villages or schools. Second is to call Kinna to be our Coach.During the time when Kinna was our coach, our team manage to qualify for Africa Cup of Nations. Send this Chimodzi to Chipiku League for him to learn how to manage a team to win.

    1. fotseki says:

      it simply shows how umbuli some one can be the same Kinnah was sacked after a string of poor results Who doesnt know that Algeria is the best team as compared to Malawi. Ma Player ena akunenedwawo Chamba chokhachokha. Lets face the reality beating Algeria will be by grace of God. How many pro plays in Europe and how many for Malawi. All the players we depend as pros are based in RSA which is also not doing good in international games Mozambique which the standards are not different from Malawi.

      The kind of preparation are just pathetic imagine not even a single friendly to play yet we expect good results.
      ofcouse I also agree 100% with the discipline of our local players, they are drinking alot, but that goes to how the local coaches are monitoring. I have very good examples of that.

      its high time we change the policies of our soccer and adopt professional football where players should only depend on football and treats it as work, just like in RSA and Europe.

  7. drakes says:

    Malawian coaches have failed we have tried them and they have proved to be tactically down to zero, these guys Young and Jack need to be assigned as regional coaches and please dont call back Kinna as other people are saying. If the Government is serious of supporting football lets bury our pride and accept to employ a foreign European or Brazilian coaches with a trainer. Pilirani Kachinziri is the person responsible with the mess we are in, he has always been writing bad about foreign coaches now can he defend the string of losses and shameful outings?
    As a Malawian I feel bad when flames loose like this, at least if it was a draw bola, even if this team is number one in Africa but its beatable with the right approach and technical know how of the coaches.

  8. Chikopa says:

    He is substiting like David moyes if there were ateam to beat it is algeria they give malawi two much room but lucky of tactics on our coach cost us agame

  9. ...igwe says:

    …without vigour, determination, self belief and ambition we can go nowhere. Look at Sudan…they defeated the African Champions Nigeria. That is the spirit lacking in our team. Defence is a very serious business….why fielding toddlers when the super league is full of full grown men? Goalkeeper who is completely imobile…to team members who are not fit…we dont have gyms in mlw???

  10. bwabwalala says:

    Iwe chimozi chiukepo anakupatsa dola zingati ?akungonyika koma ukumankakamila kwambiri.resign.wautsiru zimatikwanatu.

  11. U very stupid ma friend, hw come in a tournament/competition rating an oppornet a very best what cowardice coach, chifukwa chake anawa amangothamangathamanga kusowa chochita and U re clapping handz of how best Algeria team iz! resign U re a coward

  12. Nyapapi says:

    Ine mabakha amenewa ndi bwana wao Walter Nyamilandu amandinyansa kwambiri!

  13. eye eye says:

    Flames hasall the support but the team fails us all…so sad…Mwians are so passionate about their team but often times leave the stadium dissappointed…..please players, for once try to make the fans smile …sha! mukumvwa? mwapulika?Mwapimva?

  14. John says:

    Were you a good player Chimodzi? the answer us an emphatic YES! Are you a good coach? Not at national level no, may be a club coach! So stop excuses! We pay you for results, not excuses, whatever problems you get, that is your problem to sort out with your players. They do not play as a team anyway, they can not even connect five passes without losing the ball!!

  15. Mbolo Sidwala! says:

    Ma players amene atengedwa ndi ndani ndi ndani? Ma players awa Chiukepo ndi Atusaye chonde asapite nawo if the coach’s dreams of a win or draw are to be realised. Ths is a well proven fact at 99.999% confidence interval, he just have to accept, otherwise kuwatenga amenewa nchimodzimodzi kuyanika ufa pa chingwe.

  16. Chipapwiche Kajhalwiche says:

    Young Chimodzi, you are a fool and a waste of time. With this kind of inferiority complex you will never take the Flames to any level. Ungodya money yaulere. Resign today.

Comments are closed.

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