Malawi wins Cosafa Plate: Beat Zambia 1-0 in ‘leftovers’ final

Malawi national team , the Flames, made up for getting knocked out of 2015 Cosafa Cup when on Friday won the battle against their neighbours’ Zambia by edging them 1-0 in the consolation Plate final worth K2.6 million at Royal Bafokeng Sports Stadium in Rustenburg.

Malawi players with their Cosafa Cup Plate

Malawi players with their Cosafa Cup Plate

Malawi's Gerald Phiri (right) chasing for the ball

Malawi’s Gerald Phiri (right) chasing for the ball

Flames are Plate champs

Flames are Plate champs

Malawi claim the Plate title after beating Zambia.-photo courtesy of Cosafa

Malawi claim the Plate title after beating Zambia.-photo courtesy of Cosafa

Mozambique based striker Zicco Mkanda making his first start at the Cosafa Cup in the Plate Final scored the vital goal after a Zambian goalkeeper Kennedy Mweene made a silly blunder in the 60th minute and handed Flames the COSAFA Plate trophy.

Mweene received a back pass from defender Christopher Munthali but his effort to dribble oncoming Mkanda failed, resulting in the ball crossing the line for the only goal of the match.

The Plate tournament was designed for losers in the quarter finals of the prime competition.

From the word go, the Flames were a marvel to watch as they dominated the proceedings of the match, especially on the middle of the park where Chimango Kayira and John Banda outplayed the Chipolopolo boys.

In defence, the Flames also formed a concrete wall, which was too hard for the Chipolopolo boys to penetrate through.

The Flames nearly scored the second goal when Gerald Phiri’s long range effort rolling across the face of goal with Mweene’s way off pace in goal.

But the Chipolopolo boys had a near breakthrough when their striker whipped in a thunderbolt that grazed the outside of the upright for Malawi to sigh with relief.

The two sides continued sizing each other up and Charles Swini, who manned the posts in place of Mc Donald Harawa denied Zambia a clear goal scoring opportunity.

Flames captain Lucky Malata who was having a tough day at the office got himself booked twice before shown a red card for an agriculture tackle on an opponent.

The red card forced coach Young Chimodzi to substitute Robin Ngalande for Bashir Maunde to tighten his defence.

A sigh of relief was restored back on the Flames bench when a Chipolopolo midfielder  Donashano Malama was also shown the door in the 75th minute after a second bookable offence for kicking Frank Banda on the face.

Zambia also brought in fresh legs  and they continued fighting their way into the game but their strikers skied too many balls towards the end of the game.

In the end it was the Flames who walked away the happier side with at least a trophy to show for their outing.

Friday’s result was the first ever victory and sweet revenge for Malawi who suffered a 2-nil defeat at the hands of Zambia in an international friendly match in Lusaka prior to the COSAFA.

Malawi crashed out of the competition in dramatic fashion after giving away a 2-1 lead in the quarterfinals against Mozambique to lose 3-5 in penalty shootouts.

The 2015 COSAFA tournament closes Saturday, with Namibia taking on Mozambique in the final.


Malawi XI: Harawa, Lanjesi, Fodya, Malata, Mkanda, Banda, Kumwenda, Kayira, Mzava, Mhone, Phiri.

Zambia XI: Mweene, Nkausu, Munthali, Mbola, Malama, Mukuka, Mtonga, Katema, Mwanza, Mukuka, Ndhlovu.



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67 thoughts on “Malawi wins Cosafa Plate: Beat Zambia 1-0 in ‘leftovers’ final”

  1. Its impressive perfomance bigg up to you guys

  2. Ampuless says:

    Kulasa mtengo n’chamuna chomwe.

  3. James mkoko says:

    kkk~kkk~kkk~kkk! g kusewela ndeasewela bwino koma Ku Malawi ko tinazolowela zoluza basi mumva akuti akupanganso team akamenyedwa ndi Zimbabwe.

  4. kemwa says:

    Half a loaf is better than non,am happy more especially for defeating these uncircumcised neighbors.

  5. glorymakina says:

    Bigger things starts with smaller ones. One day we will take afcon cup. God bless Malawi.

  6. Khope says:

    We should defend this plate cup championship next year as we have chosen to settle for less

  7. For quite a long time Flames have never played well as they did at COSAFA. I enjoyed being a flames fan. Chimodzi and Chamangwana should be given enough resources to build a more robust team. Keep on the fire burning.

  8. d zuze says:

    we are proud of u guyz

  9. Joshua wellington liphuka says:

    Keep it up flames.
    Your success is our pride

  10. Mbolo Sidwala says:

    A journey of thousands miles starts wth one step. Keep on working hard guys. Mozambique, pray that we dont meet again in any of the competitions otherwise you wll pay heavily!

  11. Zoseketsa says:

    You mean all this joy is because Malawi has officially qualified as the chief failure among failures and the country is celebrating?

  12. chim says:

    Guys you gave us a good show.We are really proud of you.We don’t care whether you came out as number 5.But the pride of beating the elite teams is what matters most.Its hard to decide a game based on penalties.You put up a good show against mozaq and the rest of the games.You were just a marvel to watch.Everyone of you deserves a chance in the premier league.

  13. Alungwana says:

    I dont celebrate for leftovers! Im not a dog to enjoy what falls from the table.

  14. Howard Kachipanda says:

    Anyani kusekana dzikundu

  15. Mayeso abilidala says:

    Next is to qualify for afcon!

  16. Shekman says:

    Dzimakapakape Ndinu Masapota A Netbal Osamangodziwa Kunyoza Pazomwe Simumazidziwa Footbal Simumaitsata In Soccer We R After A Win Whether Frendly Or Competetion Kwa Odziwa Mpira Ma Player Achita Bwino Apa Especialy Beating Zambia In Reguration Time, Am Very Happy CONGURATURATION GUYS wakwiya ndi mfiti yotha ntchito muphuzile kumayamika enanu munabadwa bwanji nsanje, nthenda kapena njala? Paja ndiye vuto lakula pa Mw

  17. nyayo says:

    Happy now.

  18. samuel says:

    this is what malawian citizens want from national team!!jst add another gear on 13june,God bless the flames!!!!!!

  19. mwadoh says:

    basi kukamwa yasa tanenani kuti ndi position yanji?

  20. Charter says:

    Iyi ndinatsika kale ine! Palibepo chothandiza apa!

  21. Morton Singini says:

    Chonchobe nanga nkutani ife timafuna chikho chenichenicho osati cha anthu oluza mpaka kumanyadira zoluzazo! Chisoni amalawi!

  22. James says:

    Well done flames,poti a Malawi ambiri timadziwa kungonyoza basi,winning two games in a row its not a joke,we had nice games to watch!!

  23. Greencardless Malawian says:


  24. kasiya says:

    Nanga chiyambireni boma wosadyapo ayi budjet kumatuluka koma osabwezako keep t up we need more fun guyz nw jst tie ur belt against de worriers of chonas of zim

  25. mwadoh says:

    ma exhaust osapanga matama bola ma queens

  26. UNE says:

    tamwa wa milk

  27. Senior Citizen says:

    Yes they did a great job but I did not like the way some times analyst critisize the flamez they had tried to beat the host and also the champions zambia. If will have a chance watch the repeat on times tv in the morning

    1. mwadoh says:

      this is not chess kapena bao its a game of contact bwana

  28. vilimumu says:

    welu maflemuzi

  29. Namatchaitsa says:

    Malawians we shouold be ashamed, celebrating for coming number 5 in a tournament of minnows?

    The coaching panel should be shot and their sorry-ass players incarcerated at Kachere rehabilitation centre to be reformed into hardworking patriotic citizens!

    And Walter should be extradited to the US for his involvement in the FIFA corruption!

  30. Beloved says:

    Well done boys thats the way to go atleast for now

  31. Raster says:

    Well done frames bigup

  32. mboyonga says:

    Bola pamenepo ma flames moto moto

  33. ujeni says:

    Koma guys this is not the finals but fifth place match. This is different embarassing to celebrate eish!!

  34. Dickens Chipalamandule Ngoma says:

    Ma Flames, kumeneko ndiye kubwela! Congrats Young Chimodzi and the boyz!

  35. “Cashgate boys boys yomweyo”!!!,kkkkkkkkkk

  36. obwande says:

    Congratulations guys you have made us great.You surely cud hv taken the COSAFA cup if the misfortune was not on our side when Yu were playing Mozambique.

  37. Wilson says:

    Amalawife kungoti maflamez oooyeeeeeeeeeee!! Oye pang’ono coz sachedwa kukhudwitsa thanks 4work had

  38. Amalawi anzanga kumeneko ndiye kudza ndakunyadirani

  39. Ck says:

    U did it for me guyz,neba usova

  40. flamez wooooyyeeee

  41. This time you were really serious

  42. nho says:

    Leftover ya chani?fodya eti.can’t u lean how to give a massive nd powerful story poyamikila kwanu?look at south africa sizinayende koma sikuti akulemba zofoila walembazi.

  43. George phiri says:

    Football is changing these days, it is difficult to beat underdogs like Mozambique. It was no surprise that Malawi beat South Africa and Zambia because when you are an underdog you get extra motivation just like Mozambique had a point to prove against us. My mesage to flames is simple; lets play these games with our hearts. Congrats guys and replicate that perfomance in CAF.

  44. Auph says:

    Malawi woyeeeeeeeee!odi ukoo amai adutsiku,kumachenjera patown

  45. Bomanile says:

    To have achieved this result without some key players is very commendable. It means we are building a new and good crop of players who can take the challenge of playing at international level against the big teams and win as shown against Bafana and now Chipolopolo

  46. shaft yaikulu says:

    akangaude achotsedwe mu trophy cabinet ya FAM, mukulowa plate. well done boys, you’ve done us proud. coach ameneyu anali kuti pilizi?!?!?!

  47. shaft yaikulu says:

    akangaude achotsedwe mu trophy cabinet ya FAM, mukulowa plate. well done boys, you’ve done us proud. coach ameneyu anali kuti pilizi?!?!?

  48. Bomanile says:

    Congrats Chimodzi and his technical panel, the players and other officials! At least we have captured some silverware after decades without winning, even though we have reached COSAFA finals twice. Next time we should capture the COSAFA trophy itself or even AFCON cup. This shows it can be done, ie compete against teams with much more money and come out victorious. That is not to say we should invest a bit more money in the team to play friendlies to keep the boys fit. You have made yourselves and the country proud.

  49. Kadakwiza says:

    Proud to be Malawian. Congratulations Mr Young Chimodzi and his boys for winning the Cosafa Plate. Zambia is our brown bread.

  50. thank you guys we have done the best keep it up! we love you, & we support you.

  51. Lloyd Mpofu says:

    Well done “THE FLAMES” for embarrasing the “XENOS” and beating “WA NEBA”.

  52. wakwinthu says:

    I hate way you have done with your heading ,you can n’t say malawi has won leftovers , amalawi learn positive reporting , you report as you are in tanzania,

    1. Rosenal says:

      Wi nid Ishmael Thindwa hz 2nd from Sinkonda in ma rank

  53. Mbolo Sidwala says:

    A win over neba is always sweet, especially when it is coming after another one over xenophobic joni. These two beat us in friendly and training matches respectively. Little did they know we would have the last laugh in competitive matches. Musova! Next is comrade pa 13 June pano.

  54. dexes says:

    I congratulate cashgate boys for winning losers competition at least we cn finally smile and thanx for losing to Mozambique which I see gave u bitter lessons which made u improve in the other games keep on u still need to learn to be the best.

  55. benjamin says:

    Malawi did a good job kuti kweeeeeee Odiiiukohhh

  56. Truck says:

    Congrats Flames ! Keep it up playing good Football.

  57. NYAOPE says:

    Congratulations homeboyz, half a loaf is better than none. Atleast you have got something under your wings to show back home.

  58. manzy says:

    Half bread is better than none, Weldone the Flames.

  59. benjamin says:

    Plz I praise Fodya as a hard worker left winger

  60. Mccarthy says:

    Nyc1 flames!!!!

  61. Zadziwika says:

    Congrats my boys! This is what we have always desired!

  62. Austin says:

    We’ll done boys u hv rlly deserved it

  63. Congrants Flames…Koma u could have won the cosafa..Nways next time..

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