Malawi withdraws Visa fees for Americans

Malawi government has withdrawn the new instructions to have Visa fees for Americans entering the country equivalent to what Malawians pay when entering their country, thus U$160 which is equivalent to K73,600.00, Nyasa Times

Ministry of Home Affairs has withdrawn a circular to all immigration border posts and top immigration officers in the country dated May 20, 2015 introducing Visa fees, Chief Immigration Officer Masauko Medi, confirmed.

Malawi has been forced to withdraw the Visa fees after pressure from United States government through its embassy in Lilongwe.

Medi ‘s circular said:”Please take note that all Americans entering Malawi should start paying visa with immediate effect.”

The fees excluded Americans travelling on government sponsored trips because Malawi government officials are also treated in the same way in the United States of America.

Medi said the circular was withdrawn and the decision is now suspended.

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62 thoughts on “Malawi withdraws Visa fees for Americans”

  1. bob says:

    The withdrawal of the visa fee for Americans stems from an old stupid colonial mentality which places the azungus above the blacks. this is nonsense

  2. bob says:

    Let the Americans also pay the visa fee. They extract money from poor Malawians and they themselves with their rich economy they do not want to pay. This is neo colonialism and exploitation. It is also a violations of the principal of equality among peoples of the world

  3. Trndex says:

    Has the American Government also withdrawn visas for Malawians entering their country? All along, a tit for tat has been a fare game.

  4. Rich nduna says:

    Anthu mukungolankhula simukuziziwa..a boma mwaganiza bwino ndipo olo mpaka itakhala nawo mu greatvisas simulakwitsa..timalipilira kwawo..nawonso azilipira

  5. hango says:

    Foolish decisions by foolish people can be withdran barely within 8 days after instructions. Weak heads at work in leadership; try and error syndrome – kuyendetsa boma simasewera!

  6. charles singano says:

    Malawian we are very fast thinking wrongthings,instead tosay malawian lets talk with american gorvernment to stop charging us to pay visa the same as americanas coming to malawi like longtime ago,but dnt punish the rich coutry like america thuts senseless

  7. Auph says:

    Kodi kwenikweni anayambitsa decision imeneyo ndani?wadullbrain yo.kungokunyumwisani pangoono mwasitha

  8. Sathankamwa says:

    Let them pay visa its our source of income other than adding VAT to SMS,Internet and Data transfers.Remember this is a sovereign country.

  9. mchaku says:

    A Masauko Medi, kungoyamba ndi plakido. kkkkkk! aaaah mwandiwaza bwanji. masanje awa ndithu, Malawi for sale.

  10. fkr says:

    Here is a question. how much aid does Malawi give to the USA every year? nothing. how much aid does America give Malawi every year besides the peace corps. etc etc. millions of dollars. America doesn’t need the $160 visa fee it charges Malawian s going to America. it uses the fee as a dererent to try and stop people who plan to go to America to stay there illegally…..many Malawian s are in the USA illegally. how many Americans do you think there,are on Malawi illegally? there are many countries who the USA Do not charge visa fee. If Malawi wants to be on this list then we need a national ID system for starters, issuing of passports needs to be strictly controlled etc etc.

  11. nyavizwazwa says:




  12. Anzathu says:


  13. Aaron Nsena says:

    Americans are bullshits and arrogants. They want africans getting poorer and poorer by each day so they give ud katapira(usury). APM pliz the visa issue wasnt bad and must not be thrown into dustbin

  14. Peter mathanyula,lino ndi bwalo la akulu mwamva!ngat mukufuna za phada zanuzo kapezeni bwalo lina pls,inetu kut munthu kukhala ndi imvi nde wamkulutu,pano nde ndipamene ndazikira kut pena kumakhala kudwala malingana ndikadye kathu kovutikiraka,shaaa! Ayi ndithu mwana wamunthu alibe mnzeru uyu!!

  15. Concerned Malawian says:

    have the americans removed the fee themselves? idiots…

  16. Mwana Mulanje says:

    Zolipilitsa visa ma Americans akuti PM, Ben Phiri, waletsa!

  17. commentator says:

    In Addis Ababa, you pay $20 to enter…
    There was nothing wrong in introducing this levy…
    Introducing and reversing is a very bad precedent. It renders incredible the administration. WE NEED A STATEMENT FROM EITHER THE MINISTER OR THE RESIDENT. THE BIGGER THE SOURCE OF THE STATEMENT THE BETTER.

  18. commentator says:

    Nanzikambe style…
    Something is not adding up…
    Who is leading this country?

  19. Cashgate1 says:

    Malawi need to grow economically. One thing that is needed is to broaden its income collective measures not only by choking its citizen through PAYE, but this measure taken on Visa. Govt need to explore how best they can implement it and not abandon it. May be they can only exclude Visas for African countries but the rest should pay. We can raise some cash for our budget.

  20. chaiwone wawo says:

    Who is making decisions for Malawi? Is Malawi a sovereign state? APM are you there? Can you stand tall and declare yourself the president of Malawi? 12 months in office, count how many reversed decisions. Are you on try and error mode? I can do better than you so on the Malawi presidency if this is the only kind of leadership you can offer.

  21. Member says:

    As we continue to dance m’bwiza with the jesters till 2019. Hehehe!!!

  22. Boyd Kilembey says:

    The reasons Malawians visit the USA are different from thge reasons an American would wish to visit Malawi. $160 was too much, in fact charging them anything is counter productive. Malawi has nothing out there to attract anybody. I posted that “tit for tat” works sometimes, but in this case tit for tat is a wrong principle. Malawi was bound to lose out.

  23. Nkhani says:

    The introduction of a visa to Americans was a good move, but to say “Malawians are treated the same way, therefore we need to hit back” that was wrong.

    As Government lets make sure that the decisions taken will not have effects to the Citizens of Malawi, i wonder if this Government is having a Captain?

    Work up Mr. President!

  24. Dr. O says:

    Guys, introducing visas for Americans and invoking reciprocity is a very simple way of thinking. The world doesn’t work like that. If you want Americans to pay $160 because we pay that much, then let us also pay back the aid that USA has been giving Malawi. Let the Gov. of Malawi decide to treat America the same way and pay billions of USD in aid! The second thing is this: how many Americans dream to emigrate here and how many Malawians would like to emigrate to USA?!? Do you now see the differences? You can’t have reciprocity because it simply doesn’t exist.

  25. chinyotho says:

    Paja JB tinampatsa acronym yoti Azungu akuti? Nanga lero?

  26. What is happening with our government?

  27. mtumbuka 1 says:

    Useless government that does not know what it wants. Impromptus decisions,blunders,corruption and all sorts of garbage lives at the state house. We certainly need a big political mop and broom to sweep this clueless and back and forth kind of govt out of the capital Hill. It’s a part-time gvt trying to experiment but after 50 years of independence we can’t afford a mediocre govt.

  28. makwinjaishmael says:

    Why withdrawing?. Will never stop weaping For Bingu,He was an Iron bars for Malawi Country. I thought you will be like your brother!!!. Sanali ozikonda ayi koma linali tsache losesa umve ngat uwu.Tili pa zero kudalira budgeti, mukuopa chani?.Poti kwamelekako nkuchimake kwa m’dyelekezi?, ayi kaya kuno kuli Yaweh. REVERSE IT, THEY GOT TO BE PAYING VISA!!!

  29. Real Patriot says:

    So Americans are gods?No wonder they give you degrading jobs despite having qualifications from your countries.Why being underdogs forever?Embrace the hardworking spirit of working 24/7 and you will stop being stooges for other people.Ntchito kukhakira kupembeza ma politician instead of uplifting your own lives.iwe i love prostitutes stop calling Malawians agwape because you happen to wipe some asses of old people in America.Leave Malawians alone.They pay their own bills.

  30. mzatonse says:

    Boma likuyendetsedwadi ndi mbuzi.

  31. Chigawenga says:

    Te only way the Americans will treat Malawians with respect is to charge them VISA fees just as they do when we visit their countries. Why the withdrawal? I would suggest the minister reconsider. The way forward would have been to set up a date lets say effective Jan 1 2016 all visitors will be required to pay Visa fees. This government is clueless indeed.

  32. Kenkkk says:

    Singling USA alone was stupid and indeed seen as anti-American. It should have applied to all western countries or indeed better still to all non-Africa countries.

    Once again this dpp govt keeps on making blunders after blunders. Do we really have a credible govt in malawi?

  33. JFW says:

    I’m an American who is married to a Malawian man, and who has a Malawian stepson. The plane fare from the USA to Malawi is so expensive ($1,500-$2,000) that we have to work extra jobs and save for more than a year to afford even one plane ticket. A $160 entry fee for me would make visiting my family’s home even more of a financial challenge. When you are thinking about this and talking about it, please remember that those it would affect are just regular people, not the American government. It wouldn’t affect the American government at all. They already said that it wouldn’t even apply to those traveling on government business.

  34. Wawatu1 says:

    Why a sudden change of mind/heart? There is nothing wrong with charging Americans $160 for an entry Visa. We pay the same fee to enter their country! No crime there. The fee should stand; after all most of them can easily afford that.
    Some Malawians struggle to raise the same amount for an American visa . But if they seriously want to try their luck on the other side of the continent , they have no choice but to come up with the same.
    The American govt can not reverse the decision just to appease Malawians. No! This is a business decision Bwana.

  35. The question is what do you have in Malawi that will attract foreigners? The answer is ZERO! Just appreciate the few Amaericans who come there and spend their dollars so that you fools can have Forex to import goods

  36. chithumwa says:

    Bwana president,my little advice ngati zikuvuta dzitayeni bandukani wautali am worried becoz at your age, i dont think you’ll contain all these insaults, anthuwa akuonjeza kunyoza komanso mwina kachakumwa ka, mukanachepetsako pang’ono muchulutsa nthabwala kaya.

  37. Lydia says:

    While it’s a good idea to start charging people for entry into Malawi, this should have been probably planned – you can’t just say effective immediately. Can you imagine if you were traveling with your family of 5 and just being told that now you have to pay $800 to enter Malawi! Who travels with so much cash?

    Secondly, Malawi is the one to lose on tourists – you think you’re punishing America, but you’re not. You will be punishing your fellow Malawians who are now US Citizens and help the country by remitting forex through Western Union and Money Gram. Who advises these people??? For once, please explore what other countries are doing, how much do they charge, etc. It is illogical to say that we have to charge $160 just because America charges us that much! Really, really, people!

  38. Biti Foloko says:

    This idiot of a puppet is really making a fool of Malawi

  39. Wawa says:

    Why withdraw the fees? There was nothing wrong with it! Most Americans traveling to Africa- Malawi in particular can easily afford the fee. Some Malawians going to American struggle to raise the Visa fee, but American Govt has never bugged a bit. It’s a Gd business decision for them. Why can’t Malawi stick to its guns?

  40. Chifila says:

    This is the most indecisive, disorganized, and clueless administration we’ve ever had. I think Mathanyula and his gangster blue boys make decision after they have had a few shots of Barcadi.

  41. BadIdea says:

    How can this reciprocal gesture be of any sense?

    The reason America can demand visa fees is because they can – millions of visitors enter the USA every year, and many more will continue, because USA has a lot to offer; migrants (legal or illegal) visit USA for better paying jobs and a better life.

    And tourists visit USA to thousands of attractions, such as National Parks, Canyons, Ski Resorts, Game Parks, Water Parks, Mile-long Beaches, Casino’s, Grand Prix, Mountaineering, Huge city marvels and a thoroughly professional and vibrant tourist friendly atmosphere. People would still visit the USA if a visa cost US$500.

    Malawi can not stand toe to toe in this respect. There are absolutely no comparisons. American’s are not desperate to visit Malawi. We can barely supply ourselves with a consistent water supply, provide an efficient electricity supply or successfully cover all areas with a functioning telephone and internet connection.

    99% of American’s don’t know where or what Malawi is, yet 99% of Malawians know America and many would be very willing to migrate there if it were possible. USA aids Malawi, Malawi does not benefit America. Majority of American’s visiting Malawi are NGO’s, volunteers, Aid workers or exchange students.

    Malawi does not have a noteworthy tourism industry, even compared against Lesotho’s.

    At least, if we had a tourism industry and, or developed attractions like Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe or Zambia then we could be justified to demand visa fees.

  42. chithumwa says:

    Zamasanje enieni,dzikolitu anatsilika kale angwazi ndiye ngati mwalitenga mwakuba (mavote) ndithu muzingobwebweta muona, lero kunena zina mawa zina chonchooo…analiponso abro ndichipani chomwechi akati alankhule osadziwa kuti akutukwana zunavutatu!! kaya muona m’mene muchitire.

  43. Mbanangwa says:

    Laughable indeed!

  44. rudolf phiri says:

    Wow! That was quick decision making. If this was pelete wa asilikali, about turn wake ndiye wapa quick march!

  45. steve says:

    We need a decisive and strong government not masanjewa

  46. i love prostitutes says:

    mwangowononga stationery ya ma circular anuwo. mungawophyeze barack inu agwape opanda chilichonse inu? who comes up with these bright ideas? kapena mukumapeka nkhani inu a nyansa eti?

  47. Milambo says:

    Koma nde phada weniweni m’boma!! Malawi kukanika chilichose ndi ma decision omwe.

  48. Mbuzi yamunthu,peter mathanyula!,fotseki.

  49. mjiba says:

    the decision to introduce visa is a good one. it is called reciprocity in international relations. let Young professionals like Medi do what is right for Malawi. let Americans British etc taste their visa procédures as they do unto us even the bible has a saying on this do unto others as you would have them to thee

  50. vyaya says:

    There are two countries on eatth…American and the rest of the world. These are brusheet guys. Americans? They want everything easy for them and everything difficult for others. Idiots

  51. Banda says:

    There is nothing wrong to collect $160 from Americans and Europeans. The problem is that it was seen as anti – American. The way forward is to collect from all countries who demand Visas when we enter their countries. This will automatically exclude most African countries we visit without Visas. A genuine Tourist will pay $160.00 and if they can’t afford then we don’t need them.

  52. Nyamakunutu says:

    Paja Dziko yathu ndi ya fodya kwambiri. Limbikirani kuchita zafodya zanuzo. What a joke of a government. Zambia charges a $50 visa to all other western countries including America. Why reversing the directive this was a good move than standing with a hand of bagging. Is it because we have nothing to show that’s why we can not charge on visa. Chabwino tamva.

  53. Mthandeni says:

    Koma inu achewa aaaa!simuzatheka

  54. DC Namalamba says:

    Kupusa A Malawi.

  55. Nkhedu says:

    kkkkk Boma ilo

  56. Mphongo Zidana says:

    Osaukadi alibe mau. Munayamba bwino trying to raise more funds for the zero aid budget. Now you come back to say you have reversed the decision. Osauka alibe mau indeed.

  57. ujeni says:

    Masanje a boma. The whole thing was a joke, you cant start charging people who bring dollars in the country, it was going to deter them from coming. Are we serious with tourism in this country.

  58. Chigawenga says:

    Funny that people from poor Malawi pay for visa.
    yet americans get into Malawi for free yet money to them is not hard to come by like in M

  59. ngung'unde nsaku says:


  60. George phiri says:

    Stupid!!! What is better? To collect money from Americans or charge tax on text msgs? I think we are ruled by retrogresive people in this country. Leaders who are afraid of white people. What is 160usd to an american? We need immediate change of government. Peter be careful because just like your brother God may decide to uproot you.

  61. Masoambeta says:

    This country called Malawi is so disorganised and lawless to the point of making decisions that could possibly harm the economy more, yet it’s leader is a law professor.
    Immigration laws are not substantive in Malawi. No immigration law will benefit the country. Please allow reasoning when making laws. On visa requirement, it is normally inter party committees in parliament who debate the pros and cons of such proposals, not writing to the government officials before consulting.
    Umbuli ndiye umenewu. Umbuli siutengera kuti awa ndi a polofesa ayi. A dog is always a dog even if you fly it in a jet.

  62. Tilipo says:

    were we trying Waters? Why this and that, and this again?
    Not good picture.

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