Malawi withdraws Visa fees for Americans

Malawi government has withdrawn the new instructions to have Visa fees for Americans entering the country equivalent to what Malawians pay when entering their country, thus U$160 which is equivalent to K73,600.00, Nyasa Times

Ministry of Home Affairs has withdrawn a circular to all immigration border posts and top immigration officers in the country dated May 20, 2015 introducing Visa fees, Chief Immigration Officer Masauko Medi, confirmed.

Malawi has been forced to withdraw the Visa fees after pressure from United States government through its embassy in Lilongwe.

Medi ‘s circular said:”Please take note that all Americans entering Malawi should start paying visa with immediate effect.”

The fees excluded Americans travelling on government sponsored trips because Malawi government officials are also treated in the same way in the United States of America.

Medi said the circular was withdrawn and the decision is now suspended.

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The withdrawal of the visa fee for Americans stems from an old stupid colonial mentality which places the azungus above the blacks. this is nonsense


Let the Americans also pay the visa fee. They extract money from poor Malawians and they themselves with their rich economy they do not want to pay. This is neo colonialism and exploitation. It is also a violations of the principal of equality among peoples of the world


Has the American Government also withdrawn visas for Malawians entering their country? All along, a tit for tat has been a fare game.

Rich nduna

Anthu mukungolankhula simukuziziwa..a boma mwaganiza bwino ndipo olo mpaka itakhala nawo mu greatvisas simulakwitsa..timalipilira kwawo..nawonso azilipira


Foolish decisions by foolish people can be withdran barely within 8 days after instructions. Weak heads at work in leadership; try and error syndrome – kuyendetsa boma simasewera!

charles singano

Malawian we are very fast thinking wrongthings,instead tosay malawian lets talk with american gorvernment to stop charging us to pay visa the same as americanas coming to malawi like longtime ago,but dnt punish the rich coutry like america thuts senseless


Kodi kwenikweni anayambitsa decision imeneyo ndani?wadullbrain yo.kungokunyumwisani pangoono mwasitha


Let them pay visa its our source of income other than adding VAT to SMS,Internet and Data transfers.Remember this is a sovereign country.


A Masauko Medi, kungoyamba ndi plakido. kkkkkk! aaaah mwandiwaza bwanji. masanje awa ndithu, Malawi for sale.

Here is a question. how much aid does Malawi give to the USA every year? nothing. how much aid does America give Malawi every year besides the peace corps. etc etc. millions of dollars. America doesn’t need the $160 visa fee it charges Malawian s going to America. it uses the fee as a dererent to try and stop people who plan to go to America to stay there illegally…..many Malawian s are in the USA illegally. how many Americans do you think there,are on Malawi illegally? there are many countries who the USA Do not charge visa fee. If… Read more »

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