Malawi woman exhumes albino’s body, arrested

A 40-years-old woman has been arrested in Phalombe district for allegedly exhuming bones of an albino who died three years ago.

Magret Gelezi who was arrested on Thursday, is said to have committed the offence together with her son, Goodson Salure who is currently on the run.

Phalombe police publicist, Augustus Nkhwazi told Nyasa Times that Gelezi confessed during interrogation to have committed the offence.

Gelezi revealed to the law-enforcers, Salure had told her they would be rich if they exhume and sell the bones.

A lucrative black market exists for the body parts of People born without pigment in their skin (albinos), who are believed by some to possess magical powers that can bring good luck.

Superstitions feed myths that albinos are ghosts, sorcerers or demons who have been cursed and, when hunted and killed for body parts, bring good luck to others.

Nkhwazi explained: ”On 1st June this year, there was a graveyard cleaning ceremony at Namandwa village. The suspect was seen showing a tombstone of a relative, Goodson Kalibwanji who was an albino but died three years ago to her son Goodson Salure who stays in Mozambique”.

On Wednesday 10th June, 2015, the said tombstone was found uncovered and remains of the deceased exhumed, and the matter was reported to police who later arrested Gelezi.

Gelezi will be charged of Tampering in the Graveyard under Section 129 of the Penal Code.

Meanwhile, police are hunting for Goodson Salure who is believed to have fled back to Mozambique.

Gelezi hails from Namandwa village, T/ A Jenala in Phalombe.

Belief in magic is widespread in sub-Saharan Africa. Malawian newspapers, for instance, frequently run articles on villagers being accused of witchcraft. It is not uncommon to hear stories of politicians or businessmen having accumulated wealth and power through magical means.

But one politician, a former Speaker of Palriament was once convicted by a court for being found trespassing a graveyard in Machinga in the evening.

A graveyard is regarded as a no-go area in most African traditions. People can only enter it during a burial ceremony or after getting permission from a chief to pay respect to a beloved one.

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25 thoughts on “Malawi woman exhumes albino’s body, arrested”

  1. shaaaa! says:

    pajanso ogwira ntchito m’manyumba mwawanthu akuti amapangiranso zizimba kuti mabwana awaonjezeleko ka pa mwezi.akukunamizayo nde ndani.sukulu ndi chinthu chofunikira kwambiri

  2. mphwinthe says:

    zafika posauzanu.Ndichiyani nanga amalawi?

  3. ARICHO says:

    Aphwache a pitala Muthalika

  4. Tekninja says:

    Bola ofukula.kusiyana ndikupha wamoyo.osabesa ndalama mpaka kumazikwilira!pali ina ija a president ankakaonelera nyanga za njovu zikuotchedwa.tizafadi osauka mpaka kuotcha cash.

  5. Kodi Vuto Mchani Ndiye Mukamanga Anthuwo Wakufayo Azuka?Aleni Mukatero Ndiye Kuti Mwalowelera Ntchito Ya Mulungu.

  6. Benson Chirwa says:

    Shoot to kill ndi deal otherwise they will escape ngati ku Limbe.

  7. Chikuni says:

    What is Kaliati’s comment?

  8. yosefe gambatula says:

    Alomwe kukonda chuma chaufiti.Ndiye Pano afukula manda onse ama albino.Mtundu wakuba,mtundu wokonda ufiti,mtundu wokonda kutafuna gondolosi ndikumagwilira tiana ngati gwaladi.

  9. Firstly “One Love” what solutions are there that police should do tell them, when Armed robbers are killing our own law enforcers. What rights are you talking about? Have you ever lost a loved thru’ crime????? I guess NO? What rights can give you the power to shoot & kill a police officer whose sole mandate is to protect lives & properties of the citizens. Secondly umbuli mu dziko lathu plus umphawi that’s why 21st Century ino people still believe that Albino can bring good luck. We are really in quagmire.

  10. Nkhulambe says:

    Ya zilibwino tsopano osamangoti azibambo nthawizose women empowerment ndimeneyo

  11. Andy Ndaonazino says:

    The Lhomwes wrecking havoc in Malawi. Ine sisandikhudze

  12. Pias says:

    Guys this is very bad lets behave as christian

  13. One Loves says:

    I am largely concerned with the increasing cases of police killing suspected robbers…..we need to slow down. The case of suspected kanengo robbers is a very bad one. As human rights activists, I suggest that police should have alternative way of handling such cases than just eliminating them. These people have the right to live.

  14. palibe nkhani apa ngati afukula munthu oti anamwalira kale what the matter with you people?leave them alone ena akupha anthu amoyo sakumangidwa awa atenga zoti zinaiwalidwa kale ndiye muli busy kuwasaka fuck you all

  15. frank kaponda says:

    Very sorry

  16. Pasaulo says:

    Malawi full of shit since so called multiparty. Poverty is raging as if we are under spell, and results are manifested by all the breaking news of albino hunting, xenophobia, wife battering because of trivial issues such as bonya wata panyumba, etc . But politicians are busy enriching themselves at the cost of poor people. We have heard Ben Phiri is a mult millionaire now. God heal our land , if posible clean by taking away these filfy people that are responsible for our miseries. Visit them on our behalf , we are tired of mourning , we are tired of being labeled the pooriest people on earth.

  17. Kadakwiza says:

    Such things happen only in countries like Malawi where there are no jobs, no opportunities. People are trying to survive.

  18. thinktankmalawi says:

    These are just evil people…let’s not attribute everything to politicians. ..people have been killing on sons so that their maize mill shouldn’t break down etc…it’s not a new trend..

  19. LAWFORD PALANI says:

    Lhomwes shit

  20. Sibusiso Mugemezulu says:


  21. abale samalani says:

    Gender is working now

  22. mgawadere says:

    Afuna nawo azidya manyovwi asiyeni katundu atengayo alibe mwini ku business timati goods without value

  23. Munnyabu says:

    Umphawi wavuta pa nyasaland

  24. This iz the sign of poverty,caused by political leaders including president pitala and vp saulo.l hope there will be a change.sad ! Sale albino’s bones! Muli nd mtima?muli nd maganizo inu?

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