Malawi yet to make decision on ICC – Chaponda

Malawi is yet to make a decision on whether to terminate its relationship with Hague based International Criminal Court or not, Minister of Foreign Affairs and international Cooperation George Chaponda has said.

Chaponda:  No decision yet on ICC

Chaponda: No decision yet on ICC

Chaponda said  the government wants to make wide consultations on the matter before making its stance known.

“We have even to consult parliament if need be on this matter,” said the minister who was briefing journalists on his African Union trip which he recently undertook for meetings.

The ICC has come under intense fire from some African leaders who accuse the international court of targeting African than other leaders, an accusation outrightly dismissed by the court officials.

Chaponda said countries like South Africa have already made its stance on the matter but Malawi has chosen to take more time in order to make comprehensive consultations.

Malawi made international headlines in 2013 when its then leader Joyce Banda refused to allow the Sudanese president Omar al Bashir to come in the country to attend an African Union meeting in Lilongwe.

This angered some African presidents who forced the meeting to be rescheduled to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.

Chaponda however has not given a framework as to when the government will finish the consultations.

Liberian former president Charles Taylor is currently serving a sentence with the ICC after he was convicted of war crimes and crimes against humanity for the war in Sierra Leone.

Ivory Coast former leader Laurent Bagbo is answering similar charges in the court. Malawi is a signatory to the court which means its rules and laws are abinding in the country

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14 thoughts on “Malawi yet to make decision on ICC – Chaponda”

  1. Chatsalira says:

    ICC e African Leaders to start behaving madly and being inhumane to their people.
    One African countries leave ICC, they will become fearless and will start tormenting the people.

    As citizens of African countries we are better off being in ICC.

    ICC reduces impunity of African leaders.

  2. Logic says:

    Malawian wants to stay in the inc. Who are you consulting? Your idol mgabe? It ended very bad with bingu because he was ill advised by the same. Malawi is an orphan country therefore any decision that we make should have the support from the international community especially the west. Or we will be digging our own grave.

  3. Mwini Madzi Chule says:

    Malawi better remain a member to the ICC, it will help us in future just as the Access To Information Law, its of great help to the Malawian people

  4. Man Malawi says:

    Which leaders have wrongly been targeted in Africa????

  5. James Tsamwa says:

    What has Africa done with murderers like Bashiya, Taylor and others? People like Taylor and others would still be walking freely on our streets had it not been for the ICC. For me, I would rather have the ICC do more than they currently do, i.e late dictator bingu should have been picked up for murdering those innocent 20 and others, otherwise these thick african leaders will start/continue murdering with impunity.

  6. Kadakwiza says:

    The problem is not African leaders, but the problem is innocent Africans who die because of selfish leaders in our continent. Malawi must stay put in the Hague. Look in our country there is too much nepotism. Such can start conflicts next time. We need ICC.

  7. KUKHALA says:


  8. therere says:

    we should have our court in Africa rather than wasting time with these whites, George Bush was not arrested after mascerring people

  9. Isaac says:

    i think country like malawi is not need to use this court ‘ICC’ Its a stupid amakondela azungu anthu amenewa

  10. Parallel Market says:

    To hell with homosexuality too!!!

  11. Harry says:

    While it would be wise to leave ICC, the problem with our leaders will be that they will feel immuned and give us extra inhumane treatment. So I would rather we stay put there.

  12. Hallett Moses Mwangonde says:

    Do not be in a hurry. Think of tomorrow since life is dynamic. Wachula Mkango kwelerathu mumtengo Mkangowo usanauone

  13. ICC says:

    You are lucky ICC did not come after you had killed 20 Malawians on 20 July 2011 you DPP murderers and that’s why you are uncomfortable kuti next time you kill us again you shud also go scot-free. Mxiii!!!

  14. Malawi should not waste time with ICC. We are better of out of this inhuman court that targets African leaders only. To hell with ICC.

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