Malawi youths urged to be responsible citizens -Govt

Malawi government official  has  challenged youths in the country to be responsible citizens and be valuable resources as the vision of the nation lies in their hands.

Saidi and Chibwana pictured in Blantyre during the workshop

Saidi and Chibwana pictured in Blantyre during the workshop

Gomonda says Malawi must stop stereotyping on youths

Gomonda says Malawi must stop stereotyping on youths

Principal Secretary (PS) in the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Justin Saidi, said on Wednesday that youths in the country must rise above the many challenges facing them and be enterprising.

He was speaking in Blantyre as he officially opened a two-day workshop on youth engagement and inclusion at Hotel Victoria.

“We are aware that youths in the country are facing a lot of challenges including unemployment, but as we are looking at avenues to empower them, we challenge them to have a vision.

“Unemployment is a global challenge, even in America the youths are facing the same problems, and we ask the youths of Malawi to change their mindset and start thinking about businesses not just white collar jobs,” said Saidi.

The PS however noted that there was need for engagement for the youths to realize the potential they have towards national building and bringing about economic change.

“Population of the youths in Malawi is almost 40 percent and this need to be properly managed to safeguard the future of the country.  Hence, young people need to be engaged and included in different programs and should be part of decision-making,” he said.

The workshop, which ends Thursday, is a partnership between the World University Service of Canada (WUSC) and the National Youth Council of Malawi (NYCOM) organized to get feedback from the youths on how they can be engaged and included in various programsin the country.

“There is a lot of stereotyping regarding the youths and as a country we need to start engaging young people to address the issues that affect them, including economic empowerment,” said WUSC Malawi Sector Program Officer Alice Gomonda.

She added that for the good of the nation, there was need for the country to be conscious on programs that target the youth, saying it was vital for young people tobe involved in design and decision-making from the beginning.

Executive Director for NYCOM, Aubrey Chibwana, for Malawi to make a great impact, there was need for institutions in the country to be forging partnerships which put the youths at the center.

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15 thoughts on “Malawi youths urged to be responsible citizens -Govt”

  1. PHIRI says:

    Stop making noise ! What has Chibwana achieved at NYCOM for the past 12 years as Executive Director ? SAIDI is a Sportsman, he has no clue for youth development.

  2. KJ says:

    NYCOM remains another worthless institution courtesy of endless leadership failure. It avoids critical minds in the youth sector and work with garbage. As long as Aubrey Chibwana does not leave NYCOM, forget about meaningful youth development in this country. WUSK is just trying its failure with NYCOM.

  3. Nedi says:

    Alice, Good luck! I read thru the trending one top story today on the Vice President. The Youths of today are mostly those who would not take risks. They are fathered and tamed by very cautious elders and parents… the breed that called themselves “Born Frees” in the early Malawi days. The society has such a big hangover to liberate itself. Qualities of a responsible youth are: clean and smart clothes etc. We are still people of Ngodya zinayi. It will take another generation to graduate from this. However, current efforts of “Ung’onoung’ono branding ” are worthwhile….

  4. changatomba says:

    Let us speak with our mind, before we make decision. How long shall we continue to mourn the same old song, since 70s we have been lisening this same old song, are moving forwand with the move forwand or backwand? Honourable minister please, address us as youths who are more interegent and wisdom than u think and it seems somehow u need be dignosis by a doctor ur very stupid.

  5. Mwana uyu akutowa chomene. asi nthena anganya?

  6. Kanyimbi says:

    The problem is not with the youth but the leaders. Since Kamuzu days there was a saying that The Youth are leaders of tomorrow but up to now the old people are still in office.

  7. Ali says:

    hw cn educated youths do businesses wthout capital.Gvnment is the main employer in Malawi and failing to do so shd b labbelled failuires.If ths unemployment of the educated gets out of hand,the president shd resign that othas who r capable,run the country

  8. Ali says:

    Saidi is vry stupid.hw cn educated youths do businesses wthout capital.Gvnment is the main employer in Malawi and failing to do so shd b labbelled failuires.If ths unemployment of the educated gets out of hand,the president shd resign that othas who r capable,run the country

  9. sabiti says:

    Malawi is agro based economy so in all senses with 70percent youth roaming the streets jobless but capable,let there be polices in place which can attract youth to commecial farming much as possible, so that more is produced and at the end of the we wil be able to manufacture and export

  10. marko says:


  11. madziakapitasaoleka says:

    Gomonda, i like ur natural beauty keep it up.

  12. Juman says:

    Malawian politics is crazy…In Europe Gorvements are trying hard to put things in place by creating Jobs to help young people ( youth) they are encouraging migration to reduce unemplyment rate ….Gornments are negotiating with universities and colleges to give youth good education ( thos whocant afford to pay fees without favour) Gornments are changing regular jobs into schems ( pafupi fupi kunena kuti attachment or interns) ngati wachinyamata wa panga course kodi ma attachment akawapeza kuti?)

    Gorvenments are trying to pump in money to the companies that should equip youth on job training . koma pa malawi mumangoti achinyamata adzipanga business ….pamene ana anu ali ku ma college abwino beacause you have money ( simunva chisoni?)

    Chachiwiri Boma likuba ndalama ana anu kumapita ku Universities aboma as well as aprivate.. as such akamaliza they are having good jobs pamene munthu wanzeru koma alibe ndalama adzakhal akusaukabe because its hard to pull himself or her self out of poverty….
    I t will never happen in this country where by youths shall be put at the centre of Decision making .. linali kale.

    Mostly you use youths on political violence.. thats the tool you use in order to climb your greasy pole. No wonder there is too much umbava in this country many young people they have too much problems that has never been adressed.
    This is unfair…..we are looking for People who can help youths without FAVOUR OR EXCHANGING FOR SEX… Last thing mukamafuna project to help youths mungolemba ma proposal wofanana with your age that you put yourself to the level of youths that can tell you what they are really feeling . Many young PEOPLE ARE GOING THROUGH HASSLES in this state …Zotsatila zake umbava …and violence .

  13. A MPINGO says:



  14. Parents do not treat the Youths in such away to make them angry! instead to teach the way you wish they would be.

  15. peter muthanyula says:

    Mr. Aubrey Chibwana, ulemu kwa inu… you truly are passionate about youth issues and you have made the Youth Council survive the storms! We, the youth of Malawi, salute you Sir!! Osati zinazi kumangochita ma cashgate on money allocated for youth development

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