Malawian breaks 9-year spell for Rhodes University scholarship

A University of Malawi graduate, Norbert Nthara, beat six other fellow young scholars from some SADC countries in interviews South Africa scholarships administered under Rhodes University.

Nthara: Breaks the Rhodes jinx

Nthara: Breaks the Rhodes jinx

The Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia and Swaziland (BLMNS) region carries out interviews for finalist to study to earn scholarship.

Nerbert, who graduated with a BSc IT, Distinction (2014) at the Polytechnic, last Saturday was one of the six finalists from the Region that were interviewed in Johannesburg.

His performance in the interview was solid, sharp and consistent and convinced a panel of eight renowned academics, scholars and professionals from the BLMNS region and South Africa that he was the deserving candidate for the Rhodes Scholarship which will finance Norbert’s three years of study at Oxford University in the UK.

Norbert becomes the 4th Rhodes Scholar from Malawi after Charles Kapalamula (Chanco, Computer Science 2000), Matthews Mtumbuka (Poly 2001, Engineering) and Dick Kachuma (Chanco Mathematics 2003).

Malawi has waited nine years for Nthara to break the long drought for Rhodes in Malawi.

Posting on his Facebook timeline, top manager Dr Matthews Mtumbuka, himself a beneficiary of the BLMNS initiative, said he had the privilege to be on the interviewing panel on Saturday.

“ I must say he is a gifted young man, disciplined, focused and knows what he wants in life and works for it!”

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25 thoughts on “Malawian breaks 9-year spell for Rhodes University scholarship”

  1. Reasonable Man says:

    Kodi I thought this lawyer, Gift ndani ndani was also a Rhodes scholar? Don’t exaggerate the difficulty of getting these scholarships. It’s that mentality which is keeping Malawians from going for them. Out here there are lots of Africans from other countries on scholarship not because they are more intelligent, but because they go for these things. Malawians on the other hand seem to think that only government employees and college lecturers can get scholarships easily while everyone else has to break a sweat to get one. It’s not so. Just apply apply apply!

  2. Bosmont says:

    Congrats brethren, people get civilized.. celebrate and not criticize other cultures, success comes from handwork, big up dude u represent.

  3. DUWA KALIRANI says:

    This is DOWA Guy. Atumbuka ufoyila kkkkkkkk

  4. munthu says:

    Congrats Nobert,Nobert nd nchewa from Funsani village,T/A Nkukula ,Dowa,his mum nd omwe ali from North ku chitipa

  5. Kholopanya says:

    Congrats boy

  6. Phaghlani Vwavwa says:

    A fool will only see Tumbuka tribe in these great achievements for Malawi. A wise person will only see Malawians in these great achievements. Children of today don’t understand what tribes are but some foolish devilish people confuse the minds of these children trying to make them believe that we are different. What a shame! Please note that not everyone mentioned above is a Tumbuka.

    1. The Patriot says:

      Thats why Quota system is FOOLISH!!!

  7. Viva Nyika Republic , proud of you mwana wa pakaya!

  8. Pichi says:

    Product of Pius XII Seminary and those are the ideals at Pius “Disciplined, focused, know what you want in life and work for it” with God’s help you will achieve. Thumbs up Norbert.

  9. Vinco M says:

    Atumbuka ndi azeru basi. Quota or no quota system. Inu bavinani nyau zanuzo mukamaliza tizakulembani ntchito yolima kumunda

  10. Nyaka says:

    Hehehe!!! Anyamata a Kota mulira simunati… Mtumbuka sadzatheka.. Balimbilanani chi UNIMA chanucho tione ngati Kota yanu mukayike ku OXFORD abulutu Inu…

    Dada Nthara viwemi vyose uku mukuluta..

  11. Mbanangwa says:

    This is another calibre of people, however, Kachuma and Kapalamula are not northern names, Nthara and Mtumbuka yes, but on average the north still leads especially if you look at population and ratio. We have to celebrate with those who are gifted and not castigate them.

  12. JAYJAY says:

    nzeru zatha ,palibepoti kota yingalowelepo mwanya basi.once a winner always a winner

  13. Shimwitwa says:

    We are proud of you Nthara…..

  14. phwaxy says:

    Congratulations! Wishing you best of luck

  15. Kalanga says:

    Akatundu omangamanga kkkk

  16. the abductor says:

    These are issues worthy commenting. The writings are on the wall. GOD always gives to who deserves despite barriers constructed. Hard work pays and Kota yanuyi mukhala nayo choncho. Remove this obstacle stuff called quota. Just imagine how many undeserving university students are being weeded as a result of forcing them to chew what they cant even crack? To some extent these are the contributing factors we have corrupt officers in our public departments coz they are imposed and not elected on merit.
    they cant perform and instead they resort to stealing
    Dzuka malawi dzuka so they said. Shauli yako.
    To Mr Nthala, your doors are open to the world and always pray to God to bless you abandantly. Ndizotheka. In our Father, Son Holy spirit, Amen!!!!!!!!!

  17. Henry says:

    Ndizimenezotu!! Ndiye mutani ananu? Tikufuna mupitilize pamene wasiyila Nthalayo.

  18. Zinveke says:

    Kodi ma admin muli kuti? Simukuona kuti scholarship yimeneyi ikungozaza atumbuka? Ife tidakanunkhabe katondo pano. Tachitani za Quota zija nafe UK tikuifunatu!! Ziakanganya zimenezi sizizatheka!!

    1. Nkhombokombo says:

      Zimveke, you are a cheap goat! Whoever planted that Tumbuka-hate spirit in you really did some damage to your thinking capability. N’dzoyamwila kodi??!!

  19. jbm says:

    kumeneko a Chaponda ndi anzawo akuganizilako kota kuti ifikekonso basi.kkkkkkkkkkkk.

  20. Peter Muthanyula says:

    Congrats! And crew yake ndi tops, dick kachuma is a genius, charles kapalamula ndi massive and matthews mtumbuka ndi kumtunda. Awesome guys, awesome!

  21. Redeemed says:


  22. Mtavu says:

    Atumbuka sazatheka

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