‘Malawian’ Denis Namaona executed in Indonesia for drug trafficking

Malawian citizen – according to a passport –   Denis Namaona, 48,  arrested in 2001 was among six people convicted of drugs offences in Indonesia who have been executed by firing squad shortly after midnight local time on Sunday morning.

Firing squad execution

Firing squad execution

Five other drug convicts executed were from Brazil, the Netherlands, Vietnam and Nigeria.

“The execution of the six convicts has been carried out,” spokesman Tony Spontana told AFP news agency.

He said five were executed on Nusakambangan Island, off the south coast of the archipelago’s main island of Java and home to a high-security prison. The sixth was executed in Boyolali district in central Java.

The executions mark the first time capital punishment has been carried out under new President Joko Widodo.

Indonesia has some of the world’s toughest drug laws. The country resumed executions in 2013 after an unofficial four-year moratorium.

Human rights group Amnesty International urged the Indonesian government to halt executions immediately, and eventually abolish the death penalty.

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103 thoughts on “‘Malawian’ Denis Namaona executed in Indonesia for drug trafficking”

  1. out says:

    Have seen photo ya Denis Namaona. Ayi he is a niger indeed. The article states that in Indonesia the prisoner has. A choice either to stand up or sit down. To be blindfolded by either a hood or a blindfold. The firing squad comprises of 12 people with 3 people with live bullets the rest with blanks. In case you have plans to try your luck there alamu anu akakulandilani. Sankhani Yesu.

    1. out says:

      What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and lose his life. I’m sure he made peace with his God.

  2. H Kamdidi says:

    Immigration Officers with your greed! Look now, Malawi is appearing on the world map for bad reasons! You assist foreigners to get our passport because they bribe you! Mudzafa imfa yowawa!

  3. Hotlady says:

    Wages of deceit u nigerians…stupid unpatriotic malawian immigration officers.

  4. Umafuna Njila Zoononga Moyo Wako Koma Sudzindikila.

  5. pierra says:

    If this guy was truly a Malawian, his demise begs a lot of questions from the government:
    1. between 2001 and 2015 – d from the government visit this guy in prison?
    – any citizen is entitled to be accorded full rights including that requiring the government to act on his behalf via appointing lawyers, medical assistance and check-up, etc. During the same 14 years, it is right to assume that were his identity come into question, the real owner of the name should have been identified via next of kin follow-up. Were this to be the case, it was up to the government to inform the Indonesian government about the identity fraud; whereupon a search for the person’s true identity should have followed.
    2. 14 years is a long time. Did the Indonesian government make any formal contact regarding the prisoner to our government. If so what follow up did the Malawi government undertake? and who was in charge of the case? If no follow up, who made that decision and was the decision communicated to the head of state? If yes, why was there no effort for clemency on behalf of the guy?
    3.ceteris paribus – what statement from government on this issue and future government action or policy?
    3. If no

  6. titani says:

    Any comment from Govt? Nankhumwa tiuze zoona pankhani imeneyi

  7. Charlie Hebdo says:

    I blame our own Immigration Department. They busy issuing our precious passports to non deserving, good for nothing Nigerians who end up soiling our country’s image outside the country. I would rather have Rwandans and Burundians have our passports than these ungrateful scoundrels.

  8. sylvester namale says:

    Who says malawians cant be drug traffickers? Is cashgate not money traffiking?

  9. Ajuju says:

    I agree with Clement comment, some pple they are stupid.

  10. Kanyimbi says:

    He was just one of these foreigners who fake passport. A real Malawian can not be caught with less than 1 kg of a drug. A Malawi ndife ochenjera kwambiri palibe angatigwire.

  11. amina says:

    Back to Malawi. This was a Nigerian who got a Malawi passport from our immigration officer. So many nigerians are getting passports from malawi. Refute this immigration officer with evidence. When did this guy get his passport? For some time people have been crying that the government is doing nothing to curb these nigerians at the passport officer getting a higher hand in acquiring a passport. They were paying to get a malawian passport and there we are now crying for a nigerian as if its malawian. Check up this man guys. Inde moyo wataika ndi mavuto ndithu ku banja losiyidwa ndi tonse anthu a Mulungu koma dziwani kuti ife a malawi sitimakondana timathandiza anthu akunja kupeza ma passport osati akwathu kuno ayi. Akana khala m’malawi sitikanamva zaku nigeria. I smell a rat here. May His Soul Rest In Peace.

  12. musisipala says:

    The benefit of sin is dearth

  13. Dokiso wa Dokiso says:

    Ma passport mumagulitsa kwa Nigerians.Look now Malawi’s name is becoming heavily tainted with these crooks.If our govt did this to cashgate people,they would be no more cashgate scenario in Malawi.

  14. MIke says:

    Namaona Denis, 49, was reportedly born in Nigeria but travelled to Indonesia with a Malawian passport. He wassentenced to death by the Bandung High court in 2001 after being convicted of smuggling 940 grams of heroin at the Soekarno-Hatta airport in Jakarta. According to his lawyers, Denis did not understand his trial proceedings as he was not provided with adequate interpretation. source– http://uncova.com/2-nigerians-to-be-executed-for-drug-trafficking-in-indonesia-this-sunday

  15. Bwantasa Gomdwe says:

    Amalawi ndife opusa kwambiri koma timafuna kuchenjera kwambirinso kuposa eni ake tikafika maiko a eni. Before you go to other countries you better first research on the legal system of that countries. Many countries do not have a loose legal system like ours. Look at this guy anamumanganso ku Dubai chifukwa chotaya bubble gum wodyaidya munseu.

  16. Nkhombokombo says:

    A tolankhani chonde verify with the immigration dept the true identity of this guy or else it is a sour news for the reputation of our peaceful Malawi.

  17. clement says:

    I strongly believe this man was not Malawian. He forged his passport

  18. dadaboma says:

    No one has the right to take the life of another. Only God gives life and only Him is entitled to take the life He gave to someone. Why? Only God is perfect, no human is. All humans have their own downside, one different from another’s. If one is a drug traffiker, the other is a terrorist who kills. Who do they think these Indonesians are? God? Without sin? Muslims are the reason why this world is in so much trouble. If this race (Moslems) were erased, this world would be a good place to live in. These people do not know forgiveness, and yet they expect God to forgive them of their sins. God, why did you create Muslims? Why Father, why? We your people are dying at the hands of Muslims – we know we’re sinners but to be killed by fellow sinful humans for our sins is the most horrible thin to face. Should we pray that you forgive these Muslims for they know not what they do? Oh, God.

  19. tuvitwana says:

    His name sounds Lomwe?

  20. Ish Bornlast says:

    Imali iyabulalisa / money kills

  21. Ish Bornlast says:

    Imali iyabulalisa / Kills

  22. Manda says:

    It’s not strange for someone to be in possession of Malawi Passport. Home Affairs Minister, Immigration Chief and some Police Officers are making fortune out Malawi Passport. Check all Rwandese in Malawi are holding the document yet they came as refugees . What a rotten state. Playing review all Citizenships issued the last five years you will get to the root of what I am saying.

  23. Mwana wa Analiyera says:

    ma naija tsopano.Nanu a immigration katangale too much mukutionongetsera
    mbiri ya dziko.

  24. ANKOLO says:


  25. I hope he was thinking the other way round forgeting that some countries have tough laws compared to ours.May his soul rest in peace.

  26. o says:

    His home details were;
    Village : Nkhotakota ,
    T/A : Zomba
    District :Thyolo
    Region: Northen Malawi


  27. A mute Gama ndiye munailowa deep history ya man imenei okay

  28. Mwambi wakuti nyumba ya eni saotcheramo mbewa now expired.Nangano ndi zabwino zimenezi?wangotisiyira kafungo kambewa while iye wachokamo.My fellow Malawian pliz learn through someone mistake.SADUSAMO KAWIRI MMINYENDO YA NJOMVU

  29. opportunist says:

    This is too much for the offence committed

  30. richard bwanali says:

    The is with the immigration dept becoz the ussual codinate wth burudian to gve them mw passport he is not amalawian

  31. north says:

    Prayers only can help

  32. rose says:

    I know more than 30 people from DRC, NIGERIA,ZIMBABWE and PAKSTAN with MALAWIAN passport u b a judge

  33. John Mponda says:

    Mwana ali mthengo kufuna chuma eti…wayenda zamadulila wakumana nazo.

  34. Alex Likoswe says:

    Passports were changed three years ago but people are still using old ones. There is no moratorium that the old passport cease to function globally. What a stupid government, what a stupid Chief immigration Chief. You change passports while do no have money to procure new passport books. What was the aim behind changing passports if you can complete your job within 1 year. It makes the whole exercise a mockery. Mr President fire these immigration guys, 5 years work in processing in changing passport, is a joke.

  35. There is nothing wrong with the execution of these people. They knew what they were doing. They knew the consequences of drug trafficking.

  36. If he was really a Malawian, his name shows that he might be hailing from Eastern Rigion of Malawi more especialy Zomba District.
    So please minstry of foreign affair make some reseach and report the matter to where he was hailng from. So that as relatives should make their tradditional celemony to pay respect to their beloved one even though they havn’t seen the body.

    1. Peter bingu calista getu says:

      Immigration authorities have all the details of this man in their system, let them release information, after the release of this information that’s when we will know the truth. When applying for a passport the applicant gives all his details which is supposed to be verified by the chief of ones home of origin and then the DC, commissioner of oaths and finally the immigration officials themselves. Please immigration produce details of this man including his face otherwise we know you sell our passports to foreigners and deny the ownership of these important documents to the real owners.

    2. Peter bingu says:

      Immigration authorities have all the details of this man in their system, let them release information, after the release of this information that’s when we will know the truth. When applying for a passport the applicant gives all his details which is supposed to be verified by the chief of ones home of origin and then the DC, commissioner of oaths and finally the immigration officials themselves. Please immigration produce details of this man including his face otherwise we know you sell our passports to foreigners and deny the ownership of these important documents to the real owners.

  37. Tiyanjane says:

    Had the name been Munthali, comments here would have been stinking tribal and full of hate tones. I commend civilized people from Northern Malawi who largely analyze issues and not ethnic origins. Others should borrow a leaf from fellow Malawians from the North.

  38. Stanley says:

    Our name dirty bcoz of you stupid immigration officers shame on you.

  39. Kwataine says:

    Do not be fooled ndi game yabwana iyi. All service Chiefs are involved. Kamuzu International Airport and Chileka are the weakest in Southern Africa. If am lying check how security officers have all over sudden became bloody rich.

  40. Aubrey Matchaya says:

    It could better be lenient. Maybe for the sake of its laws, they’re right, but I don’t recommend th@. Killing sb just because of drug trafficking? Have you people enforced a law to kill when one is caught committing adultery? Try to weigh the two.

  41. ndithu anthu akunjawa omwe akumapeza ma passport aki MALAWI. akumatipitsila mbiri yabwino yadziko kathy chifukwa cha dyela ndi ndalama anthu ogwira ntchito ku immigration. silas zathu timazidziwa bwino tagget yamakhwala alibe ohoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! watchout MALAWI before another bad issue happen than this.Shame to those people who help this people to get malawian passport

  42. Fathi Alshehaab says:

    why excution verdus life imprisonment.njhani ndi drug traffucking not ze mlw passport. hope imm chief will get the nbr and chk file ref and find out where when he got it…sn worried cos ku jon anakubela zonze wallet passport dpectacles anangokudiyira pant ndi five rand ta trandport to next stage or ensble you call a friend… its quite a religious experirnce..hilbrow lajststion! eeshi !!

  43. Fathi Alshehaab says:

    About thd mlw passpott hope mlw immigration chief eill get the nbr and luck ita file c how where he got it mwiba zo.mwe zinabedws ku jon tikamayenda thise guys take everything n u -wallet wristwatch dpectscles passport etc..ndiye nkhani si passport’yo ayi koma ze criminsl activity…drug trafficking panja kunonsotu ukupeza ndu chambe or nyanga ya njobvu imaposa chigololo ndi mkazi wamwini!

  44. Fathi Alshehaab says:

    thats brutal excution shy not life impfidomdnt? trging ti be hilluer than holly….

    1. man joe says:


  45. chembe says:

    Dont undermine the impact of drugs. People behave inhumane because of taking drugs.Zikanakhala maswiti bwezi akuyenda nazo mozemba?

  46. kassim Daudi says:

    Mukaba ma passport mkumati ndinu aku Malawi! Kutiyipitsira mbiri yathu yabwino! Tikakupeza komweko, ndikomwe ukadziwike kuti kwanu kunali kuti Rip.

  47. Bwampini wa Muthanyura says:

    What was the name on the passport?

  48. CHINSOLO says:

    Please, let us know from which village, TA and District he hails from. Is there confirmation
    that he is a son of that village? How about our Foreign Affairs ministry, have they confirmed that he is Malawian? Has his family been informed of his demise?
    Please learn to report a full story.

  49. CY says:

    Akulama this is original Malawian from Chirinde . Want to make fast money

  50. MVUNGO says:

    Anzathu malamulo amawatsata ndipo amagwira ntchito koma uyo si Malawian koma Nigerian amene anathandizidwa Passport ndi wina wke wa immigration ku Lilongwe

  51. o says:

    Good riddance. Probably Congolese or Nigerian with a stolen Malawi passport.

  52. Dr Kananga says:

    Someone has already suggested this maybe a Nigerian posing as a Malawian. Sadly ( for Nigeria ) it was my first reaction.

  53. Mavuto Chomene says:

    franel (7575)
    Hero (m) | yesterday at 11:16 AM

    «§» 16 January 2015

    The Attorney General of Indonesia announced today that six individuals, an Indonesian national and five foreign nationals, all convicted of and sentenced to death for drug-related offenses are going to be executed on 18 January 2015. 38 year-old Daniel Enemuo, alias Diarrssouba was convicted in 2004.Namaona Denis was convicted in 2001..

     It will be the first execution under new President Joko Widodo who pledged no clemency for drug offenders, despite pleas from the European Union, the Brazilian government and Amnesty International.
    The others due to be executed are from Indonesia, Vietnam, the Netherlands and Brazil.

    Daniel Enemuo, 38, a Nigerian national, was sentenced to death by the Tangerang District Court in September 2004 for attempting to smuggle 1.150 grams of heroin into the country from Pakistan in January 2004.

    Namaona Denis, 49, was reportedly born in Nigeria but travelled to Indonesia with a Malawian passport. He wassentenced to death by the Bandung High court in 2001 after being convicted of smuggling 940 grams of heroin at the Soekarno-Hatta airport in Jakarta. According to his lawyers, Denis did not understand his trial proceedings as he was not provided with adequate interpretation.

    According to Amnesty ,Five of them are reportedly going to be executed on Nusakambangan Island while Tran Thi Bich Hanh is to be executed in Boloyali district, both in Central Java.

    Death sentences in Indonesia are carried out by firing squad. The prisoner has the choice of standing or sitting and whether to have their eyes covered, by a blindfold or hood. Firing squads are made up of 12 people, three of whose rifles are loaded with live ammunition, while the other nine are loaded with blanks.

    Amnesty International has condemned the sentences asking for a change of heart.

    Anger dwells only in the bosom of fools. lolz..
    FB Share Tweet
    16 Jan 15, 11:16 AM

  54. GaluMtsukwa says:

    Thank you very much Nyasatimes for posting this news (this news was also on BBC). It is the role of the media to educate the masses about the dangers of drug trafficking. In Malawi we allow the Chinese to be doing whatever they want (from precious stones to animal horns to externalization of forex etc etc) but its a different story when it comes to countries like Indonesia, Iran, China, Philippines, etc etc. People agree to drug trafficking and end up dying like rabid dogs because of ignorance and greed.

  55. Akuti kufuna kupha makwacha. Za zii

  56. Man Ifeyo says:

    He can not be a malawian, he is a nigerian.

  57. Mute Gama says:

    He was indeed a Nigerian, go to http://www.gistmania.com/talk/topic,233462.0.html. Born in Nigeria 49 years ago, went to Malawi to get a Malawian passport and traveled to Indonesia where he married an Indonesian woman, Dewi Retno Atik. He was convicted 14 years ago for drug smuggling. Video of his arrest is available on You Tube too. Dewi and her lawyer visited Deni a day before the execution.

  58. Maliseni says:

    I agree with No. 1 as many Nigerians came to Malawi to obtain our passport for their access to USA, UK and other countries that don’t access Nigerians easily. We used to have access to UK without Visa but the Nigerians destroyed our special recognition all over the world. Indonesia should also stop from execution. If Not Malawi can have special law to execute foreigners too.

  59. mohammed malinga says:

    Tikuyipisa mbiri yathu powapatsa anthu mapassport achimalawi pomwe ayiniakefe timavutikila kuyipeza kamba koti anthu akunjawa amapereka zindalama zambiri ku imigration

  60. bwalero says:

    What’s the name?

  61. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    I agree with Hoitty,
    A typical Malawian cannot be in this group of people. We have sold our land, daughters and passports to Nigerians because of poverty.
    Malawians are failing to get plots, especially in Lilongwe, because they do not have money to palm-oil officials in the Lands Department,
    City Office and Malawi Housing. Plots are instead sold to foreigners with personal huge benefits. These are the foreigners that use Malawi
    By the way, we who work in the Lilongwe City Council are shocked with some of our corrupt bosses’ greed. How can a Director of Finance (Mr Sibande)
    personally use his position to get plots in the New Area 49 (opposite Gulliver), Area 25, Area 9 and even annex old grave yard at Area 47 Sector 5, near
    Chigoneka Day Secondary School? In all these areas he starts fence/building construction before any procedures are followed. His plots
    bigger than recommended. All this because he is also a personal friend of the Chief Executive, Mr Hara. He s0ld some of such acquired plots (one in Area25)
    to foreigners,
    Can ACB investigate this finance boss’s dealings?

  62. Maiko a azanutu amenewo kukhwimitsa malamulo, osati zakunozi.Nafenso lets execute all the cashgaters.

  63. inayake says:

    Malawi should also re-establish this. Prisons space has become overcrowded as a result of those who have been given life sentences. I say, free up space by executing the most wicked. My conscious is clear as the decision will not come from me but a competent court.

  64. Mphipi says:

    We need 2 mobilize funds 4 suiccide bombing these indonesians should respect other country. and if we meet them in town treat them like Dogs


  66. luckypat says:

    Quick cash,early death.

  67. cashy G says:

    That’s a nigerian born Malawian who just used Malawian passport coz its simple for the foreigner to get it than original Malawians

  68. Wa Nzeru Wa Kum'mawa says:

    The picture clearly shows he was a Nigerian.

  69. akatswiri says:

    This is bad law,drug mpakana muthu kunyongedwa pakuomberedwa,ngati Mmalawi muno muli aku Indonesia adzipita kwawo basi dziko lawo ndi lankhaza.

  70. Chabecheker says:

    The malawian name executed is denis namaona well known guy from chief chimaliro in thyolo district near the home of the president peter mutharika; the father of denis namaona was one of rich persons around thyolo and blantyre in the 1970s

  71. out says:

    Most likely the passport was forged or stolen. He is not a Malawian. Furnish us with his details. Malawians are cowards and clever. Unless someone planted that in his luggage I’m 99% sure he was not a Malawian. RIP

  72. Mapwiya says:

    He was a Nigerian using a Malawian passport by name of Denis Namaona. He was arrested in 2001. Immigration department must explain!

  73. changu pamalmalo says:

    si mMalawi uyu muone phazi ndi manja akewo pure Nigerian ndithu

  74. marvelick says:

    osatchula dzina lake bwanji shut up!!

  75. Banda says:

    What’s wrong with a capital punishment in a Muslim world? They knew it when they were going there.

  76. Malawianah says:

    Am sure that he wasnt a malawian he might be a Nigerian using malawian passport.

  77. Dick says:


  78. Balabala says:

    Ati dzina lake ndi Denis namaona

  79. Djomba says:

    They say he was born in Nigeria….wow. How did he get a Malawian passport….?

  80. Vehtekhu says:

    What was his name? Passport shopping basi….but all in all its a sad development

  81. nyaphaphi says:

    Indeed a nigerian using Malawian passport ife ukatakwe wathu sitinafike pa drug trafficking

  82. lili kutti says:

    drug dealer will say thats cruelly, and drug producers will say stop it but for me i have to fear nothing

  83. lili kutti says:

    drug dealer will say thats cruelly, and drug producers will say stop it but for me i have to fear

  84. chims says:

    by the way,reading voanews there is mention of a malawian amongst the executed. i have a certain ladyfriend who told me a relative was arrested in that country on drug related issue.am afraid this could be it.

  85. chims says:

    according to passport? then what are the details? i may agree that he was just using a Malawian passport but he is from Maiduguri.

  86. big mac says:

    briefcase writer. cant even investigate further and find out his name.

  87. very sad indeed nobody is perfect in the eyes of beholder

  88. hey nyasa that one is not a nyasaland indicate the name if he is a malawian passport anatenga mwa dhilu

  89. Kodiadatidziwitsa says:

    My question is this one. Did they inform the nearest Malawian embassy before taking this action??? What will be the next step???? is our government going look into the case and the final judgement ??? Our President is a lawyer by profession and believe all the lawyers will try to find out the truth !!!!

  90. Wadyapo, mwatsala enanu.

  91. Japhy says:

    Lucky these pple died before thy kill those pple who were goin to usee ths thngs, drugs is killing many pple, why mst I worry for those stupids who transport ths shit knowing it gonna ruin sm1’s life?

  92. Kaka says:

    Tough laws means strong Economy they are protecting their economy from being manipulated and weakened by foreigners. They don’t want their citizens to live bitter life like Malawians and I support them. No country and economy become strong with weak and porous laws like Malawi. Human rights organisations are the architects of weak economies. As long as we leave defaulters or cashgaters or any law breakers scot free we shall never develop.

  93. chiccoh says:

    Ooooooh No! Who is perfect? Capital punishment for drug traffiking or is it blasphemy? Damn it.

  94. moses mbeya says:

    Very shame

  95. hoitty says:

    this was a Nigerian using a Malawian passport. I guess he acknolwedged this before he died

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