Malawian father of Madonna’s adopted son worried about David Banda’s welfare

Yohane Banda, the biological father to David Banda who was adopted by Multi Grammy winning Pop Superstar Madonna has hit international media headlines after expressing concern over the welfare of his biological son following the custody battle between the singer and British movie director Guy Ritchie over divorce proceeding.

Father says David  Banda is better off with me than Madonna outside a family life

Father says David Banda is better off with me than Madonna outside a family life

The father who gave up David for adoption in 2006  said his son does not look happy in the pictures he has seen and that he was better off back with him.

“He looks bewildered. If there is no love in the family, is there any love for him?” The Sun in UK quoted Yohane.

“I’d like to know what’s going on behind closed doors and why Rocco wanted to leave his mum and live with his dad like that. My children are all very close and have lots of fun together, which is how life should be for brothers and sisters,” Banda reportedly told The Sun.

It isn’t just the Rocco situation he has a problem with. Madonna’s behaviour in general, he believes, is a bad influence on David.

He added, “One child living in New York and another in London sounds like an unhappy situation to me. What I have heard about Madonna’s lifestyle since her divorce from Guy sounds quite shocking.”

The former couple has been battling for custody of their 15-year-old son Rocco since Christmas, with the family reportedly planning to soon meet and thrash out a resolution.

“This is a new and terrible thing to happen to him. I am too upset to think clearly. He is only three years old and he has been through so much.

“I have the joy of a new family and I even have a new son. But now when I think of David in danger of living outside a family life I find it unbearable, I find it hard to believe God intended this.

“This woman Madonna told me herself that David was beautiful and made her happy and she promised to take good care of him.

“Now I see him in a big bewildering crowd in the street with people pushing and shoving, and many cameras around, and without a mother and father to hold his hand. I’m feeling bad for him.”

Meanwhile, Madonna seems to have spent Easter with her children as she posted a picture on twitter with decorated eggs for each of her children including Rocco.

She posted the picture with a caption, “Easter = New Life”. The Easter eggs had names of Rocco, Mercy, David and Lourdes, or Lola.

Meanwhile, The Sun reported that Yohane Banda now has a happy new family living in his thatched hut in Malawi. He lives with his new wife Flora, her daughter Tiyamike, three, and their seven-month-old baby son Dingiswayo – David’s half-brother.

They live a simple life but it is filled with love.

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81 thoughts on “Malawian father of Madonna’s adopted son worried about David Banda’s welfare”

  1. nsenambo says:

    chinansolo chinanzeru ba, tchi, mulikenimbo kwene mwana, muzadya mathatcha soon,

  2. IMPI says:

    Nkulu ngati cash ulibe yodyetsa dona wakwatilayo usova, kungokulandila David nthawi yomweyo kukwatilanso nkubelekanso? Am sure this time Mark zuckerberg abwela kuzatenga winayo

  3. Gresham Mapunda says:

    This man should not start crying because the boy is grown now. He was a coward and thought someone should take charge of caring for his own son when he could have done it himself. Let David stay where he is to protect him from coming to live with him and eat denje everyday instead of pizza, chips, eggs and sausage. This man will cry blood, but David will stay put with Madonnah, period.

  4. Bart says:

    I mean God bless Madonna. She wielded her influence to take a child away from a man that lives in a hut. Surely its not civilized in Malawi and the level of education low, poverty extreme. We all know how generous she is, maybe she could send David father a promotional concert t shirt made by sweatshop workers in China to keep his body protected while working in Malawi’s version of cotton fields.

  5. el-mal says:

    mdala uyuso ndiofoira bwanj,,,,,,,,,,,,,,nde ukufuna titani???? kapena ukfuna kut naweso akupange adopt kut uzikamuyang’anira komko?

  6. Ziyah says:

    He is just a patheric attention seeker… The problem is people think adopting out a child equals to selling mwana… He thinks he should be making a living out of it

  7. ya_smoothDJ says:

    This man should be jailed. He does not deserve a place in this society and again reporters and editor why publishing this bullshit?

  8. ya_smoothDJ says:

    This man should be jailed. He does not deserve any place in our society and again reporters and editor why publishing this bullshit?

  9. hopefully lady madona will also adopt this fool as a husband!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Phikani says:

    Kungoti ana oberekedwa ndi achewa amakhala owoneka bwino, David bwa! Zidangovuta kuti odalawa kulera somatha. Akadakhala mwana wa Mlomwe madonna akadabeza poti akadakhala pano atasanduka mbava ku USA, koma David, very intelligent and cool

  11. Yakubu says:

    Abambo opanda nzeru nthawi yomwe amadzamutenga iwe unali kuti,akanakhala mwana wako okondedwa bwenzi utakamusiya ku ophanage kupepera basi.

  12. ram it's me says:

    Yohane give me a break! He is no longer your child. Oops! You would have thought of that boy’s happiness before taking him to the Orphanage while you yourself was still alive.

  13. Redeemed says:

    Actually, I could relate to David story, when I left my Malawian mom to live with my South African dad in south Africa, I was barely fifteen years old, and a lot was speculated by people and family to make my mom regret her decision to allow me to live with her former husband who happened to be my biological father. Some had the audacity to accuse my mom of selling me to a Zulu man, while others raised concerns that as soon as I completed my studies, I would resent my family from my mom’s side. Unfortunately soon after I arrived in RSA, I happened to be involved in a serious car incident which claimed a life, this incident added fuel on already burning coal and my mom could no longer handle it and demanded my return to Malawi.

    Fortunately, unlike David, I was old enough to make my own decisions and I refused which at the time sounded as defying my mom. Today, I have a sterling life style, which I doubt could have been possible had I stayed in Malawi, and most of all, many people apart from my mom’s family are benefiting.

    The irony of it all is that, the very same people who were very vocal against my migration, have allowed their sons and daughters to also migrate here in RSA with no significant purpose. Some have resorted to prostitution and thug life; roaming the streets of Johannesburg purposelessly and their parents proudly to receive stuff sent by their children from “kuJoni” regardless of how it was acquired.

    In conclusion, I have learnt a valuable lesson that, when one is on the path to success, not everyone rejoices with you. they resort to all sorts of negative tactics to deter you from reaching your set goal, so that eventually you may end up on the same level or beneath them in order so that they can ridicule you.

  14. john phiri says:

    The child in this picture is not david. Nyasatimes put the picture of the child in question pushing and shoving. Secondly, Its better to live with people who will take care of you than be in a family where your life is not certain. Mwanayo aphunzira illuminati adzidzatipangira miracle money komanso aphunzira yakumbuyo adzakhala deputy director wa Gift. Nyasa put the picture of unhappy david. Why are you hiding him????????????

  15. Greencardless Malawian says:


  16. Gluco Power says:

    let him leave free, u r just tinkng bad things, thanx for being a lovng father

  17. Jamz teeye says:

    What Yohane should be worried about is David finding out his biological father sendimg his kid to an orphanage.

    Or, should we this man is hopping Maddona will adopt him as well as her husband???

  18. Professor Wakumpoto says:

    Koma abambo inu. You are still procreating? Shame. Go and have vasectomy please!

  19. Dapp kaunjika wa ma 100 kwacha says:

    Wasowa omupatsira ufiti mwina eti?

  20. Mopia Mloyiwa says:

    This is a Nyau boy a full product of Kamuzu Banda. Anthu opanda nzeru. Timati pitani kusukulu inu mumvekere koma gule wamkulu ndiye mwaona mwagulisa mwana ku malezibian and homosexuals. A Chewa apusa bola ife Alomwe

  21. mbox says:

    he is stupid. why does he to disturb a kid who now leading a happy life? if he gave up then why want him now.


  22. Hahahahahahahaha says:

    Hehehehehehehe. Bullshit. Someone coached him to speak this nonsense. I doubt this man even knows of London or New York or about Rocco and Ritchie.

  23. Chigawaneni says:

    What this man-Yohane Banda is. He must have given away David out of ignorance I suppose. Does he think David can come back and stay with him in that leaking house of his at Lipunga village in Mchinji? Please of you influential people tell this man the truth surrounding his son David. Tidzawoneka ngati tonse ndife makape aMalawi. Mdala ali ndi problem uyu!

  24. Galu Banda says:

    This is the most useless father I have ever known. allowing you own child to be adopted as if you are dead – you are stupid man. Ndiwe galu weniweni. A child is at maximum happiness with their biological parents. any other situation is an unfortunate situation. You caused all this situation to happen so donot even talk about it you so stupid man. Galu iwe.

  25. Mirriam Mphamba says:

    Kungofuna potchukilapo olo ndi manyazi omwe mulibe odala.

  26. Mwantepele says:

    David has been in the UK for ten years now, let Madonna allow David to visit his father and only let David stay with him only for one month then his father will never talk about the nonsense he speaks. He ll see how difficult is it to keep a Michael Jackson

  27. wodandaula says:

    Kodi vuto ndiotola nkhaniwatu osati bamboyu munthu wakumuzi ma picture anawatenga kuti?si anthu anakangompala nkamwa basi

  28. alinafe govati says:

    He is mad. He failed to raise him.

  29. Achiphwisi says:

    Bambo iwe ndiwe gwampusi ukuwona ngati davide angabwere? Iwe mmene unkasaina kwa lawyer uja unkati mcha?ukagwere uko usatisokose davide akunjoya anaiwalanso chichewa zako fisi

  30. Likoma Economist says:

    David could easily be future Obama. Please leave this kid alone.

  31. Malanda says:

    Useless father,you only know how to be on top but failed to take care of your own child.akumvutika ndani pakati pa iwe ndi mwana wakoyo?,wakhuta akachasu kapena umasuta chamba.akutuma kapena maluzi,mwanayo sali Ku tchito kuti azikutumira ndalama.

  32. Frasinceco says:

    Mwaganiza bwanji banbo a david

  33. Tim says:

    What is wrong with this IDIOT!

    Typical uneducated JEALOUS MALAWIAN

    The boy is out of that HELL CALLED MALAWI… It is one of the worst places on Earth!..

    You can stay there in your grass house suffering… The boy has a GREAT LIFE NO MATTER What you think!

  34. nkanakhala pa Malawi says:

    where were u all these years…. tell David to come back and see or hear his response… to say the fact he will say he doesn’t know u….akaphunzira and grow big and make decisions he will make a choice

  35. mngoni wa pa phata says:

    zachita kuonekelatu kuti watumidwa mdalayu, it is good for David to stay with Madonna even without someone to be called dad rather than staying here in Malawi and die coz of hunger and poverty. Wakutumaniyo akukunamizani bambo banda

  36. Ze Roberto says:

    ” One child in London and the other child in New York to me that doesn’t sound okay” Banda. Thamo la mutu nkholo ili mtubzi. The mentioning of the big cities alone is an insult to the cities on its own. . For you Mr Banda you should be mentioning Kaigwazanga or Mkanda or or Langa or Chawala ku Mchinji komweko. Amenewo ndiye maina asaizi yanu bambo mwamva! Nawenso Imraan Sadik, don’t you know that poverty is the entry point for all misfortunes?

  37. Musaiwale a Banda mwana wanu munamusiya kumalo osungira ana amasiye kusonyeza kuti munamulephera kumusamala kuti azikhala ndi abale akewo. Kkkkk musiyeni Madona azisangalara naye mwana

  38. tchete says:



  39. Commenter says:

    So he gave him up at 7 months for someone else to raise him, and wanted him to also die at that orphanage. Madonna was interested and adopted him now, he wants him back to come back to Malawi to suffer with him!! Chamba eti….. He is even jealous of his own son! Shame on him useless man… What a cretin!

  40. Mlomwe Original says:

    Bambo opusa iwe, wakunamiza ndani.

  41. unenesko Nguwemi says:

    Irresponsible father .Why did you allow your son to go with Madonna?Umafuna gain eti?Umvetsa

  42. zelenji says:

    tangopemphani ndrama basi musachuluke zoyankhula,custody/divorce mwaiziwira kuti iwe?

  43. kamwendo mangochi says:

    Too late for tears baba David sunati kulira

  44. Hoitty Totty says:

    Wazidziwira kuti nkhani za custody ya Rocco iwe bambo wa kumudzi. Akukunamizao akupweteketsa. David angakhale nyumba ya udzu mwana toilet yokumba angakwanitse? Bambo ameneyu anali ndi maganizo okuti Madonna azimuganizila kangachepe waona kuli ziii ali dniyambepo phokoso

  45. GONANI says:

    This guy must really be taught where to poke his nose and where not. I think the government should investigate him and see if the rest of the children are safe with him. If they are not safe they must be taken away from him and put in adoption centre again

  46. kumbukani munthali says:

    musiyeni mwana kulibwino azivutika ku London,kusiyana ndikuzavutika mu nyumba ya udzu.muzinala Bambo wolephera

  47. nana says:

    abambo inu ndinu galu mungalere David inu? muli ndi chani choti mungamupatse David? mufuna mumpatse ufiti, Umphawi, Usawi kapena Chichi? kumene uliko ulekeretu otherwise ndikusaka ndipo ndikutapa

  48. People think money is everything.shame!

  49. madalitso maloya says:

    akuwanamiza amenewo ine ndinali konko ku home of hope orphanage ndakhalako since 2000 up to 2012 and mmene amabwera David nkuti Ali three days old Bambi ake akukkanika even kumuveka thewera mwana ndipo analibe chithandixo chilichose moti inu ma bad wishes musamuphere sogoro mwana osamapanga zanu bwanji and ife ma orphans azake timamufunira za bwino my God continue blessingshim

  50. PULUDZU says:


  51. biziwek Pakhala says:

    Some reporter somewhere has a hidden agenda. Leave the young boy and Madonna alone. This poor soul in a typical rural homestead in Malawi cannot follow the marriage issues between Madonna and Rocco.

  52. Ganizani says:

    Stupid Yohane Banda , David was picked from an orphanage home , which means that you failed to take care of David at your own poor home with facilities , today David is in overseas eating a four course meal you feel you can do better than Madona ? Poor advise from people who don’t wish well.

    Refrain from getting advises from people who are ill advising you just to have market for their news papers to and increase sales .

  53. Makweya says:

    Yohanne Banda doesn’t know anything about Madonna’s divorce with her husband, this is a concocted story by someone intent on spoiling David’s promising life overseas! Whoever it is, shame on you!
    Who in rural areas can follow international news if not these so called Human Rights bodies? They don’t love David!
    David’s father does not even access Nyasa Times, this story smacks of ill-will!

  54. Make Ma says:

    Komanso iweyo ukukhala kumapita kwa bambo ake a David kumakawauza zopanda nzeruzo ndiwenso opanda nzeru uli ndi nsanje. Ukufuna kuti Madonna akwiye and turn the child back to Malawi. Don’t do that. You are misleading him. Ali ndi chiani abambo a David Banda ngati anakanika kale kumulera mwana amene uja ali wamng’ono ndiye anamize dziko kuti the child is better off with him. Nooo iwe ukuwanamizawe usiye.

  55. JZU says:

    nde nonsenu mukuwalembera bambo banda? iwo ali kukachasu atagulitsa dowe……zaziiiii

  56. Mwayi Lusaka says:

    Its not Yohane Banda who is ranting these sentiments. Some opportunist NGOs and other people of same sort are the ones speaking these rubbish! The father is not even connected to international news outlets to begin with. I dont think he follows the Guy Richie saga with close eyes as he seems to insinuate. Please Mr Banda stop being used by these hogs! Your son is safe and dry!

  57. richard says:

    Mr band tapangani zikomo kwa mulungu pokupepusani kumulela mwanayu. Inuyo musayikeko mau mulungu angazakulangeni. Moyo umene wakulila david inu simungaukwanise very expesive life .mukufuna mwana azizavutika kuno very bad idear mr banda musiyiletu maganizo amenewa.

  58. akon says:

    Bambo Yohane Banda choyamba choti mudziwe ndi chakuti m’pungwepungwe wa Madonna ndi Guy Ritchie ukukhudza Rocco osati mwana wanu yemwe mudalephera kumulera David yemwe mudakamusiya kunyumba ya ana amasiye. Komanso anthu samukuonerani kukondwa kuti mwana wanuyo mudalephera kumulerayo ali ku America kwao kwa Obama ndi Donald Trump. Ndiye inuyo musamadandaule za mwanayo, inuyo madandaulo anu angokhala paChimanga chomwe simukumakachipeza mukapita ku Admarc, ndiyesa apa mwaona nokha kuti a Malawi’fe timachitilana nsanje tokhatokha nkumabisirana chimanga kenako nkumakunamizani kuti Madonna akulimbana ndi mamuna wake pazosunga mwana wawo Rocco ndi izi zikhoza kumukhudza David.

  59. Kwa 11 says:

    Obanda khalani chete zatsogolo siziziwika Devi wozakhaka wopulezidenti womereka.poti mukaputenga mwana wozangovivatu gule ku mchinjiko

  60. James Kazula says:

    Apapa tingoti Mwanayu wavaya inuyo Limban mtima that level is higher

  61. bbkk says:

    Kulankhulapo za mwana wako pa nkhaza zomwe zikuveka sikulakwa.

  62. Honeycomb Chidyauzu says:

    You are a stupid lucky man. You left your son at an orphanage and someone is giving him a new lease of life and you are notgrateful

  63. Nyamakumutu says:

    Banda or what ever name you call yourself. You are a very stupid man on earth. Some people even wished Madona had adopted their children or even themselves. After all in the West Children becomes independent even from their biological parents after 18 years. Why bother about your stupid thinking. If David wants to return and reallocate in Malawi after that time he will certainly do but I doubt very seriously he can opt to do such a mistake. Let the kid alone and be with her Mother after all he is no longer your son.

  64. Amwali says:

    Please stop ill advising this guy that David will be better off with him he gave David away let the boy be and continue with ur simple life SirDavid sangalore zobwerera kwanuko

  65. Benjamin says:

    This man must be crazy, he talking of Madonna going through divorce claiming it’s not good for David while him also got a new family which mean he remarried

  66. Bwande says:

    After the death of David’s mother, you went on to marry another woman and decided to abandon David at an orphanage claiming you are failing to raise the kid. Now you bark saying he could have been better with you? You mean at the orphanage? Mr Banda, you must be stupid!

  67. jojo says:

    The father is mad, or he’s being influenced by other people. Better to shut up than talk nonsense

  68. Bebeto kossam says:

    amutuma a DPP uyu

  69. golo says:

    Mr Yohane Banda…why are you clinging to something which is not yours? David is not your son any more…that should get into your head. Stop giving interviews to these attention seeking newspapers like the sun…they have no news and they are trying to make news on you.Period.

  70. Bo;ero says:

    Can someone tell this so called Yohane Banda to shut up. We know there are certain quarters are trying hard to finish off Madonna. They have tried many tactics but failed so far. Using Yohane Banda is one such dirty trick.

  71. Wadzulo uja says:

    Two different cultures, two different life styles. The way you raise your chn cannot be the same as the west, therefore our challenges cannot be the same too. We struggle with poverty, they strggle how to spend their riches. Battling in court is just one way of spending. Adzadyanji kuno. Adzabwere akadzaphunzira komanso akadzalemera.

  72. Mapwevupwevu says:

    I don’t know why some people would love to see.David wallowing in misery back in Malawi. I also wonder what is the motive of the sorry person who took the story of the custody battle to this idiot of a father.

    Let the child be!

  73. Windows says:

    That’s nonsense you mad man Banda… yo failed everything to have a look for ya boy at last he was found at Orphanage centre……Some charity pips decide to take care of him. Now you are saying akuvutika? Shut up ya mouth can you compare Jail life na Normal life? There’s somebody who is telling you to say so. Mfiti iwe.

  74. 2016 welcome says:

    So when David was at the orphanage back home he was in close tie with the family? Sounds weird! Mwanji kungokhala chete kusiyana ndi kupempha mnyozo. Momwe mukuonekera inu Mr Banda ndi David ali pa mabvuto ndani pakati pa anthu awirinu? Tandiyankheni ndisanapse mtima?

  75. RISK says:


  76. observer mission says:

    If indd this story iz tru, then it only means Yohane Banda iz CRAZY. And its possible some misguided jealousy persons or organizations are influencing him.
    I’d rather advise him to revisit the adoption biblical story of Mozes by Pharaoh’s daughter.

  77. NYONYO says:


  78. dingiloss says:

    Love! love! braaaa braaaa, why can’t this man be just thankful, somehow we malawians lacks senses, he failed to take care of his son and someone volunteered to do so, later on you say senseless things.

  79. Raymond, Timm says:

    I think Mr. Banda is putting his nose in somebodys affair let me remind you that David is no longer your son now and if you didnt read the paper I assure you, that kid is Madonna’s yo must just concetrate on your farming why did you put David in orphanage? That means you failed to look after him so now David is doing well and your busy talking as if you were able to take care of him my advise is Mr. Banda please shut up and leave David and the.mother alone.

  80. GERYSOM says:

    Vuto lokulira ndi umphawi the person becomes blank za moyo wolemera wokudya chimene ukufana wosati chimene wachipeza David is in super Life pa Malawi palibe ,bambo mwana siwanunso limbani mtima ,ndi mfiti eti mukufuna azizavutika

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