Malawian girl sexually assaulted before murder

A ten year old girl at Makantha village in the Inkosi Kampingo Sibade area, northern district of Mzimba was sexually assaulted and murdered in sickening attack earlier this week after a day missing from her home.

According to Gabriel Chiona, Mzimba Police Public Relations Officer, the girl was sexually violated as she returned home from school on Wednesday, July 15 which prompted her family members start searching.

The level of brutality the deceased endured has shocked police.

“Upon realizing that the girl never come back home from school prompted the family members and villagers searching for her on the same day but yielded nothing. She was later found dead in a bush closer to her house on the following day morning of July 16, 2015.

“The deceased body was taken to the Mzimba district hospital which the post-mortem results showed that the girl was defiled then later hacked in the head and died on the spot as she lost a lot of blood. This is shocking news as to what reasons were there for this little girl being butchered in that matter,” said Chiona.

Chiona said police are working tirelessly hunting the monsters involved in the killing and appealed to the general public to provide any information which will help in the investigations.

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36 thoughts on “Malawian girl sexually assaulted before murder”

  1. Phwado says:

    Generally,Humans have failed to live to the expectations of the Creator.How I wish He wiped out the human race and start all over again.It is so sickening that I imagine if it were my daughter.Rest in peace little angel and your innocent soul I am sure shall punish whosoever asshole monster has done this.My heart bleeds.

  2. Nabanda says:

    Koma abale munthu mwamunyenga chomumphera ndi chani? Ndiye akakugwirani pakhoti muzikapempha kuti ndili ndi H.I.V. andichepetsere chilango? Kodi pokuphapo mumayiwala kuti mukumwa ma ARV?

  3. chefourpence says:

    iiiiiiiiiiii koma ATUMBUKA!

  4. connery says:

    May her soul rest in peace. Kulakwa a malawi. Leave tribalIsm aside and focus on condemning the evil act.

  5. vyaya says:

    Most evil has increase during this dunderhead ruler…this guy is gay indeed and that what’s happens when evil rulers are in power. Remove evil rulers then Malawi will be safe

  6. amfumu says:

    The death penalty has its own shortcomings.But crimes like these were rare before 1994.Let us give it another try

  7. Sad news to people

  8. says:

    Do we have forensic detectives in malawi. Am wotoedo f my own girls pliz malawi can we move a step a head do that these monsters should get their fair share of punishment. My heart is with her family

  9. Zanga Phe Basi says:

    MHSRIP. God the living Lord, we know we are sinners, whatever we do is immoral!

    To my fellow commentators pliz write nothing if u know u have dull brain n wicked heart. May the spiritt of this innocent girl haunt all u stupid commentatitors.

  10. Sapitwa says:

    There is no more “umunthu” in Malawi. Before incidents like these happen, there are always symptoms such as strange behaviors by perpetrators that could assist citizens to take actions to abort such incidents. Unfortunately people have lost brothers keeperhood in the name of minding one’s own business. These are the fruits of the so called Democracy from 1994. Shame!

  11. EVANCE says:

    Zimakhala zomvetsa chisoni kuti anthu oterewa akagwudwa, boma limawamvera chisoni powapatsa kachilango kochepa. Awatu need life imprisonment& no pardon for them during indipendence cerebrations

  12. kasambala says:

    Those r just evil,even if there r not caught,God s going 2 punish them 4 their sin.why inoncent girl shld die like that.

  13. bebess says:

    please some of your comments don’t be stereotyping. Rat you are rat indeed. your comments shows that you a rat. r u telling me people are not doing insane things in other places? think and reason when making comments. Evil is everywhere regardless of where you are coming from.

    God will punish all kinds of wickedness. this little was innocent police do what you do best find these dogs and bring them to book

  14. fkr says:

    We must have public hanging for the person who did this. Law is getting.out of order.

  15. Dr K.K. says:

    What hail is?Ufiti chiyani?

  16. Rat says:

    Tumbuka’s always famous for defyling,stealing, killing and raping, besides kuba mabedi akuchipala.Ndiye chomcho mungalamule dziko?Mukhoza kunyenga akazi wonse mdziko muno before end of 5 years term.

  17. Concerned citizen says:

    I talk as a parent of a daughter. The culprits should be found and hanged. This trend is a national tragedy and should not be tolerated at any cost.

  18. inkata be says:

    Horrible as it is shocking.mhsrp.
    Its like the girl knew the monster and fearing being identified murdered her.
    I agree with the one who proposed rounding all males from the village and surrounding areas including relations and inlaws.
    May God help us and fast.

  19. Edwin says:

    Oh why such brutarity ? What is it really that the perpetrators wanted ? Kukwima chani?
    Plz whoever has a piece of information let the authorities have it .it is scaring they may be targeting another victim.
    May God help us as a nation to overcome this

  20. wakwatabu says:

    kodi ku Mzimbaku fodya amakupwetekani motani? Komatu mupezeka.MHSRIP

  21. Zangaphee says:

    Mwana wambula chifukwa uyu. Ukolekenge. Chiuta waliko. Mzimu wa mwana uyu uwuse mtende.

  22. Mtumbuka says:

    Mbwenumbwenu At Work

  23. zk-abc says:

    Is it cocain mixed with ganja plus masacheti? Some stupid citizens makes me wonder.

  24. SALIMA BOYS says:

    R.I.P,this is very sad yhoooo!!!I wish atagwidwa adzafotokozere dziko kuti zinatani kuti apange za u satana zotelezi Munthu amene wapanga iziyu,Mulungu amukanthe.

  25. aDeaconess says:

    Its sad the police do nothing, they jus say they will investigate but never do. My daughter was abducted and raped we went to collect the police but wea searching the wrong place yet they knew wea these thugs usually hide. By Gods mercies she was not murdered cause of the prayers we intensified during the search. The police may hav done nothing but I kno vengeance is from God and were ever they are God is dealing with them. U police pipo u r the first to burn in hell fire fo failing to do the job u r paid fo.

  26. Mbukavu says:

    This is horrible and sickening Why would one want to do this to a little girl Lord have mercey

  27. atumbuka slow down says:

    Atumbuka please be decent and have morals. Why rape and kill a 10year old. What have you achieved in this brutal act. You then start accusing police of not doing enough. If you lack moral capital, you shall forever accuse police. This incident happened close to the girls house. There was no way police could have been in that village at that material time unless the village had tipped them.

    1. JJB says:

      Malawi has more than its fair share of idiots.

      People travel all over the country from all over the world, if a tumbuka goes to Zomba and kills someone there, does it mean that person has been killed by Yaos?

      How I wish someone from your family gets abducted and murdered, so you can come back here and talk your rubbish.

  28. Jimuni says:

    This is sad

  29. Mzeé Ben says:

    Last days! God will call and the little innocent girl will answer John 5:28,29

  30. decent citizen says:

    The police needs to hunt these animals until they are caught and should never see a daylight in their life.They also need to die a slow painful death.

  31. Malawi says:

    Malawi needs to develop at a high speed coz these monsters are copying what happens in the first world. If the country was well developed wuthall the resourses one way or the other even after years that person would have been caught easily. That person left his unique dna. But I assume the person was known by the girl and he killed her to conceal the evidence. All the men in that area needs to voluntarily give their dna to rule out. May the little girl soul rest in peace. My heart is with the family.

  32. chikkkae says:

    Shoot to kill basi

  33. chikkkae says:

    Ok police ilibe infor apatu

    1. AK 47 says:


    2. AK 47 says:

      its too bad

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