Malawian lady listed by Forbes in Africa’s best young entrepreneurs: Racheal Sibande

A 30 year-old Malawian lady Racheal Sibande has been  listed by Forbes Magazine amongst the 30 most promising young entrepreneurs in Africa.

Rachel Sibande the Malawian super techwoman

Rachel Sibande the Malawian super techwoman

Sibande is the founder of Malawi’s  first technology hub, the mHub, which she launched in November 2013.


The mHub hub nurtures, mentors and incubates young technology entrepreneurs.

It also exists in a new space of developing commercially viable technology solutions.

In 2015, Rachel received a prestigious award from GOOGLE  as one of the most outstanding Computer Science Students in the world.

In March 2016; Rachel received yet another prestigious award from the Next Einstein Fellows Initiative as one of Africa’s Next Einstein.

Rachel is an alumni of President Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative of 2012.

She is reading for a PhD in computer science at Rhodes University in South Africa. Rachel believes that the future of Malawi and Africa is in its youth.

Sibande  is passionate about building a generation of critical thinkers and entrepreneurs. She has since established two initiatives within the hub;  “Girls for Code” and “Children’s Coding club”. Through these initiatives; girls and children are taught how to develop technology applications in a quest to enhance participation in science and technology.

Through the hub; over 2,000 young people have been trained in technology and entrepreneurship and still counting. The hub incubates 8 startup companies and has a membership of 104 technology enthusiasts, innovators and entrepreneurs.

Recently, 10 year old Panashe Jere a product of mHub’s Children’s coding club was recognised by Mark Zuckerberg in California for an app he developed. Pananshe attended Facebook’s grand F8 conference alongside three other young Malawians that developed a mobile application that provides information to pregnant mothers; also products of mHub.

Rachel is 30 years old, married with three Children.


Mike Chilewe Junior: young Malawian entrepreneur

Mike Chilewe Junior: young Malawian entrepreneur

Chilewe Jnr also listed

And 26 year-old Mike Chilewe Jnr is also mentioned in the list.

He  is the son of one of Malawi’s most prominent and successful businessmen, Mike Chilewe. But the younger Mike is charting his own path and cutting his teeth as a media entrepreneur.

In 2015, Chilewe Jr, now 26, acquired Star Radio Malawi, a floundering private radio station based in Lilongwe. With the help of media consultants and experts, he has been restructuring the station and is gradually building Star to become one of Malawi’s most successful radio stations.

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Both of them its scam. Recho tamaauza amanyuzi zbwinobwino za what you are calling awards. Aaarrrhhhh also, stop exaggerating ma achievements a mhub pilizi. Anyone can go on Forbes list if you write them.


Congrats to Rachael, Panashe Jere & Mike Chilewe.Well done for being OUTSTANDING,U r GOOD MODELS. Keep it up.

Mtondoli Jonazi

A Malawi tsopano. Nkhani siyingakambidwe osalowetsamo mitundu? Amazing. Just amazing.

I am typical Tumbuka born and bread ku Mzimba and ndikulemba mChichewa just to prove a point that: it shouldn’t be about where someone comes from but should be about achievements – Tumbuka, Chewa, Ngonde, Yao etc. We are at the end of the day all Malawians and we get judged as a nation, not a tribal group. I should be able to celebrate what any Malawian regardless of tribe achieves.

John Phiri

Congrats Mike Chilewe jr. As kids we played mpira womanga with your dad and your uncle Chris, a china padre Stan etc

Joni Mbuje
Comments Nos 7 and 6 Kumeneko ndiye kuyankha. Are we really sure, Malawians, we should be ululating and elevating people based on their parents’ achievements? Msungwanayu watichotsa manyazi ngati Northerners and Malawi as a Nation. We must celebrate!!! Komanso kunena kuti ndi Northerner sicholakwika konse. Zili ngati munthu kwawo ndiku Mulanje kodi si Southerner ndiye chalakwika pati? Wina akanena kuti ndine Southerener sizinalakwike KOMA akati ndine Northerner ndiye yikhale nkhani eeti? That’s why when a Northerner overwhelmingly votes for a Northern Region candidate up North you say ‘a Tumbuka amavoterana okhaokha koma when Southerners vote Peter Mutharika massively simunena kuti… Read more »
Mbuje apali

Atumbuka nde ndi amenewo. They will glorify every little thing that one of them does. Clearly this article is about glorifying one of their own, a Sibande. But wait a minute, what entrepreneurship is Mhub doing? MHub is an NGO being funded by another NGO called Hivos. Nde bolanso Chileweyo ndi entrepreneurship ngakhale zochokela kwa makolo ake. Kkk

This is so much impressive, others that are also pushing into a successful code, lets take the very good example of these two Malawi citizens without coding into uncivilized ambitious of obligation. These mentally ill humans are known very well as uneducated humans who bring rivals among educated people. That was before not today, where is our unity and I wonder if these humans even know the meaning of our national anthem. I ask them to sing it and get asked themselves of what it all about. Thanks to all my fellow Malawi citizens who know what is the meaning… Read more »

Another northerner making Malawi proud while the southerners and centralers are devouring fried mice and dancing nyau.


Che Vavlov mwaonetsatu mtundu wanu. The heading was supposed to read “Two Malawians recognised by Forbes” or whatsoever. The writer had conspiracy theory to make. Why only glorify one person and then say …….Oh………..yeah! There is another Malawian. This does not serve Malawi better. This is the reason why some tribes in Malawi think they are so better than the rest. Even in marriages, this is what we do and if not, no marriage. Marriage is between two people and is dissolved when one partner dies. Koma siinu anthu inu. Mpaka drafting Inheritance Act chifukwa simudziwa kuti mumarakwa.

Winston Msowoya

Congrats Sibande you have once again put Malaw on World Map.Quata system or no Quata system nothing will deter the Mbwenus to reach the final destination.We salute you for your brilliant success and we are proud of your dignified personality.YEWO CHOMENI.

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