Malawian man set alight in Johannesburg

A Malawian national was among migrants attacked in separate incidents on Johannesburg’s East Rand at the weekend, it has been reported.

According to South Africa’s News24 report,  on Saturday in Tokoza, a Malawian national was set alight after an argument.

He was allegedly attacked by an Ethiopian man but community members saved him and then turned on his assailant.

“Police rescued an Ethiopian national from the community and arrested him on charges of attempted murder. This followed an incident in which a Malawian national who went into the suspect’s shop was allegedly [doused] with paraffin and set alight after an argument,” said Lieutenant Colonel Lungelo Dlamini in a statement.

“Community members who witnessed the incident helped the victim and later attacked an Ethiopian national. The victim was taken to the hospital for treatment.”

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20 thoughts on “Malawian man set alight in Johannesburg”

  1. Peter says:

    Everyone knows the bad, selfish and JEALOUS BEHAVIOR of Malawians!…

  2. imran kanyenga says:

    thats not good

  3. ESNART says:

    kazingobweraniko abale

  4. Mmalawi says:

    My fellow Malawians,go to xool first and get good will never have problems on detention and torching like that in aforeign ikakuvutani mmathawira ku jowen, anzanu zikuwayendera momuno mmalawi.

  5. Nyaupe Mathanyula says:

    Disagreement is healthy among us but humanity is lacking in these war torne men. Migration is health too, people should explore over opportunities else where. Malawi is for us all but let us make individual development from what we realise wherever we go. Winawe wakula ndi umphawi. Its better to die in the wilderness than dieing of hunger, diseases, poverty. Wolemera kukhala okuba okha not the hardworking.

  6. akaenemiatheking says:

    welaniko sibbweni…

  7. markmarkc says:

    mbava iyi inamubera Ethiopiani’yo!

  8. peter spark says:

    ndimene kulili ku malawi kuno zonadi tifera komko

  9. franks says:

    so sad…

  10. eya ka says:

    bola kufela Ku Joni amwene…….kuno uvutike ndikufaso ngat galu…..Moyo olo Sikh limoz osamvako kukoma….bola Ku Jon …umakumbukila kut unamvako kukomaaa ukamafaaa

  11. ALGUERO says:

    Kunonso kulibe mtendere amwene, kuotchanaku kunonso kulipo kulibe kothawira

  12. Tt says:

    This is what happens when you have a population that is breeding like rats (malawians), the country has NO resources (jobs, social security etc) for its citizens , who end up going abroad to seek better pastures and become illegal immigrants ( men and women who become dehumanised and treated more like flies or maggots) . Malawian its your fault and this problem wil get worse, a population of 17.2 million now in a country with nothing!!!

  13. pido says:

    So Malawians are busy transporting these stupid Sudanese and Ethiopians. Apolisi Mangani kwambiri ma driver opezeka ndi anthu amenewa. Let me tell you one thing. Anthu ochokera ku maiko a nkhondo adathawako not to be killed but they killed others. Who are you then to be spared if they killed fellow country men

  14. zebron henry banda says:

    This is one incident that’s tragic and barbaric.somalians and ethiopians have this mentality that they are superior than their counterparts all because they are a little bit fair -skinned and straight haired.Burning?Ethiopians,please.NB:Malawians are more related to south africans than you;you risk south africans’ wrath of attacks.


    A malawi amzanga bwelani kumudzi, the Bible says ndibwino kudya masamba koma uli ndi mtendere kusiyana kudya nyama uli pa mabvuto.

  16. Chinyama J says:

    Cruelty at its worst.

  17. CK Boy says:

    please come home! we no money to give you, but we at least have peace.

  18. johnstone phiri says:

    Dziko la satana.

  19. Tikondane says:

    My dear brothers and sisters, please come home. Let’s develop our country, Malawi. Mtendere umaposa ndalama.

  20. BOKHO says:

    Bad to leave in SA. You can see all are foreigner living in SA for greener pasture but turned into red pasture.

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