Malawian Mandela dies at 89: Matchipisa Munthali

Nelson Mandela of Malawi, otherwise known as Matchipisa Munthali  a politicians of Mlowe, Rumphi has died at the age 89.

Matchipisa: No more

Matchipisa: No more

Matchipisa earned the nick name Mandela as he was malawi’s longest-serving detainee  under Kamuzu Banda dictatorship.

He was condemned to prison life for 27 years like South Africa’s Nelson Mandela.

His death was announced by United Democratic Front (UDF) a party he served.

“With deep sorrow and sadness the United Democratic Front party regrets to announce the death of Mr.Matchipisa Munthali who died late this afternoon at Rumphi District Hospital,” UDF spokesman Ken Ndanga said on Monday

“The late Munthali was until his death a dedicated member of the UDF party and actively participated in the May 20,2014 as one of the parliamentary candidates for the UDF party,” he added.

Meanwhile, the UDF party is discussing with the Munthali family for the funeral program which will be announced in due course.

Matchipisa has been involved in multiple charity projects. He was also instrumental in bringing electricity to Mlowe and dug deep to help build Mlowe Community Day Secondary School.

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68 thoughts on “Malawian Mandela dies at 89: Matchipisa Munthali”

  1. Chikumbutso says:

    May your soul Rest In Peace

  2. nzika # 1 says:

    may his soul Rest in Peace

  3. kate says:

    go home peacefully gogo Matchipisa. You lived a good life. MYSRIP

  4. Eliam k says:

    RIP BIG MAN I Once visited him at his nice stone house at mlowe

  5. Mulhako says:

    May his soul rest in peace…..

  6. CHIYAMBA says:

    the lord was gracious to this man living all that long

  7. Zondiwe says:

    Those of us who suffered under the MCP dictatorship wish to hear Chakwera apologise for the MCP attrocities that lasted a very long time.
    But because the MCP are short-sighted, they will not apologise, thus alienating the many of us even further. In the end, MCP will fail to rule, although it has some good people.
    When your party has made a mistake, leaders should own up.
    In South Africa, they had the Truth Commission that took care of the anger and pain. The Bakilis did not want this to be conducted in Malawi.
    Under MCP, suffering and attrocities were real.

  8. hoza john says:

    Hamba khahle Machipisa Munthali, we had a nice chart in my office while @ OIBM Rumphi Branch. May your soul rest in peace.

  9. Gerald says:

    We liked you gogo,but God likedyou too RIP gogo.

  10. munthu wankulu says:

    may his soul rest in peace

  11. Nyaluhanga says:

    RIP papa Matchipitsa Mandela Munthali a father to friend my late Skeggie Krugger Munthali – Let your beautiful souls Rest in Peace

  12. Amuna ngunda ngunda- aku malowa . says:


  13. Jelbin mk says:

    Am sorry fellow readers was to write from tribal in the last line of my comment and not arrival as such.

  14. Jelbin mk says:

    A good name is better than fine perfume Ecclesiastes 7:1 the bible is being proved true through the above quoted verse everytime I read comments on this site because most of the funny names though are just puppets do give funny comments how can’t someone not understand the clear message that the guy was prisoned for the same causes as those Mandela and colleagues were and spent the same jail term as Mandela did at least this makes sense than naming Bingu ngwazi while the similarities between the later and the former were parallel. I think other people have resorted to deeming everything coming from the north as less valuable but unfortunately our history of which has not been told in its full content has always shown that all revolutionaries have come from the north. This is why our governments have not honoured all people who sacrificed their lives for our nation’s interest just because most of them if not all do come from the north and government also views in the same regional view as other citizens do from other regions than the north. In the north people do vote and support people or candidates from the central but the opposite portrays the vice versa. My advice; lets start a new path that will put Malawi on the right track and start treating each other like one people despite coming from different regions or ethnicities so that we can develop and move forward without seeing everything on arrival or regional basis.

  15. KANGAANJOBVU says:

    Sad,very sad! Sons of vipers you
    heaping praises becoz he is dead!
    Not long ago I met the deceased
    and he no dime to his name now
    you re talking highly of him
    posthumously. This man only
    knew ‘Misery & Neglect in his life’
    I salute you my old pal Munthali
    finally I say invictus and credo
    R I P.
    P/s : I first met Mr Munthali when
    he had sustained a broken leg early 2000s and he was staying
    in Area 2 Lilongwe.

  16. Soloza Chibere says:

    mzimu wa Munthali uwutse mutendere. mwagwira ntchito bambo yomenyera ufulu wa matipate muno m’dziko

  17. tsamba says:

    RIP. Mr Matchipisa Munthali

  18. Lipukwe says:

    Ndiye wachoika pa Mlowe Munthali nkukhala Mandela nhani yoti anakakhala kundende nthawi yaitali? kodi amalawi kugundika bwanji mmayenda chodumpha ngati sankhwi, munthu akangonjatidwa basi ndi hero. Za Mandela mukapita kuli konse aliyense angakuuzeni history yake sono awa olo mutapita pa Phalombepa palibe angafotokoze za mbili yao olo pangono, iyaaa!

  19. Chindazi says:

    Wena Munthali, Wena Mlowe……… MWAFWA TAFWA…… RIP

  20. Naaaah says:

    God giveth n’ God taketh,rest in peace Mr Machipitsa we will probably meet in the next life..

  21. Al Hasan Al Majid Omar Mutallab says:

    Malawians Please he is Matchipisa Munthali, not Nelson Mandela,,,,stop this clap: Or else you want Barak Obama to come to his funeral once he hears Mandela has died again in Malawi? How can we have two Nelson Mandelas in this world?

  22. Kelvin says:

    Rest in peace Mr Mandela

  23. Galu wapananji Mwale says:

    RIP geatman! wl mc u more!

  24. sorry for this sad news.Mlowe is known
    because of this he not known to the gvt for aparty to anounce his death.RIP.

  25. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    The government must show deep respect to Mr. Matchipisa Munthali; even if only by paying for funeral expenses. He is indeed a hero among us; and a sui generis, like many of the detainees during the brutal proto-dictatorship of HKB and MCP. If it takes the death of a hero, like Mr. Munthali, to remind Malawians of the evils of that regime, so be it!
    It is indisputable that we would NOT be enjoying the current freedoms if it was not for people like him. Period. Their bravery, to stand up like they did, to HKB, while knowing very well the consequences is something else!
    At one point, MCP needs to face up to their atrocities. Even if the leadership is different, the party is the same in more than just the name. The black cock and HKB’s portrait are offensive symbols and show insensitivity to many Malawians. The party may be different now, but that’s no excuse for not owning up to the past. Shame!

    1. ANALYTICAL says:

      I think Nyani wa ku Mwananyani you’ve personal grievances against HKB and/or MCP. HKB already owned up to the actrocities that were committed in 1995 after he lost the presidency to Bakili Muluzi. Actually he (HKB) apologised to the nation for all atrocities that were committed in his name. We cannot keep singing the same song of saying “MCP should apologise and own up to the atrocities” – I mean how many times should that be done for us to know that they have “owned up to the atrocities?” South Africa faced similar (even much worse atrocities under aparthied) but when Mandela came into power, he did not dwell on the issue of the “white govt owning up to the atrocities”; rather, he focused on reuniting the nation! I respect Machipisa Munthali so much for what he did to the nation, but that should not make us always sing the song of “HKB and MCP should own up their atrocities!”

  26. Shimoshimo says:

    May his soul rest in hands of God

  27. JaJesi says:

    Nelson Mandela ku malawi kuno umamunyozetsa chifukwa palibe muthu wina mukanafanizira ndi a malemu muthaliwa ?

    Ku South Africa aliyense kaya ndi wa chipani cha DA, EFF,ANC. Onse amamukonda komanso amaziwa mbiri ya

    Pamene amalemuwa za iwo amaziwa ndi a UDF yokha

    1. Khalidwe Madeya says:

      Mwina kwakula ndi kubadwa mochedwa. Machipisa Munthali is one of the fighters of Democracy. He fought Kamuzu Banda. So, not because you dont know him you should belittle him in this way. Please sensure your mounth. May His Soul Rest in peace!!


    J Banda kugona masana kumeneko and you think any Northerner will ever be a State President of this Country? Never at all kwao ndiyamba zinthu ndipo ena amagwiritsa ntchito. My CONDOLENCES TO THE MATCHIPISA MUNTHALI RIP

    1. truth says:

      Rest In Peace

  29. Honourable says:

    Mwina a Namihavani ndinu wana the name Mandera is not given now that he is dead for your information he earned this name during the fight for multiparty in 1993 soon after his release from prison. During the entire campaign to the run up to the first Multi party elections all newspapers used to dub him Mandela of Malawi. It was not just about the period spent in prison but also the cause for the arrest were simular. RIP

    1. Chief Kapeni Blantyre says:

      Do not argue with a fool.

  30. A Yosefe Banda, mukadakhala anzeru mukanadziwa kuti si dzina la chipani lomwe limachita zinthu, koma anthu omwe ali mu chipanimo. Look for those who were responsible for those atrocities. You will not find any in the party (MCP). You may find some of them in the parties being deemed new. Where are Bakili, Chakuamba, Katola Phiri, Ntaba, Daus and others? So, again, it’s not about mames, but type of personnel in the party.

  31. Kadakwiza says:

    Sad indeed. May His Soul Rest in Peace

  32. Mbukavu says:

    Rest thee well Matchipisa Munthali Your legacy of not keeping grudges will live long after you

  33. Mwaweheke says:

    so MCP mistreated this old man????.And these pipo think shall rule malawi.RIP.Bt he cant Match Mandera.

  34. wapa BUNDA says:

    rest in peace my gogo

  35. Mchani says:

    There was need to rest.

  36. joseph banda says:

    Inu a Judith Moyo tadzilembani bwion nkhani. The correct way should have been Matchipisa Munthali known also as Nelson Mandela…………… Plse revise your opening statement. In any case my condolences to the family. Your brutal Party MCP punished this man for no reason. It should never be allowed to rule Malawi. Look the face of its SG?

  37. Will Chilongo says:

    Why not just say the longest serving Political Prisoner – Machipisa Munthali is dead
    He’s not Nelson Mandela- they were both prisoners nothing much. He served in very harsh conditions than Mandela
    Let’s learn to call our Heros with their names not use other countries Heroes

  38. Will Chilongo says:

    Why not just say the longest serving Political Prisoner – Machipisa Munthali is dead
    He’s not Nelson Mandela- they were both prisoners nothing much. He served in very harsh conditions than Mandela
    Let’s learn to call our Heros with their names not use other countries Heroes

  39. Dry Cleaner says:

    UDF ? still relevant ? Oooh no, amangweru, udev inatha ngati makatani

  40. salim says:

    May his soul. RIP

  41. Mourner says:

    He should be burried in Mzuzu so that Chakufwa can have company. I also wish Orton Chirwa and Kanyama Chiumes’ bones were brought to Mzuzu Heroes’ acre

  42. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    RIP bwana- you stood for the truth and unity without fear or favour. May the Lord grant you eternal peace.

  43. mbuya says:

    Rest in peace mbuya Matchipisa.

  44. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Mzimu winu uuse mu mtende

  45. kinga phiri says:

    May his soul R.I.P

  46. Bob says:

    Very sorry gogo you made history when Malawi was Malawi. May your soul rest in eternal peace. We will miss you

  47. Zain says:

    Rest in peace,

  48. MZUZU says:

    Zandikhuza poona anali Gogo ocezeka with histories how former government treated him & to z nation, komanso posiyanitsa ma boma onse & he said Bingu was too dictator zan kamuzu

  49. C says:

    May His Soul Rest In Eternal Peace!

  50. Rest thee in peace, although you have left us in hota waters, Peter is killing us.

  51. MKWAPU says:


  52. Ndawa x-cube says:

    R I p

  53. gologota wa pa Mtamba says:

    RIP Dada

  54. Mulopwana Wa Mamwene says:

    Rest in peace big man, hope most of us will learn one or two things from you… the forgiveness heart, being focused and dedicated to one thing in life, not being selfish, ready to die for others,etc…..Rest in peace sekulu

  55. Namihavani says:

    But hes not Mandela of Malawi guys lets not mislead each other here the fact that he spent 27 yrs in jail does not guarantee the name a Malawi penapake mumadabwitsa

    1. unfortunate says:

      You tell me why this man is not worthy to be nick named or compared to Mandela, because I can see lot of similarities here a freedom fighter jailed for 27 years,the only difference is the president ship, I think most of us we are surprised with you, because you ignoring to appreciate your own and your eyes they look far.

      1. Real African says:

        Likening him to Nelson Mandela is news to me. In fact calling him Malawian Nelson Mandela is even making him useless because you are telling us that he is not an achiever of his own identity. It is the same as saying, Ghabadino Muhango is Malawi’s Vanpes or any other name known in football. By doing so, you are telling the world that our footballer is nothing but just something closing to something great. In my view, calling Munthali Malawian Nelson Mandela is not right. It is making his Achiebvements and contributions to the Malawian democracy nothing. Let munthali be munthali with his own credentials and achievements.

    2. ujeni says:

      He is Nelson Mandela of Malawi, whats your beef?

      1. Bolero says:

        That is how he was labeled when he got released from prison. Apparently, it was almost the same time Tata Mandela was released from jail. You may dig your history. RIP my home boy

  56. TIMOTHY says:

    Very sad,

  57. opportunist says:


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