Malawian rappers ‘wack’: Judagaga stirs debate on local artists

Trap Squad femcee Judagaga has stirred up debate following her opinion on mainstream rap, branding it “wack” on Sunday.

Judagaga: Malawi hip hop wacks

Judagaga: Malawi hip hop wacks

Judagagas’ thoughts on rap come fairly a few months down the line after taking jabs (appreciated should be the right word) in several songs circulating online.

Only the Daredevilz and Young Kay made the cut of ‘real’ and surprisingly not even her own folks from the Trap Squad, rappers Revolver and her brother Chavura, achieved the feat.

Judagaga, real name Tapiwa Chavura, took to populous social media Facebook to air out her views, and it is no surprise fans jumped in.

She further set the record straight that everyone has an opinion and people should not blow things out of proportion.

“Rappers are called wack everyday by funs [sic] and haters.. They shouldn’t catch feelings cause i said it. Its [sic] prolly a common opinion now.” She posted.

The Chilobwe rapper sounded more like Kanye West when he recently gave a speech at the MTV VMAs defending artists to voice out there opinion without anyone orchestrating beef.

“Sometimes, I feel like, you know, all this sh** they run about beef and all that, sometimes I feel like I died for the artists’ opinion, for artists to be able to have an opinion after they were successful.” – Kanye West.

Some observers have said this is a publicity stunt to keep her relevance. So far Judagaga has been silent on wax.

However, that could change soon as fellow Trap Squad member Revolver has announced that he will release new music on his birthday and as he put it “Judagaga dropped her usual wack verse in it too”.

In related news Revolver will be retiring from solo projects.

His last album will be released next year, titled “RJ”.

It gets interesting “RJ” is inspired by his ex-girlfriend.

Does she have the right to call your favourite artist wack and what is your reaction to the current state of mainstream rap in general?

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19 thoughts on “Malawian rappers ‘wack’: Judagaga stirs debate on local artists”

  1. HAROON says:

    Judagaga is the best malawian rapper that knows how to flow to glow

  2. Paul Omaliza Makoka says:

    Neva heard any sound done by this Judagaga or Trapsquad or Revolver or Chavura. Asa!!!

  3. back staber says:

    wack niggaz talk too much does too little….i aint heard anything like the chavura or trap squad or revolvers…you said… as far as music is concerned…..alittle bit i heard gwaladi and makawa……who are these damn wannabes? whats your songs like maybe tikuziweni……kkkkkkkkk…..L citys finest H…u….g……o

  4. mkhomkhola says:

    za ziiii zenizeni , nkhani mulibe eti , bola kungoyika maliseche a nzimayi muone mmene anthu angakondweremo mxiiiii…

  5. jaysucree says:

    revolver alibe skill

  6. josko says:

    jst come to Christ en rapp for him ain’t fine all these things……

  7. achingabwe says:

    za zii…kungova kuimba bas mwat mukhale pa nyasa lero et….article yobhowa!!!!

  8. PMW says:

    WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE????? Za ku makhwalala kwanuko mwati muziunike pagulu?

  9. Zatha says:

    Kodi amenewa nde ndani? Nyimbo zawo ndi ziti?

  10. haha says:

    Never heard of them before.wack

  11. Marduk says:

    Art is very relevant to the country. If our music and literature was revolutionized we could affect the entire future cultural landscape within our borders.

    What use are good policies if the people don’t appreciate the use or feel pride for their own country to uphold them?

  12. mwala says:

    Osamaimba manganje bwanji… Rap rap ya chani.

  13. mapwesera says:

    hahahahahahaha!chaninso zimenezi?

  14. Bertha Chisale says:

    who are these people?

  15. Mzungumbuli says:

    Judagaga ali ndi mapulani afupi kwambiri. Short sighted young lady, needs to be schooled.

  16. mtaisi says:

    Stop stupid rap,and go to school,i never knew any of these people until i came across this story.

  17. prophet Dr professor honourable mfumu says:

    Who is Juda gaga? Is she relevant to our country?

  18. Junky Food says:

    This is the most useless article I’ve read on Nyasatimes! Waste of time and space

  19. i miss kamuzu says:

    za zii. muzikula amalawi. concentrate on the real issues affecting this failed country

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