Malawian woman busted in Ghana over drug trafficking: Grace Sauti Phiri

A Malawian woman is currently on remand in a prison in Ghana after she was caught importing heroin into that country on Monday 21st December, 2015.

Grace Sauti Phiri

Grace Sauti Phiri

According to online publications in Ghana, a Malawian, Grace Sauti Phiri, was arrested at Kotoka International Airport by Operaitves of the Narcotics Control Board for allegedly importing heroin into Ghana.

Phiri, an Agricultural Gender Roles and Responsibility Officer (AGRESSO), appeared before an Accra Circuit Court and has since been remanded at the Nsawam Prison until 8th January, 2016.

According to the prosecution, Grace claimed ownership of the bag as well as the substance, insisting that she was contracted by one Samuel Onyeba Imo, a Nigerian, for $1,300 (about K850,000.00).

She told the court that she was to deliver the said bag to one Val, another Nigerian residing in Ghana.

Phiri, who has been charged with importation of narcotic drug without licence from the Ministry of Health and possessing narcotic drug without lawful authority, did not take a plea in a court presided over by Aboagye Tandoh.

Earlier on, Paul Abagriga, lawyer for Grace Sauti Phiri, urged the court to grant bail to his client.

He said the court ought not to remand his client if the prosecution was sending the substance to the Food and Drugs Authority (DFA) for testing. He stated that the substance could test negative.

On December 21st, at about 11:30 am Phiri was accosted on suspicion when she disembarked from Ethiopian Airlines Flight Number ET921 from Malawi.

During interrogation, it was revealed that she was having a check-in luggage with log number ET331006 which was recovered.

A search in the bag revealed quantities of white powdery substance which were field-tested and proved to be heroin.

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96 thoughts on “Malawian woman busted in Ghana over drug trafficking: Grace Sauti Phiri”

  1. Mirella K says:

    Taking that risk for a US&1 300? Stupid woman…Osagoyamba uhule konkuno bwa?

  2. mr chimbwititi says:

    pepani aunt.akakutayani muzingobwera kuno.

  3. A ku Bunda opanda munda says:

    Bundanso ndiye chani. A ku Bunda opanda munda. Why should they learn farming and be doing something else? Kathetseni matenda a thochi apa. All these Bunda graduates just watching thochi ndi bluegum akutha? A ku Bunda opanda munda

  4. Abdul Sadie says:

    Why Malawians kungoti kwacha wagwa kutakata drug mwaioonatu Ghana

  5. Wokhumudwa says:

    Hiiiiiiiiii God Have Mercy Upon Her This Is Pastor’s Daughter

  6. johnM says:

    poor civil servant

  7. Jen says:

    Mwati bwa?

  8. Cashgate says:

    Public servants used to criminal acts every where they go. If its not cashgate at Capital Hill then its about faked allowances or fuel scandals. Now you are even into international drugs criminology as civil servants of Malawi. You are indeed servants of evil deeds. GOD curse you all and your off-springs with more punishment while on earth.

  9. aha says:

    This woman is cheap. $1300 basi.
    Ameneyu utha kumupwala ndi K5. She is cheaper than Chigwri women kkkk

  10. Koma ????? says:


  11. Koma ????? says:

    Why Grace why? Is this out ofpoverty or what? fast cash? so sad……please repent after this… feeling sorry for you!
    May this evil spirit be captured for ever!

  12. nyasa boy says:

    Ufulu wa azimayi ukuwononga dziko lapansi amangidwe chilango chowawa konko

  13. MTCHONA says:


  14. KARU UNITED says:

    Personally, i saw some of the very first Nigerian “investors” come into Malawi, Bwalo la njobvu in Lilongwe around 1993, when they used to pretend as if they were supplying goods to established traders with shops, aware of their reputation worldwide, i made a resolution not to be friend them. So far, i have kept away from trouble of Nigerian origin, since then.

  15. I mean bandaca says:

    well I dont know the truth about this story as I dont believe in everything I hear or see with my oen ears or eyes or on tv or in newspapers or socisl media or wheresoever . However the air tichet from malawi to any african ticket connect in ethipia or southafrica will connected more or the same as s ticket to europe because air travel in Africa is the dearest in the for example if a woman from Benin or Togo, which are internationally unpopular countries travels to another african country …at that distance I.e mozambique or Zambia. .however you look at it she will have a few questions to answer snd will attract all sorts of scrutiny especially if travelling without a citizen spouse.obviously a malawians dont usually travel to ghana unless for tourism, study etc unless for conferences, or part of national football team or rare cases religious/medical reasons ALL these will usually have to have genuine documentation from a sponsor whether one is visiting a visafree or visa country. As long as you are from Malawi and you have bought an air ticket of over $700 and your bank statement shoes that your salary is less that $200 the court is waiting for at the airport to judge you.

  16. Che Ngana says:

    Mmadabwitsadi Azimai Kuti Koma Bussiness Yake Iti Mukupanga Inuyo.Tizinthu Munakoleka January Koma Mpakana Pano Sitinagulidwe Koma Kutuluka Mwatulukanso.

  17. ben phiri says:

    mai olimba mtima

  18. Lawrence says:

    works of the devil using money

  19. johnM says:

    She’s lucky its Ghana, it could have been china,malaysia,indonesia. She could have been sentenced to death.

  20. johnM says:

    stupid lady

  21. Mapyiya says:

    Yes she is a daughter of my pastor,for Deeper Life Church kawale

  22. Mapyiya says:

    Very sad mutionongera utumiki

  23. Mpoko says:

    This is very sad indeed. With only 1300USD a beautiful Malawian woman ends in custody. Her Nigerian accomplices will entirely disown all claims claimed by my innocent sister. Perish. This world. Please fellow Malawians let’s resist the temptation of getting cheated by Nigerians in whatever deal. They know how to talk that sometimes it’s tempting to realising they are tricking you. Mwamva?

  24. rumphi chief says:

    You work,deal or associate with Nigerians that’s what you get. Crooks, conmen, fake prophets and trick stars that’s what they are. Women are the most venerable cos most of them are just desperate and not independent. They don’t use their own women in Nigeria but those unsuspecting women from other countries.. Deal with Nigerians at your own risk and don’t regret tomorrow cos you have been warned!

  25. levelheaded says:

    Your beauty deceives.

  26. aha says:

    Mbava iyi. Kukonda ndalamako mpaka K1 milion basi
    May she rot forever in the foreign jail

  27. James kotoki says:

    Cheap. Only $1300

  28. HEHE YAAA says:

    FOR A FRIEND !!!
    NEVER !! NEVER !!

  29. Oho is this hw pple r getting rich. I beta be poor

  30. says:

    Ali mboma

  31. says:

    Mmmmmmm gender Tec!!!@ search me

  32. Peter Ibu Lhomwe says:


  33. Youth League Chairman: Kawale 1 market says:

    Unandikana chibwenzi ine…nditaesetsa after titakumana ku CH..ona zotsatira? Ma hope anga..ndalira koopsa!!!

  34. Malipeya says:


  35. HEHE YAAA says:




  36. aaaaa says:

    Nanga choncho ! Iwe ukutuwa ku ndendeko kumadya fufu! Nigeria wakoyo azichinda so akazi ena kuno! What a stupid girl. A police a ku Malawi musakeni Nigerian ameneyo nayeso alowe mu ndende . Galu wa munthu.

  37. Ingangasyungu Yunyeghela says:

    Kuthamanga thamanga mukukuona apa, uhule mukuona panowu, kukangana matchalitchimu, nkhani zilipanozi. Bvuto lake ndili modzi; NDALAMA!!!

  38. Tina says:

    The value not worthy for really

  39. tvendort says:

    Zoziyamba dala

  40. Jamison Chagwa Lungu says:

    For the love of $$$, ma rubbish business lands them in jail.

  41. Namarokoro says:

    Is this girl a sister to Charles and Edward?

  42. Chigawaneni says:

    Yalakwatu apa. Mwina boma ligwapo, kikikikiki!

  43. Sizachilendo says:

    Eeee chemwa

  44. Zoona zake says:

    I see from the comments that she is Bunda graduate. That’s it! Atsikanawa amati akamaliza school ndiye osapeza banja mwansanga they become rabid for marriage. Basi aliyense angabwere koma ameneyo. Ndiyetu sizo m Nigeria bambo. Chigwire nyangayo!!!!!

  45. Manyetera says:


  46. Shem says:

    Sad. Contracted?

  47. Zoona zake says:

    Stupid fool!

  48. ANTI-GAY says:

    Malawian women are turning into deadly criminals.

  49. Mapwevupwevu says:

    No dip

  50. mp says:

    pepa sisi. High profits go with high risks. Koma dolar anakupatsani apayi wasnt worthy this risk.. Negotiate btr next tim u want t take such risks

  51. Nyamakumutu says:

    Are you a daughter of one of the preacher of those days.

  52. jester says:

    zako usova wekha,ife zisatikhuze

  53. MCHEMO says:


  54. Tonde says:

    How could you trust a Nigerian

  55. Tinyade says:


  56. Kunta says:

    Ndalama yavuta pa malawi

  57. redeemed says:

    So this virus of drug trafficking versus beautiful young women has not spared Malawi. Next time he will send you to Thailand and will be one of the statistics.
    The obsession to get rich by young women has reached a worry some point. I understand the amount of pressure the modern women are subjected to in terms of financial independence by their male counter parts, but I strongly believe that there are still men out their regardless of your financial status will fall for you. I therefore urge you my fellow Malawian women to refrain from engaging in extreme and risky activities in order to feel valued.

  58. Mulungu anamupasa cibelo kale but afunaso kunyamula mbanje.Why are some women greedy and yet they are already endowed with some gold mine which mints money between their legs?

  59. kangandiwamba says:

    If its search for greener pastures then Malawian women this must sound as stern warning because this woman definitely wil go to jail.Heroin remain illicit drug to all over the world.Sorry to this drug dealer.

  60. mlumpwa says:

    Miscalculations risking life with only $1300, she should have thought it wise before entering that circuilt anyway our poverty and fast cash generation.

  61. un-educated man says:

    Do not be cheated, being a gradute does not necessrily change someone’s in born behaviour. This lady is either very dull or a big thief. If she was not one of these two she could not have done this

    I am not a graduate but if i am given a choice, i would not prefer Bunda because many of the Bunda graduates do not inspire me. I do not know what they teach at this village University ( Kumitundu and Lilongwe rural, no wonder, we have this girl)

  62. Nazikambe says:

    Mr. Viyazi Tembo, you cany easily fly to Accra via Addis the same way you do via Nairobi or JBH. Please do not show your ignorance in the media

  63. Lyolyolyolyo says:

    Graduate graduate chiyani. Mmene nthito zikusowelamu. A kadya u graduatewo kapena akadya pa khomo panu.

  64. odiepk says:

    Bunda Alumni, zamanyazi

  65. Truck says:


  66. Mugonapamhanya says:

    Kutengeka azimai a ku Malawi. Akawakwera-kwera ma Nigerians kenako amawamezetsa cocaine. Mapeto ake ndi amenewa.

  67. mr. figs says:

    For the love of money…

  68. Ratchet says:

    Kani ma sauti phiri mumapanga zimenezo eti? timadabwatu matama mtaunimu ndi kulanada amuna a eni. ndiye ndende ya kunjua muimvetsa tu mayi

  69. HEHE YAAA says:

    Heavy !!!

  70. Viyazi Tembo says:

    Nyasa times do proper research before you go for printing, there is no direct flight between Malawi and Ghana, personally I fly via OR Tambo or Jomo Kenyatta then reconnect to Accra…

  71. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Akuwonekatu bwino chifukwa chosamba uyu otherwise ndiwonyansa akafuchilira ku prison ya ku Ghana ndithu.

    Komabe ma prison warders amva bwino!

  72. Zikagwa says:

    Koma umphawidi sichinthu chabwino. Taking all that risk for only $1800? Really! Ndiye bolansotu cashgate. Stupid woman

  73. chatonda says:

    This is a wake up call to Malawian women who rush into making deals with Nigerians who are marrying them like ngumbi because they are thirty of quick money. Now look, your friend is in prison but in Ghana and not Malawi. What a stupid deal and what will the parents feel about this mess of their daughter who wants to become rich like the cashgaters back home. Sorry for your and your relatives and parents.

  74. Dick says:

    Grace Mwana wa kwithu wee!!

  75. Mr.Bambo says:

    Mwana kapena nkazi wa a photographer?

  76. odala says:

    Koma yeah ma graduate nawo alowa nawo imene yi? Nayo Bunda kkkkkk

  77. Naphi says:

    Shame ! This should be a lesson to others. Nigerians men will use you girls in the name of babes ! They dont care about you. If it was that easy why didnt he deliver himself and keep his dirty money on his ass! Wake up ! Wake up atsikana . Alot of them mu Lilongwe thats what they are doing kumanamizila ma bussiness a ma shop. Evil people.

  78. chilikumpani chauma says:

    Akakudyerani ku chipatala?

  79. wangalusa says:

    Selling one’s freedom for K850,000.00 only? I wouldn’t sell mine at any cost. Once again, I wouldn,t

  80. Zanga Phee! says:

    wake wake,See my name.

  81. She looks like a Man

  82. GRM says:

    Komaaa? Ma Nigerians akutipusisa. Awakwate azimai awalowesenso mu illicit trade. Inuu? Anthuwa sibizinesi yagolosale yokha eti?

  83. Bright Mkosi says:

    Mzimayi wa zeru amafuna kulemela

  84. odala says:

    A Gile inu musayambe zimenezo u hv yo future ahead of u a bright future for that matter… A Bunda graduate still young and being involved in drugs? No No No No! Stop that sis once u r free!

  85. concerned says:

    Grace Grace Grace! A daughter of a renowned pastor what came over you? Kufuna kuchititsa manyazi makola. A Bunda graduate for that matter.

  86. shams says:

    Oh shame man

  87. Wonders shall never end nanaga kumalawi kuno timapanga heroin? Iyeyi wamtenga kuti?

  88. vavlov says:

    Deport all Nigerians from Malawi. These crooks entice stupid Malawians like this woman to transport their illegal merchandise Now this woman will be jailed in a foreign country. How stupid can one be to trust a Nigerian? Poverty is the driving force in these circumstances. Malawi should create awareness against trusting Nigerians, and all their West African cohorts. The country doesn’t need these people. They get married in the country simply to entrench their illegal businesses. Urgently get rid of these Nigerian pests!!!

  89. Mnyamata wa nzeru says:


  90. racket says:

    Its just a small misunderstanding

  91. Zoona zake says:

    They should sentence her heavily so that other Malawian prostituteso like her should realize thst any association with a Nigerian is at owners risk. Foolish whore! You want to tarnish the image of Malawi. In fact I don’t know why we entertain Nigerians in Malawi. They could be responsible for the unusual things we are experiencing like the killing of albinos for body parts . I hate them.

  92. boba fett says:

    what a waste for such a cutie. i would have give. you the thousand bucks girl

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