Malawians are struggling economically, as Muslims Ijitima debates challenges

Muslims leaders and scholars in Malawi have noted that the country’s citizens are wallowing in economic hardships and want a three-day annual national Ijitima conference to look at strategies of ending the suffering of people.

A renowned scholar and academic Dr. Imran Shareef Muhammad said the conference is “timely”, pointing that Malawians are “struggling socially and economically irrespective of their religious affiliations.”

Mohammed: Malawians are struggling

Mohammed: Malawians are struggling

He said Ijitima conference therefore, “should also suggest ways to respond to the current state of affairs in the country.”

Muhammad said as quoted by : “Against the current levels of suffering in the country, this conference should strive to provide hope, not only among Muslims, but to all struggling Malawians. It should offer solidarity to those in economic and social bondage. This is the right platform whose agenda should embrace various aspects of life.”

Islam is the second largest religion in the country after Christianity.

Muslims account for 36% of the country’s 16 million population. Islam was the first religion to be introduced to Malawi by Arab slave traders in the 1880s.

At the Ijitima conference, delegates will moot out strategies to address major challenges affecting the growth of Islam in the secular, but diverse southern African nation.

“This year’s conference will identify major challenges affecting Muslims and Islam in the country. These challenges will enable us to look for solutions,” Sheikh Cassim Chongolo, Secretary General of the country’s supreme Muslim body, UALAMA Council of Malawi told

“We would like to propagate our religion in an environment conducive enough for growth. This is a momentous occasion for Muslims in this country.”

The conference will also pool together Muslims leaders and scholars from neighbouring countries, according Sheikh Chongolo.

“There are numerous challenges which include socio-economic, which are weighing heavily on the on the propagation of Islam in this country. This conference will therefore identify solutions to address them.”

This conference, said Chingolo, will also provide a window for stocktaking how leaders have worked to fulfil their tasks.

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40 thoughts on “Malawians are struggling economically, as Muslims Ijitima debates challenges”

  1. Proudly a Muslim Malawian,,,,,,,,Malawi has a Secular Constitution implying that its neither A Muslim or Xstian State,,,,,We know on earth that Islamic States has a Sharia Constitution,,a Religious rules guiding the State,you will never see most sorts of sinious and henious manners,AIDS preference is too low,no adultery,no alcoholism etc…….Now tell me Where is a Christian State on earth that one can madly Claim,,,,Many countries where Islam is lowly represented,its pipo are either Christians or of no religion marred with atrocities of Satanism,Homosexuality,alcoholism,adultery etc,Malawi is a state for all of us,,,stop ignorant minds of telling pipo Malawi is a Christian State jst bcos of your High %ge,,We are jst by half equal in number….

  2. ganimunthu says:

    We have facts that muslims are less than 10 percent in this country. if you go to Mangochin and Machinga, you will actually come to agree with me that even there, muslims are not morethan 50 percent. So the point is that when you stary lying about numbers , you will not be heard positlvey. You could have actually just said whot you wanted to say without even talking about this wrong percentage.

    I would agree that not all Musilms think about war. Infact the truth is that most of them talk about peace. The challenge is on the teaching of JIHAD. While we believe that it is propelry taught, not all scholars are told the same. I have been to Somaliland on a mission and I have come to agree that this teaching is the cause of all the challenges we see today. The challenge its not the princile with it but the lectures and their motive behind the teaching. I would want people in Malawi to learn to differeciate between Religion and culture.


    Padambo, all what you have written is 100% the truth but those against Islam will pick nothing from that since they are completely brainwashed and are serving their Western Masters. When you are brainwashed whether holding PhD in Mathematics, you can fail kindergarten Arithmetic that 1+1+1=3. They will insist that 1+1+1=1. Very laughable indeed, isn’t it? What worries me much is that the west is using Arab (Islamic) countries to advance their agenda of weakening Islam and selling their weaponry without the Arabs themselves realising that Islam and Christianity are not good mates, same for Arabs and Americans or Muslims and Christians are not good mates either. However, Islam will survive through the power of the Almighty one God (Allah) whom Muslims worship in sha Allah.

  4. Ndixman says:

    Thank Mr P.Njovuyalema ,if we should have more intellectual people like you this page should be more interesting.Your story is true and is not biased Western are the cause of many problem we are facing today AIDS ,EBOLA wars in Muslim Countries Umphawi in Malaw etc the world order is here ,is only the muslim who are fighting for the peaceful world.people should know who is The Lockfellers and The Ruthfieds if you understands this two then you know the worlds. Thank you Mr Njovuyalema

  5. Padambo Njobvuyalema says:

    This is for MaiMai and others of his mentality. I mean, all pathetic ignorants!

    MaiMai, for sure you are not a Muslim. But also for sure you are not a Christian, but if you are a Christian then it is by accident because it is also for sure that you are an ignorant Christian.

    Within your ignorance please try to grasp this:
    1. The wars you have mentioned in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Tunisia etc. have or had nothing to do with Islam. Check all available facts, you will learn that all these wars are started and sponsored by Western Countries who have vested interests in these countries. Remember with Iraq George Bush strongly lied and convinced the world that Sadam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. When he sent his soldiers there, his commanders reported back that it was not true, Sadam had no such weapons! What did Bush do, my stupid friend MaiMai? He told his soldiers not to return but ensure that they assassinate Sadam at any cost! With Sadam gone, what is happening in Iraq now? Some kind of permanent war, the main groups being sponsored by the same America and other western countries who started the war! They have a market for their military equipment and easy access to stolen oil because this is what they were after. How about Libya? Seeing that Gaddafi was trying to unify Africa, America and her Western allies came up with another excuse that Gaddafi was a bad leader who had to be removed. It took the entire NATO going outside its mandate all the way to Libya to murder an African head of state. What has become of Libya after Gaddafi? You know the answer, another market place for the western countries for their military equipment. And in all these countries, America and its allies are now controlling all the oil.
    MaiMai, find out from different sources, assuming you know how to search for information, you will learn that ISIL is a group that was trained and armed by the United States of America with the aim of helping the Americans to achieve their mission of toppling Sadam and the other leaders. Today, it is a relationship gone sour that ISIL has seen that they have been used for wrong reasons. Malaya athina, America and her puppets have been fighting Asad of Syria for more than four years now, yet suddenly the same Americans are teaming up with Asad to fight ISIL. Can’t you see some strange anomalies here? Can you see that in all these conflicts Islam is only coming into the picture simply because these engineered wars are happening in Islamic States?
    Finally my friend you may wish to know that it is western propaganda against Islam that anything good about Islam will hardly be written or reported by the western media. Only negative story must make the headlines. I tell you, if a Christian student at a school produces a gun and shoots/kills a fellow student they will never mention the killer’s religion, why, because he is not a muslim! They will report something like “student arrested for shooting to death fellow student” then simply mention the killer’s name. But if that shooter is a Muslim student, before they tell you his name they will start by qualifying him with his religion ” a Muslim Student …”.
    And people like you MaiMai will hardly see the propaganda here.

    1. Ma says:

      No 25 I know Islam in out and live among them in arab world where you will never even step your fit. All moslems know is to blame America for their violence. .while its their book that encourages you read Qoran? So if an enemy came toyouhouse and tell you to be fighting with your kids always then you follow that? That’s Shia and Sunni you understand you idiot? Which sector are you?

      I asked 10 Qs, if you know Islam, why didn’t you attempt them all???? Kkkkkkk you can’t so 1/10 failed.

      IF YOU DON’T KNOW HEAVIEDT DRINKERS ANDCWOMANIZERS ON EARTH ITS SAUDI ARABIANS the home of KABA … don’t know this..I don’t read this I see it every day here..mbuzi iwe wangokulira kumangongongo ukati city ukunena Blantyre…travel and get life you suck.
      You know nothing as you pretenthat’s ahatall can say about you. ..


    # 21 you intend to wage war and kill Muslims because they constitute 36%? This is not acceptable in Malawi. If such remarks were made by a Muslim against the Christians, Islam would have been labelled a warlike religion and all sorts of negative adjectives would have been attributed to it. Shame! Now that the Satanic remarks have come from a Christian (100%) should we say Christianity is Satanic? A Khristu mumachita zambiri za satanic ie tolerating same sex marriage, sodomising, priests kubereka ana outside wedlock, kumwa bibida, kuyambitsa nkhondo m’maiko, cashgate, kupha Chasowa, kukwilira mkazi ku Cottage, and doing a host of many other sinful acts koma ife timakupilirani osatukwana chipembezo chanu (Chikhristu). Tidzakutoperanitu!

    1. Chenene says:

      Look at Islamic countries and the comments you make against others what you have just done in your comment

  7. Alinafe Hanakho says:

    I did research, Muslims are more than 36% in this country, in fact they are close to 42% and this religion will grow fast in the next 20 years than any other religion in Malawi

  8. Muslims 36%? Thats immediate and present danger! Lets do something!

  9. zachisoni says:

    apa ndipomwe munthu amawonesera ichitsiru wake kuti xool zake ndi zomwe zija za Kamuzu, no economics,accounting etc at both primary and sec xool. mapeto ake umbuli mpaka kufa. mafunso onse mwafunsawa angowonetsa kuti ndinu ndani. palibe chomwe mukudziwa about world politics, religion and so on. when u c a british man you c everything. kupempha basi ndi kuba are the true colours of this country. kukunamizani kuyambira muli mwana mpake mudzikhulupilira zili zonse wanena nzungu. afunseni azungu wanu amakunamizani za muhamad mmipingo mwanumo if they know the economic status of arab countries.

  10. Mikoko says:

    Hey maimai,i hope you are doing fine today and if so let us thank God for that but i have some simple quesions for you.Why do you hate islam? Do muslims hate you? Do you know that your pope has just said yes to gayism? Do you believe that ISIL is islamic organisation? dont you know that ISIL was created by the west and is being funded by the west? Cant you sit down and ask yourself why there so many wars,diseases people wanting indepence, federalism in malawi indepedence in Scotland,Catalonia etc.Dont blame muslims blame yourself for your choice of religion.May the good Lord give some little knowledge so that you understand what am saying,ilove you Asalaam alaykum.

    1. MaiMai says:

      Tayankhanitu mafunso angawa nangasi mukuziwa chisilamu kuposa ine ndinachisiya…I Know truth pains..what I have asked and said in my Qs is what is happening in Islam.

      ISIL is Saudi creation not USA check your facts or ask Ayatollahs they will tell you everything. ..tamamu habeeb? I guess you understand Arabic like me. Am way way ahead knowledge wise in Islam so talk something else..I live among these crazy guys…heavy womaniser akangotuluka mu mosque abd drinks koma mobisa heavy. .

  11. Chilima wa tuma change says:

    Muslim fundamentalists have soiled the image of Islam. Christians should not talk of division between Shia & Sunni since Christians are well divided. Muslims theology is a tricky subject which one must comment intellectually otherwise don’t mix interpretation with religion. The only problem is that most Muslims tend to be brain washed but without wonder as religion doesn’t demand reasoning but faith

  12. What good will come from This WAR loving Group it doesn’t even qualify to be called a religion in fact we need to make amends as regards to the eligibility of this religion in this country otherwise muslims have done nothing but confused a lot of people after all they are the least productive group in the country all they know is to misuse nets which were meant for Malaria Prevention in depleting the fish in lake Malawi Basi this is all they can offer DISTRACTION, WITCHCRAFT ETC.

  13. Sh ebrahim isa says:

    Yes,in as much as i would want to agree with my fellow learned Islamic Scholars,but i am a bit aloof with the way we as Muslims conducting ourselves on the issues of National importance.
    How long have we as Muslims been raising such issues at Ijitimas but none of which have been implemented?it just brings shame to us when we talk but without acting.

  14. nkhedu says:

    more hardships are yet to come.tilira kuti mfweee ndi gogo wathuyu.

  15. MaiMai says:

    Ku ijtina kwanuko also discuss these topics:
    1- How can the world defeat Islamic State (ISIL).
    2 – Why are Moslems; Sunni and Shia murdering each other?
    3 – Why did mohamed prophet marry Aisha a 9 year old girl?
    4 – Why did Mohamed marry 16 official wives and 52 in total unofficial wives. In case you don’t know check your facts.
    5 – Discuss why did Son of founder of Hamas convert to Christianity and his name is Mosad. Search on YouTube and play the video to know what Islam is truly. Just search ” son
    Of Hamas converts”
    6 – Discuss why Shia don’t accept prophet mohamed as true messanger of god as you sunni do? Instead they believe his grand son Imam husein?
    7 – Why do Shia commonly have contract marriages like 1, 2, 3…months or 1 …etc marriages ?
    8 – Why do fellow moslems ISIL rape, kidnap and sale girls in Ieaq, Syria, Nigeria etc?
    9 – Why is it that wherever Islam is there is war or violence eg Mangochi, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, Somalia, Mali, North Sudan, Eritrea, Pakistan, kashmir boarder, saudi eyc etc mukambirane zimenezi osamanamiza anthu kuti chisilamu ndi religion of peace while it is X satanic religion. ..agalu inu good at womanizing and drinking in secrets. …

    1. Mrs Mwadiwa says:

      I’m a Christian and have a ministry. I love my God for giving me Jesus Christ His son. I am Born Again.

      I am surprised by the above comment. R the issues raised here relevant to the subject under discussion? Not all Muslims condone the violence perpetrated by some misguided individuals in the name of Islam. We have coexisted with them peacefully without conflicts. If you have questions about Mohammad go to the internet. Yr approach is confrontational that can raise tempers. Call for a debate what do you a Christian want to do with that. My prayer is that the Moslems will also be saved coz Christ died for them as well.

      1. Mrs Mwadiwa says:

        The same applies to afew misinformed Muslims who go out full throttle degrading the Christian faith and the deity, as it is according to the Christian doctrine. This is where conflicts come from. Macra should not hesitate to revoke licenses of such broadcasting houses in order to preserve the peace in our beautiful country. Preach salvation n stop being radical on trivials. Preach love among people of different religions.

    2. moosa says:

      Maimai if u hv quetions about islam not hire we canot make comprtive hire. If u r crezy do nt make othrs 2 becom crezy too do nt bring ur stupet things here

    3. Not necessarily says:

      I wish to pray for you ( Mai Mai ) that you be guided on the right path, and wish you could understand that those self proclaimed muslims that promote violence and unpeaceful activities are not even considered as Muslims, on the matter of the prophets marriage life you need to research more. There is no source reliable to prove your illusional statements.

  16. moosa says:

    Allaah Akbar. Dr. Shareef is not 36%. Muslim r 52% I hv proof on that.

    1. Muhammad Ayami says:

      We know official statistics indicate 15% Muslim population. And they are converting to Christianity every day.

  17. murukhu mupwiya nkando says:

    @Epolo ndinu amisala ndithu

    1. Chenene says:

      Mwaonano pano kuti zomwe mumanena mipingo ya anzanu ndi zamisala hehede ulu

  18. Seketela says:

    Why are you concerned much on Muslim percentage????????? Muslims are even more than that 36%. Let us support them and hope they bring up ideas helpful for all of us in Malawi.

  19. Mbanga says:

    Eh folks life is indeed tough. Just a few whites enjoying. Many blacks are in the soup. Rip Malawi. Wish kamuzu and Bakili were still in charge.

  20. Nyamayaphwisa says:

    Where are you getting the statistics from that Muslims are 36% of the population. The last Malawi count of 2008 shows that Muslims are 18% and not 36% you can even check on CIA website.

  21. wangalusa says:

    The true converts of any religion are those that hear the message, believe the message & accept the message without the enticement of monetory gains or kind, regardlesss of good times or bad times. God knows His own.

    1. Stabilo says:

      Leave them. They want to appear that they are many. Let us offer them 58%.

  22. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    I agree. It’s sad. You have to be influential and belong to them to be in glory. Over 30 years now, we are still politically swayed by party tendencies after elections, are nepotistic and at the center of tribalism while the common person suffers. Very shameful. Where shall we get leadership that will sacrifice all for the poor Malawians?

  23. dadaboma says:

    Social and economic hardship or prosperity of citizens emanate from the actions of political leaders of a country. They do not emanate from religious acts. In any case religions, throughout history, have been the major cause of suffering of people in many countries. The Muslims in Malawi were praising APM’s leadership style just yesterday. Today they’re saying Malawians are wallowing in abject economic and social hardships. Why are the muslims feigning ignorance that the economic and social hardships faced by Malawians today have something to do with AP’s leadership style? APM held very important political leadership positions during Bingu’s DPP regime. In fact he was de facto VP under his brother. The cashgate began under the DPP regime of Bingu. APM was central part of this regime and had himself helped to MHC houses, LL city coucil houses and other clandestine deals. Today, as a president, APM is praising himself for being “phee kumwa tea ku Sanjika” and doing nothing to resolve donor impasse and other issues with potential to plunge this country into anarchy. He is a man that just stays ‘phwi’ even if there are serious problems requiring action to resolve. We saw this in him before, and we’re seeing it again now. And the Boko Harams are praising this leadership style. Just hold your Ijitma conference – don’t try to put a false human face to it by saying it will have importance to all Malawians as it will look for solutions to their economic and social problems. Islam is not a solution to any problem anywhere – it is a cause of all problems everywhere.

  24. Kwima says:

    Inshallah we will be ther

  25. Epolo says:

    Izinso ndiye ziti?ma PHD akumadrasa mukufuna mukapange ma strategy…. hehede ziriko ku Malawi

    1. Chenene says:

      Mkulu mwandipeza hehede hulu

  26. Bono says:

    Muslims do not account for 36%. Check your facts well

  27. ganimunthu says:

    Good Idead and all the best but dont chaet us that you are 36 percent in this country. As far as I know you are less than 8 percent and even in Mangochi your are not more than the catholics .

    on your agenda, please keep it up thats the way to go

  28. Jump start has failed. APM and G Gondwe what are you going tell malawian you cheated them muzimai akuposanitu muonekera g’amba

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