Malawians are struggling economically, as Muslims Ijitima debates challenges

Muslims leaders and scholars in Malawi have noted that the country’s citizens are wallowing in economic hardships and want a three-day annual national Ijitima conference to look at strategies of ending the suffering of people.

A renowned scholar and academic Dr. Imran Shareef Muhammad said the conference is “timely”, pointing that Malawians are “struggling socially and economically irrespective of their religious affiliations.”

Mohammed: Malawians are struggling

Mohammed: Malawians are struggling

He said Ijitima conference therefore, “should also suggest ways to respond to the current state of affairs in the country.”

Muhammad said as quoted by : “Against the current levels of suffering in the country, this conference should strive to provide hope, not only among Muslims, but to all struggling Malawians. It should offer solidarity to those in economic and social bondage. This is the right platform whose agenda should embrace various aspects of life.”

Islam is the second largest religion in the country after Christianity.

Muslims account for 36% of the country’s 16 million population. Islam was the first religion to be introduced to Malawi by Arab slave traders in the 1880s.

At the Ijitima conference, delegates will moot out strategies to address major challenges affecting the growth of Islam in the secular, but diverse southern African nation.

“This year’s conference will identify major challenges affecting Muslims and Islam in the country. These challenges will enable us to look for solutions,” Sheikh Cassim Chongolo, Secretary General of the country’s supreme Muslim body, UALAMA Council of Malawi told

“We would like to propagate our religion in an environment conducive enough for growth. This is a momentous occasion for Muslims in this country.”

The conference will also pool together Muslims leaders and scholars from neighbouring countries, according Sheikh Chongolo.

“There are numerous challenges which include socio-economic, which are weighing heavily on the on the propagation of Islam in this country. This conference will therefore identify solutions to address them.”

This conference, said Chingolo, will also provide a window for stocktaking how leaders have worked to fulfil their tasks.

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Nkhota kota as it is,,,,,
Proudly a Muslim Malawian,,,,,,,,Malawi has a Secular Constitution implying that its neither A Muslim or Xstian State,,,,,We know on earth that Islamic States has a Sharia Constitution,,a Religious rules guiding the State,you will never see most sorts of sinious and henious manners,AIDS preference is too low,no adultery,no alcoholism etc…….Now tell me Where is a Christian State on earth that one can madly Claim,,,,Many countries where Islam is lowly represented,its pipo are either Christians or of no religion marred with atrocities of Satanism,Homosexuality,alcoholism,adultery etc,Malawi is a state for all of us,,,stop ignorant minds of telling pipo Malawi is a Christian State… Read more »
We have facts that muslims are less than 10 percent in this country. if you go to Mangochin and Machinga, you will actually come to agree with me that even there, muslims are not morethan 50 percent. So the point is that when you stary lying about numbers , you will not be heard positlvey. You could have actually just said whot you wanted to say without even talking about this wrong percentage. I would agree that not all Musilms think about war. Infact the truth is that most of them talk about peace. The challenge is on the teaching… Read more »
Padambo, all what you have written is 100% the truth but those against Islam will pick nothing from that since they are completely brainwashed and are serving their Western Masters. When you are brainwashed whether holding PhD in Mathematics, you can fail kindergarten Arithmetic that 1+1+1=3. They will insist that 1+1+1=1. Very laughable indeed, isn’t it? What worries me much is that the west is using Arab (Islamic) countries to advance their agenda of weakening Islam and selling their weaponry without the Arabs themselves realising that Islam and Christianity are not good mates, same for Arabs and Americans or Muslims… Read more »

Thank Mr P.Njovuyalema ,if we should have more intellectual people like you this page should be more interesting.Your story is true and is not biased Western are the cause of many problem we are facing today AIDS ,EBOLA wars in Muslim Countries Umphawi in Malaw etc the world order is here ,is only the muslim who are fighting for the peaceful world.people should know who is The Lockfellers and The Ruthfieds if you understands this two then you know the worlds. Thank you Mr Njovuyalema

Padambo Njobvuyalema
This is for MaiMai and others of his mentality. I mean, all pathetic ignorants! MaiMai, for sure you are not a Muslim. But also for sure you are not a Christian, but if you are a Christian then it is by accident because it is also for sure that you are an ignorant Christian. Within your ignorance please try to grasp this: 1. The wars you have mentioned in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Tunisia etc. have or had nothing to do with Islam. Check all available facts, you will learn that all these wars are started and sponsored by Western Countries… Read more »
No 25 I know Islam in out and live among them in arab world where you will never even step your fit. All moslems know is to blame America for their violence. .while its their book that encourages you read Qoran? So if an enemy came toyouhouse and tell you to be fighting with your kids always then you follow that? That’s Shia and Sunni you understand you idiot? Which sector are you? I asked 10 Qs, if you know Islam, why didn’t you attempt them all???? Kkkkkkk you can’t so 1/10 failed. iSLAM IS A SATANIC RELIGION OF… Read more »
# 21 you intend to wage war and kill Muslims because they constitute 36%? This is not acceptable in Malawi. If such remarks were made by a Muslim against the Christians, Islam would have been labelled a warlike religion and all sorts of negative adjectives would have been attributed to it. Shame! Now that the Satanic remarks have come from a Christian (100%) should we say Christianity is Satanic? A Khristu mumachita zambiri za satanic ie tolerating same sex marriage, sodomising, priests kubereka ana outside wedlock, kumwa bibida, kuyambitsa nkhondo m’maiko, cashgate, kupha Chasowa, kukwilira mkazi ku Cottage, and doing… Read more »

Look at Islamic countries and the comments you make against others what you have just done in your comment

Alinafe Hanakho

I did research, Muslims are more than 36% in this country, in fact they are close to 42% and this religion will grow fast in the next 20 years than any other religion in Malawi


mmmmm sha!

Mkuntha Mavenda

Muslims 36%? Thats immediate and present danger! Lets do something!


apa ndipomwe munthu amawonesera ichitsiru wake kuti xool zake ndi zomwe zija za Kamuzu, no economics,accounting etc at both primary and sec xool. mapeto ake umbuli mpaka kufa. mafunso onse mwafunsawa angowonetsa kuti ndinu ndani. palibe chomwe mukudziwa about world politics, religion and so on. when u c a british man you c everything. kupempha basi ndi kuba are the true colours of this country. kukunamizani kuyambira muli mwana mpake mudzikhulupilira zili zonse wanena nzungu. afunseni azungu wanu amakunamizani za muhamad mmipingo mwanumo if they know the economic status of arab countries.

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