Malawians celebrate Easter in darkness

Malawians celebrate Easter in darkness. Malawians are celebrating Easter in total darkness as the sole state controlled power utility has earmarked massive load shedding programme during the holidays.

On Friday, there was total blackout in the Capital City, Lilongwe almost the whole day so too on Saturday when most parts of the capital experienced the worst black outs in months.

Escom deputy publicist George Mituka said the blackouts were done to enable the power utility carry out massive maintenance works on its power generating plants.

“We notified our customers in advance that we would be carrying out the maintenance works this time because we know most industries and companies are shut and demand for electricity is low,” said Mituka.

He said the loadshedding is across the country and would end on Monday midnight.

Apart from the elecyricity woes, Malawians who borrow from banks are expwriencing the Easter extremely tough as most banks have published names of defaulting debtors.

Bank interest rates have of late shot up from just above 20 percent to 40 percent due to the harsh economic climate the cointry is going through.

Newspapers have been publishing names of property they intend to sell due to failure to service loans by their ciients.

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2016 welcome

@8, Georgete, When you are calling us all to think ……. My simple question is, have you ever deeply thought about it as to why we have governments in the first place? And for you, if I get you right, you think citizens, within an environment of disorganized government/ leadership, can meaningfully make things turn around? Sounds kindergarten mindset.


When I think about Malawi and Malawians a fail to understand do you mean up until now we should be thinking and waiting for ESCOM it has failed us completely. Do you mean with all the waters we have is only ESCOM that can provide Electricity. Let’s have plan B, do not wait for ESCOM for this plan. Let’s start thinking, chakudya, maxi, magetsi, mankhwala ku chipatala kulibe, school inatha. Believe me or not no political government in Malawi will sort out these problems. We shall complain and complain nothing shall work. Let’s think!


Wrong heading once again. The level of blackouts has improved for the better as compared to several months ago. The heading is as if there was total blackout countrywide. I think a bit of progressive thinking rather than retrogressive can take us far.


What a contradiction from ESCOM, when most of the companies and manufacturers are closed that means the demand is low (off peak ) so you should have more power to give the residentials . It’s a good idea to do maintainance but your reason is not valid

2016 welcome
A failed state inhabited by unambitious people who are used to foolish stoicism. Very fake society who pretend to be brainy yet the reality on the ground suggests otherwise. They have no idea whatsoever how citizens ought to live life. Surprisingly even those who claim to possess some levels of academic credentials and have traveled outside think the same way as a villager who has spent the entire part of his life in the jungles of primitiveness. People who out of tribalistic mindset deliberately fail to distinguish between patriotism and support of mediocrity.
Malawians celebrate Easter in darkness.This is an atrocious failure of the National Government for power and water irregularities not only that the citizens are kept in darkness,but the criminals take this failure to harass and harm the innocent majority of our people and not only that how could hospitals do their jobs to treat patients and how about factories which rely on power and water? So every thing in Mathanyula’s domain is impossible.People have no jobs,people have no food,people have no security,you have divided people on ethnic basis,corruption is part of life in our country the list goes on.Mr.President,it seems… Read more »
GN Phiri

Not only Electricity, BUT No WATER as well! Taps ate dry! In Malawi we are subjected to life akin Hell..

Wagwa Wayer

This is total disregard to the consumer and taxpayers. Why don’t they first buy backup generators and interconnectivity with Mozambique to ensure constant supply during maintenance at Nkula.


Very satanic planning by Escom. How could Escom choose the most important in the life of Jesus to disrupt millions of christians fully enjoy being saved. No escom power supply means no water.

Woe to Escom! Nothing can stop Jesus’s moment. Bravo Jesus!

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