Malawians to hold protests against power outages: Mayaya says time for citizens to show anger with blackouts

Human Rights activist Billy Mayaya has confirmed that the demonstrations against poor service delivery by the Electricity Supply Coorperation of Malawi (Escom) in offering Malawians reliable electricity will proceed despite calls from the Police and Lilongwe City Council to have the date to hold the demo’s shifted to a later date.

Mayaya:  We are holding protests against worsening power crisis

Mayaya: We are holding protests against worsening power crisis

Mayaya said this after holding a meeting with officials from the Malawi Police Service and Lilongwe City Council o Monday ahead of the demonstrations slated for Tuesday 18th October, 2016.

While confirming about the meeting, Mayaya claimed all the right procedures have been followed in organising the march protests and expressed surprise on why the police and the council are trying to block the demonstrations.

“Yes we have followed procedures and notified both the police and Lilongwe City Council [Before Monday Meeting]. We are surprised that at a meeting held today (Monday) both the council and police want to infringe on our right to demonstrate peacefully” said Mayaya in an email response to Nyasa Times on Monday.

“They suggested to our shock that we change the date for reasons best known to themselves. We have put our foot down and informed them that we shall proceed because we have followed the law” explained Mayaya.

Mayaya blames the police and the council officials for politicizing the matter.

“We know that Police and council are bowing to political pressure thats their problem. We are going ahead with our plans to exert pressure on Escom to stop playing games with Malawians. We want power all day everyday not pathetic excuses” charged Mayaya.

He therefore reminded the police and city council officials that

Malawians have a constitutional right to demonstrate and no amount of intimidation or threats from the police or government will change or resolve to demand improved service delivery from Escom.

According to Mayaya, the march will take place in Lilongwe and will start at Area 18 round about starting from 7:00am.

“We shall congregate at Area 18 round about proceed to City Centre round about make a U-turn up to the traffic Escom house at City Centre. There we shall read out a petition which will be handed to Escom officials,” said Mayaya.

The dress code for the demo’s is pure black and all participants are being asked to carry a candle and a walkman of charcoal.

Malawians have been experiencing excessive power black out in the past few months.

In some areas, people have only had electricity for less than five hours in a period of 24 hours.

Escom officials attributed the problem to the decrease and lowering of water levels in Shire River which they said has greatly affected the production of electricity at its main power house.

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Be Humane

What do you mean when you say you have followed all the procedures? If the police and the council have no say on your demonstration then why involving them?

Chilungamo Chimawawa

this ESCOM and DPP govt have foolish excuses. Go to countries like Botswana. Botswana is almost a desert country but they have water and electricity almost 24hrs a day, 365 days a year. they use coal plants for generation and buy some from electricity from RSA. Malawians we have been sleeping alot. let us wake up please. Joyce Banda was in the right path of solving this problem but i wonder what is happening now.

Sorry For Typo Typing On Left Hand
Sorry For Typo Typing On Left Hand

It always surprises me when they say power generation is as a result of water levels getting low. Shire barrage at Liwonde bridge was constructed to regulate the water flow. Besides the source of shire river has always been lake Malawi which has never dried up.

So how is this low water levels possible? Can a credible engineer clear this ignorance on mind please?


Why cant the government come up with a new strategy going forward rather than blaming the low levels of shire river? Surely we have people at Escom who have been sent overseas to further their studies and should have foresaw climate change and plan accordingly. There are alternatives to hydro electricity!


Iwe Mayaya ukapeze kwina kochitira zopusa zakozo. Mukayamba marching yanuyo pa Area 18 round about you greatly disturb traffic flow ndipo mumachedwetsa anthu omwe amagwira ntchito zenizeni.


choka nyani iwe nseu ndiwako osagula jet bwanji


mmuzeni kapolo ameneyu


He has all the time in this world. The only thing he finds meaningful is to deminstrate. He cant understand that there are people who work up daily to work coz all he does is demos basi. I have never heard him say anything tangible.



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