Malawians in Diaspora asked to help flood victims

Malawians living in diaspora and friends of Malawi have been asked to make donations which will go directly to helping the people heavily hit by floods due to incessant rains which has killed many people and left thousands homeless.

Athena Tales

Athena Tales

One of Malawian bloggers Athena Tales has made the appeal through a web link  she says has been created to raise funds for Malawi during this difficult time.

This is worst flood in the history of the country forcing the government to declare a state of emergency. As of Tuesday, January 13, 15 of 28 districts in the country have been declared disaster areas.

According to the information of the appeal page Malawi is in dire need of international aid as over 100 are feared to have died when villages were flooded.

It says in the southern region of the people, livestock, crops and homes were swept away by flood waters. Some people died as houses collapsed on them.

“This appeal is for those living in the diaspora, especially Malawians and friends of Malawi, to make donations which will go directly to helping the people who were heavily hit by this disaster”.

All for Malawi a non-profit organization set up in the USA will work in association with people in Malawi on the ground who are eager to start the relief efforts.

“There is a group of people who are finding out exactly what the immediate needs for the people hardest hit by the flood will require in order to start putting their lives back together.

“This effort by the people in the diaspora as well as those in Malawi will be very transparent and very efficient  in making sure that the funds go to where they are needed most. As well as providing financial aid, some of the funds raised will be used to purchase basic everyday needs such as blankets, food, toiletries etc,” reads the appeal page .

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19 thoughts on “Malawians in Diaspora asked to help flood victims”

  1. Chau says:

    That’s a good idea if done in good faith

  2. Apatawuni says:

    Might it be worth mentioning that the GoFundMe page was actually set up by Ms Celina Mlusu and that Ms Tales simply shared it?

  3. Bonzo says:

    This ladys is beautiful and atha kukudyera zambiri

  4. Tata says:

    Those are advocating for the dual citizenship let me tell you this time it’s not for negotiation that if you money to help us back home is for that to Hell with your money ,we can’t sell our country with your ideas you must be mad and totally off your mind …., uchigobaaaa

  5. godobaman says:

    nkhope zinazi zidya chithandizo ndithu

  6. Likoma Economist says:

    It is sad, bur the truth is disaters, whether natural or man made, and HIV/AIDS are an industry. A lot of heartless people will benefit from disaster.

  7. That is the best to help our relatives back home don’t eat everything send some to malawi , especially those living in europe and. America be generous to your people back home send money clothings etc. Let there be no scandals let the intended get the help they need

    1. Eliam says:

      Why not those who r in Southafrica? Do u think they don’t deserve ur advice?

  8. titani says:

    But the BIG virus; kusolora

  9. Mbava says:

    Isn’t this floodgate? Too many bogus charities scrambling for donations for flood victims. Shame on you! Let people donate to govt which has the knowledge and structures on where and how to deliver the relief supplies.

  10. Clement says:

    dis is marketing now.

  11. banksy says:

    Zavuta zinthu. Same people timawanyoza kuti aku seta nkhalamba zachizungu tawafuna lero.
    These people in diaspora feel alienated in most circumstances. We treat them as foreigners because we envy their successes. We have a lot of people in diaspora but most feel uninvited in the affairs of Malawi.
    We should allow dual citizenship for the purposes of such circumstances. We need more than aid from these brothers and sisters abroad. These people have exposure and better approach to most things because they see things from a better angle. We need to include them positively.
    Look at how developed are countries that allow dual nationality.

    On the other hand, this PP government will loot the coffers and entirely blame this catastrophe. Last governments established National Disaster Preparedness. Where is this entity now?? Where has the funding gone?? Look at the books and tell us.
    We should not just cry for aid while we’re looting our meagre propensities.
    Mukapandatu kulongosola nkhani iyi mukhala a one term president. Trust me.

  12. Sell out! Giving your pussy to the white man’s tiny dick.

  13. Tazingodyana ndi mzungu wakoyo iwe. Shaft ya Mr. Tales yakoma ndiye wati utibele a Malawi upeze potchukira?

  14. Her name is Tales. Why should we trust her. She could be telling us tales about what she intends to do with the money. Besides, with her foreign surname why should we trust that she has genuine concern for malawians? If her surname was malawian I could have fallen for it.

  15. Mtavuma says:

    Kadona aka kali bwino in looks and her works to help our country

  16. Good maganizo says:

    wina alemera pamenepa I know these bloody malawians very well

  17. cashy G says:

    Mukufuna ndalamazo mudye olo chiyani,ndani samakudziwani kumeneko?ngati mumadya ndalama za mpingo ndi zamaliro zimenezo nde mungaziopelenji?

  18. Yosefe Dumakuve says:

    Malawi as a country has totally failed.The economy is in shambles.Educated people seems only to be contented by the acquired Mzungu’s Papers.All those economists churned in this country seems to hv no solution for this country.All we see is our politicians with fattens necks and fatten bellies like pregnant women arguing in parliament on useless things.They only seem to be prepared for tribal groupings like Mulhako wa Alomwe where they mercilessly siphon funds from NAC and support archaic outdated culture.What we have known as a country is to beg beg beg.This culture is even passed to our kids not be self reliant.The little money in the govt coffers benefits a few greedy people who have no care for an ordinary person.What they care is to drive massive cars and to build massive houses from illgotten riches.If all the cashgate money was recovered the lives of these poor people designed by a few selfish people would really change our country.You will find that even that relief money is going into other people’s pockets,unless those donors come and witness for themselves that those relief items are reaching the intended recepients.We have really failed as a country.

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