Malawians in UK our pride – Mayor, Mission

Malawians in the United Kingdom are a pride to their country as they have maintained high degree of character and discipline, Mayor for Chelmsford, Councillor Paul Hutchison and the Malawi High Commission has said.

Mayor of Chelmsford, Air Malawi Cargo Steven Msamala present the trophy to Nottingham skipper

Mayor of Chelmsford, Air Malawi Cargo Steven Msamala present the trophy to Nottingham skipper

Proud of Malawi independence

Proud of Malawi independence

Champions Nottinghman Team of Malawi

Champions Nottinghman Team of Malawi

man chest

The Mayor who attended the 51st Independence Celebrations in Chelmsford, said the many Malawians who had turned up for the celebrations indicated the proper coordination of Malawians in the United Kingdom and he was proud to host them.

“From 6th July, 1964 Malawi became independent, we have had many people here and I am proud that we live well with them,” said the Mayor.

Representative of the Malawi High Commission said government is in the process of developing the diaspora policy and the Mission will facilitate the linkage between the diaspora and the government to make input in all critical issues including the issue of dual citizenship.

The celebrations which started with Air Malawi Cargo social football trophy which was won by Nottingham’s Malawi Team after beating the Birmingham Samba’s after an enthralling encounter.

Dozens of Malawians turned up to the Malawi Association Essex organised event which included Malawians khwasu khwasu, childrens play ground and disco throughout the warm Saturday afternoon.

Malawians in England travelled from all over to celebrate their national day.

Meanwhile, Malawi Association UK has said it’s chapter in Manchester, has prepared another  local gathering on July 18 to continue with the celebrations.

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14 thoughts on “Malawians in UK our pride – Mayor, Mission”

  1. Ana amuna amphongo says:

    I see airmalawi log sichithunzi chakale ichi.

  2. nkasimunguya chinankasanye says:

    Izo nzao anzathu amwayi okhala kumangalande, wangokhala kut munthuyi ndiowononga koma sanatelo ayi. Izi ndi mphatso zabwino za amalawi omwe amavomeleza kut iwo ndi nzika zakuno ngakhale ali uko.
    Pitilizan kutero, musakwiye nafe, timangolankhulapo zina chifukwa chotopa ndi umphawi ndimavuto ena akuno kumudzi i.e. kuphana, kuba, ndi umbava ochita ma VIP.

  3. Patriot weniweni says:

    Iam a field worker in Malawi and there is nothing to celebrate for.People have been reduced to mere less human beings while the fake backdoor govt was splashing k300 million of tax payers in dining and wining while Malawians are heavily suffering in poverty while Muthatika and his cronies are stashing any single penny in their pockets with his lomwe cronies.Go to hospitals,its a terrible sight.No food for patients and drugs.Hospitals have turned into death beds.People are dying like tsetseflies.The economy is totally in shambles.Malawi is independent just by mere words.Mutharika had ambitions to become a president after his arrogant brother manipulated the system to pave way for him.He is not a leadership material.Shame for Mutharika and his cronies for celebrating something not worthy to be celebrated.

  4. Woyenda. says:

    The conservative govt has never liked immigrants despite most of them doing degrading jobs and some have fallen into unloving marriage with people who doesn’t suit them to obtain papers.Cameroon has made life tougher even to the eastern European immigrants.Britain is quite different in hosting immigrants unlike France to its Francophone colonies.You go through terrible paper work olo paka kulenga nkhani zaboza to get proper work.Anthu akwatira nkhalamba ndipo ena akwatiwa ndi nkhalamba to obtain proper papers.Shame for the racist Cameron and its conservantive.Im better off in Quebec.

  5. Mute Gama says:

    The poster has been well designed. There is good skill displayed.

  6. BB says:

    No comment.

  7. B. kamanga says:

    Mwadya zomwezi tionana kumavoti

  8. B. kamanga says:

    Ndizomvetsa chisoni poona momwe tikuvutikira ena kumaononga ndalama kupangira phwando la Independent anthu akufa kusowa mankhwala.takutoperanitu

  9. Bambo wanu says:

    Proffesor James Phiri Sir, You are an ignorant idiot and its a shame morons like you are allowed to freely express their opinions!

    1. wa ku Mitchesi kuja!!!! says:

      Iwe “Bambo wanu”: What is is untruthful about what the wise professor has written here? Certainly castigating him based on his two sentences is NOT justifiable. Perhaps you have a personal grudge against him: then come out and tell us.

  10. ahoy says:

    Hon kanyeremuka, we did not use any penny from Govt to do our celebrations in UK. We help Malawi, check with the ministry of finance how much much we send to Malawi. We do a lot for Malawi n donors do a lot for Malawi but all the money get stolen. Y should shortage of drugs b blamed on us. U kp voting for corrupt govt. Go n demonstrate in the streets for shortage of drugs. There is a govt

  11. hon.kanyeremuka says:

    It doesn’t make sense Uk Malawian to celebrate independence in UK while their brothers& Sisters are suffering in Malawi,Even here the celebration took place because of arrogance of Pitala &his nyapapi team why celebrating while citizens are dying of hunger,shortage of Drugs in hospital delay of salaries,leadership crisis & many more Machona wa atipweteka akanakhala chimanga tikana kazinga

  12. Professor Dr. James Napwiri Phiri says:

    Keep the fire burning, Malawians. We are a peaceful country only that our immigration officers are a bullshit coz they sometimes get corrupted and issue Malawian passports to Nigerians, Zimbabweans, Indians, etc These dent Malawis face.

  13. The real ujeni says:

    Now go to Ireland makamaka Ku Dublin, eish, uhule wavuta, girls lightening their skins, putting on big bras, wearing revealing clothes and asking dudes for whatsapp numbers, looking for innocent old white dudes to molest them, gomora.

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