Malawians outraged with K295mil govt paid advertorials in Time magazine

Malawians are outraged that government is paying K295 million for public relations stories in Time magazine wondering whether this is not another cashgate, the infamous coordinated and calculated plunder of public resources.

Chiphiko:  We will take it up with treasury

Chiphiko: We will take it up with treasury

Finance minister Goodall Gondwe conceded the government was paying for the advertorials, a decision that has generated a heated debate on social media, especially on Facebook and also on Nyasa Times comments page.

Most contributors wonder what impact this may have, saying this is just a wastage of money.

Stanley Onjezani Kenani, a social and political commentator said there is no story published so far in Time magazine.

The revelation by Gondwe on the Time magazine project comes barely days after President Peter Mutharika was severely criticised for buying a motor-home costing the poor tax payer a whopping K65 million.

Facebook users say the money could have been used in the fast collapsing public health sector.

However, other Malawians say the advertorials are important as they will help lure potential foreign investors, a catalyst for fast growing economy in the absence of donors.

According to published reports, the transaction was not sought nor granted by the Office of the Director of Public Procurement (ODPP).

Director of Information Bright Molande conceded there was flouting of procurement procedures, saying “there was no formal bidding process.”

Parliament’s Budget and Finance Committee, Rhyno Chiphiko, has said his committee “will take it up “ with Treasury when they meet for mid-term review of the budget.

According to Chiphiko, government hides operations of this nature as they are made at ministerial level, but warned government against taking advantage of some votes which he said were not properly audited.

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18 thoughts on “Malawians outraged with K295mil govt paid advertorials in Time magazine”

  1. Benjones says:

    This is clear that the present government does not care for the welfare of the people. This is clear theft of our tax money.

  2. Dwambazi says:

    Are you really surprised??? This is the same government that bought a luxurious motor-home so Mathanyula can comfortably deposit his biological waste in a gold plated toilet while x-crossing the poorest country in the world………..and you think they care ? Now we have cholera, leprosy, typhoid fever and army worms and they are willing to spend MK295m for eight pages of commercials………. You go figure!

  3. Patriots says:

    Clean up house first for sound publicity where authenticity defines the administration being two faced won’t get Malawi anywhere. Investors can’t invest in a turbulent economy!

  4. Joseph Moyo says:

    Tanzania ingolanda dzikoli basi.palibechanzeru angapange anthu amenewa alephera basi

  5. HPB says:

    The money is supposed to advertise Malawi about what?

    1. Investment in what? What is it that a foreign investor would find attractive that a citizen investor cannot also be a beneficiary?
    2. Why not establish an investment bank or cooperation which will coordinate partnerships with both citizen and foreign investors?
    3. With a macroeconomic situation is such a dire strait what would be attractive to foreign investors or domestic investors?
    4. By the way what is Malawi’s investment policy, strategy, goals and benchmarks?
    5. Instead of spending so much money of advertisements why not revamp the website, put in the necessary information for attracting investors (foreign and domestic); print brochures on investment related issues send them to Malawi’s embassies and high commissions, urge Malawi missions to host some investment promotion gatherings. Strengthen the economic, trade and investment units at Malawi’s Missions. Such approaches would be more sustainable, afford personal contacts, networking and follow-ups. It would value for money in the medium to long-term.

  6. Tione says:

    Chitsiru cha president ichi. Mavotavota anuwa a Malawi ndi zimenezotu. Mayi wamwalira ku Mponera chifukwa chosowa fuel kuti apite naye ku chipatala but money is being wasted on useless. No sane investor would dare come to Malawi with the security breakdown in the country. Ma K50,000 amaperekedwa kwa ma bishop osaganizira zipatala galu ameneyu.

  7. EL CHAPO says:

    Priority upside down.

    1. el chapo says:

      ma el chapo tikhalepo angati kodi? nyo!

  8. el chapo says:

    muzingokhalila ‘outrage’ yomweyo anzanu akumanga ma upstairs. DO SOMETHING!

  9. Benson Chirwa says:

    But Goodall is not the right person to carry our purse because of age. How many regimes has he served? I bet he doesn’t direct the people but is liked for royalty; each head of state gets away with what they want coz Goodall facilitates that. Please retire sir, you’ve had your time. Kuli anyamata kunja kuno atha kugwiranso bwino.

    1. Baba wa Boy says:

      You do not know the man.

      Why do you think Bingu fired him?

      He is not a yes Bwana, he runs the country, ask people that know whats what/

  10. utitiri says:

    Adverts in Time or Newsweek r not free, they cost a leg or an arm, I am amazed why the opposition did not protest when the government advertised our country on CNN before HE went to USA and UK for trade deals! Adverts put u on the world map so that people know ur country. Time is a respected and very well known magazine and is wildly read the world over. Is advertising the country to the outside world a sin, the MCP has an axe to grind with the government and its not about the advertising but the loss of the general elections! Very few Malawians read Time or Newsweek, by the way how many Malawians buy newspapers daily? Yet we see political parties paying huge sums of money advertising their campaigns?

  11. Tadala says:

    The government is missing on the point that serious investors need more than just an advertisement as investment is a risky route that is taken after being satisfied with the projected returns based on several factors that includes the economy of the country. At present, Malawi has the worst economic situation of which the government is the perpetrator. Currently, manufacturing companies are at the blink of closure due to high manufacturing costs caused by the devaluation of the kwacha, electricity blackouts and recent increase in electricity tariffs. One wonders why the tariffs were pegged to a dollar as if ESCOM imports power generation so that it will affect their profits badly. A modest 10% to 15% increase could have been reasonable considering that tariffs were also increased by 13% in November. No company can absorb such a high increase without raising commodity prices which will result in the consumer being affected three times:
    1. As the consumer is also already paying high domestic electricity prices.
    2.The consumer is buying commodities at higher prices as companies want to pay the electricity company
    3. The already more taxed consumer is paying high electricity taxes.
    The government has reached a point that as long as it gets the funds it doesn’t care the status of the source. But if it doesn’t tread carefully, this will trigger company closures and high unemployment as it happened from 1998 to 2002 during Bakili’s time.

  12. ngongoliwa says:


  13. MLOMWE says:

    we are watching

  14. yes says:

    Say “some Malawians” are outraged

  15. Chitatata says:

    The government is naive and willfully wasteful. It simply boarders on theft. Let us examine what could have made the government do this. First of all, they are frantically trying to get the donors back. It was recently published that Chaponda literally begged the donors to come back. Let be known to them that no amount of “begging” will bring back donors. There are simply certain things they MUST do first in order to convince them that things have changed for the better. Unfortunately, the conduct of the government simply misses the point by far. In times of austerity, a prudent government dispenses with “luxuries” such as motor homes. A prudent and astute minister of Finance should have told his boss that the most prudent thing to do at this hour is to address the collapsing health sector which can and has the potential to stir civil unrest. People are going hungry….they should have food for the people. No investor will come to a country with the potential to erupt into civil disorder. That should be common sense to any political pretender. Secondly, the donors have their own eyes and ears on the ground. They do not pander to the whims of public opinion that may be created far away in Essex or London as to how Mutharika may or may not be governing. They will advance their own opinions on how the government is doing. It is through those recommendations that their governments may consider resumption of aid. To hoodwink the public into believing that some 300,000 pounds for laundering an otherwise dirty government will not do it. What will happen is the exact opposite. They will be seen as incompetent fools who do not know what it means to be prudent and allocate resources to needy areas in times of trouble. Then you attempt to bribe Bishops with misery K50,000 when the country is dire need. Thanks to the bishops for refusing this nonsense. It is in times like these that one misses Raphael Tenthani, he would have roasted the idiots and exposed their utter lack knowledge in governance. Then you begin to wonder why they rushed to court to get sworn in office. It is simply to loot the economy even further. By the end of this year, the country will be on the verge of a revolution. Watch this space!

  16. Judah says:

    wages of poor voting and vote theft

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