Malawians queuing for Madeya: Man jailed for buying Admarc maize in bulks

Malawi is on a crisis, press reports indicate starvation across the nation is “getting worse” by the day and fast reaching “degrading levels” as The Nation daily newspaper on Monday published a photo of multitude of people at Catholic University in Nguludi, queuing for a five-litre bucket of maize husks (madeya) that some ‘azungus’ were distributing to people from communities surrounding the university.

Rosebay Malunga buying maize at Manyowe ADMARC -Pic by Brian Wasili

Rosebay Malunga buying maize at Manyowe ADMARC -Pic by Brian Wasili

Now Malawians are queuing for Madeya

Now Malawians are queuing for Madeya

Malawi is currently experiencing maize shortage and the food shortage situation is worsening as people are being forced to spend nights at Admarc depots just to access the grain.

The paper  quotes  Mayi Ndodo of Kwinjiwa Village in Traditional Authority (T/A) Kadewere in Chiradzulu, a mother of four, who said she has been going to the university hoping to get the suddenly all-important bucket of maize husks to process into ‘flour’ and feed her children, but each time she has returned empty-handed, having been elbowed out by stronger people.

In Thyolo,  Senior Resident Magistrates Court on Friday convicted and ordered a 35-year-old man, Steven Mahaya to pay a fine of K40, 000 or in default serve nine months jail term for buying maize from Admarc depot in bulks against the official set quantity of a minimum of 20kgs per individual.

The maize shortage  situation has forced government to take restrict measures on how the maize is sold in Admarc depots and has since deployed police officers in all depots to monitor and manage the situation.

Mahaya was arrested on Wednesday together with Jeffrey Maliyango, 22, in Mulanje district after being found with seven bags of maize weighing 60kgs each believed to have been bought from
government-owned grain marketer depot in the district.

According to police, the two hired some women to buy maize for them at Mulanje Admarc depot.  They were paying each woman K800 for every 20kgs bought. Officially 20kgs costs K2, 200. Law-enforcers arrested them after noting the malpractice.

And on Friday Thyolo Senior Resident Magistrate (SRM) Court convicted Mahaya after pleading guilty to Possession of Property Unlawfully Obtained contrary to Section 329 of the Penal Code.

The court ordered him to pay a fine of K40, 000 or in default serve nine months in jail term. He has since paid the fine and meanwhile the maize has been forfeited to government.

Mahaya, in mitigation, asked the court to be lenient as he was a bread winner for his family.

But the court noted that Mahaya’s conduct was uncalled for as it deprived others an opportunity to have food.

At least 2.8 million Malawians face hunger this year

Elsewhere, communities in Blantyre will have their finger dipped in ink before buying maize at ADMARC selling points in a bid to trace unscrupulous vendors.

The vendors are allegedly dominating the purchasing of the commodity leaving the destitute in hunger and they in turn sell the cereal at higher prices at markets in the country.

Chairperson of the Blantyre District Council, Councillor Thomas Kaumba said the idea came about after consultations with Village Development Committees (VDCs) and Area Development Committees (ADCs) as a pilot phase in Manyowe Ward where he represents at council level.

A 62 year old woman, Rosebay Mulenga hailed the government for bringing ADMARC maize selling point in the area saying people now will buy the maize within their area.—Additional reporting by Green Muheya, Nyasa Times

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Dry Spell

Blaming the government on everything is senseless …what have we done ourselves yo improve individual situation ….The government is not some father Christmas let’s work in unite to bring meaningful changes!

George Kamanga

When you choose evil the end result is unending pain. Atumbuka ndi anthu oipa kwambiri.

Kodi yoipa APA ndani? Ngati mutumbuka ndiwoipa ndekuti ndi amene wabweretsa njalayi.


After 51 years; this is what Malawians can afford. What is ironical is these people will still vote for DPP. Illiteracy is a problem; these people are easily cheated by politicians.

Zanga Phee!

DPP WOYEEE 2019 BOMA!!!!!!!!!!! under the administration of ProfessorAPM shame my fellow Malawians they are even ready to cheat us again. see my name.


Kummwera ndiye chakudya chawo chimenechi, sakuonapo vuto apa, kwathu madeya timadyetsa nkhumba

Moffat Charming Jere

madeya is called ” MAIZE BRAN.” Husks cover the cob.

Zimachitika, we all make mistakes

Peter Mathanyula

Ndiye Malawi wa DPP ameneyo ndipo simunati. Chosangalatsa kwambiri nchakuti ku Chiradzulu komwe anavotera DPP kwambiri ndi komwenso ayambira kudya gaga. DPP ikafuna kukhaulitsa siimasankha. Imayambira omwe anayivoterawo nkumalizira ndi omwe sanaivotere. Tiyeni nazo. This is 2016 mukadalira mpaka 2019 woooooo.


We have twin problems very little maize in Malawi and also kwacha devaluation meaning we cannot afford to buy imported Maize. Chuka is useless governor under his governorship he has only given malawians depreciation and hardships WE WANT CHUKA OUT. No rains we can understand but how can he devalue the kwacha at a time when there is no maize in the country, we need stable kwacha so we can affoed to buy imported maize. We shall hold demonstration and petition the government to remove CHUKA and appreciate the kwacha, Chuka is the enemy of poor malawians


Was found with 7 bags? Only 7 bags? He didn’t steal, he bought the maize. This really means the situation is worse. And government is denying that there’s hunger. Feeling sorry for Mother Malawi. Akafa timva kuli chimanga chikungowola ku Kanengo.

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