Malawians react to Trump victory: Calls for ‘strategy change’ as govt expects no US policy shift, Chakwera says lessons learnt

Malawi government, opposition leaders, citizens and the media have been commenting on Donald Trump election as the 45th president of the United States after winning 289 electoral votes to rival Hillary Clinton’s 218.

President mutharik (L) congratulates Trump(C) and Chakwera (R) learn lesson from US polls: A  lot of uncertainty over what President Trump will mean to Africa

President mutharik (L) congratulates Trump(C) and Chakwera (R) learn lesson from US polls: A lot of uncertainty over what President Trump will mean to Africa

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation,  Francis Kutsaira gave a diplomatic reaction to Trump’s victory, saying: “We don’t expect a  big shift as far as the relationship with the US is concerned.”

The Foreign Minister disclosed that Malawi President Peter Mutharika has sent a message of congratulations to the US President-elect.

Kasaila expects Malawi to continue enjoying good bonds of relationship with US government in sectors of health, education, security as well as humanitarian help.

Leader of opposition, Lazarous Chakwera, who is also Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president said Malawi can learn lessons from US elections.

“Decentralisation of election processes is something we can emulate,” ,” Chakwera said as quoted by the press.

“ The idea that you could have results put together and transported over a long distance to some central place where the announcement takes place leaves room for machinations. That’s one nation that I have noted,” said Chakwera a presidential hopeful.

But Kasaila, who is also ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) spokesman, said Malawi would not do a copy and paste of the US Electoral system, saying the country “need to look at what is practical.”

People’s Party acting president Uladi Mussa told Nyasa Times that many US voters and others around the world including Malawi would feel “a real sense of anxiety” at Trump victory, adding: “People of the United States have chosen their president  and I hope the president-elect will take the opportunity to reach out to those who felt marginalised by his campaign and make clear – in deeds as well as words – that he will be a president for all.”

The two daily papers also highlighted the Trump victory in their front pages on Thursday.

The flagship Daily Times reported the election results as “Tump trumps Clinton,” while The Nation displayed a photo of Trump, with a lead headline “Malawi expects no US policy change.”

In its editorial comment titled “Trump’s victory calls for strategy change”, The Nation newspaper viewed the result through the same prism as Brexit – the British vote to leave the EU, saying Trump was rated rank outsider and  “an error-prone underdog”  by a large section of  the media  and the opinion pollsters.

The paper says it joins Malawi government and the international community in congratulation Trump on his victory and also said his main challenger Hillary Clinton deserves a pat on the back “for taking it on the chin offering to work with Trump for the good of America.”

The editorial comment pointed out that much as the US Embassy in Lilongwe is assuring of no major change in foreign policy with Trump as US leader, countries like Malawi and many others with “no strategic importance” to America “need to get prepared for suprises.”

It tips Malawi to ensure good governance to protect the African Growth and Opportunity Act ((known as Agoa – a hugely valuable American free trade deal with African countries) and the vital Millenium  Challenge Corporation energy  compact.

“Malawi has been ditched before  by her development patners over concerns of laxity in fighting corrupton and poor public finance management. The new leadership in America may not have the same level of tolerance to some of the governance slippages,” reads the comment in the paper.

The newspaper urged Malawi authorities to “leave the excess baggae” of corruption, poor public finance management and other vices behind.

Many Malawians also dominated their status upadates on social media commenting on Trump victory with mixed views.

Journalist Bright Mhango posted on Facebook : “The man who insulted women and admitted to secually abusing them, the man who mocked the disabaled, the man who insulted Muslims, the man who insulted Mexicans, the man who insulted and hates the Chinese, the man whose wife posed nude, the man who is very familiar with divorce, the man who wants to build  a wall bettweem the US and Mexico, the man run a racisist movement against Obama… has been elected  as the next US President.”

Spokesman of the political pressure group, Transformation Alliance (TA) Leonard Chimbanga wrote on  Facebook: “May God Bless the Donald. They counted you out . You still soldiered on. God Bless the United State of America. The greatest nation on earth.

On Twitter, Danga  K Mughogho tweeted: “Maybe change in Britain and now US will force Africans comprador bourgeoisie to finally get ther development act together.”

Gwana Chakuamba 11 worote on his Facebook timeline: “ Yes Trump ‘won’ the election but people don’t actually vote for the president  the electoral college does.”

Journalist-cum-cartoonist Deguzman Kaminjolo mocked  prophets who gave wrong prediction that Clinton would win.

During a mock vote hosted Tuesday by the U.S. embassy in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe, Clinton emerged winner  as  more than 300 Malawians, mostly university students voted in unofficial ballot.

One of the students  who participated in the mock poll,  Frank Nowa of  attthe Malawi College of Accountancy said tshe would have loved to have seen the first female U.S. president.

African Bible College student Ndamya Mwanjabe also expected Clinton would win.

But a Malawian based in US, Silaba Mpasu who has been pro- Trump through and through, expressed her delight with the results  and remain optimistic about America’s choice of president.

Many Malawians like other Africans are now  worried about the policy changes Trump may implement including slow down immigration, probably from African countries toward the U.S.

Some observers believe Trump will stand up to Africa’s dictators and those who exhibits executive arrogance.

Others admired US democracy and its transition of power.

“The loser Mrs Clinton even called Trump to congratulate him and outgoing president Obama also invited Trump to White House to discuss hand-over. The swearing in ceremony will take place in January. If it were in Malawi, results and all machinations would take place midnight and in secrecy,” noted one Saidi, a  businessman who preferred not to give his last name.

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winston msowoya
Chakwera seems to have lost sense of decorum by obtruding into America’s political establishment.Having been offered a cheap Phd from there,he wants to do everthing American,Mr.High Priest,this won’t happen into our country or in the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa.This seems that Chakwera is living in a cacoon of self-deception,politics is not his line,he has joined it to line his silver-pockets.His rhetorics would not put him in a position to win the next general elections in 2019,taking into account the wanton brutality the MCP inflicted to the overwhelming majority of our innocent people for 32 years under the iron-heels of Hastings… Read more »
Kaponda Sichinga
One reason Malawi will remain in abject poverty is its obsession with what happens in other countries even when it doesn’t concern them. If elections happen in MW not even a traceable percentage of Americans hear about it. But here in MW at every corner you turn people are talking about America elections as if they too participated in the voting. Why waste such energies. Whether Trump, Clinton or Obama our lives as ordinary Malawians who wallow in abject poverty changes not. We still remain the less economically active people on earth. I wish we engaged more on how we… Read more »
America will never have a female President. Those who hoped for one are wasting their time and will remain disappointed. America is quite hypocritical when they preach gender equality, a thing they don’t practice. Again Americans read the Bible so much and they follow what was written in the Holy Book that woman shall not rule – they are following just that and that’s why they voted Trump. Let the gender activist on Malawi make noise about Americans leaving out Hilary Clinton. They will be shocked to see that the majority of those voters who did not give their votes… Read more »

Chigonapamhanya don’t you are a liar, these so called election are not funded really are you serious. All the moneys are stolen as a result we have a failed state. Its not that it is unique, but what do we put in the elections to have it be transparent sure carrying ballot papers to Blantyre. We need votes at the centre and results announced at the center. Electronic can be done it is all over the show now adays.


Vote right especially when u are young. The nation is for young generation. What I can see in Malawi there is one person I can think of to be president. Chilima if no new person come up. Another alternative Chakwela. DDP is the worst Malawians u can continue with 2019. How old is he going to be?

I don’t like Trump but he won he did not stole votes as the case in Malawi. People of America are tired of CORRUPTION of politicians. That was the reason he won. Read what he has said on Facebook on Africans. It’s true. Every time a white tells us the truth we think it’s because of black colour. He has said the African leaders corrupt and take money to Europe and America leaving their people and nation suffering. That is why he will send them back. He added he is not against black. He also it’s better British recolonize them… Read more »
Iweyo moderator are you a democrat in principles? Do you espouse freedom of expression and media/information flow freedom? Are you able to tolerate dissenting views as a true democrat? Why are you scared and annoyed with a FACT that Trump and Clinton are age-mates and at least generational peers with Malawi President Peter Mutharika? Why are you choosing not to post my comment where I said this? Is it not because you are not a true patriot/champion for media freedom? If you are, go ahead and post this comment: The issue of age of Malawi president how does it go… Read more »

Inu a Nyasa Times komanso so called “Analyst” tatchulani kapena kuchita comment za zaka (age) za both USA presidential candidates. Why are you silent on this important issue which you always allude to. Trump is currently 70 years old. Hillary Clinton is 69 years old. Are these young poeple? Was the question of age central durig the campaign at any moment? By the way Peter Mutharika is 76 years old. In principle generational peers with the USA president elect. Why cant you make this a special issue also. Criticize US.


Chakwera is not Trump at all and Malawi is not USA.All elements in two cases are incomparable. Its only Brian Banda and George Kasakula who can make such unbalanced political equation. Trump was busy campaigning in areas where he was unpopular. While our chakwera is busy campaigning in areas where he is winning.World politics is not church politics. Chakwera is the best qualifier of church politics not these politicas of national presidency.

The issue in US elections was about getting rid of establishment which kept on promising people without fulfilling the promises. Americans were tired of that. The establishment included both Reps and Demos. The lesson we can learn is how to hold to account those in power and remove weakest links. Those that rule by promises without delivering them. APM and his henchmen say they are delivering which Malawians deny. Who can see development better and quicker a villager in Thambani or APM at State house. When people develop economically and socially you dont need to tell them they see it… Read more »

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