Malawi’s DPP will always be ‘Undemocrcatic and Unprogressive’

The DNA of the ruling DPP will never change, irrespective of which name of Mutharika is at its helm.DPP

They are a party whose biological make up is that of being anti-freedom and anti-social under the disguise of same old excuse of maintaining public order and national security.

And so the party will do anything to push the agenda started by the first Mutharika brand of curtailing individual freedoms through a whole slew of bad legislation and the Electronic Transactions Bill which seeks to regulate Malawians’ interaction online to maintain public order and security as well as “facilitate technical restriction to conditional access to online communication” falls into the scheme.

If you asked Information Minister Kondwani Nankhumwa what was the meaning of all this, chances are high that he would deliberately fumble and talk about morality and such stuff but in the end we will get nothing.

But the truth is your government, through this proposed law, wants to start shutting down websites they do not like and leave only those that sing its empty praises.

As to how they would technically do it, it is simple. They will head to the East, China, if they haven’t already done so, where they are tech-savvy and have already perfected the art of clamping down on the cyberspace.

Those who have been to China know that you cannot get Facebook or Twitter there as the communist regime tightly controls the flow of information using lyrics of the same song that the Malawi government is singing: controlling public order and security as well as morality.

Instead the Chinese have their own Weibo as an answer to Facebook or Twitter.

This is what the DPP is trying to import here through this bill that they have rushed to Parliament at super high speed.

It wants to have a say in what we read and write online. It wants to bar and decide for us what we must see and read as if we are its children hence the rush to bring this bad law to Parliament.

Now contrast this speed to the snail-like slow pace the same DPP government has adopted when it comes to a bill that would empower Malawians to demand accountability and transparency in public life through access to information.

The Access to Information Bill is taking ages—11 damn good years– to enter Parliament for the same reason that this DPP government is afraid of arming the people with a weapon to demand more transparency because it is anti-freedom.

Why is it that it is only the Access to Information Bill that has to shunt from Ministry of Information to Justice and then back to Information via Justice before Cabinet?

Forget Parliament because the bill has never set its foot there and the DPP government has made sure of that.

It is all crazy but that is the stark truth and it is what Nankhumwa keeps on saying wherever he has been asked about the Access to Information Bill.

His audiences clap hands for him and life goes on.

But this should not be allowed. The opposition in Parliament has a duty to stop this DPP madness.

We can take solace in the fact that unlike 2009 to 2012 when the DPP was in majority in Parliament, and it virtually pushed everything they fancied, this time it is not.

It beats me to imagine, where in the name of all that is holy, the DPP is getting the audacity to think that such a nonsensical bill that seeks to limit our freedoms will get the support from.

Where will the Jesse Kabwilas of this world be, to let this DPP’s madness get through the sieve of Parliament?

DPP will always be DPP but it has forgotten that times have changed.

  • This article appeared in Malawi News  of June 13, 2015 under ‘Hitting the Nail’ column. It was originally titled ‘DPP will always be DPP’
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21 thoughts on “Malawi’s DPP will always be ‘Undemocrcatic and Unprogressive’”

  1. Mhesha says:

    Sweet Boy, you damn right. I will start respecting George Kasakula the moment he will OPENLY declare that he is MCP. What he has been doing in his essays is championing the MCP agenda but hiding behind the journalist banner. In fact he has no shame in doing so. With this hyena-in-sheep-skin attitude of his, that is why he failed to convinced his fellow newsmen to vote him to the position of MISA – Malawi President for the simple reason that his bias is so naked.

  2. gkofgk says:

    I have been part of the team that recommended the e-Transactions Bill to be like it is now. I wished if the writer saw what the bill says and not the nonsense he portrays in his article. Kodi n’chifukwa chiyani mukudana nafe Alhomwe? Tinakuputani chiyani? Chimo lathu ndi liti? Ife sitinafune kuti tikhale mboma. God wanted DPP under APM and SCC to be in government. Atamwalira Bingu, Kasambara, JB, Sichali and all northerners gathered at LL Golf Club to celebrate the death of the former head of state. Not only that. APM, Akweni, Mussa, Nankhumwa, Msaka, Dausi, Jean (Paja Ada Gondwe anangoti atamva kuti awambwandira, basi anangoti guu mpaka kukomoka. Adapulumuka chifukwa chokhala muhinya). Come 2019, whether federalism or not, APM ndi boma mpaka 2014. Ndinene kuti in short Malawi will be for the southerners until Rapture or Chakwera goes back to the pulpit. If you do not agree, ask the political engineer, Atcheya. What I have said in this comment is what the e–Transactions Bill is addressing. If you have an eye, see what I have written, if the writer has an ear, let him hear what the spirit says to Malawi in this comment.

  3. DPP will never change because of brainless people like sweet boy.Kasakula has raised very important points that if read seriously can make Malawians of good will think twice in 2019. We do not want a political party that thinks it is bigger than Malawi.

  4. Nyaututu says:

    Sweet boy mind you a column is there raise your personal opinion and idea regardless of your proffessional identity. So if you say this is negative Journalism your are wrong because this article was picked froma Malawi News column not a report.

  5. kanyimbi says:

    Which political party in government has not been oppressive in Malawi? The problem is that the politicians just change parties but they remain the same old politicians. (A chameleon can change its colour but remains a chameleon) During the MCP time we were told that the youth are the leaders of tomorrow but up to now the same old people are still ruling.

  6. Truth says:

    When are we going to wake up ?
    You are busy judging others but one thing you should know is that ,even your favorites are in government you will never stop saying something bad , I think some how your personal view are good enough to say but they must be constructive not just you hate the party and you are busy publishing useless articles just to please your masters ,live everything in the hands of God and for your information its God who choose the leader

  7. makito says:

    No. 12 (Sweet Boy) you have no argument. The point is that DPP is championing restrictions and not freedom of access to information. Bring facts that prove Kasakula wrong. Period.

  8. A point of correction on Sweetboy comment; i know this person (sweetboy) is either Nankhumwa himself or his sweet appeasers. What logical reference is there that because access to information bill was there during PP era then anyone who raises a point today was in a deep slumber? And who vomits garbage between Namkhumwa and Jessie Kabwira? Let you know that DPP rules with a Mafia style fully with black cats embedded in a satanic world. We’re back in a cashgate through jubious projects, creation of nasty bills as refered above etc. Let you know there is alot of trash in DPP than any other party in Malawi. People are best judges and God is always in control.

  9. Sweet Boy says:

    I personally find this article flat and lacking in content and context. The originator is and has all along been emotional and subjective in his delivery of personal opinion. I dont intend to dissect his essay but I would wish to just point out one anomaly. He has the audacity to preach to the world that it has taken almost 11 years for one particular statute to be taken to parliament for discussion, all that delay and unwillingness is DPP’s fault – what a fallacy. Where was he and not able to say the same when PP under Joyce Banda was in power just a couple of months ago, has he noticed this now or should we say he was in a slumber all this time? This is what is called negative journalism, typical of journalists who follow particular parties instead of concentrating on their work which they are paid for. In all fairness, why should he mention Jesse Kabwila that she will be the person in the forefront to stir confusion in the August house, is she the only MP or it’s because she vomits garbage and that she is mentioned because you’re operating on the same wavelength? Mind you that house is set aside for gentlemen and ladies and indeed totally different from a psychiatry ward found at a mental hospital. Kanunduuu, chiiiii?

  10. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Do not touch!!**

    All you want is to stop people from writing anything against you.

    You can’t say of anything reasonable to convince me, becuase government official are the first talk and act stupid.

    Example: How can Mr,Nankhumwa,our minister of information tell the whole nation that government has sent a CCTV footage from state house to ACB. The footage will prove that JB took part in “Cashgate.” Until ACB has not received the CCTV, one year later.

    Was that being responsible?

    Imagine the minister of Finance making a bill for a project which was already funded.

    Now question my is,”Does government and Mr Nankhumwa realise the full gravity of Cashgate issue that they can be making jokes about it”?

    Let our leaders be mature, then we can respect them.

  11. grem naidze says:

    but u will never be lyk mackraker.he was the best on nyasatimes.

  12. Kumavalo Nsamaonetsa Nyoni says:

    Malawi has too many idiots for it to develop.

    The Chines are rich, and have a satellite in space, and you are telling me Malawi wants to copy the Chinese? A poor family can not copy what a rich family does, they can only aspire and improve themselves within their bracket, unless of course that family is of idiotic Malawians who think “Everything that we desire we must have” regardless of whether you can afford it. Hence KUBA

    The relationship with China, has brought benefits to those Malawians who realise that “for one to do well in life,”has nothing to do with government but self. Those people have borrowed and gone to china to buy all sorts to improve their lives, and have seen some improvement, and have learned that all this political “Who is at statehouse and who should have been at statehouse” does not make any difference to their lives. The only person that can make a difference to their lives is themselves.

    Journalists have a right to complain about media laws, because that is where their livelihood is. What I object is them journalists trying to draw everyone in and say “It affects everybody in the country. NO IT DOES NOT.

    I Go to china with borrowed money, buy a tractor, building materials, a water pump, am using these things to develop myself, How does a communication law affect me?

    If you have internet use it by all means,
    But will blocking Nyasa times affect my life? Hell No!!
    Will blocking face book affect my life? Hell No!!

    This idea that what ever the DPP Government does affects everyone is not true. Some of us do not know 99% of what DPP is doing, does that put our lives on hold NO. Are we poorer because DPP is in power NO.

    Is it not Chakwera who said poverty in Malawi is self inflicted? I agree with him, too much time wasted on politicking even by those who have no idea what they are talking about.

    There are more people in China that are poorer than the poorest Malawian, but China is a million times richer than Malawi, why is that?


  14. Angelo says:

    Every right and every freedom, Mr. Katsakula, has responsibility. Look at the comments your comments has attracted. Is this what You call freedom? The problem with Malawi is that this country is being spoilt by those that went to school. If a Chinese national read your article, what will be his or her reaction?? By the way is democracy the best way of governance????

  15. nyaphaphi nyirenda says:

    In the name of freedom alot of people have lost there lives…moraly governed community is well established in all of china because of its denial to the so called freedom it has marverously progressed in its developments……even the family that gives its children too much freedom the children are spoiled…..u stupid malawians for hw long shall u be praising by adopting everything brought to u by westerners….azungu anakuzunzani afterwards ataona kut mwazindikira they ‘same people’ brought freedom….now if the world iz comfused its because of the same people…..

  16. Nyonyo says:

    Indeed we need sanity am for it. .imagine uf we lived in a country without rules bwezi ziki bwa no way khale kwa mulungu kuli governing rules popanda lamulo silingakhalebso dziko ayi. I for one am for it..ndipo some comments are foolish the govt at no time stated it wants to ban facebook what the govt is saying is to generally regulate online activities and I want to believe they are more and noy only useless FB that takes much of our children’s time instead of using the Internet for education and progress in their lives use it for porn an rubbish postings

  17. The Truthful One from the West says:

    Communist China is a pure dictatorship and it is very worrying that DPP Govt is getting cosy with this dictatorship.

    1. JJB says:

      Everyone works with China. They are not wanting to learn about dictatorship, but to trade.

      You waste your time complaining about useless things, while clever Malawians have been to China several times buying building materials, items to sell, and you do is buy from them and complain about China.

      What idiots.

  18. Callistara wa Chimombo Mathanyula says:

    Some of the reasons why DPP is un democratic and unprogressive
    1,. Introducing draconian laws to gag the press i.e Section 46. & also to limit freedom expression of Malawians ( impending regulation of social media)
    2. They killed Chasowa and are coy to carry out impartial independent and objective prosecution of those behibd that brutal murder.
    3. Very nepotistic and tribalistic ib the way development is shared across the counbtry and how how public appointments are made.
    4. Selective prosecution of cash gate cases leaving behind mother of all cashgate cases ( 92 Billion Kwacha). What we see is politically selected application of prosecution
    5. The attempted coup by Pitara and his mid night six by a way of circumventing constitutional order. DPP tried to block VP then to ascend to power when Bingu (MHSRP) dropped dead in his office.
    6. Very insensitive to empowering or uplifting women. Cabinet composition is living example. In short gender equality doesnt exist in their political blood.
    7. No respect to academic freedom. Recently Pitara Ibu was at it trying to gag lecturers. SHAME ON PETER MATHANYUX
    8.Claiming projects of PP as theirs. E.g stadium in Lilongwe. They have already forgotten that before Bingu had died they had transfered the Stadium project to somewhere near Ndata just as they did with University. Lilongwe stadium in all fairness is PP initiative.
    9. Too much lies and executive arrogance.
    10. Electioneering, vote thuggery and thievery.

    Indeed DPP is undemocratic and unprogressive, PERIOD!!!!!!!

  19. freedom of expression has done more harm. Contrary to what i expected of it, it has brought nothing to development, instead it has encouraged mwano, matama, umbuli and many more.
    Imagine what “MALAWI FREEDOM NETWORK” on facebook writes. Giving us lies and trash, our children read this and they come to us like good children but you can see and hear their stories and songs, you realise that they’ve been fed with stupidity. This thing must be really controlled.

    I personally are against the negative side of it. Why do we love Freedom of Expression and deny the Responsibility of Expression?
    Be responsible first and freedom follows. Freedom must not lead the way but “RESPONSIBILITY MUST” And Malawi will develop.

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